The Controlled Burn Rages out of Control

In the wake of riots that have spread across America, leaving shattered businesses and wounded communities in their wake, it feels as though our nation is collapsing around us. That’s bizarre, considering that virtually all Americans agree with the following two propositions: first, that it is evil for a police officer to place his knee on the neck of a prone suspect struggling to breathe for eight long minutes; second, that breaking store windows; stealing televisions and shoes; beating business owners; and attacking police officers is wrong. That seeming unanimity should mean unity in the face of police brutality and rioting and looting.

It doesn’t.

It doesn’t because members of our political class have decided that instead of rallying against obvious evil, Americans must be categorized as enlightened or benighted based on their answer to one question: Was America and is America rooted in racism and bigotry? If you answer in the negative, you are complicit in racism and bigotry, say our media, academic leaders and high-ranking members of the Democratic Party. If you answer in the affirmative, you may be categorized among the woke, the aware, the sensitive and the decent.


This is a nonsensical and dangerous game. But it's a game pressed forward by the most powerful messaging institutions in our society: our media, who award Pulitzer Prizes to faux history like The 1619 Project, which argues that every American institution has been fatally corrupted by America's original sin, slavery, and that every inequality of today can find its root in inequities of the past; our celebrities, who proudly proclaim that rights to free speech, property ownership and due process are merely facades for the continuing and malign maintenance of structural inequalities; and too many of our politicians, who casually attribute every instance of police brutality to deep-seated American racism.

These are lies. America's history is replete with racism and oppression, but that's because America didn't hold true to her founding ideals; America's philosophy is good and true, and her flaws are thanks to her failures to follow that philosophy. It is a lie to attack Americans' fundamental rights as outgrowths of persecution. And it's a damnable calumny to liken the treatment of black Americans in 2020 to the treatment of black Americans in 1960, let alone 1860. Yet we are told by our institutional elites that to point out these lies is to refuse responsibility, to provide cover for racism.

Declaring America's most fundamental structures corrupt and cancer-ridden is deeply dangerous. Once a structure has been condemned, its foundations declared unstable, it can only be destroyed. There is no way to argue that fealty to a particular political program inside that supposedly corrupt structure can fix the problem. Former President Barack Obama, who declares that discrimination exists in "almost every institution of our lives," and that "the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow ... that's still part of our DNA that's passed on," says that voting for local officials is the solution to police brutality and individual instances of racism.

Somehow, so long as we vote for the same Democratic politicians who have governed nearly every major American city for decades, America's founding sins can be extirpated. Is anyone expected to believe this? Our elites cannot set fire to the fundamentals of America and then hope to contain that fire to occasional trips to the voting booth.

So Americans are left with a choice. We can either think of one another with charity and accuracy, acknowledging the sins of America's past while recognizing that America remains a beacon of freedom and decency. Or we can continue to follow the path of those who would tear us apart. To follow the latter course isn't sensitive or moral. It places the very existence of our common republic at risk.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles.

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34 thoughts on “The Controlled Burn Rages out of Control”

  1. This whole thing makes me sick. I am so tired of people whining and complaining about their lot in life!Black Americans have had so many opportunities handed to them, whether it be in jobs or education, and they are not the only ones who have struggles. When you fail to take advantage of those opportunities, that is on you! These “protests” are a farce, and have been from the beginning. This isn’t about George Floyd or anyone else…it’s all about looting, burning and hurting others, all selfish endeavors to begin with. These protesters forfeited all civility or understanding when they threw the first brick or set the first fires, breaking an entire list of laws. The officer involved should indeed be punished, but do not forget that Mr. Floyd was certainly no angel either! The Democratic politicians LOVE these sorts of situations. Don’t kid yourselves into believing that they give a tinkers damn about Mr. Floyd or anyone else but themselves! I wouldn’t give any of them air if they were trapped in a jug!

      1. Are you some kind of stupid read the above article again then read the silly research report you are directing people to two different articles the first is a clear take on the way things are now yours is a take on people with name that may belong to someone of color going for a job different things ningnog keep to the theme of what was written.

    1. Just like the confederates didn’t all rejoin the union there will always be that few to invoke hatred.

      1. Peacefully protesting for your rights—and there really is racism, you know—is not ”hatred.” It is trying to make the situation better.

