Candace Owens Shreds Democrats, Again

Shortly after claiming that the President interrupted a ‘peaceful protest’ for a photo op at St. John’s Church with a bible in hand, Democrats took a knee while wearing African garb. They took the knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, a move in representation of the death of George Floyd.

All 4 of the officers that were involved in the death of Floyd have been fired and charged.

Candace Owens, the founder of Blexit, had given a pretty-hard hitting opinion piece on the media and martyrdom of this particular incident in a video last week.

She wasn’t done.

Owens is not backing away from blasting this "photo opp" by Democrats, either.

“I have to say— I thought there was at least one or two things that the Democrats wouldn’t stoop to for the black vote, but there is apparently nothing,” Owens mocked. “Dressing in African garb and getting on their knees for a photo op because it’s Monday, & only 4 months to November.”

Why the African garb? Floyd wasn't from Africa, he was American.

Pelosi spoke during the event, promoting their "Justice in Policing Act". It was the first time the House and Senate have met in the months since the Coronavirus lockdowns started.

“This moment of national anguish is being transformed into a movement of national action as Americans from across the country peacefully protest to demand an end to injustice,” Pelosi added. “Today, with the justice and policing at the Congress is standing with those fighting for justice and taking action.”

Read more at The Daily Wire.

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47 thoughts on “Candace Owens Shreds Democrats, Again”

  1. The Commie Democrats want to Control our lives, that is easy to see, what is hard to see or understand is WHY? Doing that is the same as Communism, why do they want to “Control” our lives? Liz Warren once said We The People should NOT be allowed to vote for a President, Why? something to think about in Nov. The Commie Dems also want to “Classify” people. Keep tabs on you. Remember when they wanted people to spy on their neighbors? No doubt in my mind if they ever get the opportunity, they WILL make us a third world Socialist welfare country!!

    1. Yes Doni , you are completely right in your statement…but what is amazing is the number of people who eat up the Democrats views on America and how we should bow to their liberal agenda…they are for everything immoral and controlling….People should stop and evaluate what is really happening with this terrorist group called black lives matters…the country is going down a path of total destruction and social uphevel …when and not if the Democrats get total control there will be NO such thing as freedom….you can take that to the bank….

  2. Desperate people, desperate measures, desperation is all they have. What next? Turn themselves inside out so as not to ‘offend’ anyone? Throw out statues, burn down mansions, change a name that sounds like it could be linked to slavery……

    I’m waiting for aliens to stop laughing and send this planet into another solar system.

  3. It sure is rather odd that nothing is being said about George Floyd’s past history of crime ! 5 times in prison really ? And he’s glorified by People as being an innocent black person ? There is another reason for his arrest, and that was passing a fake $20 dollar bill, and that’s what started the whole thing !
    I do not believe floyd should have been killed needlessly….let the courts decide !
    But to raise floyd up as a martyr is nuts . He obviously didn’t learn anything being in prison 5 times !
    And as far as black people being miss treated by the police, there might be some cases , but they don’t seem to want to obey any laws either . their usually the one’s I’ve witnessed that start the cops moving on them, by running or pointing a gun at the police or not complying with any law ! If their so innocent, why not just do like the police say and things will go right . Their just trying to get special treatment, and fooling and lieing to the american public, to get it !!!!

    1. Gary, your post touched on every point that is truthful and what the dumocraps and “protestors” won’t acknowledge. These “protestors” are nothing more than empty headed morons. I don’t think they are capable of processing a single rational thought. If they were animals they would be put down. My dog has a thousand times more sense than these domestic terrorists do.

    2. I heard after the fact. unbelievable the whole thing. personally i think this was a planned thing and they are using Floyd situation as an excuse for their so called what agenda.

  4. So, these career politicians many who have 30+ years, have done nothing to solve these actions in the past. Now that it’s election time again, they dress up put on a show and make promises as always. Just the same old lies and failed promises. President Trump has done more for minorities in three years than they have done in 30 years, and that’s why they hate him.

    1. I agree and slightly disagree.The media and hollywood had a sick love affair with Trump BEFORE he ran for president. What has changed? A common sense reason is 169,981 sealed indictments. 167,000 more than normal. Normal is 2-3000 per year in the US. The media and politicians are dead silent. Why? We have a 5566% increase in sealed indictments and not one person in America says a WORD?? I have been attacked for these statistics many times. I win the argument every single time. Court Records/Public Records.. They don’t hate Trump at all. They FEAR him.. Look at who screams the loudest for example.. Pete puffin Adam Scifttt.. Dirt bag DeNiro

  5. Candace Owens is great. I’m glad she’s saying what she thinks and believes. I wish more politicians would do the same. She is a cut above for sure.

  6. The idiots that are protesting are not doing it peacefully . Pelosi is a jerk for saying that the protests are peaceful , just watch TV . Pelosi should be removed from office & put in prison for life , she is so stupid.

  7. Candice is brilliant. She is an outstanding person who is level headed. I hope she runs for office someday, because conservatives NEED her !

