Radical Leftists Seize Police Precinct In Seattle, Declare It Theirs

Like something right out of a Mad Max movie, a group of radicals and militants have taken over several blocks and a Police Precinct in Seattle. Police had already surrendered the precinct.

Perhaps that’s the result when you elect an ultra-liberal mayor like Jenny Durkan.

The militants have called the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” and have put up road blocks with signs that say “You are now leaving the USA“.

They have also declared it a “Cop Free Zone“.

The group has stated that they also have armed citizens running shifts to protect ‘their zone’.

They're creating living spaces as they don't plan to cede the area anytime soon.

King5News is reporting that city council socialist member, Kshama Sawant, actually used her key to let the mob into City Hall for takeover.

With all this talk about the Insurrection Act, things just got a little more real.

Apparently, Seattle Police don't have a plan for retaking the surrendered precinct, either.


Traffic in and out of the Seattle east precinct is controlled by the anarchists and the precinct has been boarded up.

It looks like Seattle has fallen at the moment.


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55 thoughts on “Radical Leftists Seize Police Precinct In Seattle, Declare It Theirs”

    1. @Gary:

      This is what I twll out LIEberal Demoshit “friends” each opportunity that I am presented with;
      LIEberal Demoshit’s have tilted so far left they are about to fall over. Power is their drug of choice and since they no longer have power they are in severe withdrawals. Those fools who support or aid these Leftopathic clowns are signing their own death warrant!!!

      LIEberal Demoshits are power hungry morons without power. In order for them to create the illusion of having power they need to amass themselves to maintain the appearance of strength. This insipid and misguided left wing politically correct idiot-ology is playing with fire by people who don’t know that fire is hot!!

      Some of them might realize this yet cannot help themselves because they are in need of their drug and much the same as any addict, will do anything and at any cost to satisfy their cravings!! If it weren’t so sad it would be comical. No wait it is nothing close to being sad in fact it’s a Hilarious relief for they are about to go the way of the Do-Do or Henry Clay’s Whig Party!!!

      1. Pathetic written response ! As lawless and irresponsible as those who seized the station ! It is time for all to ‘grow up ‘ and realize the harm created by statements such as this.
        I am dismayed by the rhetoric and nonsense of many of these comments . Too many must have skipped or failed their history classes.

        1. This isn’t the revolutionary war. These are very stupid ignorant thugs trying to take over a city to loot, rape and kill anyone they can. This is a globalist takeover of a city. Many of these morans don’t even know why they are doing this. I can only compare this to isis or the taliban taking over a city, they are nothing more than terrorists! These are not decent people trying to take back their city from british tyrants, they are the tyrants! I say treat them like what they are, terrorists and send in the Marines with bradley’s and M1 abrams tanks and finish them all off. I wonder how many of them are foreigners on the payroll of george soros!

  1. Take it back by FORCE, they have no right to do what they have done, and the city council member Kshama Sawant is foreign terrorist, maybe her immigration papers need to be looked at closer, she looks like a candidate for DEPORTATION.

    1. @Wayne. Since when has ANY LIEberal Demoshit done anything other than DESTROY what they have been given charge of?

      LIEberal Demoshits all have RMT the Reverse Midas Touch, Instead of what they come in contact with turning to gold EVERYTHING they touch turns to SHIT!!!

  2. Ok let’s wait and see if the voters agree with not having a police department to take care of what’s lurking around Seattle , pretty spookie at night best I remember? The votres might think before they vote next time maybe even grow up some, voters might start listing too Baby Boomers some. Need to follow the thread back to George Soros.

  3. Seattle should have known Sawant would take their leftist leanings to the nth degree and then some. When you play with fire, you do get burned, and a once beautiful city is paying the price for its political arrogance. By electing this woman, they openly gave the OK to turn back the rule of law and the safety of the citizens of Seattle. In giving them entrance to the building, she aided and abetted in their taking over 6 blocks of property and should be deemed culpable for whatever property damage or loss of life that occurs.