  2. You people keep electing left wing liberal anti-Americans to office. You get burning cities. Deal with it.

  3. Nice job Ben. I see you all the time on Fox News. I would love to receive the newsletter.

  4. Black privilege.. 80% of the NFL are Black Millionaires… Quota Hiring still exists.. Affirmative action gives Blacks 20 EXTRA Points for Every federal job…. Black only Colleges.. Black Only scholarships.. Black Quotas for colleges (Tell me how that is any different than the rich Hollywood types Paying to get their children in college? BOTH GET UNQUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS IN COLLEGE)… The list of BLACK PRIVILEGES is Endless… TIME TO END REVERSE DISCRIMINATION… And for those that Missed it.. BARRY SOETERO WAS OUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT.. I GUESS THAT ONE DOESN’T COUNT??? They are trying to do what was done to Haiti and Rhodesia and is Now Happening in South Africa.. KILL OFF THE WHITES AND TURN AMERICA INTO ANOTHER 3RD WORLD CRAP HOLE JUST LIKE THEY DID AND ARE DOING THERE… AND,, Mr Floyd has Gotten his Justice,, Unless I am mistaken ALL THE COPS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED AND ARE IN JAIL FOR HIS MURDER.. WTF AM I MISSING HERE? THEY WANT THEM HANGED IN PUBLIC? And for those that think the cops Only shoot Blacks, WRONG AGAIN.. Sadly, the trend of fatal police shootings in the United States seems to only be increasing, with a total 429 civilians having been shot, 88 of whom were Black, as of June 4, 2020.– WHY DON’T WE EVER SEE ALL THOSE WHITE PEOPLE THE POLICE SHOOT OR KILL??? FAKE NEWS IS WHY…

    1. Right-on DAY. Many of us, more than you know, are of the same opinion. Blacks dominate Pro sports (NBA,NFL,MLB,BOXING,Etc) . Most blacks have no idea how the sports, we enjoy today, came to exist in the first place. A little research will enlighten everyone to the fact that much of the sports we enjoy watching on the (tube or live), were developed by the creative mind of a white person. Over the years it has become apparent that Blacks are dominate in sports where physicality is required and Whites dominate where creative mentality reigns . I’m sure I will receive a lot of flax from this, but facts are facts.

      1. shame on you for telling the truth, The Facts and the truth do not matter when they do not fit within the lefts agenda..

  5. Combined with today’s letter from Archbishop Vigano, this enlightenment could become the salvation
    of this country. One trip to the voting booth to change the the leadership in these cities and states might
    do it; the question is, can the right produce the kind of candidates to do it. President Trump has been a
    valiant warrior against the deep state and misguided, vile press, but should we depend on one man alone
    to stem the tide, especially one with a weakness for communication errors as his main defense?

  6. The history of my country is just that, history. What has happened good and bad is a matter of record. That includes the democrats creating the despicable KKK. The democrats that fought for segregation for many years including their infamous attempt to keep blacks out of so-called white schools. And more recently the democrats trying to make up one story after another to denigrate the current administration. The over emphasis on what is just another flu epidemic and completely disgusting reaction to the death of a citizen with revolting riots across the country prompted by agitators paid for by the deep state such as George ‘the felon’ Soros.

  7. The left will never stop until they are destroyed. Take their funding and they will disappear. Vote for conservatives who actually care about living up to the unprecedented standards of our Constitution and all of these issues will be resolved. Everyone I know is sick to death of hearing about some “ism” impacting some group. I’ve lived a long time and hope to live many more years. I have friends from every walk of life, every color and religion and sexual preference. I’ve never heard a single one of them complain about being discriminated against and all of them are hard working and successful. When I worked law enforcement I routinely stopped and talked to young black kids holding cardboard signs asking for money. All of them had dropped out of school and none of them had anyone at home who gave a damn. Every evening when I walked out of the U.S. Courthouse on Spring Street late at night I was followed to my car by several people who were illegally in the country. Their plan was clear even after I identified myself as law enforcement and showed I was armed. That only seemed to motivate them even more. At the time I was dating a Hispanic woman and every weekend her family was terrorized by the local Mexican and Central American gangs to the point where they were afraid to go out at night. We have serious problems but racism is way down the list. People should be asking why all the looters have black skin and why when they are interviewed on TV they are all illiterate? They all have schools in their neighborhoods and job opportunities. Something is morally wrong in the black community and until they decide to change nothing for them will change.

  8. Ben Shapiro is one of the biggest NeverTrumpers out there and has helped them criticize the President since his golden boy JEB BUSH lost the election. Even today he cant support the President and his actions without offering a criticism. His advise is also the same BS the GOP was preaching in the 1990s. IT FAILED THEN and it will fail now.

    Stand up to the LEFT and tell them NO and FIGHT BACK. WE didnt start the fight but unless we finish it they will take what they want and destroy this country piece by piece.

