Scalise to Governor Cuomo: Explain Disastrous Nursing Home Orders

Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Republican Whip, has sent a letter demanding an explanation for the disastrous orders by Democrat Governors of NY, NJ, PA, CA, and MI to force COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes. The orders ignored protocols for admitting patients into nursing homes.

The outcome was an absolute disaster.

Over 40% of the deaths from COVID-19 have come from nursing homes.

The WSJ reported more than 250,000 residents and staffers at long-term care facilities contracted Covid-19, resulting in at least 50,919 deaths (the death toll is likely higher due to lags and differences in state reporting).

Of that number, over 40% of the nursing home deaths came from just 5 states.

Those 5 states are NY, NJ, PA, CA, and MI.

What do they all have in common?

five states “for whatever reason” chose to contradict The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for long-term care facilities or nursing homes, which he said “ended up killing thousands of nursing homes patients unnecessarily.”

We knew that the virus affected elderly people at a much higher rate than anyone else, yet the Democrat Governors decided to ignore protocols and recommendations and forced nursing homes to admit patients without testing and without the ability to isolate them.

What's more, Cuomo "prohibited nursing homes from even testing COVID-19 positive patients."

Scalise now wants the governors to testify as to what science they used to make that decision. What data were they using?

Among the information requested is:

  • All State issued guidance, directives, advisories, or executive orders regarding hospital discharges to nursing homes or any and all other types of assisted living facilities, including those previously superseded, in chronological order.
  • All information, documents, and communications between the Office of the Governor and the New York State Department of Health regarding COVID-19 mitigation in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

This information was due to the Committee on Oversight and Reform on June 18.


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62 thoughts on “Scalise to Governor Cuomo: Explain Disastrous Nursing Home Orders”

    1. That was the exact intended result that the left was trying to achieve.
      And achieve they did, they sacrificed our seniors for the sake of their political agenda much like their comrades in China would do.
      This was what cuomo chose with coding when he put money into other projects instead of ordering more supplies of ventilators when he was warned that the city needed to stock up for more in case of emergencies. Much like DeBlasio and Pelosi going to China Town in February in the peak of the Wuhan virus telling New Yorkers And Americans to enjoy Chinese New Year, it’s safe. At that time the Wuhan virus was killing people and spreading like wild fire. The selfish democrats, always up for a good photo op and cash donations. Who cares about few dead Americans, we all die anyhow, right Cuomo? Right Peelosi? Right Blahsio? As long as we keep our offices, a few dead Americans will save the country some money to give to the illegals, why not!

      1. For the record Ventilators was a big mistake. Majority of folks that used them died. This is because the virus caused a weakening of the lung tissue not understood at first. The vents simply used too much force and ruptured the lungs. Slow feed O2 was a much better modality.

        1. I love facts. first black congressman, republican. First black elected to senate, republican. KKK established by the democrat party. Oh, the confederacy, again, demorcrat. KKK was formed to protest and violence, kind of like forming black lives matter. history is awesome. LOOK, the fools are repeating history. No wonder they want to erase it. The TRUTH hurts them. It doesn’t fit their agenda. Evolution is farce. Man sheds fur so he has to wear fur or freeze to death, right there I smell bs. No wonder the dems are so dumb, Darwin is their god

      2. how about all the other social safety nets such as affordable health care, improved social security, humanitarian immigration, migration &refuge treatment. How about affordable higher education for all to help students pursue
        their full potential without worrying about how to pay for it. Everybody has a right to pursue a higher education,
        not just for those with deep pockets. It is long past due to once and for all to cast aside obsolete tribalism.
        As for immigrants, their only crime, in general, is to seek a better life for themselves and their families such as
        many of our immigrant ancestors did to achieve a better life for themselves and their families.


  1. Another democrat jackass governor….Cuomo will just blame Trump or someone else for his own executive order that he signed and ordered all nursing homes to enforce…he and his father were the worse governors New York has ever had in my lifetime…People our leaving this state in droves….or they are moving upstate which really isn’t far enough …We desperately need a Republican Governor in New York…maybe Don Trump jr. should run….I would love that !!!

    1. Sheriff Carpenelli from “upstate” N.Y. (above Syracuse) is starting his run for N.Y. governor.

    2. Cuomo sits there and cries like a wimp. He can’t take any responsibility for anything. His city is burning and being looted, it’s okay, it happens… Everyone else is to blame except his worthless self.
      DeBlasio and Cuomo are constantly sparing with each other one would think they’re in the school yard fist fights. Grow up guys, we don’t care who has the bigger balls, you both are incompetent jackasses. DeBlasios daughter was caught with the rioters and he celebrates her, the Apple doesn’t fall far from the rotting tree. The family stinks.
      New York City is depraved of humanity and class. It’s a cesspool if crime and it’s soulless. Like it’s leaders.

