When Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was at the red-hot center of the Robert Mueller probe into the phantom menace of Donald Trump’s collusion with the Russians. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3.
You may not know that happened. ABC, CBS and NBC ignored it that night. PBS gave the story 55 seconds. NPR gave it 4 minutes, but those minutes sounded bizarre.

Anchor Mary Louise Kelly said: “May I start with an observation? Does this seem a little out of left field? With everything going on in the country right now, senators are focused today on the Russia investigation?”

Reporter Philip Ewing replied, “The short answer for that is, politics.”

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts devoted 2,202 minutes of coverage to the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory from Jan. 21, 2017, to Feb. 10, 2019. When the Senate Intelligence Committee announced on Feb. 12, 2019, that there was no collusion? There was zero coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC.


The short answer for that? Politics.

These networks, alongside the "prestige" print press, CNN and MSNBC, obsessed about Russian-collusion claims 24/7 for more than two years. It was never "out of left field." It was the fiercely beating heart of the "news" product. The media repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of President Trump's election and even welcomed bald-faced lies about Trump being a Russian agent. "Bombshell" after "bombshell" led to claims that collusion was going to end Trump's presidency early. Now the papers bury the story on the inside pages.

Under questioning from senators, Rosenstein claimed he was not well-informed at all about everything the FBI -- under his direct supervision -- was doing to railroad Team Trump. Sen. Ted Cruz asked him if he knew that the primary source behind the Steele dossier disavowed it as rumors and hearsay. He said no. Did he know the Steele dossier was funded through the Democratic National Committee? No. But that partisan pile of hearsay was used repeatedly to authorize spying on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Cruz claimed what the Obama-Biden team did to undermine the Trump campaign, the Trump transition team and the Trump administration made Watergate pale by comparison. This would explain why the partisan networks skipped over this. They have labored to ensure that Trump -- just like George W. Bush before him -- was designated as the "worse than Watergate" president.

When Sen. Lindsey Graham asked if Rosenstein would agree in retrospect that, by August 2017, there was ultimately "no there there" to support the "concept that the campaign was colluding with the Russians," Rosenstein responded, "I agree with that general statement." But no one in that department, and no one in the press, backed down and stopped pushing a false collusion narrative.

The crowning audacity after the Rosenstein hearing came from MSNBC star Rachel Maddow, the Collusion Queen and Duchess of the Dossier. Without uttering the words "dossier" or "Rosenstein," she complained that 53 new subpoenas would be issued to investigate the origins of this get-Trump conspiracy. With a megaton of chutzpah, she lamented this is designed to "create an air of criminality around Vice President Biden and the whole Obama administration in time for the election in November."

A politicized "air of criminality" still wafts over the Trump administration, thanks to the "objective" media. But they offer no apologies, no retractions, no admissions of fault on the overall Russia mess. Their drumbeat of collusion "news" turned out to be ... "fake news."

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org.

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17 thoughts on “When Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes”

  1. This is far from politics !!! It may be Republicans doing the investigating that should have been done by all in congress . AS we noted the democRATS were aginst any investigation , my opinion for obvious reasons it concerned the entire democRAT party in a political HOAX which has been going on for 3 1/2 years with democRATS full participation in an attempt to unseat a duly elected President !!! Hypocricy of the democRATS is amazing and continues daily !!! just listen to them < oh it was a conspiracy theory that was proven wrong , well by whom I ask the democRATS ??? After all it was their HOAX that was masterminded by then President Obama , gee we can't have this investigated !!! And to the individual who wrote the article , gee withh all thats going on with the Pandameic & George Floyd the Republicans are worried about Obamagate ,. Well My opinion the American people are not stupid, the democRATS & their mainstream media ally have ignored the truth as it is now being investigated !!! The fear that the democRATS will be found out as lairs, cheats , thugs crooked & corrupt would ruin the democRAT party !!!

    1. Very well said. The DEMOCRATS starting at the highest level, Obama lead the country thru a total lie and should have to pay! Everyone of them should be indicted for the highest crime possible and should suffer the harshest penalty available. The media who were just as guilty should suffer for working with the DEMOCRATS in their efforts to remove a duly elected President.

  2. The one bed rock principle in American politics is that the rightness or wrongness of anything is ultimately resolved by the public opinion. That said, it does not bode well for us a a relatively free people.our collective world-view is no longer based upon classic understandings of reality, like the clear differences obetween men and women, or clarity about fair exchange for labor and wages. We are rushing headlong over a cliff, one marked by clear warnings signs, but going unheeded.The old saw about learning the lessons of history or repeating them is being thrust upon us. Most seem blinded by the utopian promises of something for nothing.

    1. Absolutly correct. Thing is, we are Americans are Naive, sheltered, spoiled. Many years ago I went abroad to go to school, I was out of our Nation for 7 years, it was a tough seven years, but lessons taught by life abroad were worth so much more than any PhD. I saw that WE Americans are sheltered, we do not have war at our door (other than these so called protests). We have everything we need (If we work for it). Other nations do not have such privlages and freedoms that we do. When I left Italy with a girlfriend of mine that was married, about a week after we were home, the Italian police came to our door asking for her wearabouts, apparently she did not get official permision from her husband to leave (she was only visiting me). Just one very minor example. When I came home and spoke to my mother, she asked me, if there was one lesson I could impart to my fellow friends here in the USA what would it be. The lesson would be to send every man, woman and child, to live abroad, anywhere they chose, but theu must live, breathe, speak as the citizins of that nation do, My mother asked “To what end would this lesson be”, I stated then we would have a very patriotic and strong and grateful nation”. Right now, we have a nation of ignorant spoiled brats that have no clue about history or culture, and yet, they say they are smarter than us. So much for education these days, Sad times indeed to fall for such lies and propaganda such as the masses in this nation now does!

