They’re Not Even Trying to Hide it Anymore

On Monday night President Trump announced the United States of America will return to the rule of law as he walked through Lafayette Park over to St. John/s Episcopal Church. The park had been taken over by rioters the night before and the church, vandalized, in an attempt to burn it down.

For many, it was a show of promise and hope for restoration. For the media, however, it was a show of a jerk who has no business holding up a bible. The media said President Trump had used Park Police to tear gas the ‘peaceful protestors’ in a violent act to put a stop to peaceful protesting, violating the first amendment.

However, none of that was true, as video and reports show. The media knows this but they also know that it doesn’t matter. By the time they make false claims on live T.V. the clips will spread like wildfire on social media platforms. These platforms, of which some have recently applied ‘fact checks’ to the President’s tweets and shares, will never fact check the mainstream liberal media.

So the damage is already done and millions will be misinformed, many times throughout every day.

Park Police said tear gas was never used.If you watch the video, you'll notice that none of the police are wearing gas masks. I'm not sure who would be able to withstand walking through tear gas without any mask and not even flinching.

It's because it didn't happen.

MSNBC quoted "a senior White House official" saying he was disgusted.

The NYT tweeted out that the White House used tear gas against protestors.

NYT tweeted an NPR headline out: "Park Police Tear Gas Peaceful Protesters To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op"

WaPo did the same.

ABC did the same.

The Daily Beast tweeted out a Don Lemon special spreading the same lies and going even further to say “Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We are teetering on a dictatorship. This is chaos.”

Park Police confirmed that the reason they dispersed the crowd was because the 'protestors' were throwing projectiles at police and some even reached for Police Officers' weapons. They used smoke canisters.

Will we see a retraction from these 'news' outlets?

Probably not but, even if they do, it doesn't matter. Nobody retweets or shares the retraction. The damage is already done and the know that. It's why they keep doing it.

President Trump is looking awfully prophetic at this point. He's been saying the "fake news" is the enemy of the people, for quite some time, and they're proving him right. Right before our eyes.

For more details on this story check out Mollie Hemingway's article at The Federalist.



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26 thoughts on “They’re Not Even Trying to Hide it Anymore”

  1. Whenever the liberals/facists say something is true, i know it is false. When they say it is false, I know it is true!
    Everthing comong from their mouths is a LIE!

    1. Agree with David 100%. It is very sad to see what is going on right now. President Trump is doing the best for our Country, however, some people in the Democratic party have been trying to destroy the Country including the witch Nancy Pelosi, the devil impersonator Soros

      and most of the Dems who are in the higher racks. They do not like to see peace and are looking constantly for something else, so that they can blame Trump for.

  2. Was it not strange that Biden went to church to campaign and the media loved it? But, Trump went to a church which had been attacked and displayed a bible, and Biden, and the media hated him for it. I guess some folks don’t have the right to attend church or anything….unless they are a Democrat like Biden. So if Biden is elected us Republicans can not go to church unless we change our political affiliation to SCUM-O-CRAT!

    1. I am a Christian. That means I try always to act Christ like. I actually read my Bible and just hold it up for a photo op. Those of us who Actually attend and support our churches, are appalled when a non- attender and non supporter of Christ like behavior and values, use our church for a photo-op. I had hoped God would strike him dead.

      1. If you were a Christian you would be happy if anyone entered a church, and would pray that God would open that person’s heart….. instead you wish God would strike him dead!!! You point a finger at Trump and three in your own hand are pointing right back at you. Hypocrite is a word that applies here. You certainly aren’t acting Christ-like!

  3. “We are teetering on a dictatorship”. We sure are: a dictatorship led by Soros and the liberals to destroy our Constitution and our country by any lie possible. TRUMP 2020!

  4. Yeah right, I haven’t seen many peaceful protests, they are mostly vandalism and arson.

  5. We are about to come to the end of the line with the lying c suckers in the media, civil war is inevitable, it is unlikely that any o the liars in the media will survive the first day

  6. “Not every item of news should be published. Rather must those who control news policies endeavor to make every item of news serve a certain purpose.”

    Joseph Goebbels

  7. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party will do anything and everything to destroy our country. They are no longer a political party, they have become a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Party. They are using all the tactics that Hitler and Stalin used. It is amazing how they have control over 90% of the News and Social Media , 80% of all entertainment and Sports, even many Church’s have become political correct instead of God Correct. Just what Hitler did take over all avenues of influence. Truth cannot be allowed and lies, deceit, slander, racism, violence, even murder is acceptable for their agenda. They know if you say something enough times people are dumb enough to believe it. Sadly this is true in America just like it was in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. This will be America’s fate if we do not overcome the brainwashing and indoctrination by our education system and all the Progressive Socialist Communist News, talk shows, social media and entertainment industry. WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ITS TO LATE. IT IS ONE THING TO LOOSE FREEDOM IN WAR BUT IT IS A WORST TRAGEDY TO WILLINGLY GIVE FREEDOM UP FOR ANYTHING, EVEN FOR FREEBIES. Study real History the comparison is amazing. This country is a Republic and that is what you want. A country of opportunity not a country of dependency. Dependency is another form of slavery. The Democrat Party was the slave party in the 1800s an want to enslave all America. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS NOT A LOVING PARTY. THEY ARE JUST USING YOU.

    1. I see it bit Unfortunately our youth of today are indoctrinated by the professors at school by the media it’s just really heartbreaking and scary

  8. (10:27 A.M. Thursday, 4 Jun ’20) I’ve been around long enough to remember FDR’s “fireside chats”, but I’ve never seen this sort of crap and dishonesty by the press/media until now. My father was a Democrat and I though that was something good. Sorry Dad, but you were severely misguided. No, I’m not a Republican either, but I honestly believe that the Republicans are better for the U.S. than the other guys. Go, TRUMP!

  9. There is no question that the communist media in this country is our biggest enemy. Look, this riot is all about communist, their revolution. Both Antifa and BLM are communist entities that are being funded by communist George Soros and the Chinese communists

    The fact that law enforcement and military did not shoot and kill rioters, anarchist, arsonists, etc. emboldens these reprobates and those funding them. Because of our weaker than weak response this will NO/T be the end of this crap. If you love this country you’d better get emailing your Senators and Congressman and give them both barrels, that you know what’s going on and they better damn well stop it. If that doesn’t happen, I’m positive there will eventually be a civil war.

  10. Lies as usual. Most people know the press cannot be trusted. Just like Russia most “news” agencies in this country twist the truth or just make up their own scenarios.

  11. These are just our Socio-Fascist DemoCraps adhering to their current Code & Motto of : “If You Can’t Lie About It , Just Make It Up !

  12. The criminals MUST BE STOPPED by ANY means! It has gone on long enough. The police MUST be allowed to do their job the way it is supposed to be done!

  13. Most of the people need jobs not all willing th take any job they want to start at the top because thats what have been told by professors ,parents they feel they are owed this as they graduated college. No one just starts at the top you have to work your way there.

  14. I am so tired of the media putting out false remarks. President Trump is doing a good job but how much can he stand of all this fake news and I I just don’t understand it I hope he wins the election I’m for him and I think the leftists are a bunch of idiots.I would like to use stronger language but I won’t

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