Are Democrat-Run Cities Prone to Police Violence and Riots?

As I look back over the last decade or two and remember riots, like the one we’re seeing in Minneapolis right now, it occurred to me that many of them seem to have something in common. There are bad cops everywhere just like there are bad people everywhere.

However, good leadership would put a stop to the corruption before it got to this point. These bad cops and strong-arming government officials would be sternly punished and held accountable for their actions. But many haven’t been, for decades, and we’re seeing the result.

Think back to the Ferguson riots of 2014, in Ferguson, MO. It was a little bit of a special case because of the ‘hands up don’t shoot’ narrative of an event that actually never existed but it led to violent riots and destruction. Then there were also riots in NY, NJ, L.A., Denver, Chicago, & Philly over police brutality. We’ve seen violent riots in Seattle and Portland as well.


Who oversees the police in those cities? Who is in charge of those cities and states?

Democrats. Democrat Mayors and Democrat Governors.

Why do these things keep in happening in mostly Democrat-run cities and states? Is it encouraged by leadership? Is it a result of policy? Democrats have long been the party to claim racial inequality but this inequality seems to happen, almost solely, on their watch.

It's like a rinse and repeat strategy. Employ policies that citizens view as unfair and tyrannical then watch the riots explode, literally. Democrats typically benefit from these riots, politically, as they tend to run back to their claims of racial inequality.

It's starting to look like the firefighter who starts a fire to then be praised for putting it out.

For the record, what the police officer did in Minneapolis is nothing short of disgusting and I believe he should and will be punished. However, I've noticed a common theme among these 'abuse of power' incidents and violent riots.

One thing they all have in common is weak leadership. The second thing is, well, you probably know by now.

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76 thoughts on “Are Democrat-Run Cities Prone to Police Violence and Riots?”

  1. The “Character Assassination Bullies” party (Democrats) believes in “any means to an end”. The “end” for them is staying in power. The “any means” includes lying, cheating and stealing. Riots include people doing exactly these things. Morally corrupt people inspire deranged and unprincipled followers.

    There has been discrimination from the beginning of time. Ethic cultures (of all kinds, Irish, Catholics, Italians, Oriental, etc) overcome this by learning morally acceptable behavior. The people within an ethnic brand are the only ones that can improve their brand image. I am not impressed with breaking into stores, stealing other people’s property and setting the building on fire. These people demonstrate they are not worthy of respect. The “Oriental” ethnic brand has recently overcome discrimination through family structure and hard work. You make your own bed and that is where you are going to lay. If you keep on doing what you are doing and expect a different outcome, you may not be altogether upstairs.

      1. As a former Illinois Resident, we often vacationed in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota is Known for it’s 10,000 Lakes, Great Fishing and as an Agricultural State with more than 26 Million of Farm Land. Now it has taken on the cultural habits of St. Louis, LA, Chicago, NYC, etc. These places are also well known for riots, civil unrest, burning buildings, burning cars and burning stores. People acting out like animals with no self control. Some striking out at Neighbors, Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement, some seeking Vigilante Justice with no rule of civil Law. Please understand, we are all members of the HUMAN RACE, Riots only create more problems, unnecessary problems. These Problems will then have a negative effect on our Children and their Children. We must also stand for Justice, Justice does not come in a Bottle. It comes from a Legal System, That System needs to get factual information in order to fairly judge those that involved. PLEASE give the Justice System the time to do it’s job.

    1. I was living in DC when Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis. The District of Columbia was in shambles from the same thing that is going on now. Many other cities experienced the same thing. Of course, Memphis, which is where I am from, was devastated. I am so perplexed in wondering how these people committing these riots are going to solve anything and receive further respect for them. The term “taking advantage of a crisis” seems to fit the narrative. We have to have law and order in this country. I feel such sympathy for George Floyd and his family! How do you rationalize his unfortunate death with this rioting, looting, stealing and crime right in front of America? Very well said Douglas! Thanks

  2. Answer a simple Question: Why haven’t other groups
    which have suffered outrageous humiliation and
    been continuous victims of crime, not burned, looted,
    and killed?
    The reasons are simple. A. Double loose standards.
    B. The Democrats feel that they benefit from the
    They will pay dearly in November of 2020.
    Moreover, I predict that many African Americans know the truth,
    and will vote Republican

    1. Stanley, I think you’re right about smart black people will vote for Trump, but I think there are a lot of ignorant niggers out there that still look to the demonRATS for the hand outs they never get.

