Trump Drops a Big Hint Of Things To Come

Pres. Trump sat down with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss a recent decision by Richard Grenell to strip the FBI of its duties to brief the 2020 presidential candidates. There’s no doubt that there was a political bias by FBI agents involved in the 2016 election. A mountain of recently released evidence shows that clearly.

Remember that President Trump claimed that Obama had spied on him and his campaign. He was mocked for saying this and many called him a liar. However we now know that this claim was true. So, the question is what did Obama know? After all he knew about Flynn phone calls before his deputy Attorney General did.

Maria asked him if he believed the president Obama directed US intelligence to spy on him.

President Trump's answer?

“Yes, he probably directed them but if he didn’t direct them, he knew everything” replied Trump. The President then makes a very concise statement: “and you’ll see that, by the way…you’re gonna see that when the papers come out.”

Papers? What papers?

Like virtually every other part of this scandal the president seems to be dropping hints of what is to come. With so much information already released, like the Strzok/Page text messages, declassified testimonies, and list of Obama folks who worked to unmask General Flynn, one has to wonder what else could possibly be coming out?

James Comey briefed candidate Trump just one day after the infamous January 5th Obama meeting with Intel Directors in the oval office. President Trump says they snuck around the White House Council to meet with general Flynn and basically just tried to scare him using the Logan act when they couldn't find evidence of collusion. But he ended the conversation with another hint.

“But let me tell you a little secret,” said Trump. “With Mueller, that whole thing turned out to be a total fraud. The whole Mueller investigation’s a fraud. It was all part of the same deal” Trump added.  As for “what they did to General Flynn, and others, you know we know about General Flynn, you’ll find out about others too” Trump asserted. The others too? Keep the “papers” coming!

For more on this story go to The Gregg Jarrett article.

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30 thoughts on “Trump Drops a Big Hint Of Things To Come”

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  3. There were many in 2016 that never thought Donald Trump would be or could be elected as President. He was and since then, those same people have tried everything to get him removed from that office. Today, those people will do anything, even lies to make sure he doesn’t get re-elected for another 4 years. Pretty sad case for our Country and it shows how divided our nation really is. It amazes me how anything can get done in Washington DC.

  4. Well it can’t come fast enough for me…….these people all need to be picked up, taken to
    GITMO, and hung or firing squads. I don’t care at this point, these people are totally out of control. Start with Hillary, Bill Clinton, BO and Michael Obama, Speaker of the House-Pelosi and Schumer, then start down the DemoRats side and then to the rest of the house that is corrupted. Put the Nation on lockdown while all of this gets done with Law Enforcement, the Military and the National Guard – Call me if you need help…….In God we Trust, all others can Kiss my ass !!!

  5. You are stupid assholes to believe anything Trump says. Trump is a conman and criminal!!!!!

    1. It is YOU who is a stupid asshole!!!! You believed everything Obama did as President because the MSM, CNN and MSNBC would never tell a negative thing about Obama, so the Democrats are ignorant at just how bad he really was as President!!! Just wait until all the information comes out at how Obama put spies into the Trump campaign in 2016 to find bad information about him. Obama said there were no scandals in his administration, but that’s because he HID ALL THE EVIDENCE, but that evidence is coming out and then everybody will know how corrupt Obama really was. There has never been a President spying, and listening on private phone calls, which is illegal, to go after Trump so he wouldn’t be President or would be kicked out after he was elected.

      IF Trump had ever committed a crime, don’t you think the Democrats would have gone after Trump for a crime??? Democrats had no problem in making up evidence to get rid of Trump, so if there would have been a crime, it would have been all over the news, and it wasn’t!!! So the truth is that OBAMA was the criminal and conman and you STUPID DEMOCRATS BELIEVED EVERYTHING HE SAID. Just wait all this information will come out about Obama and his administration. There was never the Intelligence Organization politicized like it was during the Obama adminisration and OBAMA knew everything they were doing and helped them commit crimes. So stop talking about Trump being a criminal while you still believe Obama was sooo innocent because he definitely was not innocent and he is still trying to hurt Trump (never happened from any President trying to hurt the following administration). Do you know why Obama is going after Trump, it’s because Trump is destroying Obama’s legacy and showing how bad it really was and Obama ONLY cares about his legacy!!! He even destroyed lots and lots of documents that were supposed to be saved and given to the historians like every other administration, but Obama had them destroyed. That’s because he doesn’t want America to know how really crooked he really was and still is!!!

  6. Is the insane Barack Obama going to be prosecuted for treason, can you give an answer or at this time you prefer to not let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

  7. I am surprised and appalled that President Trump was ever elected! I am not alone in my thoughts, he was a very terrible president . the worst ever!!!!!! I am so glad we have President Trump in office. Please go after the democrat party.

    1. Read the book “The Case For Trump” by Victor Hansen for an objective assessment of Trump.

  8. How much longer will we be subjected to Trump’s lies??? Must we wait until he is defeated on Election Day?? Time to call him on them NOW!!!

  9. The Republican Party is the minority party and will remain so as long as it supports Donald Trump. The path to the White House in 2016 gamed the Electoral College resulting in an outcome where the winning candidate had a minority of the popular vote. There are Republicans, like George W. Bush and Karl Rove, who saw opportunities for expanding the Republican base by appealing to the Latino community. Not this president. He is satisfied being a minority President from a minority party. Sign me Never Trump

    1. The Republican Party does NOT need a person like you in our ranks. Donald Trump will WIN in a landslide in 2020 because we have all seen the Democrat MSM LYING ABOUT TRUMP EVERY DAY all across America. People have found out who the liar is and it’s the Democrats, not President Trump!!! The ONLY reason Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote because States like CA, with Gov. Brown who came out in news and told all the illegal immigrants that they could vote in the 2016 Presidential election. Millions of those illegals did vote for Hillary and illegal votes from illegal voters DON’T COUNT because it is against the law for them to vote. The Electoral College was okay with the Democrats before Hillary Clinton lost, now they are trying to get rid of the Electoral College and have mail-in votes which means all the Democrats will be cheating BIG TIME IN 2020 to make sure the Democrats win the Presidentcy!!!

  10. It is about time that all of the lying, thieving,
    scumbag Demonrats are being exposed..
    Hopefully they will either be shipped to the
    communist country that they love so much
    or be shot for treason…

    1. Let’s not lower ourselves to their level by name calling.
      Many of them have been deceived and brainwashed.
      The truth will ultimately set us free.

  11. The entire Obama Administration was populated with people literally working do destroy America. This report proves that these people are guilty of many Federal crimes including Treason. If these people are not at the very least charged with these crimes, then obviously there is no reason for the rest of us to continue following ANY laws in America.

  12. Evilbama is US enemy number one, and every presidential act he ever made was illegal and unconstitutional. He was a foreign born communist, white hating racist who was ineligible to become president of the US. His fake hawaiian birth certificate was an illegal fabrication just like his college transcripts. Consider who his main donor was, that nazi scum bag george soros. Every racist, commie traitor judge he appointed should be removed from the bench now! Whatever those liberal idiots do to destroy our country will not give them the power to defeat God Almighty! They will still spend eternity in hell!

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