Polls Show Trump’s Speech Was A Hit!!!

Multiple media outlets are begrudging admitting that President Trump’s State of the Union address was a huge hit, at least according to poll results!

Real Clear Politics shows that a poll done by CNN showed that 76% of viewers approved of Trump’s State of the Union address.

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Another poll, done by CBS, shows that 72% of the viewers who watched the State of the Union Address approved of Trump's ideas on immigration reform.

This was the reaction from CBS anchor Jeff Glor, according to Real Clear Politics.

From our CBS News instant poll here following the president's State of the Union, 76% of speech watchers said they approved of what they heard. 72% said they approved of the president's ideas for immigration.

Michelle Miller, from CBS news, also sat down with a focus group of Iowa voters, one of which had this to say about why Trump's comments about Health care resonated with her.

Health care, that was a big one for me, as I believe that the health care system is a wreck

Lots of work to be done, but this is certainly great news for President Trump!


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10 thoughts on “Polls Show Trump’s Speech Was A Hit!!!”

  1. In my opinion this was the best SOTU message I have ever heard. In my 77 years I have listened to a number of speech’s. Some good and some not so good and then some bad. He covered a lot of bases and put emphasis on the important issues facing our nation at the present time. Hope fully the two parties can make some progress in getting the wall built to slow down the flow of illegal aliens and illegal drugs from crossing our border.

  2. This was the best State Of The Union Address I’ve heard in a very long time … Thank you Mr. President for addressing these concerns for our unborn children and our children and others fighting diseases .. Plus honoring our service members … . Yes we do need the protection at the border and Nancy was invited by the border wives to check it out but refused .. We are with you

  3. Yes it was the best State of the Union this 79 year old has heard . Now just get the Dems to understand that what the President said is what the majority want, then hope they do what is needed to pass the reforms that must be if the issues addressed are completed and we have an America that is GREAT!

  4. While in my 89 yearts, I can’t remember all the SOTU speeches, but I believe this is the best.
    Unfortunately, not everyone listened in to the speech and those who didn’t included a bunch of Trump haters who will not accept he has done more good for more Americans than his predecessor by far. They take issue with his attempt in leveling the playing field with those countries which have taken advantage of us for years. He is not racist or anti women just because he wants to protect our borders and babies from being killed. The fact he is not a politician is to his great advantage. Our strongest political president was LBJ and look at the harm his war policy and his 20 trillion dollar and counting policy of his failed Great Society initiative which has the same percentage of the population in poverty now as then.

    1. Agree with you Richard Greenblatt! Best POTUS in our lifetime and weTHANK God every day that Hillary will never be our president!

  5. If you are a American you have to see the DemocRAT party is out to destroy OUR Country and the new ones that just got elected is so left they should not be in our country

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