      1. Once again I say, “Exactly”!! Then we have the contributor who thinks,” Sick assumption with no facts or motivating principal”. They must be a student at UCLA or Berkley trying to sound like they have a clue as to what has transpired here. Sadly, they don’t. They have turned out just like their indoctrinators wanted them. Uncomprehending, rather dense and totally oblivious to reality.

  2. This is just another way to rid themselves of potential “TRUMP VOTERS” and as democommunist opine, a way to “control the population” of elderly collecting Social Security. To the democommunists, elderly are a Burden”, “waste of money, waste of medical services, and should be “expendable”. They would “euthanize” every one of them if they could get away with it.
    They would rather give money to GULLIBLE illegal invaders, that will vote DEMOCOMMUNIST no matter what.
    If you have an elderly parent or relative in a nursing home, and are still with us, if this doesn’t give you the “incentive” to vote OUT any and ALL democommunists in November, I guess nothing will.

  3. If such is the case and these Governors did, in direct violation, order such actions, that being the placement of patients suffering from COVID-19 in Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Facilities & Homes, they should be charged w/some form of homicide. It is rather evident that they do not care for their citizens, some of whom voted them into office.

      1. These criminals will never be held accountable for their crimes. If Obama hasn’t been imprisoned yet, these low-level thugs won’t even be thrown in a drunk tank.
        These criminals don’t give a damn about human lives, all they care about is enriching themselves at tax payer’s expense, their political agendas and maintaining their political power.

    1. This did,in fact happen in NYS,and I was Horrified as it was happening, He Ordered,then threatened nursing homes, to take in covid patients, then said they had to get their Own PPE,and if they wanted to refuse patients, They would have to contact the health dept to get them removed,creating red tape, After the patients were sent there first,without being asked prior! Cuomo did Not care about the ramifications of doing so, and After the fact, gave owners of said facilities, immunity from legal action, so I’m sure he’s covered his own butt as well. The sheer number of nursing home deaths due to covid 19 being introduced into them is astounding and absolutely heartbreaking! Add to that the fact that people could Not get in to see or be with their loved ones as they lie there all alone and dying.! Cuomo HAS to be held accountable for his actions, as well as the other states that did it too!! PA. Health Director Removed her mother from a home, Before ordering covid patients into them! She Knew it was dangerous! Their actions were death sentences to so very many of our elderly!!

  4. The five should be removed from office and charged with malfeasance of office. A little time behind bars would also be appropriate. Major compensation to the families.

    1. Pennsylvania does have an impeachment bill in the legislature. Not sure how far that will go.

  5. This smirks of American greed. They had dollar signs in their eyes. Getting rid of Medicaid recipients likely was a big boost to their extremely wasteful state government spending binges. They belong in prison. Now they want the American taxpayer to bail them out.

  6. Typical of those who may claim “every life matters”…yet allowed abortions to continue and moved C-19 positive individuals to nursing homes to take more elderly lives……..they have one goal in mind….rid the US of anyone who is not a contributor….and , unfortunately, those who are rioting and looting do not recognize that “they could be next” on the eradication list!!!

    In addition, the “non-thinkers” in our society are being lead to slaughter as the left continues its climb to power….and thus, rule and abuse!!

  7. These governors have blood on their hands. They should be charged with murder. I hope the GOP blasts this all over the news and internet. I hope the people see this and vote all of them out.

  8. Amazing…..has NYT written about this ?? No, of course not. The elderly were set up to die….but that’s easy..we’ll blame the nursing home operators, and an insurmountable problem on the nursing home industry which tries its best to care for the clients to the best of their financial ability. Push the problem onto others to be the fall guy. Sue all the nursing homes ! that’s a good Demo idea and then blame the Republicans.

  9. Why is AG Barr sitting on his tail and not prosecuting criminally-negligent/reckless/incompetent governors – all 5 of them?

  10. This scum bag EUTHANIZED these inocent elderly. Got rid of the expense of taking care of those that trusted him. Imagine the lives that have been affected not to mention those infected. White trash. The Coumo’s own this. Can this be the result of constent voting in of democrats that like to control. Elections have consequences. When you vote in democrats, it’s a death wish. Just look around. To vote democrat is to ignor the truth about who they are. Then they blame someone else for their dasterdly acts. Those that voted him in share in his shame. Keep on voting these lying, thieving, murdering democrats in and they will continue to deliver more of the same.

