CDC Confirms Much Lower Death Rate for Covid-19

Questioning anything related to Covid-19, especially as it pertains to the World Health Organization, can get you ridiculed in public and even banned from social media platforms. However, much of what the World Health Organization said turned out to be completely wrong.

The CDC has now confirmed that the death rate for Covid 19 is much, much lower than the earlier estimates. In fact, it was estimated around 3.4% and suggested to be much higher than that early on. This is one of the key issues that lead to the lockdown.

The CDC just came out with a new report that offers a real estimate of death rates for Chinese virus in the United States. That real number turns out to be .26%.

Be careful talk like this can get you banned from YouTube and other social media platforms. One has to wonder if the CDC will be banned.

That number could fall even further if we find out that the number of asymptomatic cases is actually higher than current estimates. Of course real numbers, as it pertains to the death rate, cannot be completely accurate. We still do not know how many people actually been infected.

You can read the report here.

About half of the deaths occurred in nursing homes. That would mean the death rate for all people outside of nursing homes would be somewhere around .1%. This includes 90-year-olds with comorbidities. This doesn't just pertain to the U.S., either.

Four infectious disease doctors in Canada estimate that the individual rate of death from COVID-19 for people under 65 years of age is six per million people, or 0.0006 percent.

So, at the end of the day, we suspended people's liberties and rights and locked down our economy for predictions that were wildly incorrect. Will anyone pay a price for being so wrong and causing so much damage?

Imagine you work for private company and you recommended to shut down the entire company for months due to some threat that was unknown. After three months, the company realizes the predictions that you made were wildly incorrect. You almost caused the company to fail. When you expect to still have your job? Only if you work or the U.S. Government, it seems.

For more on this story go to The Blaze.

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19 thoughts on “CDC Confirms Much Lower Death Rate for Covid-19”

  1. So even the 100,000 death number is bogus and if those that died in nursing homes thanks to scum like Cuomo are subtracted the number is less than half. That number does not even equal the number of annual flu deaths yet the democrats and media want us to believe what we are going through is the worst ever. Their motivation is transparent. They want to regain power and control by undermining the best president we have ever had!

    1. The current deaths by Flu are at ZERO, since all were called “Covid-19. So an honest count would really be ZERO for Covid. AL:L died from other causes, even from car accidents and shootings that were CALLED Covid deaths. It is totally a hoax.

      1. The fact is that no one actually dies directly from the flu! Deaths occur from 1) predisposed medical conditions that become worse from symptoms caused by the flu, 2) from medical conditions resulting from the flu, 3) poor health/immune system as in elderly people, people with poor eating habits, etc.

        of course when government gets involved deaths from car accidents, alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, and suicide are attributed to the flu because of the payout!

    2. . . . but there’s a problem with the hypothesis. The Draconian lock downs could well backfire on the iron-fisted right-wing Gestapo.

  2. The people who need to pay are Faucci and Birx, both of whom are connected at the hip with Bill Gates’ Foundation and the Globalists plus the puppet regime in China that is controlled by the Globalists, who are actively trying to break us down and used the virus and the lies about it to do so, exactly as has been published in white papers of the Globalists and of Bill Gates who is their front man for their Eugenics programs that are aimed at wiping humanity out for all practical purposes. They are of the “old Religion”, meaning followers of Lucifer, and apparently actually believe that satan will protect them. They ARE psychotic, by human terms.

  3. I won’t criticize the policy actions. The government / governors were acting from “abundance of caution”, on best initial informaton. Happily, some of the information was incorrect, and government reaction was, in some aspects, excessive. It’s time to be honest, and withdraw from the over-reactions, wherever appropriate. If the heat wave is milder than expected, turn down the air conditioning !

  4. This is really disgusting. One little genius was Fauci that the liberal media made a doctor God. He was wrong on all counts and has done a lot of damage to our country.

  5. The CDC still has it wrong. The Corona death rate in the US is 0.026%, not 0.26% as they stated.

  6. Sadly, it wasn’t “almost” for many businesses and companies. Many went out of business completely.


  7. “Almost every expert was wrong.” That is because most people that see any person from out of town with a tie on and a briefcase as an expert. That describes Fauci. He does not have enough science to even think of checking the computer program that put us in this predicament. I can see why the W.H.O. excepted crappy work and data because their director has a PhD in rural playground management. This was the major most athletes took at my undergraduate university. Even then most did not graduate.

  8. The emtire plandemic has been a fraud. The ‘test’ for covid isnt even a test at all. All it tests for is antibodies which can be present for dozens of conditions. Even the so called test was a fraud. There is not one single properly verified covid patient in the US

  9. The numbers are pointing directly to Vitamin D deficiency, which occurs to dark skinned people and especially those in nursing homes and extended care facilities,

    We have learned a great deal about this and other viruses. I have proposed a “nutrition combo” that could be given to all elderly people, and daily to EVERY person daily in nursing homes and extended care facilities.

    We can easily perform a double blind study of its effectiveness.

    In the meantime, this is what I do.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)
    Retired surgeon

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