      1. That “N” word isn’t used in “Polite Company”, please don’t use it and let them use it as an excuse to carry on even more. When they become “Amerians”, instead of African-Americans, they might gain more respect? Many have like Dr. Ben Carson, and others. Those have become “Americans”. Sadly many have not. Why is Chicago still having over 2,500 shootings a year? May 25 and 26th they had 20 shootings each day. Only 5 died out of the 40 shot. Did you hear about that on any media? Not even Fox, I didn’t hear about it. They think that when a black is shot, the shooter should be tried and executed the next day. When a black shoots a white, “He’s innocent”! NUTS! Check out heyjackass dot com and find out “What’s Really Going On”?

        1. Who is shooting who in Chicago it’s mainly blacks shooting their own people that is really sad look to the source of who’s doing the shooting

          1. You are one of the problems. Using this type language to mention people is deplorable. Perhaps you need to be more tolerant and their would not be as much problem between races.

      2. You’re one sick dude. Will the owner of this “blog” please remove this lowlife from your list? And you have the nerve to get down on Democrats. Perhaps it is YOU that is the problem? POS.

  3. The Dems are just following the “RULES FOR RADICALS”. They know they can take advantage of every crisis. Please go to the “Open Borders Foundation” website and read their goals? “No Governments, Borders, or Religions, with the ‘Elite Billionaires’ in total control”. How would you like to live in Chicago with the Mayor in total control? Or California with the governor a “Der Fuhrer”? Now that CA and IL have one foot into bankruptcy and the other on a banana peel, they want us to bail them out? “L” No! When they want to buy votes by paying “Illegals” with cash, food, schooling, medical care, and housing? Did you know we spend $5.7 Million a year just to haul Pelosi back and forth to CA? She flies to DC on Monday evening, and usually back to CA Thursday evening! Some “Work Weak”? Enough!


    1. I don’t get it. If Soros made his money along with Aunty Nancy from “The People” or the little guy. Wouldn’t socialism ruin their money source ?
      Are they not “Biting the Hand that Feeds them ?

      1. Of course! It just points out the fact that democrats have no intelligence at all. If the new world order ever
        came into being no white person from America would ever gain anything. We are too outnumbered. Americans
        at best would be slaves if not outright killed. Americans are the reason freedom has existed in the world at all.
        If we are overrun it is all over for everyone who yearns to be free.

        1. soros gained his first ‘fortune’ by betraying his own people, (I decided I will not show him respect with a capitlal letter) born and raised as a Jew) A Christian family took him in, so he could avoid the holocaust.. he would turn in jewiah people, as he was aa member of the nazi youth.
          he helped himself to their valuables. before the ss got there. look up 60 minute archive for story “The man who broke the Bank of England

  5. Democrats need and want turmoil and chaos to justify bigger and more intrusive government. If things were calm and peaceful there would be no need for democrats who thrive on violence and racial division.
    Democrats are the problem not the solution.

  6. Yes these areas ARE, because the “elites” care more about “political correctness” that lets the SCUM (their voters) run wild, and do what they please. Time after time, I have seen “governors” and “mayors’ tell their police to “stand down” and let the looters, and “protestors” destroy property, attack citizens, and loot stores in their own neighborhoods because they need to “let off some steam”. Take a few OUT, and that BS will stop. When you do not punish misbehaving “children”, and encourage their ‘behavior”, you will get more of the same time after time.

  7. Real leadership qualities have been declining in the political arena for many years, and I believe much of it can be traced to our failing education system. American history is full of heroes who great leadership qualities, but all too often our modern schools fail to teach much if anything about those qualities. When I was in school in the 50’s and 60’s, most of our history studies centered around dates rather than character. Even in those day the liberal establishment had a foothold in the public schools, and it has only gotten worse as more and more “teachers” are taught to focus on political correctness.