  11. It’s about time someone challenged Cuomo’s dumb decision. He must not have any regard for the elderly or the people working there. Also seems likely the virus could have been easily transferred outside the facilatives.

  12. The families of the victims Need to sue the offending governors directly for their losses. As this was clearly done to eliminate the elderly and the cost associated with them. This is nothing short of murder.

  13. How about you throw those idiot Governors in jail for MURDER as that is what they did MURDER elderly citizens.Of course they also knew they would not be getting votes from 80% plus of those they sentenced to die for NO REASON other than most would not be voting. DEMOCRATIC

  14. That was/is one excellent way to reduce the population of patients (human beings) dependent upon Medicare/Medicaid and blame it on the virus. That is called killing two birds with one stone! And I bet the retorts will mimic the truthfulness herein. Because the more truth the louder and more vociferously the reply.

  15. What took you so long to respond? Better late than never, but don’t hold your breath. Cuomo will have to be dragged kicking and screaming before he responds to a Republican. Two tiered system that only affects you sir.

  16. I also heard that all of the “Covid19” cases and deaths in my city were from nursing homes, except for 6 cases that were reported as from a local factory. I am wondering if the liberal physicians in these nursing homes are targeting Medicaid patients (approx. 95% of all nursing home residents eventually “end up” on Medicaid), which is administered in most (I’m not sure which ones) states by Obamacare (death panels). I personally believe there is a link.

  17. These Governors should be held financially responsible besides being arrested. They wanted to arrest people for not social distancing, yet, to me, they killed people.

  18. There is no excuse for his actions. I thought all lives were important!

    Sue Ann Dittrich

  19. Which ever way you look at it it was on the same level as Hitler sending the Jews to the concentration camps murder and crimes against humanity if those governors aren’t held responsible and charged ans executed there is no justice in America non what so ever.

  20. This goes along with the Bill Gates and Fauci scenario of an over populated world. Cut the population by reducing the number senior citizens and the younger population.

  21. Arrest these murders for their not taking into considering how this would impact the residents. Charge them for murder that is what they would charge anyone else for this mess. Lock them up arrest them now Democrats think they are above the law. Show them they are not above the law period.

  22. Older folks cost more in the health care system. Older folks also sit on more assets than their younger peers. Older folks by far are more mainstream center right and do not follow the left wing BULL SHIT agenda,

    So to kill them off with a questionable HEALTH CRISIS the left achieves 3 goals: Reduce medical expenses, trigger a wealth tax at death and reduce the oppositions voting base.

    Follow the tea leafs…they will now use MURDER to overturn the peoples will. There was NOT A PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER when jackass obama left office? Maybe that is because Trump ran on DRAINING the swamp and going after the rest of the world for screwing AMERICA. It is all about keeping the Washington DC elites in power at all cost and the rest of the world in helping the dirty players.

  23. It appears that Gov. Cuomo’s “thinking” prior to the March 25, 2002 order is massively flawed.
    He contends that Pres. Trump is responsible.
    His “logic” appears to be rooted in the CDC’s desire to minimize the potential of acute hospitals
    not having the capacity to care for an expected influx of CV-19 patients.
    It appears that his solution was to move CV-19 patients out of the acute-care facilities. Where
    could they be placed? The default was “nursing homes”.

    At the minimum, he should be charged with criminally negligent homicide, although the potential
    exists for premeditated murder:
    1. The governor knew that those most in danger of dying from Covid-19 are the elderly and those
    with immune deficiencies.
    2. He knew that those in nursing facilities mainly consisted of those described in 1. above.
    3. He ordered that CV-19 patients be transferred to nursing and that those facilities must accept
    those patients.

    Thank you,

    michael zitterman

  24. The Gov of NY let out a ton of felons because he was worried that they would get Covid-19 and might possibly die. Right? I mean that was his stated reason for letting them go.

    O.k., now follow me here: He had the Nursing homes in his state ordered to let in new people. He KNEW that the elderly in nursing homes were the most at risk. HE KNEW THIS. No question here.

    O.k., if he let the criminals out so they wouldn’t die….. But, he made sure that the old folks would be put in harms way by ORDERING their facilities to let in new folks. What is the ONLY conclusion you can logically draw to the two points above?

    O.k., I’ll say it just to make sure no one misses it: He INTENDED that the old folks would die. I honestly have run the above by a ton of folks and not one person came up with any other conclusion. You just cannot get away from the fact that all the govs that ordered Care Facilities to bring in new clients KNEW THAT THE FOLKS ALREADY THERE WERE THE MOST AT RISK.

