Entire Swat Team Resigns after Chief Kneels

In Florida, an entire SWAT team has resigned in reaction to their police chief kneeling to show solidarity with protesters. The officers of the Hallandale Beach Police Department have all decided the risk wasn’t worth it to stay on the SWAT team.

Hallandale Police Chief, Sonia Quinones, knelt with protesters and that signaled to the officers that they no longer had the support they needed to feel comfortable doing their jobs.

“The risk of carrying out our duties in this capacity is no longer acceptable to us and our families. The anguish and stress of knowing that what we may be lawfully called upon to do in today’s political climate combined with the team’s current situation and several recent local events, leave us in a position that is untenable,” the officers said in their resignation letter.



Police Chief Quinones is reportedly going to meet with the officers to hear out their grievances, on Monday morning. There's no mention of the meeting's agenda but the city has said they will continue to have SWAT services through an agreement with other cities.

Their resignation letter makes it clear that they feel the city does not have their back.

The city administration has shown a clear disdain for our agency and team..The city commission has openly disrespected officers...Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana has openly made ignorant and inaccurate statements attacking the lawful actions of the city's officers and SWAT team."

Will we see more of this across the country?

Read more at The Blaze.

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98 thoughts on “Entire Swat Team Resigns after Chief Kneels”

  1. Good decision for the men to resign. The two women in leadership positions named in this article don’t appear to have the judgment needed for the positions they hold.

  2. I think that is wonderful! The swat teams and other police should just walk away and leave those idiots standing there with nothing, as the 911 calls keep rolling in. Let the powers that be explain to the people and tell them that they do not respect our law officers enough to support and back them. God Bless our Officers!

  3. How come the majority of high ranking law enforcement that are taking a knee are women? Just saying. Pathetic she should resign. Most political figures bending to the will of the mob are also women and democrats

    1. I can’t help but notice the names of those not supporting our officers seem to have Middle Eastern names besides being democrats. Never vote a Democrat into any authoritative position. VOTE RED

      1. Vice Mayor Javellana and police chief Quinones appear to be Latinas. Totally inept and unqualified for the position they hold. There goes the bar, low and lowest. I feel sorry for the USA.

    2. Are you a russian trying to divide Americans? People taking the knee in these incidents are not bowing to the protesters. They are showing respect for the victims of unnecessary police killing.

      1. Oh are you so full of it. View Candace Owens video (black talk show host) & see the real truth of the fact stats.

      2. Get real. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are living in a dream world. Respect our forces whether they be military or police. They allow us to live in peace. Without them, we have chaos. I respect the men and women that give their lives to allow us to live in peace and yes they even allow you to had a stupid opinion. Why don’t you show some
        Respect for that. Human life is precious, ALL HUMAN LIFE. Police we need prisoner reform. If you are arrested go peacefully and deal with it later!!!

    3. I can venture a guess as to why: because instead of hiring the most qualified for the positions, they needed to fill a quota. They made their bed a long time ago and now they get to reap their rewards.

  4. Good for the police! I applaud them. Bowing down to these thugs is anti-American. Leaders who do this should be immediately removed from office, for this act of submission is defying the people they were elected to represent and protect. These behaviors are not about bad policing–this is about letting extremists taking over our communities and then our nation, and giving away our freedoms bit by bit. Where are the voices of the true patriots? Why are they not heard? We need to be louder, stronger, faster and more united in protecting this great country and its citizens against tyranny. We need our voices heard. We need to stop submitting to the press, being intimidated by bullies and stand against bias, acts of hate and lawlessness.

    1. Go Ahead Mary !!! I am behind you and your statement 1000% This country really needs to put these so called leaders in JAIL for their SHAMELESS ACTS against this GREAT COUNTRY.

    2. The Police have been doormats for the politicians for along time. Problems with the budget ..cut funds for police. Yet the city,town or what ever, want the same service. Someone once said being a police officer was not a vocation but rather a calling. Pray for all police and may God protect them .