  8. No, George wasn’t. But Obamas biological father, a socialist communist was. He was married to a blonde white woman that was communist when he fathered B.H.O. with Obama’s mother. He was almost illegitimate but they found a patsy and paid him well to marry mommy. He is truly a daddy’s boy.

    1. I’m glad to find out that there are others who are aware of what actually happened instead of believing the myths about Obama. None of his history adds up if you look closely. He really was the Manchurian candidate if for no other reason than his records were all sealed. A white politician would never have been able to get away with that. Remember how crazy the Dems became when DJTrump didn’t want to share his taxes with the masses? Finally, I absolutely adore Candace Owens. She tells the truth which is a rare commodity today. SJ

  9. The great majority of the notable conflicts between Blacks and police officers could have been avoided by one very simple thing – DON’T RESIST ARREST! Any physical conflict with police officers will not end well for the citizen, regardless of the race of the police officers OR the person. Disagreements can then be worked out in court.

  10. I wish the media would report the fact that this was a personal vendetta the officer had against Floyd, not random police violence. Maybe if there was responsible reporting, we could of avoided the rioting. It was still murder, still wrong, it just wasn’t random.

    1. Granted, what the officer did was wrong but Floyd had many health problems and from what I understand the coroner said he died of a heart attack. What the officer did certainly contributed to Floyd’s death. That makes this case a double edge sword but that is something to be decided by 12 people of the jury.

  11. Cut and paste this link into your browser and you will get the TRUTH. The trouble is that no one tells the truth. You want Facts and TRUTH just check it out. All this marching and wanting justice and tearing cities and businesses apart and stealing and raging is all BullShit. READ the Facts people. If you want real justice take every last one that participated in destroying all these cities and towns and businesses and put them in prison where they belong.

  12. just lately I accidentally stumbled on to Candance, she is so dead on. so much common sense, I look forward to her comments every day . Bob M

  13. Candace,

    Keep up the fight, as I was telling my sister earlier, I am concerned the country is going in, I and my husband line in Indianapolis, and the protests here have been pretty bad.

  14. I love Candace Owens. She is so smart and intelligent and beautiful. She has great courage and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I hope that as more people come to hear and know her that they will be convinced of her reasoning power.

  15. We love you Candace Owens. You’re pretty and smart. I wished I have a daughter just like you. I have 2 wonderful sons.

  16. You hate police Nancy, than get rid of your armed guards. Now that I’d like to see. Stop the botox you jaw looks like your losing your teeth.

  17. Our President needs to take action NOW! If this isn’t stopped soon, it will spread throughout the U.S. Any armed resistance should be met with overwhelming and unhesitating force. What is going on is a resurrection! There are many innocent people behind those lines who need to be rescued and one of the main jobs of the President is to protect the citizens of the United States. I think even the Democrits (sic) will agree that something must be done! And as for George Floyd, This officer definitely knew him and had prior contact or conversations with him. He probably had a prior altercation with George Floyd and was really frightened by him. I have seen that happen to many police officers on the beat. Someone intimidates them and they wait for the moment when all of the odds are on thier side and they have plenty of back-up. They seize the moment to get revenge. The look in that officer’s eyes was rage and fear! I spent almost 25 years on the police department and I have seen it many times. There are a few bad apples on all departments, but the vast majority and good, hard-working men. I believe what needs to happen is, the police must police themselves!!! They know who the bad apples are, and for their own safety, they need to identify them. What did you know; When did you know it; and What did you do about it???

  18. I love Candace Owens, she is brave and outspoken, she tells the truth and hope she will be able to convince most of the black voters how little the democrats have done for them and how much President Trump has done for them and all Americans since he’s been in office.
    These protesters were fine but the looters and arsonists took over their protests. To destroy cities and loot stores is not wanting peace they are just taking advantage to get what they want free loot.
    I hate to think what this country will be like if Trump doesn’t win.

  19. Democrats do not know the differance ,they see a black person they go into protest africa. Damn bunch of idiots in the party. They have been invaded by musilms socialists, communists and others who do not the USA to survive.

  20. Candace Owens should run for President. This woman is not only classy , but she is highly intelligent . Now to you clowns out there that’s not a racist remark I’m not remarking on blacks or women in general. I’m remarking on this self confident person who takes no shit from these self righteous progressive f::ken a-holes. Ms Owens is a black woman who could put to shame the whole Black Caucus of Congress. We conservatives are lucky that she’s on our side and not on the communist Democratic side. I would love to see her in a debate against AOC, Pelosi, Omar, or in fact any of the commie brain dead women of the left. Nuff said!

  21. I also believe Dems will do anythiing just to get a vote. That ‘s how they have manipulated foreigners coming into America back in the 1900’s. Youo must read Phillip Crane’s book, ‘The Democrats Deilemma’. A group of us in Belleville, Il brought him in to speak 1965. He was one of the first conservatives that ever spoke up during the 60’s. That was in Young Americans for Freedom.

    This has been such a lousy day, however, my computer is working and was thrilled by your words. Heh–maybe youu could run for office sooner than later.