  3. I think the Government ought to gather all the suspects and isolate them apart so there’s no more ‘collusion’ amongst them on ‘who did what with/to/for whom’. This goes all the way up to Obama, and I’ll bet he’s planning a way out somehow. Oh, While we’re at it, can’t we call it something other than “Gate” That term is getting very tiresome. How about passing a new law that requires free speech to be truthful?

  4. why with all that was going on were democrats focused on russiagate? basically it was the potential loss of their powers that have them wrangled. when the shoe id on the other foot and the spotlight is upon the lefts efforts to depose a duly elected president they want to change the rules of the game. just like most losers.———-Grampa

  5. It’s sad that the “press”, has such hatred, & extreme bias, against Trump. Even sadder that their
    liberal followers believe them. Truth be told, the whole Russia collusion fiasco, was simply a democratic perpetrated hoax!

  6. The scum of democrats shall forever blacken the eyes of the media , Hollywood, democrat and rhino politicians. It is up to Americans to insist the be jailed and forever excluded from any commerce or political agendas for the rest of eternity. Democrats have proven themselves unfit to be called humans
    Boycott all of the treasonous scum
    Don’t watch their fake news or see their movies Hollywood makes
    Don’t do business to known democrats
    And let’s take the elections back for the people not scum bag liars like the democrats have proven they all are
    I for one will never work for or buy from a known democrat again my si call democrat friends will never be talked to or allowed on my property
    Treat them for what they are inhuman treasonous outcasts with no purpose or reason to be allowed in America

  7. The fear that un-elected government has toward Trump is so obvious. They are going to get caught looting the government but no one will go to jail. Hilary and Obama should be arrested and jailed prior to their court date. The rioting will be out of control until Soros is jailed. The senate and congress are giving lip service BS to the people and hope this goes away so they don’t have to expose their contributors.The sale of stinger anti-aircraft weapons to Libia without approval should doom Hillary and Obama but the dirty laundry is evenly spread among all the “officials”.

  8. They should all be Sued for their part in pushing it too for they are not sorry or said they were Wrong and the FBI people should be all charge with Treason and Lying too

  9. Isn’t it just like the leftist commie media to say something stupid re: the now defunct Russia/Trump collusion? But I guess it’s typical when they’ve been caught with their pants down and were shown to be the FAKE news President Trump always said they were. He beat the media yet again. No other President has ever accomplished this feat.

  10. If you put the pieces together, the media, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Twitter censorship, college campus censorship and hate America indoctrination, all point to a coordinated effort to take down America as we know it. America is the main roadblock to a group of Elites ruling the world as they do the European Union. They make all the laws, control the elections, tell their people what they can and cannot do, etc. We are seeing a massive attempt at this “mind indoctrination” in the US today. It includes “if you are White” you are born guilty of racism in your DNA. Think about that mind control a moment. It goes against all science and reason, but we have a huge group of this new cult kneeling in Maryland to ask forgiveness for their “White Privilege.” This is a key part in totally dismantling the identity of America since its founding. Racism is a mental process which the Left is using by always fanning the flames and trying to create hatred between the races. This is another form of controlling us. We can no longer just ignore these promoters as some “kooks”. They are a well funded and coordinated spider web of organizations dedicated to destroying America and replacing it with Socialist Democrat aristocracy. Ironically, history shows that the rich and politicians who created it are the first people eliminated as soon as the radicals get control of the government and the military. This instantly elevates the radicals to super rich and powerful without having to earn it with a real job–Nazis, Stalinists, Maoists, and dictators like Idi Amin and Fidel Castro.

  11. There should be an air of criminality created around Obama/Biden. It was criminal, indeed it was traitorous.
    I do hope that Republican Senators are not buying this “I was kept in the dark” crap from Rosenstein though.
    I believe he was the ring leader in it all. Remember he was the one advising Sessions to recuse himself. The one that appointed Mueller to the Committee, and the one that stood by and watched the panel being loaded with democratic operatives and did nothing. The facts don’t support your claims Mr. Rosenstein. Maybe a few years in prison would reconcile his claims to reality.

  12. My trust and believability in Most of news outlets is Gone, I was a Democrat when they were Democrats, now every time I hear one of them speak, I just cannot believe what they have to say. Their Hatred for TRUMP is greater than their Love of Freedom, IF they love our Freedoms. They lost a “Rigged” election, the fix was in, Hillary was to be President, ( Soros & Obama’s Puppet) and now their doing the same thing with Joe Biden, knowing he will “cave” to any of their demands. I now view the Democrats as our enemy, Socialists at best, if not pure Communists.

  13. The “controllers” of the corrupted Main sewer Stream fake Media are not letting them off the hook. They have to produce…Trump must go,,,and although they have failed miserably thus far…they did not get Hillary elected – despite their best efforts – stop the inauguration, get him on collusion and impeached him in their decrepit minds only…and continue to blame him for everything and if possible would blame him for screwing up creation…Despite their loss of all credibility, except to the brainwashed/their die hard advocates who garner all their information from them, without question and are thus ignorant by default, they continue to demean themselves in an effort to appease said controllers…

  14. The evidence is overwhelming that Russia really did interfere in the 2016 election ON DONALD TRUMP’S side, and Flynn really did speak to the Russian ambassador about easing the sanctions that had been voted by the US Congress, and it is nutty–extremely nutty—to think that that should not have been investigated.

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