  5. Thank you for standing up for us all in doing what you did. Any submission to any of these groups or movements which are embedded in the protests is weakening our country. They are funded and directed by the alt left who wants a socialist government which could in time end up being fully a communist run operation if they get their way. Given their ultimate goals, they will create more bloodshed and disruption to our society until they get their way if not held to account for their actions. God Bless you all for holding the line and standing the watch with the thin Blue Line that protects us all.

  6. Police Chief Quinones and the city commissioners should be the ones who are resigning. Anti-American forces are trying to ruin America.

  7. GREAT DECISION GUYS !!! You can’t stand for an sob Police Chief that won’t stand for you. You all should demand the police chiefs resignation and before you even think about meeting with the city, demand Sabrina Javellana’s resignation as well or tell them all to kiss your ass’es.

  8. How can police do their jobs if their own chief doesn’t have their back. No matter how flat you make a pancake, there is always two sides. I have no idea what I would do if faced with a situation where my life was seemingly in danger by a known thug just out of prison, or someone getting hold of my taser and pointing it at me with the possibility of disarming me and killing me. None of us do. Hard enough for police to have to make those calls without their chief stabbing them in the back. Disgraceful and she and the mayor should both lose their jobs. Their actions are putting innocent citizens at risk. It’s going to get very ugly really soon and anarchy will reign if something isn’t done to stop this stupidity.

    1. Sue the drunk did not only point the taser at the officer, he shot it. Look at the video! You can see the puff of propellant coming from the taser.

    1. I love that one, but, don’t bet your life on BLM running forward to protect those people. Instead they would tuck their tails & run home to Mommy just as fast as their legs could get them there.

  9. I respectfully support the SWAT team. They are the true heroes for folks who are looking for a hero to get down on their knee to. America, you have allowed yourself to be blackmailed in the first historical case of National Extortion because leadership is putting personal self-serving politics ahead of the people’s interest and public safety. Government, Corporate leaders, and the Media are all guilty of abdication of responsibility, truth, and their service to the law.

    Enough is enough. Put law enforcement back in the saddle.

    All Lives Matter – We are all created equal. America must never humiliate itself by capitulating to Mob organizers. What a disgraceful way to dishonor our fallen heroes in over two centuries of outstanding heritage that saved the world.


    1. Almost all these female Police Chiefs were put there to show that the City Council/Mayor were politically correct and promote females simply because they have lady parts. The Chief in Seattle is so short she can only holster a 2″ snubby or else the barrel would drag the ground and make sparks when she walked. I sure would not want her backing me up when having to wrestle a 6-4 dope head who is high on crack.

  11. The rest of the Swat Teams around the Country needs to follow their Brothers in Arms and not go into the City’s that will not stand behind them until the City has a leader that will stand behind them. These commie bastards have to go. Get them out of office. They have no place in this Country, let alone to be an official Leading the city in any capacity.
    I stand behind our Troops and I stand behind our Police and any leader of a city in any capacity that doesn’t stand behind them needs to be kicked to the curb and swept down the drain. We don’t need these commie bastards in any way shape or form leading our city’s. Here in Richmond Va. we actually had an official of the city that removed a monument dedicated to the fallen officers of our police force when it was he himself that should have been removed along with the sorry stinking governor that turned his head while our businesses and streets were ravished by terrorist calling themselves peaceful protestors knocking out windows, stealing, setting things on fire and you name it and what does our Governor do. Turn his head the other way. We are sick of it and we are sick of him.

    1. Hooray for the SWAT team. Our police need to do style action and resign across country and watch how fast the citizens in protest are then turned upon with no one to protect them. People need to speak up before our country goes as did Germany and Japan and Spain and Italy and Soviet Union etc in years preceding World War II.

      1. Law enforcement Resigning en masse across the country across the country is being considered as an attractive excerciseable option.

  12. Notice how most of the WOMEN in these positions never support their officers or take the side of the criminals, its almost like they were TOKEN hires who NEVER actually did the job they were over seeing………go figure.