    Wow! Yes, WOW!

    1. Thank you, Steve Scalise, for all you do for all Americans, but especially we, the people of Louisiana.

      I agree with most of the above comments, intentional or derelict of duty on the liberal Democrat Governors.

      What I fail to understand is….Why do those liberal 9th Circuit court judges bring charges against the duly elected President of the United States….and the so-called fair conservative judges do NOTHING to those radical governors that killed many people!!!
      Get on to them Steve! Make them become “activist” conservative judges…to combat the “activist liberal” judges!
      I agree that both would be out of order…but fight fire with fire! We are in a WAR for the hearts, minds, and souls of tge American people.

  25. These Democrat governor’s should be arrested for murdering the innocent lives of the older adults in the nursing home.

  26. Ma. Should be included this stinks of genocide of the elderly . They seem guilty of at very least gross incompetence, possibly some sort of manslaughter. Must be held accountable

  27. Are we really trying to justify Trump’s incompetence at handling a pandemic? We may reach 200,000 deaths by October. Where’s the beef in these propaganda driven hypotheses? Most any manager could have reduced thousands of deaths by Understanding the science instead of undermining science. We will have decades of pandemics. Why? Ecological changes cause Mother nature’s mutation response in all living plants and animals on earth! Man can fight man, but man cannot fight Mother Nature without changing man’s lifestyle and destruction of our environment! Let’s all get smart, stop fighting politics and actually go after the Scientific solution! Grow up, get serious, get apolitical. No blame shame or guilt will solve a pandemic!

    1. Keep drinking that kool aid Pierre, it’s really starting to work on your rational thought processes. Seems like you can’t see the forest because those doggone trees keep blocking your view. By the way, have you never heard of opponents in battle using “natural events ” to their advantage or to cover their activities? Maybe YOU should wake up and smell the coffee before it overheats and burns the house down.

  28. The Goal was to decrease the surplus population of nursing homes in New York, where the drain on resources is un necessary for the furtherance of Democratic Goals. Old people in Nursing Homes don’t vote Democratic. Thus getting rid of them decreases the opposition.
    The only way this can backfire is if the survivors (Children and other relatives) realize that this was a calculated move against their parents and loved ones come November.

    Which it probably won’t. Because the Mainstream Press will downplay and loose this on page 29 of the style section.

  29. Amazing forty percent of senior deaths in nursing homes were in liberal states. From what I can see these governors and mayors should all be charged with murder! These governors and mayors chose to let seniors die in order to drive up their death numbers, probably hoping to get more money from the government and to make President Trump look bad. It’s all about the money folks! Seniors lives don’t matter! I guess we should start a protest stating “SENIOR’S LIVES MATTER”

  30. Cuomo will get away wth murder, because he is a G.D. Democrat. He can be grouped with Hillary & Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Al Capone, Josef Stalin, Mao of China (An insult to the great nation of pre-communist China), and a multitude of other evil dictators of history.

  31. So HYPOCRITICAL, these Dump a CRAPS!!! They claim Republicans reject science . HA HA HA More projection which is the only thing they’re good at.

  32. IMHO these governors acted with malice aforethought and should be charged with criminal misconduct and manslaughter charges as well. Their stupid decisions killed people! This has developed in a power grab by the Democrats to strip freedom from the people. People WAKE up and vote out these tyrants! We need term limits.Bafoons like Polisi, Schumer and Schiff are all career politicians that, in most instances, have never had a real job in their lives.

  33. Has anyone thought about that these governors decisions were strictly financial? How many of those dead older people were on pensions from their states? Now all that money is back in their coffers, or should I say their underfunded debt. What other reason could there be to make such a stupid and inhumane decision. May they all rot in the hell of their creation.

    1. Absolutely, dead seniors decrease the Medicare spending
      That’s one way to lower the budget expenses tremendously

  34. Its called murder.imagine if a republican govenor did this!! Just imagine that,how rabid the press qould be,crucifying anybody,and everybody,even remotely connected to it,they would be dissing staff,directors,suppliers,nonstop.what needs to happen now,is the doj,needs to BREAK THEIR FOOT OFF IN EACH ONE OF THE MURDERERS ASSES,AND MAKE THEM PAY THE PRICE FOR KILLING DEFENSLESS ELDERS.SCUMBAGS.i hope all of you go UNDER a prison cell.ill come pour the floor on top of you.

  35. Past time for a “crime against humanity” tribunal to be convened to try these monsters.

  36. Cuomo’s decision to place patients in nursing homes was stupid and shows how much he cares that he will be in their category some day. God can find a way to punish him very easily and he won’t like it at all.

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