Oregon Sent CPS To This Mother’s Home Because She Opened Her Business

Lindsey Graham is the owner of Glamour Salon was harassed and her parental rights violated because she chose to open her business so that her workers could feed their families. Her workers are contractors so they actually get to choose whether they come to work without the risk of losing their job.

Graham said an agent from Oregon’s Child Protective Services was dispatched to her home on the same day she reopened her salon.

“On May 7th, I got a phone call from my nanny,” said Graham. “As soon as I went to work, a DHS officer came to my home and tried to speak to her, and she said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable answering any questions for you. I think you need to call the homeowner.’ So DHS basically stopped by my house and said they had some claims against me and my family about our home being unfit.”

Then they came back again.

She admits being somewhat naive at first, thinking, they'll stop by and see her family and how great things are - then be satisfied and leave.

Not what happened.

“[The CPS agent] came back to my home, and my intention was, ‘Great, let this guy in and let him see what a great, loving, clean, and happy home we have, so he’ll just kind of get out of here.’ … He interviewed myself and my husband in separate rooms. He interviewed my six-year-old son in a separate room, and he searched our home. He made me lift up toilet seats and open our fridge. None of this is warranted. These are all bogus claims. Our home is completely safe and always has been, so this is definitely some kind of vendetta, sending a government agency after my family.”

She says as far as she knows the case is still open and they could be coming back, perhaps to interview her 3 year old, privately. She said they even checked her 8-week-old's diaper.

Graham says she was threatened with a $70,000 fine and then actually issued a $14,000 fine for 'operating a hazardous facility'. She says they also threatened to revoke her license.

Read more on the story and listen to her talk at Breitbart.


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13 thoughts on “Oregon Sent CPS To This Mother’s Home Because She Opened Her Business”

  1. The liberal progressives have a stranglehold on Oregon. Anywhere they settle, they bring misery, high taxes, and excessive unnecessary laws.

  2. Before we learned about this all out attack on this whole world by china they had exposed the whole world. If we ignore this the whole world will see the end of freedom

  3. This Person by the LAW was a Busness Woman until she got her ASS in trouble with the LAW..Now she is a POOR helpless Mother harassed by the LAW…What a FUCKING JOKE…

    1. I believe I would pack up and move. Those states in the n/w are kind of screwed up!

  4. These government “officials” are so drunk with power it’s crazy!! They won’t be happy until this breaks into an all out civil uprising!!!!!!

  5. Why did she let them in the house? Without a warrant, they cannot enter, even if accompanied by the police. They also have no legal right to see you children without probable cause and no right to question them at all without the parents permission or their attorney present. Not a CPS attorney. They need one chosen by the parents.

  6. We are quickly turning into a police state and if we don’t rise up and put a stop to it, we’ll lose this country. This country is worth fighting for, but we have to actually band together as a people and get off out apathetic butts and demand out constitutional rights! The best way to start is by voting out every Democrat so they get the message that their plans won’t work here!

  7. and airlines are permitted to fill their airplanes to capacity and face mask are not required. How is it the Airlines can get away with that? 300 people stuffed into a plane, every seat taken and no covid-19 checks (temp) before boarding. Someone is getting paid plenty to endanger the public.

  8. ENOUGH, Contact an attorney and find out who and why this harassment occurred . If this is another Self-Serving, Power Hungry Governor that sent DHS as a threat as well as the fines. SUE THEM FOR VIOLATING YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and file a complaint with the DOJ. Enough is Enough. Re-Call these Democratic Governors and end the madness. Go back to work save your business and Our Economy. MAGA

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