  13. Good for these guys. It is their lives at risk while their leaders play with fire compromising, making speeches, kneeling, politicing. Poor “leadership”!

  14. I fully agree with the SWAT Team resigning from their position, however, since they are still on the force, just not SWAT, it seems rather hollow. If they thought the Chief was wrong (and she was) they should have totally resigned. Then the entire force should have resigned also. Let the Chief and the Mayor answer the calls for help when the criminals take over.

    1. The police can always have the blue flu and call in sick. But I feel for the local businesses that would be ransacked and destroyed due to the decisions of these city leaders.

  15. Anyone willing to acquiesce to protestor’s demands will be questionable in their decisions about the use and the needs of the officers and their safety. Anyone who bends the knee to the demands or wishes of a group will not usually be willing to stand against their demands if necessary. The madness of these times are the culmination of the educational ignorance of these past many years. U.S. history is not necessary in most schools and colleges and hasn’t been for years. Ignorance of false teaching in regards to Marxism, Socialism and false religions has left people unprepared to answer the extremists in all teaching or to even know the truth in any of them.

  16. We will see this happening across the Country, the Liberal leadership in our large cities are on a self destruction path. Citizens are rightfully arming up to protect themselves and their families . Our officers have had to operate hobbled for a long time . We the public are not told the whole story by our corrupt media , there is no reason for anybody to die the way the man did , he had a long previous record and we have not been told the whole story to know why the officer was seeing red and let the arrest go lethal. The paid BLM , Antifa were handed another reason to loot, pillage, set fires , mostly funded by Soros and his types. The real problem needs to be adressed. Where is Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Newsom and and the rest of the far left during this crisis ? they are taking a knee in solidarity with the anarchists instead of asking for peace and calm. If BLM, Antifa are allowed to take over sections of our cities , soon they will be able to walk into our homes and take over. Our country seems to be heading for grim times . It’s time for this crap to be put to an end!

  17. There has been a total injustice to George Floyd. However much more injustice is being done to our police departments as a response. The media has purposely put the whole thing completely out of persepctive. There is no mention as to the percentage of violent crime committed by blacks which of course gives you many more interactions with police officers. They are being unfairly demonized without a voice really. Yes there are some bad ones to get rid of but the unions play a big part in making that very difficult.

    1. Cry me a river!! You’d idolize him less if it was your home he invade or your fetus he offered to kill.

    2. Denise, you hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. The Unions cause a lot of this because you cannot get rid of a troublesome officer, just like teachers unions, you can’s fire a sorry teacher.

    1. I agree totally. As a fed with 30 years on the job I see this over and over again. The want the position, but few will go through that door.

  18. I agree with the officers. The chief obviously has no clue about how to execute her duties. I expect that her promotion to chief was political and is nothing but window dressing. The chief in Seattle is the same.

  19. All police in Democratic-run states should resign. Let the Governors and Mayors answer emergency calls, dispense ambulances night-and-day. Let them confront criminals with no guns, tasers or pepper spray to see what it’s like when an angry mob threatens their lives. And these Governors and Mayors should not be allowed to have law enforcement protection funded by taxpayers. The disrespect police face today is due to Barack Obama who showed his utter contempt for police when he was in office. From that grew unthinkable violence directed at police who have been murdered, injured and have had buckets-of-water thrown over them. Without our police, Americans will have to resort to vigilantism taking matters into their own hands. No law-abiding citizen will feel safe without taking a gun with them when they leave home. Each one of us will then become our own police force. God Save America and send St. Michael the Archangel to protect us.

  20. Let us all see these sympathetic police chiefs and politicians fill the gear and man the lines. Let us all see how they fair being spat on, cursed at, disrespected over and over, intimidated, assaulted and a handful killed. Man up Chief Quinones and vice mayor Javellana, kneel before the crazies and hand the keys to the city and let us all see how civility proceeds forward.

  21. Just the beginning, as this grows our security and safety melts away. Next time there is a crime just call a protester with a sign to come to your business and home and negotiate for the threat to go away.