  8. It’s just disgusting that the police stand down and allow these animals to break windows and go in and steal from these businesses.. and to burn them down is outrageous… This was not a protest for Floyd, it was a riot to steal and burn and destroy…. these businesses had NOTHING to do with what happened to Floyd … People struggling because of the virus and not being able to work and NOW many now have no jobs to go back to.. The city will take a long time to come back from this and many may never reopen and will take their businesses some place else… And their is always the possibility that all these destruction will cause insurance policies to increase…
    These cities need better, stronger leadership that will NOT stand by and allow this garbage to go on… protesting peacefully is one thing, the rioting, breaking into stores and stealing someone’s livelihood and burning them down… is just lawlessness and needs to be stopped…
    God help our country…

  9. Remember the Flint, Michigan water fiasco?
    A Democratic controlled Flint city council violated regulations and the liberal Dem’s propaganda news Networks blamed the Republican Governor of the State.
    Who is responsible for electing liberals to leadership positions?
    Do those people get the Government they deserve?

  10. How long is it going to be before people treat each as people with respect? The reality is that people are held back and do not advance by choice. If you choose to get an education and make an effort you will succeed. I’m 71 years old and cannot tell you how many times I got knocked back but I kept trying. Race relations in our country are not perfect but it has come a long way in my 71 years. Seems like our biggest problem now is becoming reverse discrimination that is being fed by liberals, socialist, and drug cartels who like nothing better than to see strife to disguise their own operations. Nothing is accomplished by burning, looting and killing. It only causes more distress and grief. Everyone, legally registered, may vote and that is the way to change things. Write your Congressman. Run for office. We all must make a commitment to make things better through courtesy, proper respect and co-operation.
    God Bless America!

  11. What many fail to recognize is “respect” isn’t simply awarded with your color or uniform; it must be earned.

  12. Another view of why these demonstrations happen in somewhat Democratic cities, is that most of the larger cities are where there are more Democrats, such as NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, El Paso, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Denver, Kansas City, Baltimore, Boston, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc. Managing a big diverse city is very different than managing a smaller, not so diverse.

    While the views of Democrats and Republicans are different, the methods, tactics, etc to move their own views forward are in fact very similar.

    1. Yes but you don’t see the right during burning in Looding him beating people like you see with the left that encourages this type of behavior along with their allies in the media. This is the way of the communism and the anarchist who seek to bring America down this is one of their tools do you use to bring America down along with the many others like destroying the culture and our monetary system!

    2. You just answered your question the citys you mentioned are run by DEMOCRATS who who seam to like HATE and DISCONTENT.

  13. There are criminal elements in every city. They are however accomadated in Cities like Chicago, where the police are handcuffed and prevented in enforcing the LAW by a liberal , social Mayor …they are a sanctuary city..a no bail, city, a revolving door justice system, and repeat, after repeat violent offenders released to commit crimes again and again….all in the name of social justice. It’s nonsense.
    On Memorial day weekend 49 people shot in Chicago, with 10 KILLED!….TEN KILLED….where were the protests then?m m silence…the next day after memorial day 29 people shot in Chicago….”police suspect gangs”
    BUT …what they protest?…they protest a rogue police officer because he’s white, in Minneapolis…but God forbid you say anything negative about the black gangsta Desciples ravaging Chicago, because that’d be racism.

    Isn’t it racism, if you rob stores, and burn police stations because a white cop has been charged with murder?…If it had been a black cop in Minneapolis, would there be the same “outrage”…..oh and before we announce Sainthood, on the unfortunate victim in Minneapolis, let’s hear about HIS CRIMINAL RECORD..and let’s all pay attention to the cororners report that said his DEATH was not strangulation, or caused by the officer cutting off his air, but rather a combination of a serious untreated heart defect, compounded with his being DRUNK.

    I believe that, if you are black or somekind of white liberal socialist who massages their own personal guilt by aiding and contributing to theses “protests”..looting , buring, and destruction of property, YOU DO MORE TO SET BACK RACE RELATIONS IN AMERICA THAN ANY ACTION BY A SINGLE ROGUE POLICE OFFICER!

  14. It says or democrat cities prone to violence? Yes they are they encourage violence and the employer violence as it helps to bring down the country along with many of the other things they have done against this country and its way of life. The problem here is the people who follow that think they are having a good time Loading and burning,, Because they know that they are back by the communist a.k.a. Democrat mayors who tell the police and the fire departments to stand down. If this is the case they should be charged for eating in abetting those who are acting wildly as they don’t go and act this way when they kill each other every weekend by the hundreds in the cities across America like St. Louis and Chicago California Detroit and the litany goes on yet there’s not a peep from the media and nothing a burning and looting going on. These people are not out there because of the guy that got killed their because they can get by with all of their violent activity and their looting and stealing and knowing nothings going to happen to them and hopefully maybe even killing a few white people buy the ones who eat whites that are in these crowds. Make no mistake about it this is been foretold by the blessed virgin Mary. For the sake of all who died for this country we need to remove the corrupt communist Democrats from power as they do nothing but help destroy this country along with the tentacle who fuels the flames of hate and violence and burning in Looding, Called the media!