  9. I didn’t commit any sins against Black Americans, if anything I helped them.
    If that is their position, they can go FORNICATE themselves along with their
    White Americans.

  10. I believe the entire premise of the article is incorrect. “America” is a Constitutional Republic. The Republic is supposed to be run in accordance with the Constitution. The Constitution is not ‘prejudiced’ or a racist. It is the usual suspects that fail ….ie Mankind. We have failed so much that the original premise of the Constitution that individual States have more Political Power than the entire Federal Government, and ultimately the people have the most power over both, has been flipped backwards. Now, the Feds are the most powerful, States are next, people are last. Those rioting in the streets are not attempting to raise the status of the people, their goal is to alter the Constitution…ie what is actually the true America…into a Communist/Fascist State [ie Government controls everything [ie Communism] including Industry [ie Fascism]]. As a result people are nothing but workers for the Government in the end…basically lower than abused Mules[ an animal for which the Commie/Fascists would care for more than a person…vis a vis Cuomo the Heinrich Himmler of Nursing Home Patients].

  11. This is garbage…
    It is NO different in America now, than when 44 took office and proceeded to fan the flames of racism that this country hadn’t seen for decades.
    All because of his skin color, not a soul had the balls to call him on it for fear he would pull the almighty “RaceCard”…
    And if you’ll note, he’s back at it, criticizing those who are trying to straighten up the mess HE created in his 8 years…

  12. Hopefully your wisdom will open some peoples eyes and justice ,love, peace and hope will prevail and smother the evil in our society, We must all come together and work together for the common good.

  13. Sorry, I will NOT bow down to ransom. I will NOT acknowledge the sins of America’s past. The way Germany and Japan do not. That was a different time and none of us were there, we had no hand in anything that took place and our parents and probably our Grandparents were not involved either.
    I am a Texan, born and raised in the Greatest State. The Constitution says we are all born equal. I beleive that to be true. But, it is what you do next that determines your life. I grew up in a small South Texas farming community with some oil and gas related companies located there. My graduating class (1970) had less than 150 kids. Our curriculum was very limited, with just the basics (3R’s). Every student had the same opportunities as everyone else. Some chose to go to college, some chose to take a local job and others moved to larger cities. How the rest of their lives turned out was THEIR choices. Sure, there was and will always be road-blocks and health issues. These are a part of life and there is nowhere to put the blame. To be honest and clear, I managed a group of 40+ Data Center operators for a Fortune 100 company. Of that 40, I had 5 supervisors. 1 white, 2 Hispanics and 2 Blacks. At the Staff level, there were probably 35% Black, 30% White and 35% Hispanic. They were ALL treated the same way. No favorites. In my business career that spanned 40 years I never saw anything to suggest bias based on Color or ethnicity. So, NO.. I will not play this “game” any more. for over 40 years, I have heard the same speeches everytime a Black person is killed at the hands of a white person. It is OK for Blacks to kill Blacks in Chicago. Last week-end alone there were close to 20 killed. Where is the outrage? Where is the help to stop that from happening? what is the difference?

  14. I am sick of the phrase “America’s Orignal Sin”. It was and still is the entire worlds original sin. The word Slave comes from the Slavic people that were enslaved by the Romans and then another 500 years under the OTTOMAN Empire. I am 97% of Skavic heritage.It was the White Christains that fought against slavery. It would be nice if people had at least an over view of History.

  15. I certainly don’t condone the manner in which George Floyd was treated. But I don’t understand why the media doesn’t also refer to his former life of extensive crime and drugs! It certainly doesn’t justify the actions of the police, but it does provide balance to this person as an individual!

  16. I do wish that the black community would stop scaring the hell out of everyone else. Burning, stealing and beatings solve no purpose but to install an air of fear into the rest of the public. I hear blacks say that when they walk down the street, people show fear as they approach. Wonder why that is? We’ve just watched a week of destruction from Americans that laughed and grinned as they burned buildings, stole property, and beat up total strangers. What kind of message do they think they are sending? Do they expect respect and equality from the destruction of their actions? Exactly what do they want? Their destiny is in their hands, not ours. Respectability and equality come from education, jobs well done, leading good and decent lives, raising good children, and acceptance of responsibility, not destruction and hatred.

  17. NOT a word in the article about fixing ”the sin’s of America’s past,” or at the very least starting to try to do so. Now, I wonder why not?

  18. The Dems, the media and rich megalomaniacs like Soros and Gates are the source of all this. They make up the opportunistic plan of selective racism and publish it to the far left mentally vulnerable radicals to do the dirty work for them. They know it is lies and have no accountability for the murders they are actually recruiting.