  22. I totally agree with Swat team resigning. That is no position for women to hold, they have made that PERFECTLY CLEAR by doing what they did. GOD BLESS ALL THOSE OFFICERS, we stand with you!

  23. I just hope more and more good officers stop supporting the idiocy. Let the citizens see who they have elected to represent them–meaning a bunch of spineless, lying, dedicated followers of the current fashion, all administered by the atheists of the Ivy League and their teams of atheist lawyers, judges and politicians. At root of America’s internal problems today is the Ivy League, their infantile programs of disinformation they call Tenured professorships, and the atheist and flat out anarchists that policy allows to poison the minds of young citizens. It is time to burn their homes, to break their windows and kill their dogs. They have already poisoned their own children. Too bad for them. No one bothers to feed doggie treats to a rabid dog, and no one should mollycoddle these insane atheists and their madness anymore. It is time for sensible, capable and outraged citizens to respond in kind to Violence to Reason! Call me Navigator

  24. If it wasn’t for all individuals protection being thrown to the wind, I would support every police officer if they walked away & never tolerated these ignorant fools agenda.

    This has nothing to do with George, but, only to do with the selfish blacks that only want to be free to do whatever they want to do with no consequences. Just look at what they’ve done & what they consistently do. They never obey the laws & if they commit a crime or some violation, the first thing they do is start fighting with the police & resisting arrest. Why? There is no hunting by police to harm blacks, never has been & never will be. See Candace Owens video. She is real character & is a black talk show host. Let her give you the whole truth & nothing but the truth. The police are the most abused people in the world, damned if they do & damned if they don’t. Let these low lives have some of their own medicine & let them just kill each other. Anyone would have to have an IQ of below zero, to think we can live without police protection. The blacks always have their own agenda & refuse to follow any guidelines dictating how to live life in a respectable manner. These criminals needs to take a look at Charles Barkley, Ben Carson, Candace Owens & duplicate their lives towards something worth while, instead of belching out unwanted babies to get freebies, refusing to work to get welfare, sucking drugs & demanding free health care & the list is endless. Oh yes!! They are soooooooo oppressed by having black chambers of commerce, black theaters, black schools, black colleges, black history month, black dance schools, black this & black that. Why not have some of these same things for the white’s. If the fools spent the same amount of time working, instead of marching to keep from working, they might have something, but, let’s not forget, that is out of the sight range & they are going to continue to want something for nothing. When, if ever, have you seen the blacks protest for someone with any character??????? NEVER. It is always for the criminals & then they, along with the media, talk about how wonderful were these individuals & they have a criminal record a mile long.

  25. Quinones, Spanish name — Is she even legal?
    Those who voted for her are STUPID


    Cops all over this country will probably start resigning.

    Who can blame them when you have STUPIDS in positions of power who were voted into these positions by total MORONS.

    Yolanda Martinez

    1. Totally agree with Yolanda. Quinones, Latina last name, shows she is unqualified, she is probably, just the token minority needed to appease the Liberals.

  26. I’m convinced the SOCIALIST Democrats are creating these type crises so as to stampede the populace into DEMANDING more security by giving up their CONSTITUTIONALLY protected rights and thus ignoring Benjamin Franklin’s adage that those who’d trade ESSENTIAL liberties for security deserve NEITHER liberty nor security.

    ANTIFA, BLM, BAMN are the Sturmabteilung of the DNC and the liberal MSM their Pravda propaganda arm. Unless we vote out this political malignancy in our society this November, we’ll get what we deserve.

    So now is a time for people of faith to heed 2 Chronicle 7:14, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  27. h people I congratulate the Hallandale Beach people because now they will get a taste of what it is to elect INCOMPETENTS to rule their city and hopefully, if the same crap happening all over the country reaches
    their town, as latins say , LLAME A MARIA (call Maria) to pull your chestnuts out of the fire…

    Actually,what you people should do is to KICK OUT this piece of…work of a police chief you have…
    Allow me to say as an ex-cop and a LATINO myself, that too damned many Latinos in the USA actually
    hate our country and live here because it is convenient to them rather than in their countries of origin…..
    Let the “KNEELERS” enforce the law but if instead the remedy becomes worse than the illness, as said
    in Polish language “TOUGHSHITSKI” ……!!!!!!!!