  4. Have lived in Seattle-King County for Forty Seven years and this is just one of many reasons I am going sell my home and leave as soon as possible. This type of behavior is no longer acceptable. This people should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. @ Anthony You said they “SHOULD” be ashamed of themselves but witnessing what’s going on they’re obviously not. Sophisticated person WOULD be ashamed INCULCATED MORONS definitely not!!

    2. Better late than never, but the value of your home is likley half of what it was before this crap started.

  5. Wonder what would happen if the authorities outside “The Zone” said, “OK, if that’s the way you want it, so be it! But there will be no food in, no electricity from generators outside the area, no garbage pickup, nor any telephone service from outside the zone! And that is just for starters!”

  6. Good let Seattle be the first city to be destroyed by radical left Nazis. The worthless scum living in Seattle deserve to starve to death. California , Washington , Oregon ,Michigan and New York should be permanently closed considered not worth saving and all food , supplies and freedom to leave or enter the states cut off permanently! The scum living their must be exterminated with extreme prejudice and the states be considered wasteland for the stink of democrats is worse than nuclear radiation contamination.
    No mercy must be given eliminate every last communist scum in America now!

    1. Not fair! There are decent people still trapped in those areas with no way to get out! Rescue mission needed to extricate the innocents, THEN starve the vermin out!

    2. You are so right. I am with you, Better yet, let the militias go in there and see how long the commee freaks last! They will let the terrorists go in the city and take it over but if the American militias go in there and clean it up it won’t take long before the governor and the mayor cry for the national guard to save them and their commee, libtards from true American patriots.

  7. Washington State has been FAR LEFT for years. But allowing Antifa and the rest of the scum to take over part of Seattle is lunacy. If the ding-bat mayor is ok with it then pull her out of her Socialist Dream World and move to Antifa Town.
    I used to live just south of Seattle and loved it. But now Seattle to Federal Way is nothing but a cesspool of stinking radicals. If the police, mayor, and the rest of the power people don’t care that they lost part of their city then they will get exactly the outcome they deserve. And if the general population can’t find their nerve and put a stop to this BS-they can just cower down like the cowards they are.
    With the way things are going in this country you can expect a full blown revolution soon. Americans need to take our country back-and soon-or lose it forever.

    1. Don’t know about WA, but other regions are already gearing up for “The Second American Revolution”. VA for one, NJ and probably MA just to name a few. are fed up with “their” governments’ efforts to control the populace, and about to become flashpoints to the fire. CA is already too far gone to save, but the rest of the Country is ready to lock and load!

  8. Snowflakes and x generation are all for abortion and it’s time for Americans to abort their worthless lives with extreme prejudice!
    Let’s do this you Demscum trash you want war here it comes and I and all Americans promise YOU WONT LIKE WHAT IS COMING! America will destroy every last piece of Demscum trash here in America and piss on your discarded lifeless existence

  9. Disgusting. I was stationed in Washington in the 80’s and remember what a beautiful and clean city Seattle was. Looks like a Third World War zone now. I think this is what they want it to look like!

  10. Police Departments, and their facilities are funded by federal dollars. This means all of the rest of America payed for that building and the water and power that they are using. Cut off the gas, water and power to the so call non American area. Stop the unemployment checks they are receiving, they denounced their citizenship. Stop supporting federal and state dollars to the city of Seattle until they can get their city under control. This, we don’t want to offend anyone garbage is allowing this to occur. Check your manhood or turn in your man card. Hollywood has been predicting this for 20 yrs. This is why we have the second amendment, read it for yourself and quit listening to talking heads read it for yourself.

    1. i live in Washington and am appalled and ashamed at the things happening here and the lack of balls to do anything about it get in there and take back the city what the hell is wrong with you stand up ill help just call me if you copes don’t have the guts

  11. IT IS coming you better lock-n-load because ‘we the people’ will whip these ‘anarchist’s’ assce since liberals won’t. OPEN season on left wing punks.

