Chicago: Highest Murder Toll in 5 Years But This is the Focus Instead

Social distancing is all the rage these days. Murder? Sure that can be dangerous, too, but there are people coming within 6 feet of other people right now. Somebody has to do something, at least according to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Chicago police spent the weekend knocking off those pesky church services and busting social distancing violators.

According to the pastor of a Chicago church, the police showed up at his church on Sunday and demanded that they stop the service. They started banging on the doors but the doors were locked, for safety precautions, as they always are during service.


Pastor Courtney Lewis:

Outside, he said, were three police cars, two unmarked cars, and a representative from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office. Lewis told Starnes it was “like the Soviet-style KGB.”...“The only thing she hasn’t done yet is beat the doors down and arrest our members,”

Louis said begin taking pictures of everyone that was arriving for the service. There has also been a report that Mayor Lightfoot sent police to tow cars from church parking lots on Sunday.

The Chicago police tweeted that they were deploying extra resources across the city to help reinforce the importance of social distancing.

Meanwhile, Chicago had its most deadly Memorial Day weekend in 5 years. 8 killed and 24 wounded.

But they're towing cars from churches.

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26 thoughts on “Chicago: Highest Murder Toll in 5 Years But This is the Focus Instead”

  1. Hello America, you are now getting to see first hand what it is like living in a Communist country. Oops, the peace and harmony expected just hasn’t had a chance to flourish just yet.

    1. “The Little Red Schoolhouse” highlights the Communist activism begun in the 1920s in Chicago. Barack Obama’s favorite mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, and his good friend and colleague Robert Taylor (Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather) were active in the movement (See Paul Kengor’s “The Communist” for documentation). David Axelrod, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn came along later. Chicago has been a fountain of Communist propaganda and activism for a hundred years.

  2. How did Mayor Lightfoot ever become mayor. This proves that she is not concerned about the safety of the people or making the city a safe haven. after all, towing cars? how childish is that.
    She needs to grow up. It so obvious that Lightfoot hates Christians. Thats her own problems. She had no business using our money to fight what she likes and dislikes. com-on. People you voted her in. Next its children. She will tell you how many children you can have. She’ll put a curfew at 6pm on the city. Whats next.

  3. Hey Mayor lightfoot. Ya know, I would have thought that with your background and roots that you would have known a little something about FREEDOM. But obviously you either don’t know or you don’t really care about Freedom because you pay so little attention to The Constitution of these United States and the Oath that you took when you accepted your job as Mayor. Treason is what they call what you are doing and as a Citizen of these United States I think you should be removed from office and thrown in jail. Our President of this Country even reminded you of this last week on Friday I believe it was. Excuse me if I’m wrong on the day but either way You Are Wrong.

  4. This Soviet-style governmental overreach will only get worse until it is stopped, or they abrogate to themselves total control. A few years ago, I spoke at a Baptist church in Moscow. I was asked to avoid any references to politics because the congregation always has in attendance Russian secret police. A week before, an American had spoken to a nearby Pentecostal church, and in his remarks made a few critical statements regarding Vladimir Putin. That night, around midnight, several bulldozers arrived and leveled the church building.

    I guarantee you that there are Americans who are so filled with hate toward churches and church-goers that they would applaud the demolition of church buildings by the State. COVID-19 has shown Democrats for what they are: in the name of “public health” they are forcing lock downs and business closures, even when research is showing lock downs make the problem worse rather than better. Why? Power.

    In the name of “women’s health,” some 70 million Americans have been chemically killed and torn apart in the womb.

    In the name of “fairness,” less competent students are accepted and given grants at prestigious universities while more competent students are rejected — based on nothing more than skin color.

    In the name of “free speech,” conservative speech is curtailed, restricted, and denied by Leftist censors in so called “neutral” social media platforms. These platforms are given unfair advantages by Congress, and relieved of responsibilities and obligations required of mainstream media types.

    It is to the benefit of death-cult Socialist-Democrats that churches be silenced (while mosques are given exemptions in some cities) — so that the “extremist” messages of “loving enemies,” “turning the other cheek,” and “don’t kill . . . don’t steal . . . don’t covet . . . don’t commit adultery . . . don’t lie” can be supplanted by government edicts.

  5. Well Churches too often have “liberal, leftist” views on social issues anyway….

  6. Good idea. Without their cars, they won’t be able to spread the CCP (chinese communist party) virus to far. That will show those religious zealots.

  7. Is it true Chicago imposed a 26% CV-19 tax restaurants and ? I saw a post of a receipt with that tax this morning.

  8. Cardinal Cupich of Chicago has made a point of reaching out to Mayor Lightfoot. Both have a homosexual agenda. Cupich believes that he has an understanding with her honor. —Think again. The Catholic Church is against everything in the moral realm that she is supporting which includes gay marriage and unrestricted abortion. The reference to the KGB is very apropos in this environment.

  9. These people need new leadership, Someone who has common sense. This is outrages, These people deserve better than this.

  10. PEOPLE , BEWARE YOUR RIGHTS ARE SLOWLY BUT SURELY BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU ! this is how it started in Germany and other countries . do you remember what HITLER did ? do you trust your neighbors ? what about your so called friends ? what about some of your family members ? why was this virus started , is this a message from GOD ?

  11. Thank you for turning more people to be Christians. By your doing what you are doing you are just driving more people to church. People are not going to give up going to church & we don’t like our rights taken away. That is why this country was created because they came here because they were persucated. Our country was based on FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

  12. This Democrat governor needs to be recalled and removed. She is now going above and beyond in her crushing lockdown rules that make no sense. Perhaps her constituents should pay her a visit at her place of business and let her know how they feel.

  13. To the voters of big cities and Big states, very Liberal, you listened to ignorant money making people who know how to screw voters, enjoy your life.

  14. We all need our churches to get a civil rights Lawyer an sue the Governors for violating the First Admendment, Separation of church and state. The state can suggest, but not stop us from our right to worship.

  15. Lightfart is CLUELESS and a NAZI !!

    FORTY NINE people qwere shot in Chicago last weekend – and she’s worried about CHURCHES opening ???!!!

    Another 20 shot on Tuesday and 11 more yesterday !!!

    I think I have a better chance of being SHOT in Chicago than catching ten Corona virus !!!

  16. Chicago has now turned into the KGB, but again I will say this they keep on voting in the DEMORATS, this is what they want and this is what they get!!

  17. She broke the law when she got a hair cut, of course she had a good reason, She’s the face of Chicago.

  18. I want to see her try this on St. Sabina Church. She’ll have a riot on her hands. That’s Father Pfleger’s Parish. He was supposed to leave there decades ago, but they make an exception for HIM in the Archdiocese. He’s White, but he acts like he’s Black.

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