  28. The best way to show the insanity of what is going on, is to let the citizens see what the results of this rush to mindlessness will bring. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR – YOU MAY GET IT! Incompetent weak appeasing officials, are rarely leaders.

  29. You will see this happening in all leftist cities.
    The good news – for the first time LEO’s are asking “Why did we ever vote democrat?”

  30. Police chief should resign. If you can’t stand behind your workers than the chief has failed her job .I wouldn’t work for her either. Just think they put their lives on the line everyday to be treated like that disgraceful. One bad Apple doesn’t mean there all bad.shame on the chief.

  31. Good for them! Don’t support anyone who doesn’t support you. BLM is a terrorist organization!

  32. Good for those men in SWAT. They are so correct .Any Cop that would kneel to those animals needs to fired. I wouldn’t trust her to tell me the correct time. She is a DISGRACE to the uniform she wears..

  33. I think most Police should resign when they have NO backing from City Leaders,now remember City Leaders are elected and most of the time they are not the most competent

  34. Thank God a few good men are standing up to the insanity of the neo fascists of the far left.

  35. Finally men who know what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong . Good call . Sorry the whole police department didn’t do the same .

  36. Although the statement was erroneously credited to the 18th century Anglo-Irish statesman , Edmond Burke, the statement holds true today, as well-“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing .” Take action… VOTE! In the movie”An innocent man “ , a fellow inmate tells a brutalized Tom Selleck,”You don’t have to stand tall, but you DO have to stand UP!” I will, and do, stand with any, and all, to defend, and protect our inalienable rights, given by our Founding fathers, to oppose tyranny in all of it’s insidious forms! May God bless the USA, and guide our POTUS in his endeavor to return our nation and ALL of our legal citizens to the Greatness the pandering sycophants have been allowed to diminish


  38. I support the officers. Police work is difficult enough and increases officer stress when they feel that their employers don’t support them. The Chief sent a “clear” and unambiguous message while kneeling with protesters..

  39. I resigned my SWAT/S&R positions yesrs ago when on missions, I continually observed the readership fail to support us as individual(s).

    From the Sheriff, County Commisions, to immediate Supervisor (All Democrates) were interested in getting good news sound bite and going to have lunch somewhere.

    Many time the SWAT/S&R would be in Remote Areas w/o access to food and water.

    Cant wait to see Antifa respond to 911 or any emergency call.

  40. They need to get together a vote of no confidence in their police chief. Get a spokesperson to go on Media outlets and give their position with current events!

  41. When are the idiots that vote these left wing lunatic Democrats into office going to wake up? Are they going to turn the entire country over to these socialist haters in November?

  42. There is coming a day SOON when anti-police forces will regret the day that saw the departure of these SWAT police officers. But by then, it will be too late to protect citizens and save lives. It is not the ordinary citizens who want to disband the police officers/SWAT, but their incompetent, gutless leaders in office….i.e., that idiot mayor!

  43. they’re bowing to the protesters Dave Bowen!!! but i’ see that u are too blind to see! and no he’s not a Russian trying to devide americans, they are! by terrorizing, looting and destroying our cities businesses, they don’t have any respect for anuthing or anybody, i’ can see u are not only blind but a total idiot!!

  44. They disrespected the law enforcement and then when something does happen where they have to defend their selves than they want to put them in prison. I’d quit too. These people running the states are insane

  45. I support wholeheartedly the Swat team resignation. It just does not make any sense that these officers go out there and risk their lives when at he same time they observe their own boss kneeling in support of demonstrators, anarchists rioters. It is just not worth it. As a matter of fact entire police departments should resign in disgust.

  46. Well, that would maketh enemy happy. Make the chief resign instead. Investigate the skunk for possible treasonus ties.

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