How Biden Could Be Handing Trump His Re-election

In national polling, former vice president Joe Biden is the clear 2020 front-runner. He’s up nearly 5 points in the RealClearPolitics polling average; he’s up in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona. That’s because Biden campaigned as the anti-Bernie Sanders: a “return to normalcy” candidate rather than a transformational one. His entire pitch relied on his high name recognition, the general perception of his likability and his unthreatening demeanor.

The coronavirus pandemic merely underscored this pitch. Biden hasn’t waned in the national polling since the pandemic — his lead has been utterly consistent. That’s true even though Biden has been relegated to his basement, gaffing through completely anodyne statements about COVID-19, glitching his way to a few thousand viewers at a time, being interrupted by the birds honking outside his window. How can a major party candidate win if nobody cares whether he’s even alive? Because Biden’s candidacy isn’t a referendum on Biden but on Trump: President Donald Trump is widely perceived as volatile, unstable, chaotic. Biden is perceived as somnambulant. Better a sleepwalker, many voters seem to think, than the rolling chaos of a second Trump term.


Yet somehow, the Biden campaign has decided to abandon Biden's greatest advantage: his promise of a sedated interregnum. Instead, according to The New York Times, Biden's campaign will embrace radical proposals. "With Mr. Biden leading President Trump in the polls, the former vice president and other Democratic leaders are racing to assemble a new governing agenda that meets the extraordinary times -- and they agree it must be far bolder than anything the party establishment has embraced before," The Times reported.

Some of the new proposals are directly from the Sanders campaign: forgiving student loans, a Green New Deal, expansion of government health care, a government jobs plan, a ban on stock buybacks and compulsion toward profit sharing for corporations. Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama explained over the weekend that the coronavirus has merely underscored deep-seated American racism that requires a complete remaking of our society. Equating disparate health and incomes between black Americans and white Americans due to COVID-19 with the shooting of black Georgian Ahmaud Arbery -- and citing both as legacies of America's historic racism -- Obama stated, "No generation has been better positioned to be warriors for justice and remake the world."

But do Americans really want the world remade? Or are they simply longing for the world of four months ago, when unemployment stood at 3.5%, when incomes were rising at the lowest end of the income scale, when Americans could attend events without fear of infection and death? Are Americans truly desperate for a reshaping of our medical system, a universal basic income and trillions more in debt?

Biden seems to be betting on the latter. And that's idiocy of the highest order. It completely undermines his entire case for the nomination; it allows Trump to place the new radical agenda front and center, rather than his own foibles. Biden's go-for-broke strategy is a massive opportunity for Trump -- if Trump doesn't blow it.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles.

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17 thoughts on “How Biden Could Be Handing Trump His Re-election”

  1. Barack, hanging around Biden and Clinton(Bill and Hillary), and Ted Edward Kennedy, this what can happen when his fathers ideas can do when the mind is on a mission to be Pres.

  2. Ya Ya Ya . . . Whats her name was leading Trump in every poll until 1 day after the election! 😳 Then the poll godz could not hit their backside with either hand attempting to explain the massive “BLOW” to the uninformed minions!
    Hence, the title of whats her name’s attempts as psychobabble – “WHAT HAPPENED?”
    If YOU PLACE YOUR VOTE, DEPENDENCY, and the REPUBLIC in the \ slanted questionnaires, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET!

    1. Oh NO! . . Oh NO! . . . Ole whats-her-name got 3 million more votes !! So she was the obvious winner . . don’t you understand ?! ( Look over your shoulder Joe-Joe . . somebody might be gaining on you!

  3. Since all the media, print and broadcast (with the sole exception of Fox), plus academia, hollywood, Google and other social media, etc. has been solidly left-wing for more than 60 years, it’s a miracle that twice as many Republicans as Dems have been elected president since 1968.

  4. My family would vote for Mickey Mouse over Trump! Trump has never experienced any government that we are aware of–only reality shows and that is what he is doing now. Biden was elected the youngest senator in 1972 (I believe) when he was 29 years old and has been continuing in government ever since. Hopefully we will not have to endure another 4 years of DJTrump.

    1. Vice President Joe Biden is not competent to hold any political office let alone the highest one in the land. All world leaders will walk-all-over-him. He’s not capable of representing the U.S. We all better be very afraid of who he or the DNC pick as his vice president. It’s that person who will act as president while Biden sits there as a figure head. Biden’s not interested in picking the best America has to run the country, his interest is in only picking a woman because he thinks that will ensure him the female vote. So – we may have two incompetents occupying the White House. No one can dispute that President Trump hasn’t done wonders for the U.S. Before COVID 19 that caused the pandemic and our economic collapse, jobs were plentiful and every group benefited. He has stood-up for America and for God. He has tried very hard to help minorities gain school choice for their children – something Obama never allowed. World leaders fear him because he puts America First. He treats all leaders with respect. Trump’s the only President who has made Europe pay their fair share militarily instead of allowing these countries to use U.S. taxpayer’s money to defend themselves. Trump has no scandal in his background compared to Biden who has enriched himself and his family via China and the Ukraine, and that includes his son Hunter and Biden’s brother. For the decades he’s been in office, there’s not one accomplishment that can be pointed to that he’s done for the U.S. Biden acts as a bully bragging what he did to get an official fired in the Ukraine, wanting to beat-up Trump and how he stood-up to a fierce gang member named CornPone. He’s also been caught in numerous lies including that he held three university degrees which he did not and had to acknowledge that, said he was top-in-his-class and he wasn’t, copied other people’s writings and got caught to name a few things. America needs a strong President who loves the U.S. and God. That man is President Trump.

    2. I like someone who has actually run a large organization and has private sector business experience. Biden was a legislator not a manager and certainly not a chief executive.

    3. And sleepy joe knows what day it is……worse person that the DEMOCRAPS can put up to run. That guy is so senile the DNC should be charged with elder abuse. Get real

    4. Your brain is made of jello. Maybe you can meet Joe Biden in person one day Charlotte and experience what it’s like to get felt up by this perverted, mindless baffoon.

    5. Stupid woman take your head out of where you have it and stop talking crap if you vote for the demon-rat Biden then you are obviously brain dead.

  5. This article lost my attention when it referenced RealClearPolitics in it’s poll citing. anti-Trump, anti-GOP, and a very clear bias toward Conservatives…The Democrats are losing big-time in States that literally are Democrat strong-holds: VA, Dems lost 3 Deocratics seats on the Staunton City Government, Lost a seat in CA-25(Katie Hill’s vacated seat)by double digits, and a WI State Senate seat. Polls show Biden trailing in every Battle ground State(with the exception of RCP, evidently), so sorry, Shapiro, I don’t by the “Biden is handing President Trump the re-election” BS, in 2016, now, or in November 2020…People are waking up to what the Democrats have been doing, and they are sick up to their necks in this shamdemic…

    1. And the Dems lost her seat despite all the mail-in ballots sent out and having that new polling station in a heavily Democrat area.

  6. I just do not believe the polls that have Biden ahead. First, how can _anyone_ that’s seen him think he’d make a good President? And I think that the nonstop and intense/frenzied anti-Trump message in the media is worth at least 15 points. To me, if the polls have Biden up by 5, he’s really down by 10. I think that a lot of those that say they’re for Biden don’t tell the pollster the truth, because the message is “what kind of idiot supports Trump?” And context and how the questions are asked is key.

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