Giuliani Interview: These Shootings Are The Written Game-Plan of Antifa and BLM

In an interview with One America News Network‘s Jenn Pellegrino, Rudy Giuliani says this last weekend could be one of the most violent weekends of crime in America’s history.

And, according to Giuliani, it’s no coincidence.

"104 murdered in Chicago, including a 3 year old", Guiliani cites.

Why are we still calling them protesters? They are killing people. They are killing children.

Giuliani says, of Antifa and Black Lives Matter:

If people would take the time to go back and read what they wrote about what they were planning to do 3 or 4 years ago, they are now carrying out their plan.

Rudy also calls out the left wing media for covering up for these groups. He says the corruption is at such a high level that America needs outsider reformers to come in and fix it.

Democratic mayors are incapable of governing cities any longer... When you're in power that long, everything erodes... not necessarily Republican.

He says the reason he and Bloomberg were able to take New York City from 1,000 murders per year down to 300 was because they had a Republican or Independent mayor who didn't listen to the establishment.

Given what we know about BLM Founders and their goals, along with Antifa, should the media still be calling them protesters?


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19 thoughts on “Giuliani Interview: These Shootings Are The Written Game-Plan of Antifa and BLM”

  1. They are domestic terrorists, plain and simple and either law enforcement or military need to do something, or the good citizens of the USA will. We still have the right to defend ourselves.

    1. We need to defend ourselves and family but trying to do so could wind you up in prison. It seems the perpetrator has more rights than the victim. You can say its self-defence and the people today will call it murder and any crime in NY other than murder have charges dropped. Everything is getting out of hand and I’m and old man and may not see it but this country is headed for another civil war but it will be whites against blacks.

  2. The MSM are nothing more than propaganda. There’s little to no real news from their broadcast or the print media. Josef Gobbels would be proud of today’s American MSM. BLM/Antifa are nothing more than modern day nazi thugs out to overthrow the government. And like what happened in Nazi Germany, even some politicians are encouraging it. The democrat party has become the new Nazi party.

  3. Why would anyone be surprised by any of this? This was in the works way back during the Obama administration…and he endorsed all of it! These people are nothing more than TERRORISTS AND THUGS AND SHOULD BE TREATED THE SAME WAY TERRORISTS ARE USUALLY TREATED ON A BATTLEFIELD! I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LIVES OF ANY OF THEM!

  4. Giuliani certainly is an expert on criminal behavior, being very adept at it himself. And if he wants to point fingers at incompetent governance, why not start with the president and vice president and then go on from there.
    Why do you follow along like lemmings?

    1. the only lemmings i know about are the Democrat members of the house of Rep. that ALWAYS vote exactly the way Pelosi mandates…zero thinking going on there.

  5. Giuliani is completely correct about his analysis. He is one of the few that actually knows what he is doing and proved it when he was mayor of NYC. Both the Antifa and BLM are being paid for and directed by people that want to completely destroy this country. They want to reshape it as part of one world run by a few elitists along the lines of the UN agenda 21 where most of us are nothing more than lemmings.

  6. Why do we not send in our military and whip this trash off the face of the earth. They are TERRORIST get them out of our country.

  7. No, they should not be called “protesters”, and frankly I have not called them that since the violence started. They should be called “anarchists”, or “insurrectionists”, or “communists”.


  9. No. They are criminals,domestic terrorists the second they burn, loot, murder, and deface and destroy property. Those among the protesters who do nothing to stop lawlessness should disperse. Their point has been made. If they do not leave/disperse, they are also guilty of a crime.

    It’s one thing to protest George Floyd’s murder. It’s another thing to commit crimes and dishonor him and his family. You don’t honor a person by bad conduct. The criminal elements have an agenda and they’re taking innocent protesters down a path of destruction and tyranny. Disperse and arrest the members of Antifa and BLM members and outside participants, who are rioting. . . . pretty simple to me.

    If a mayor or a governor cannot control mayhem, they should be immediately discharged. Let the police protect us. It’s their job as much as it is a politician’s job to take appropriate action. Don’t destroy American and our values over entitled bullies and outright criminals. Defunding the police because a bad player(s) committed a crime, is not a reason to distrust the entire police force. Let them do their job.

    As to the media. CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, Washington Post, others should be ashamed for contributing minute-by-minute to lawlessness. They are no longer reporting the news. They are making the news. These anchors aren’t journalists. They have an agenda that’s come down from the top – owners of the media outlets and editorial boards. This is where the real shame exists.

    1. The real issue with FLOYD is that the FBI is the ONLY law enforcement agency allowed to investigate violation of Constitutional rights under color of authority. They have not been doing so because local LEO agencies have internal affairs that are supposed to investigate….however they have no right to arrest for violation of federal rights.
      Any officer that violates any constitutional right under color of his badge is subject to a MINIMUM of 5 years imprisonment in federal prison.
      This means that entering a house or even back yard without warrant to commit a search is a 5 year felony federally. A search of a person after determination that no crime has been committed or without an enumerable probable cause is another one…5 years minimum. No federal investigations, no federal arrests. And we wonder why police can do what they do EVERY DAY.
      I don’t even want to go on about the thin blue lies. The looking the other way by co-conspirators in the police departments. They are the ones that should be reporting to the FBI on their peers. If not they are criminals too.

  10. Part of an effective reform would be to reform most of the National Media – and we all know that is not going to be done from within the Media organizations, no more than the reform of Democrat-led City Governments. American Voters with any taste for the traditional are going to have to wake up and realize that the WOKE are really their enemies, that the WOKES are speaking in code, and the code is always a Socialist/Communist message. The Manchurian Candidate named Obama was here, and left protests/rioting in his wake. If Trump wins a second term, we may get to the bottom of this conspiracy and American virtues may yet be preserved. If not, then we might as well turn our clocks back to 1984.

  11. I say, any of these horrible “disruptors” don’t like it here and do not feel led to work within our beautiful system, then they should have a choice: jail or deportation to any communist country of their choice with a complete loss of their U.S. citizenship – never able to return to our borders.

  12. Define the enemy

    msm – socialist echo chamber media
    dnc – socialist democrat party
    public schools – socialist juvenile public indoctrination center
    universities and colleges – socialist brainwashing centers
    seiu – socialist employee union
    federal bureaucrats – socialist government employees
    democrat politicians – tyrannical socialists

  13. Antifa is a KNOWN and declared domestic terrorist organization. In fact there are rumors of leaders being picked up as terrorists during the riots. GOOD.
    BLM is making itself a terrorist organization by not making sure that they do not include violence and subversion in their activities. It is time that they too become listed if they do not take a hard stand.

    The way to handle the local governments with regard to their inaction for these terrorist activities and lack of protection of property and persons….especially property as in Seattle…..sue the city for loss of use because of city inaction. Base the suit on losses of income and on property taxes. DEMAND that property taxes be abated until the FULL VALUE of any kind of loss is recovered by the property owners. This includes real and personal property…business losses etc as well as legal and other costs of recovery. The city should be responsible for ALL losses as they allowed them to happen.
    My guess is that a federal action is the correct way to go for these people…and a change of jurisdiction to a less liberal court than the western federal courts. No one can just the liberal western federal courts to uphold rights or law.

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