  19. By any means necessary, now there’s a Communist Quote right out of the Communist manifesto, So I can assume these useful idiots are really hard core Communists. Fire at will!!

  20. I’ve listened to the ad nauseum rioter’s “black lives matter”, “I can’t breathe”, “hands up don’t shoot”, etc. And “Until black lives matter…NO LIVES MATTER”. For the love of God, ENOUGH!!! I am also SICK TO DEATH, of every cop is bad, racist, a murderer, yada yada yada. When the media stick a microphone in their face, it’s ALL COPS ARE BAD,WE’VE BEEN REPRESSED SINCE WE WERE SLAVES” . Hmmmm, can you imagine if a white person said “All blacks are ignorant, murderers, looters, rapists, arsonists, or WOULD-BE murderers, etc. My God Rev. Jackson, and that little twerp Sharpton would be calling for a race war! Well, Sharpton’s been doing that for years! The country and all races were united when those 4 cops murdered George Floyd! Finally, everyone was unified!!! Instead of understanding that and agreeing something that was so horrific and WRONG, ultimately resulted in something amazing! And then the protesting and rioting started! And once again, like in Baltimore with Freddie Gray, the cops were ordered to “stand down”. Let them voice their opinions and displeasure. And when the rioting started, cops were ordered to let them loot, pillage, burn, beat up, MURDER, vandalize, WHATEVER THEY WANTED! And that unity didn’t last a nanosecond! How did smashing windows and looting a Target for a 65″Samsung TV honor George Floyd. What message was that sending the world? It’s almost been what, 2 weeks since Floyd’s murder? And it’s like he isn’t even a real part of this now. It’s about THEM, not Floyd! How is burning down stores honoring his life? It’s not, it’s a way for them to steal and acquire whatever they want. It’s sickening and shameful!

  21. I remember the 1940’s quite well. In a large midwestern city the black community was forced to live in a shanty town in the outskirts of the city. The tar paper houses is a vivid memory. After the war the black communmity bean to move into the city limits. They went to schools in our neighborhhood. They rode the street cars and buses without problems. Therefore see no reason for them to be considered anything but equal. Hard to understand the mindset of the black youth of today. Their problem IMHO is they do not know History let alone understand it. If the young black Americans of today who have so many opportunities would try to understand how far the black Americans have come maybe they wouldn’t be so angry and upset about everything. They need to stop listening to the lies being peddled by a certain political party and stop with the angry mindset. We are all equal in God’s eyes.

  22. Well said! And, oh, so true.
    We must concentrate on doing the positive- and means not engaging in this ‘game’ that wants us to react with violence. Instead, let us put our energy where it needs to be- fostering good innovative inventions that can bring our country forward. Let us create ways to enhance every good thing our country has to offer. We can start by doing projects that help us all- growing gardens, cleaning our water with novel technologies that are toxin-free, helping communities recently devastated by floods, homeschooling our children – teaching them a solid course in Logic, so they can discern when the wool is being pulled over their eyes, creating networks so we can have our needs met instead of having to be lacking toilet paper and food, teaching our skills to others so we can easily re-build, help small businesses by volunteering in any way we can.
    DO A BLACK SWAN EVENT. In other words, do what they least expect. They are trying to goad us all into violence. Let us instead take our ball and go home, take care of what we know is best to do, and not play into their BS

  23. Racism is a evil spirit, that does not die but is past on to generation to generation. For years the systematic discrimination of African American has been in the fabric of our country. While Legislative solutions have been past to make changes and correct injustices, it can not change attitudes, perceptions and the embedded systems of discrimination. “The more things seem to be changing the more they seem to be the same.”

    The only true change will occur when the hearts of men realize that God created all people and we must respect God’s design. Just because someone skin tone, economic status, background or religion is different from yours, we must ask God to filter our biases in our heart. This young generation recognize the evil spirit of racism and hopefully will orchestra this country into a heart change.

    1. Totally disagree re passing from generation. To some degree but BELIEVE ME – those of generations now gone and dying were much more racist thant he current generation. Racism in that case and every other evil would stay the same from generation to generation
      My favorite definition of sanity is “the ability to properly tell differences and similiarities”. Because the media hands out a horrible instance of police brutality does not mean even all police or most police are racist People need to be careful as to their sources of information. MSM has proven inself to be a propaganda arm of special interest and political agenda. THere is and has been for a while an intent to create hate and divisiveness. There are also horrible cases of police brutality to whites. Recent one I know of is a guy shot in bed next to his pregant girlfriend because they thought he had illegal guns (which was not true). The media would not touch it. They ar very selective.

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