  12. Should do wonders for tourism which these nimrods so desperately milk for tax dollars….good luck Seeyattle….been nice knowing ya. Hear the vacuum being created by taxpayers fleeing to the safety of the heartland?

    1. Where are we all going to go? To the rubble of Chicago? I live in a medium-sized town in central Illinois where last week looters befouled Walmart, an auto parts store, Target, etc. I heard the noise of it in the night air, but there was nothing about it in the local e-paper, just rumors, and later I saw the plywood on buildings. Young, smug people are still milling about excited, stiff-legged, and giving dark looks to old people. I am an old person, where am I going to go?

  13. First thing that should happen is, sawant should be removed from her position and arrested for letting them in and taking taxpayer property. Second everyone who lives in the zone should sue sawant for endangering their lives.

  14. this is got to be taken care of have some backbone and get that police station taken back im 68 yrs old and never thought i would see such cowardliness in this state and others its time to put an end to this

  15. I see Cowards on every corner, if they are armed and tell the policeman & women to get out Shoot first this is High TReason and the Mayor Bitch should know this very clearly, if you lack the BALLS call me up I am for the wordings of the U S Constitution, nobody is above the Laws,
    970-355-9708 this is my country too, I will protect and defend it with my LIfe, how about YOU<

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Randel! I am lucky enough to live well outside the urban sprawl of the despicable “Elitist Society” reminiscent of the Roman Empire, and as such, I am able to prepare for the coming “Second American Revolution” with relative anonymity. My family and I are not “preppers” in the traditional sense, but we are ready to aid and abet any efforts to regain control of our runaway “government” when the time comes!

  16. Good. Now that they are not part of the U.S.A. we can treat them as the foreign aliens they are. Let’s impose sanctions on them. Let’s charge importation and exportation taxes on them. Let’s revoke their U.S. citizenship. And if they commit any overt act of war against the U.S. let’s bomb the tar out of them.

  17. If your City, County or State is Dominated by a Democratic Majority, fact would have it that your City, County or State is most likely in SERIOUS Financial Problem. WHY ? Check how well they negotiate “any” contract. They probably over pay because it is not their money. Check the Payrolls, Benefits Packages and Pension Programs. If the Pension Programs are not fully funded, your City, County or State is probably in a financial dilemma. And if the Elected Officials declare that they have it under control. Be Concerned.

    Defund he Police ? Probably and Most Likely – NOT A GOOD IDEA !!!

  18. what the fuck is wrong here OH I KNOW fucken DEMOCRATS let this happen come on Seattle Police get some BALLS and TAKE IT BACK BEFORE TONIGHT…………….

  19. This will be fun to watch……also, lessons learned. Although the radical Left never admits their errors.

  20. If the Mayor believes her police department should be evicted from its rightful facility, she might want to be concerned that if the crazies take over more than just the Capitol Hill District, she won’t have a city to govern anymore. When the crazies take over places such as Queen Anne Hill, where many elites live, there might be a stronger reaction. But don’t count on it. The establishment is far more interested in placating the crazies, even though total surrender would be the only solution from their addled standpoint.

    The police don’t dare make a move for fear the City Council and Mayor will come after them for brutality and other imagined crimes. The governor is just as useless. The Feds need to lay down the law and bring back some semblance of order to this American city.

  21. All part of the Communist plan to take over the city, then the state, then all, of America. Fake News is helping them Arrest the worse treasonous News Owners and encarserate them for treason.

  22. This disgust group of people belong in the jail they took over but behind jail bars. I can’t understand how the mayor has allowed this in Seattle. Has Seattle been moved to the Middle East. Terrible, Terrible. Terrible. Hopefully the citizens in Seattle are smart enough not to vote for the looser mayor again.
    Had planned a vacation in the Seattle area but my money will never see a cash register in Washington State.

    1. President Trump needs to call in the 82nd Airborne. They are trained to take care of pesky terrorists.

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