  15. Not only that BUT, they ALLOW if not ENCOUURAGE anti American, criminal , war criminal, democrat money man ,George Soros to send in bus loads of PAID rioters, looters ! He has done THAT in every tragedy ,he and his goons could work up riots and looting ! Then the media loves nothing more than throwing fuel on the fire ! What was hilarious the cops arrested one black man at the looting ! Not by the way a looter or rioter a, media guy ! Sooooooooooooooo they arrested a black man for NOT rioting OR looting

  16. The supporters of the liberals and the liberals themselves are minorities, blacks, mexicans, black muslims, arab muslims, asians and fake jews which are khazars and edomites. There are of course white traitors amongst them. These people hate the US and have been trying to destroy it for decades.They hate our democratic republic bases on God’s laws. They are working for satan to destroy all that is good. When they finally turn this world into hell on earth Jesus will come back to destroy them!

    1. sorry, but after watching numerous videos of the antifa idiots protests in various states, most are whites. BLM are blacks and whites, majority anyway

  17. Maybe America will start to wake up to cause and effect. A big part of this problem is the mainstream media and their willingness to promote the division of America to further the power of the Democratic Party. These people are not benefiting Blacks or other minorities as witnessed by the way they govern. They are only focused on their power.
    Sooner or later citizens will defend themselves and their property and they will straighten out citizenship and voting which is a privilege of citizenship

  18. Uh….Right.
    20 miles from my house, a few years back. A cop called-out a young black man named Michael Brown for a ‘Strong-arm robbery’. He didn’t like it and attacked the cop. The cop not liking the response, shot him. Some folks in the area decided observing the law was ‘a bad thing’ and burned down a ‘good portion’ of their own town.
    Apparently, this is turning out to be a common occurrence.

  19. These riots usually start 2 or 3 days after the alleged infraction. That gives the Antifa’s and the race baiters time to move their organized and trained “mob” to come in and start the violence. The democrats benefit from this action. It’s another crisis to take advantage of.

    Case in point, California representative Maxine Waters told local media that protesters that want to reopen businesses should be “ashamed of themselves” and she “doesn’t want to see” small businesses open back up, and told Governor Gavin Newsom to “be as tough as you can be.”

    Just like the Wuhan Flu pandemic, they use it and continue to extend the downtime of the country in hopes of hurting Trump. They even play the race card and support China in their denial of starting the pandemic. They are socialists and do not want America to remain the once great country we have been. Consequently, they celebrate when buildings burn.

    1. Maxine Waters is not a native of California. She grew up in Kinloch which is a very poor area of St. Louis and now part of Berkeley. She went to Vashon High School and then got married and moved to Los Angeles.

  20. I have no sympathy for looters of whatever race, color or creed. I believe that if a riot is in progress, looters should be shot on sight.

  21. I already KNOW who these moron Democratic mayors and commissioners are. The thing that intrigues me is who are these morons who vote for them. I just assume they are all dedicated masochists.

  22. You cannot be naive about the theme behind the riots in Minneapolis and before that here in Ferguson. The radical left wants to develop sanctuary cities and is using weak Democrat mayors to achieve that. The idea is to create a base from which will arise a new utopian socialist society where religion is no longer a brake on radical desires. It is atheist and Bolshevik in nature with Islam a “hammer” to enforce the agenda.—-Here in St. Louis, a very good Democrat mayor, Francis Slay, served three terms. He negotiated “home rule” for the City and then was run out of office. A casket was placed on his front porch and for the safety of his family, he quit.—-He is Maronite Catholic with links to his own Catholic Lebanese leadership. Think Danny and Marlo Thomas. Also, think suppression of his diocese here at St. Raymond by Pope Francis who has a long reach of support for the radical liberal agenda.—His successor is a white woman, Lyda Krewson. She is a former alderwoman who received but 32% of the vote with five black candidates in the primary splitting the rest. Bill McClellan of the Post-Dispatch wrote on a “shadow mayor” (Tishaura Jones) with affiliations to the “mob” is waiting to make her move. She is the City Treasurer who is sitting on 40 million dollars in missing parking meter money Her father Virvus was a city official who went to jail for stealing money..—We already have a black prosecutor, black police chief, and black about everything else as the mayor tries to save her political rump. Yesterday, it was announced that her Health Director, Fred Echols, did not have the proper credentials and actually lied about them under oath. This is significant because “Cure Violence”, a heavily funded program, will be run by the Health Department and not the Police Department. Our lovely liberal woman prosecutor as a former nurse has decided that crime is a mental illness caused by a racist and sexist society and enforced by the police.—This is an open move toward sanctuary city status. The governor is helpless and the same is happening in what was once a stable Christian St. Louis County.

