Explosive: New Video Goes Inside Antifa

James O’Keefe has done it again. He had an undercover journalist inside Antifa and what they recorded is exactly what the media won’t tell you.

The first video dropped yesterday and it records conversations of Antifa leaders and organizers explaining what they’re about how sophisticated they are.

Nicholas Cifuni, a member of Rose City Antifa, is on video explaining tactics they use and train for.

“Don’t be that *expletive* guy with the *expletive* spike brass knuckles getting photos taken of you..Police are gonna be like perfect we can prosecute these *expletive* look how violent they are, and not that we aren’t but we need to *expletive* hide that *expletive*

The undercover journalist described how he became a ‘prospect’ in Antifa.



The journalist and Antifa terrorist organization met in Portland, Oregon in a strategic process of identification like you would see in a spy movie. Then he had to work his way in to become a 'prospect'. Once inside he captured some of these videos.

Adam Rotstein, Rose City Antifa member, was caught explaining their strategy:

Make them feel like they look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered and therefore, their whole yay yay America Trump thing is going to go by the wayside.

Sound familiar? Anything like what we're seeing today?

He identifies the founder of Rose City Antifa as Caroline Victorin. Caroline moved to Sweden with her husband. The journalist explains that there was a constant connection with a European contact. He explains that whoever was her connection had much more experience in warfare-like tactics and had monetary backing.

It works like something you might see on a Sons of Anarchy episode. Disloyalty can be and is punished by violence. Essentially, their goal is to be violent and cause division among the people in order to lead to a total breakdown of society.

"Nicholas Cufini, Rose City Antifa: practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes."

So, why are Democrats defending Antifa? AOC, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Bill Deblasio, etc..

Why haven't any top Democrats come out and condemn Antifa?

Who is their European contact?

Minnesota Attorney General and Minneapolis City Council member, Keith Ellison, has promoted the Antifa manual and taken a picture holding it. His son, Jeremiah Ellison, just declared his support for Antifa on Sunday.

For more on this story and to watch the video, go to Project Veritas.




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36 thoughts on “Explosive: New Video Goes Inside Antifa”

  1. These IDIOT Democrats are bound and determined to destroy the fabric of society for thugs VS US citizens. The question is WHY? and what IDIOT votes for them. They just can’t be this stupid and clueless.

    1. They’ll do anything to try to destroy the president who has done more to end the damage Dems have done. He’s accomplished things Dems couldn’t get done in decades. They have to stop him

    2. The foreign scum that evilbummer illegaly brought over here from mexico, south america, somalia, and the middle east is the new voting base in America. They are racists and hate our country and intent on destroying it and us.

    3. The Bible tells us that in the end time there will be those who can not see truth . I think that’s exactly what we are witnessed. Lord Jesus come !!!

    4. Believe me they are that stupid ! I lived in CA, for most of my 60 years . And could see the changes when I was still very young ! I now live in AZ. and it’s alot better here . But I think all across the U.S., the big cities & there politicians are ruining this country & way of life ! Look at how popular socialism is now ? 30-40 years ago you would of been called a commie & jailed ?

  2. Some folks have a brain, while others do not have enough common sense to come in out of the rain. Freedom did not come cheap. Once it is gone it may be very hard to regain. Think before you leap. Say no to Antifa.

    1. Why aren’t they? Murder of police officer on camera; stores burned, robbed, assaults on camera yet no arrests? How is this possible ? Because Dems want them to be their friends. Liberals ARE their friends. Stunning!!!

      1. The police need to stop working for those liberal scum and quit. If you enforce the law those stupid liberal governors and mayors will turn against you. How would deblasio like the police to just quit. The looters and antifa would just take over the city and who would care after all it is that shit hole new york city!

    2. Yes. Is it going to be done or will they just be ignored despite committing murder, arson, assault, robbery etc ? How can this happen? Seems everyone in political office and in the police are afraid of these thugs! The president would have stopped it on day one but is held back due to laws.

    1. Yeah !!! Like you expect NBC NEWS to be telling you the truth. NBC NEWS has done nothing but back the far left and go against our GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. Anyway, if they were out there I hope they stomp antifa in the ground. ANTIFA SUCKS.

