Sickening: German Gov’t Placed Foster Kids With Paedophiles In Experiment For 30 Years

Warning: What you are about to read is disturbing.

Two victims of a sick and strange social experiment, that was given the nod by the German government, are about to be compensated for their serious abuse. The experiment, known as the Kentler experiment, was financed by the Berlin city-state government for 30 and maybe even up to 45 years.

A report on this experiment was published last week.

The 57-page report, which was published this week, found that a “network of actors in the Senate administration and institutions of educational reforms during the home reform of the 1970s tolerated the establishment of shared apartments and foster homes for paedophile men”.

Dr. Helmut Kentler, a sex researcher from Hanover, was one person in charge of the paedeophile foster care experiment. He placed youths with known paedophiles for foster care parents.

The report revealed, specifically, that the Pedagogical Centre in Berlin was the main institution running the experiment but also that the experiment likely ran across the entire country of Germany.

The Centre was established by the, then, Mayor of West Berlin Willy Brandt. According to the research, Brandt was a strong supporter of the program and noted that he was aware it was "subordinate" of the senate.

Dr. Helmut Kentler was the director of adult education at the Pedagogical Center.

The director of adult education at Pedagogical Centre was Helmut Kentler (1928-2008), a social scientist, who argued that sex between adults and children was a crucial part to healthy sexual development, saying that “in some cases almost something like a gentler form of social work”.

The report speaks of one man, Fritz H., who was a known paedophile with a record of convictions for child abuse, who was able to foster 9 children, as young as 6 or 7 years old.

The Times UK revealed on 3/4/20 that two victims of the experiment are close to getting compensation from the state. The ongoing case described that Kentler argued the "unruly and feeble-minded children would benefit from adult sexual attention".

The investigation is not complete, however, as the state-commissioned youth researcher that was placed in charge of reviewing the files says city archivists are blocking access to over 1,000 files.

But how many children precisely were placed with paedophiles, what ages were they and how much did the city pay the paedophiles? “We don’t know,” Nentwig said at the launch of her report, explaining that city archivists blocked access to crucial data, claiming variously that files were missing, unsorted or sealed for data-protection reasons. “We would have wished for more co-operation in clearing this up,” the researcher said.

This is simply shocking that a government would sponsor such a disgusting experiment, although maybe at this point we shouldn't be too surprised. The research shows the program was started in the late 60's and running as recent as 2003.

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29 thoughts on “Sickening: German Gov’t Placed Foster Kids With Paedophiles In Experiment For 30 Years”

  1. The large moral element of the right: “How could you people do that to children ?”. The large amoral element of the left: “It was an experiment”. “Well let’s see the data”. “Data ???? We don’t need no stinking data! “.

    1. There is ONE major reason that government officials do these “experiments”, and that is that they have access to these children. It’s very likely that these pedophiles had some type of agreement that they must share these children with those running the “experiment” and those running the experiment likely gave other government officials access also.

  2. A laughable excuse from the homo-sexual community to justify his/their depravity and distorted orientation.

    1. There is a great difference between homosexual and a pedophile. Maybe you should do your homework before judging!

  3. WTF! Poor children placed in the hands of monsters. The monsters should be all executed in a slow agonizing death and then spit on!

    1. Scout,
      I absolutely agree 100%!! Theses sickos should not be allowed to even be around any children! It is beyond my comprehension that this could ever be allowed, they should all be behind bars for the rest of their lives or put to death for these evil crimes against the most defenseless among us!! I have no words to express these vile acts by those who should have been protecting these children!! Dispicable!!!

  4. There are leaders of all countries (Clinton, w/Epstein and the English prince) and many in all governments who are really sick in the head, mind and body. These people should be prosecuted and eliminated from society. That includes members of the Deep State that have committed treason.

    1. Who do you think is running the dumbing down and indoctrination of Americans? Our government imported thousands of these German war criminals and gave the “jobs”. Look up the origination of NASA!

  5. Anyone that challenges, the absolute indisputable truth that all homosexual’s are also “Paedophiles”, or otherwise “Child Molesters”, because they are all demented and depraved perverted, “Democrats”, is nothing but a stinking Pedophile his damn self. These homosexual’s would just love to convince normal straight people that they do not molest children, to open the door for them to go hog wild and pig crazy, banging child to child not unlike a monkey swinging branch to branch in a very large tree. These people are sick and all you have to do to prove this to yourself is to look into the Democrat Party because that is exactly where the vast majority of them are hiding out in far left progressive clothes. I’ve said this over and over for years, no one looks, but that is were these filthy monsters are hiding, by day pretending they are normal politician’s but in all reality they are sick, perverse, child molesters, Queers, Faggots, and disgusting homosexuals. We need to round all of them up, try them all for treason and force them to pay the price Justice demands for Traitor’s, which we all know exactly what that price is.

    1. Sorry for the rough language you have used, but do not disagree with your opinions. Some of the “finest” organizations have been horribly trampled, betrayed and covered up under the guise of non-discrimination, fair treatment, social experimentation: Boy Scouts, Catholic Church, Public Library “Queens” Childrens’ Reading Hour, sex education in public schools (which now includes gay/lesbian/man-boy/transgender/how to masturbate AT THE ELEMENTARY level)/transexual competition of nee male-female contestants including at the Olympics. It seems the entire world has become a sexually deviant experiment for which one cannot decline to participate.

    2. Bill, I Agree. Who ever told you to “pipe down” must not have children. I think these sick people should have the same done to them. forced to have relations with people they don’t know. We should start our own experiment!
      makes my stomach turn. if anyone even thought about touching my kids, they wouldn’t come out alive. Sorry not sorry.

    3. The plural of “traitor” is “traitors”… apostrophe and “s”, and no capitalization of the first letter. Middle School English Grammar.

  6. I didn’t know Como was German – maybe its a relative following his logic to cause the most damage to life possible.

  7. I suspect that pedophile in authority are behind this “experiment “! A thorough investigation should begin!

    These children are placed in institutions because of a troubled home life, if the government has any sense of morality, or any damn sense at all, the won’t continue this crime!

    1. Clinton,Cuomo,Richardson,Epstein and let’s not forget Chuckie”the cheese”Shumer and his marry band of pediphiles in the House and Senate!What do you think the open border’s are for? Guacamole,uh ? A fresh supply of baby nooky!Welcome to the New World Order!

  8. When parents lose their children, give up their children, fail to protect their children, this is what happens to their children. Child kidnappings and pedophilia is rampant in the US and it goes to the top of politics and big business. It includes the CPS, family court judges, corrupt attorneys, abusive foster homes – it’s a network!

  9. Your nation allowed this and the United States practice the same under the authority of CPS.

  10. We do things about as bad here! Giving baby girl to two gay parents. Giving boys to female queers! First I do not believe they should have Children when they do not know who or what they are! How are these Children going to be raised? My wife divorced me when Daughter was 5. With in a month after Divorce was final. I did not even have right to see my daughter she came and handed the Girl to me saying I can’t Control her. I raised her by myself on up and seen her through College. I could not ask for better kid and was never a problem. Was it because she wanted to live with Dad? I was looked down on by many people raising a Daughter by myself. To me was natural. Have friend has his daughter in College now that went through the same as I did.

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