  23. Today’s riots and demonstrations remind me of 1968. Unfortunately, no one remembers what worked. What DID work was leadership…leadership that made the hard decision to deal with troublemakers aggressively… I remember the National Guard bringing in a fleet of buses to haul ALL participants in riots off to jail to “cool their jets”. Thirty days hath April, June, and the peace offender.

    Democrat led states and cities have completely disrespected the majority. I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi and her herd of thugs in Congress caught the corona virus with fatal results. Pres. Trump needs to direct federal agencies (by exec order) to cut off all welfare, food stamps, student loans, municipal assistance, etc. to any state, county, or city that has or plans to remove any historic monument or rename any historic road, school, park, or other public place, and keep the money cut off until said monument or historic place name is restored at the exact original location….especially in cities such as Baltimore, New Orleans, Memphis, Louisville, Pittsburgh, etc.

    Pres. Trump IS correct to regulate facebook, google, twitter, you tube, and other social media as common carriers (where no censoring or algorithms are permitted) and lift liability protection. Zuckerberg would look good in prison orange following instructions from jailers, and CEO’s of google, you tube, twitter, etc. could profit from one executive being locked up on federal election tampering charges due to censoring or algorithms…whether the execs like it or not, there IS a causal connection between censoring, algorithms, and criminal election tampering.

      1. I can see from your spelling that you have attended one of our wonderful public schools in a liberal state! Please explain to me how President Trump is inciting violence and riots! Back up your comment with facts, I would love to hear them! By the way I attended school in a conservative state and did not graduate high school, this was back in 1959 when teachers actually taught real English, Math, Social Studies and Science, not the crap they are teaching now along with their liberal bias! You have been brainwashed, wake up and get informed as to the truth! Democrats want control and power over you! In their eyes you are not smart enough to think for yourself and make your own decisions. Too many big words for you, sorry!

  24. Having lived in fifteen states in my life time I can tell you there is a big difference between conservative states and liberal states. Also almost all big cities are liberal and most people who live outside big cities are not! But because of the number of people living in big cities they decide who gets elected to run their state. There is usually no rioting in conservative states because conservative Governors and Mayors will not put up with it, while liberal Governors and Mayors encourage it by not doing anything to address the situation. If you check you will find that taxes and the cost of living in liberal states are high while in conservative states they are low. I would prefer to live in a conservative state any time, unfortunately I now live in Washington state which is a very liberal state, if possible I would be out of here as fast as possible. Liberals who are fed up with the high taxes and high cost of living in their liberal states are moving to conservative states but unfortunately they are still voting democrat and haven’t figured out that, that is the problem.

  25. Yes, this will continue to happen in cities and states run by Democrats. They put the “aggrieved” communities in before the people that elected them. They run on the “squeaking wheel gets the grease” philosophy, even when the squeak is in a different wheel. The cities are getting what they voted for, i.e. corruption and lack of experience. The left wants to tear down society. Electing Democrats is a sure way to have trouble.

  26. what is the job of the mayor and city council, iis it not to keep the peace and supervise all city gov.offices and weed out those who will not do their jobs properly?

  27. Allowing these riots, looting, and property destruction is what socialists (Democrats) do. They actually have told the police to stand down! Vote all Democrats out of office at every level.

  28. Just looked at all places high crimes, high debts, high taxes, high unemployment (low morale) (family broke down) & etc….. GUESS, under failed leadership of LIBERAL DEMOCRAPTS!!!!!Please wake up the poor peoples have courage & vote them out.

  29. Yes, the no one should be held accountable for his actions and the class warfare promoted by Democrats in big cities do lead to the conditions that result in protests and riots. Democrats use identity politics and promotion of victimhood to maintain political power.

