New: Obama Treasury Dept Spied on Flynn, Manafort, and Trump Family

Under former President Barrack Obama, there was plenty of spying. The CIA under Obama spied on the press. They spied on US Senate staffers and they spied on everyday Americans.

For instance, the government admitted improperly searching the NSA’s foreign intercept data on multiple occasions, including one instance in which an analyst ran the same search query about an American “every work day” for a period between 2013 and 2014.

There were also several times in which they ‘improperly’ unmasked Americans, even aside from General Flynn. Section 702, which authorizes the NSA to spy on foreign powers but supposedly has strict protections for American citizens, is an important tool for national security. The strict protections part seems to be less strict than originally stated.

It really should come as no surprise, then, that the Treasury Department also spied on American citizens and even a presidential candidate and his family. According to a former senior Treasury Department official and veteran of the intelligence community, Obama's Treasury Department surveilled General Flynn's Financial records from 2015 well into 2017.

By March 2016...became convinced that the surveillance of Flynn was not tied to legitimate criminal or national security concerns, but was straight-up political surveillance among other illegal activity occurring at Treasury.

She says Flynn wasn't alone, though. They were also surveilling other US citizens including Paul Manafort Jr., President Trump, and members of the Trump family.

Only two names are listed in the whistleblower’s official paperwork, so the others must remain sealed, she said. The second name is Paul J. Manafort Jr., the one-time chairman of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

She filed a complaint in 2017 but apparently the Inspector General never followed up on that complaint.

The more information that comes out about what the Intelligence Community was doing under Barrack Obama the more it becomes apparent that they were using the tools for political gain.

Read much more on this story at The Ohio Star.

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16 thoughts on “New: Obama Treasury Dept Spied on Flynn, Manafort, and Trump Family”

  1. What the hell kind of government do we have anymore when the agencies are weaponized against the people who pay their salaries! Is worse than a communist regime and a clear violation of our rights as citizens! Those responsible should receive a traitor’s garrote! What fools we are going to be shown to be when the Kenyan/ Indonesian illegal alien is proven to be an legitimate President (Saudi funded/third generation CIA creation)! His Presidency was nothing more than a criminal operation by our First Arab Muslim Pretender.. Ali Baba and the Firty Thieves of his Administration! We were cuckolded by the elite controllers and robbed blind!

    1. And the masses kissed his butt for 8 years and still worship him. 8 long years the silent majority waited and finally got our chance to bust his cartel up. Thank God Hillary Clinton lost or she’d be doing worse things to us Americans than Obama did. Trump was right when he said Drain the Swamp

      1. Absolutely…It was a God-send that crooked Hillary lost as she would continue putting into place all the crooked, corrupt, socialistic plans Obama didn’t finish! They’re as thick as thieves!

    2. Deb, you hit the corrupt nail on the head!

      I am alarmed and disturbed that the tolerance for criminal behavior by politicians and others is the real pandemic. What it reveals to me is that a vast number of Americans have little knowledge and respect for the US Constitution. I have taken a personal survey of elected and unelected officials, attorneys, law firms, top Appellate judges, leading law professors and law deans, etc. Their applied knowledge of the principles in the Constitution, of the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, Honesty and Integrity is limited to how it effects their pocket. In short, from there on down, the blissful ignorance in our society is abysmal. The press has only exacerbated the problem.

      That the Clinton Clan can get away with open and notorious criminality. That Obama has gotten away with open and notorious criminality since those fun days of Arkansas. That Biden has for decades gotten away with open and notorious criminality. Yet, this is but the tip of the poisoned tree. Thus, the lack of respect for the Rule of Law has carried down to the rest of society and what is the surprise? If it is good enough for these criminals, who apparently are immune from prosecution, why is it not good enough for the rest of society? But, if the Trump Administration is serious about cleaning the swamp, it will become a new day of full employment for criminal attorneys and would be and aspiring criminal attorneys, just as the tort system of the US is a cesspool and gives good employment prospects for the influential Tort Bar, who are always looking for new victims to feed off of. Now, if only those two Bars merged, that would be dangerous, but not for the perpetrators, for the rest of America. That is why the hub bub over COVID-19 vaccine and employment immunity!

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).bren

  2. In other words the Obama Administration wasn’t just chickenshit, they were completely chickenshit. I really hope Obama doesn’t try to run again with his femi-Nazi bitch because there is no doubt in my mind this time that they will never make it to the National Election. Some red-neck who lives in Ms, AL, LA, will shoot him and her before they make it that far. And no matter how many Blacks, or colored-folks he surrounds himself with, these American’s can shoot the ass out of an earthworm from 200M…

    1. You can’t say “his femi-Nazi bitch” as that indicates it was a female and it was a male get thing right please.

    1. My suspicion is that the White House is concerned that if Obama and Biden are actually confronted, that the Black communities in cities around the country will riot. In short, that Trump feels that he is being Blackmailed in order to keep the peace. However, getting rid of Nixon for Watergate, which compared to Obamagate is insignificant, is far more necessary, because in eight years, Obama weaponized government right down to the local level. However, I saw this in New York before Obama, as New York is a Democratic swamp and the Party controls everything, even how Federal and State and County Agencies operate and that includes the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Is that any different from Russia under the Communists? I do not think so.

  3. Of course Obama was…Crooked, corrupt, leader of the “Swamp” People! More “sludge” yet to be discovered!! Drain that swamp!!

  4. Better and better everyday. Obama KGB. This is appalling. How is this guy free? There is no dungeons deep enough for him and his goons.

  5. The demorats have ALWAYS been crooked. They impeached Nixon for MUCH MUCH less, while they do MUCH MUCH WORSE!! President Trump is CORRECT in calling this present situattion OBAMAGATE! Mexico is ALSO correct in calling for an investigation into obama’s responsibility for the guns sold to the Mexican cartels. WHERE is the money he made from this rip off???? We could start with all the million dollar properties he’d been buying!

  6. And this is ONE of the two criminals that Barr said he would not investigate for crimes….is Barr Part of the problem that is the TWO TIERED justice system we enjoy today?

  7. Now that evidence is finaly being released. It confirms what we have suspected all along. . The really really sad part of this story is the part this article does not mention. It really doesn’t matter .Obama and all of his henchmen will never be prosecuted.At best they will hang some poor son of a bitch that is way down the food chain. that person will be descraced and jailed . the rest will walk away free. come on they are democrats. They are good at this game..