      1. Oh you are so right. But it’s also abc and cbs, cnn and msnbc ! The left convinces Dems that Fox lies! Fox tells the good and the bad. Fox is the only place that republicans can hear the other side of things. But liberals can’t tolerate anyone supporting the president or anyone or anything supporting conservatives. Liberals don’t want anyone to find out so they try to delegitimize everyone and everything on fox yet believe every word reported by far left reporters. Pretty sad.

      2. I agree with you 1000%. I think the military should be brought in to stop this in whatever way it takes. The are all treasonous terrorists………..the protesters, the dumocraps, Antifa and whoever else supports them in any way whatsoever. Load those guns with rubber bullets and shoot the hell out of them. The pain may send them home and give them second thoughts about doing this crap again. Time for every person in this country who owns a business or a home to go buy a shotgun for protection against these mobs.

    2. Very true. There are wackos on all sides but face it; Dems and liberals are more organized and get the attention by being violent and causing fear. How many Republicans are afraid to wear a Maga hat for fear of being beaten up. I won’t display anything supporting the president for fear of violence toward me.

  3. We FINALLY get a President that is NOT a politician that has brought us economic stability, gone up against the “deep state” and their tax money rip offs (of the people while they line their pockets) doling out the CRUMBS to these stupid dumborats that are being USED by selfish and cruel billionaires like soros! IF he were REALLY for them, he’d pitch in his billions to help them, like President Trump does. ( who donates his Presidential income to charities) Instead of giving them the financial help he pays them to destroy THEIR & OUR country! He was born in Hungary and turned against his OWN country, now he’s trying to destroy the U.S! He’s a master manipulator and these ignorant idiots have bought it hook, line and sinker!

    1. Don’t forget that soros was a nazi collaborator during WW2. He is pure evil and belongs in prison. He is very old and will soon be in hell with his master satan!

  4. Those traitor antifa people must think no one is around to stop them, therefore they continue their corupt behavior. We don’t care what you do in your own cities, burn them down. You are only hurting yourselves, just don’t come to conservative cities and expect to use our stores and gasoline stations. We are just waiting for you to commit real crimes. With the support of the president the antifa will have much more than they can handle! They are way over their heads, like stupid children playing army, they have no chance against the US military and the militias that stand with them!

  5. Antifa you are going too go down we are all onto you now you have our attention and your ways of hurting people are going to come to an end I would say sooner than later there is over one billion weapons owned by Americans that far out number you and your organization the police are our problem not yours we will deal with them through the courts just like criminals you on the other hand are going to be dealt with by our military and the people you are trying to hurt like all those people with small bisness they will at some point arm themselves and all hell will break lose with you so my advice too all of is to stop and turn yourself in to the police before things get uglier than you could imagine

  6. To Si’ The PO PO Let these INSURRECTIONISTS run AMOK says It ALL! Just ass The 68′ Chicago Demonic

    CONvention Mayhem ! As I was JUST Baaccck From Danang VietNam on Leave…..git called to GREAT Lakes

    Naval Facility to Facilitate CROWD CONtrolls & SAW 1st Hand How The PO Po Git Blamed and The RIOTERS

    git Their ASSES Kissed !

    NOTHING ‘ NEW ” Under the sun ! satan OWNS This Planet !

  7. George Soros is behind all this. He needs to be punished severely and all his money goes to the people who have suffered as a result of his backing Antifa.

  8. As a senior guy, I have witnessed a lot in Portland and recall the Black Panther Party carrying on with some bad stuff where a major manufacturer was burned down (bakery) and attempted extortion of some other places to obtain money to fund their projects. It was not long, when the citizens rode the streets in trucks and cars with shotguns and rifles between their knees. That show of force appears to make the threats disappear. What a change in the population today, as there does not appear to be many residents willing to tackle these issues and put down the uprising riots and such.
    The police forces can be overrun quickly and need some sort of civilian backup, since the milky leftist governor of Oregon will not utilize the national guard. But, if the national guard were utilized, I doubt that their weapons would be armed. Structure and order are needed in any society. Misconduct by police and others are dealt within the legal system.

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