  30. Of course! It just points out the fact that democrats have no intelligence at all. If the new world order ever
    came into being no white person from America would ever gain anything. We are too outnumbered. Americans
    at best would be slaves if not outright killed. Americans are the reason freedom has existed in the world at all.
    If we are overrun it is all over for everyone who yearns to be free.

  31. Yes they are prone! And yes they do encourage it keeps Ellison is one good example Maxine Waters is another good example Elijah Cummings was another good example the mayor of Baltimore Ohio was another good example the mayor of Chicago was another good example the litany goes on and on they want this type of behavior because it creates division in this country and that’s what there after. With the division comes conquest! For the sake of all those who died for this nation, we need to make sure we stand up against this type of behavior.

  32. Absolutely, true and everyone forgets that it was a
    Republican who freed the slaves. It was Republicans who
    gave African Americans the right to vote. It was
    Republicans who voted for women’s suffrage. It was
    Republicans who fought against racial discrimination
    in the Democrat South. It is a Republican President who
    lifted the African American community with jobs
    before the Chinese Communists weaponized their virus
    to destroy the Western Economies but particularly our
    Country. Yet, for some unknown reason, who votes
    Democrat for so many years with the same results? Frankly, I personally don’t understand.

  33. Jacob Frey Mayor of Minneapolis, MN Party: Democratic Party Bill de Blasio Mayor of New York City NY Party: Democratic Party Frank Cownie Mayor of Des Moines, IA Party: Democratic Party Keisha Lance Bottoms Mayor of Atlanta, GA Party: Democratic Party Thomas Bernabei Mayor of Canton, OH Party: Democratic Party Andrew James Ginther Mayor of Columbus, OH Party: Democratic Party Michael Edward Duggan Mayor of Detroit, MI Party: Democratic Party Eric Johnson Mayor of Dallas, TX Party: Democratic Party Greg Fischer Mayor of Louisville, KY Party: Democratic Party Lori Lightfoot Mayor of Chicago, IL Party: Democratic Party Bernard Young Mayor of Baltimore, MD Party: Democratic Party Vi Lyles Mayor of Charlotte, NC Party: Democratic Party Michael Hancock Mayor of Denver, CO Party: Democratic Party Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles, CA Party: Democratic Party Ted Wheeler Mayor of Portland, OR Party: Democratic Party Sam Liccardo Mayor of San Jose Party: Democratic Party Lovely Warren Mayor of Rochester, NY Party: Democratic Party

  34. Is one undeserved death, which may have been caused by a policeman, a reason for rioting, looting and the massive destruction of property? I believe all responsible citizens should be horrified about these crimes by those individuals committing it!

  35. democrate leaders are evil and say one thing and does another. sad they can’t follow their own rules they want others to follow, they just want to control everyone.

  36. Democrat Lyndon baynes Johnson”We’ll have the N..s voting democrat the next 50TRS!’They hate blacks and consider them the lowest of deplorables!

  37. Another thing we should know is all States run by Democratic governments have twice or triple Coronavirus cases compared to states run by Republicans in USA. After protests and riots there could be much more pandemic cases and deaths in cities run by Democrats

  38. Reading the comments, I now see the problem – Americans are among a whole lot of ignorant fools! And it’s dangerous. Rooting for the corrupt prez that calls for violence; takes away our money; gives it to the rich (yo know -the trickle down that will never come) ;locks up children & removes them from their mothers; calls White Supremacists & KKK/Nazis “fine people”; panders to the stupids because “he likes them”;has no dignity; has no honor; lies every word he speaks; has completely destroyed the environment; is a PIG of all PIGS. Look below to see what’s wrong – especially the PIG that called black people N _ _ _ _ _ _s. THERE is the problem. RACISM – alive and well in USA – and all of you are all for it because you are blind and stupid.

  39. I agree with what you say are you indepenent, democrat, or republican, Some where in the United States some lost an election for speaking out. Things don’t make since both parties worked together has bouncer at a bar there has to be more. Did a democratic mayor and govenor sacrifies a black person to keep Trump from being elected?

  40. People need to find out what is behind the violence in the riots and realize that it’s socialism whether it’s George Soros or Bill Gates or some other world organization leader wants to take over the world watch out for who you vote for because they are the ones that are making the decisions in those liberal cities

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