Democrats Flexing Their Authoritarian Muscle in CA

Los Angeles County has, apparently, decided that its lockdown orders will stay in place “with all certainty” for the next three months. Yes, three months.

Public Health Director, Barbara Ferrer said:

“Based on all of the data that we’re looking at … we know with all certainty that we’ll be extending health officer orders for the next three months.”

Governor, Gavin Newsom, who has come under fire for his deal with China, using Covid-19 stimulus money, announced that he’s changing some of the rules for the stay at home orders in certain counties.

California State University decided it was to cancel its fall semester for in-person classes. This cancellation includes 23 campuses. Yet we haven't seen college students dying from Covid-19. There may have been a handful but by and large they are a group that's not 'at-risk'.

There will be some exceptions to the rule, at CSU, but it will focus on delivery of virtual courses with a very limited in-person teaching approach to courses that require hands-on training for keeping students on pace with their degree.

What will the effect on businesses be? Small business owners must be reeling by now at the restrictions on their ability to provide for their employees and families.

We've already seen protests in CA, particularly in Huntington Beach, that says people are growing tired of government telling them what to do. Will we be seeing more of that as this lockdown extends another 3 months?



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18 thoughts on “Democrats Flexing Their Authoritarian Muscle in CA”

  1. Civil disobedience should be in play. It is rediculous that the Governor is stifling the economy in CA and keeping everyone under house arrest for “their own good”.

    1. ” Absolute power corrupts absolutely ”
      Could this be a ‘ Left-handed ‘ attempt at further damaging the nation’s economy by destroying the ‘ ninth-largest economy on the Planet ‘ . . . the economy that boasts of their subsidizing the Red States who would collapse without those Blue Bucks from the Left Coast ?? Keep it up Gavin! Your iron- fist’d actions will probably turn CA ‘ purple ‘ . . if not a deep red!

  2. A mix of Venezuela Maduro dictatorship rules and Hitler Gestapo tactics taking over in California!! Violation of rights given to us Citizens by the Constitution violated every day! Non elected “officials” making absurd rules!! Solution: Rise up, resist, and vote the elected officials out of office!! That’s the only language these elected MORONS fear!!

  3. I love it. The idiots voted in the people stomping all over their rights. They deserve all the suffering, and pain they are going to feel. What’s funny about it, they’ll vote the same people in again.

    1. The people voted in are from the so called ruling Elites with filthy money and call all the shots! The are 4 biggies in CA. They are already grooming the next one when newscum s is over or WE get him RECALLED! WE THE LEGAL PEOPLE, CITIZENS of CA need to get some folks who will take care OF CA! NOT illegals and what a FEW filthy rich want! Born and raised here many years ago and the scam is sickening! NEVER do anything for the people. Hence all poor and street dwellers. BUT spend over 750,000 on illegals? TO HELL with them and sanctuary city crap! GET THEM ALSO OUT OF OUR GOVT OFFICES! YES there are many! Reminder rats mantra, POWER GREED MONEY CONTROL with them and NWO, plus some BS from sorass! WE SAY NO WAY!

    2. Those idiots who voted in the people stomping our rights have not been hurt enough by the shutdown of our economy and “home detention”. They are still getting their government checks.
      The money is running out and the Governor already proposed pay cuts.
      The closed business owners and unemployed workers are getting restless.

  4. I always thought that Revoluntionary WarII would start in NY with their tyrant governor and demonRAT politicians all voted into office by nyc schittbirds but as time goes on it just might start in california. No matter how weak or timid — people can only be pushed so far before revolting. The smallest varmit will fight when cornered and people are no different. These demonRAT politicians are trying to use this virus as a way to bring our economy down for the sole purpose of making this administration look bad as election approaches. They do NOT give a flying damn about the colateral damage or how it hurts the AMERICAN CITIZENS !!! People need to look at this latest virus bailout BS — the skank piglosi is trying to take care of everything EXCEPT the American citizens and American small business. You people who vote democrat just because — had better come out of your stupor and realize –you are nothing to your party leadership except a vote. You are expendable after the election and you will be cast aside just like the rest of the American citizens. We need to rid congress and all our government (local,state & federal) of the demonRATS so this country can thrive like it should be NOT dependent on a bunch of career corrupt lying politicians.

  5. A perfect example of marxist rule! What is wrong with California?? This is a perfect example of a “non-cure” being far worse than the disease!!! How are the people and businesses in California supposed to survive? On the government dole? Where are their “leaders” going to get the money? And a subserviant population is the Democrat’s dream of taking over our great country and destroying our economy! They know if they succeed, their “important people” will be in charge and will not suffer, but the people will go into a misery never known in this country! Every American needs to remember that NOTHING is free! Their is a cost to everything, sometimes more than we can fathom!

  6. This is a total political ploy. The actual death rate for theirs is less than 1%. Wake up people they Governor does NOT have the authority to do this!! Stop being sheep and start standing up for your constitutional rights as Americans!! The governor needs to be recalled immediately before this great state becomes a total wasteland where they control everything and everyone.

  7. California set this all in motion by electing that jerk, Newsom. Now let them wallow in their own self pity. Screw them!! Vote Republican next time.

    1. We voted Republican last time even though the GOPe gave us mostly poor candidates.
      Perhaps more will show up next time?
      At any rate, our ballots were stolen and/or changed to straight Democrat. Last minute ballot harvesting was allowed, illegals, criminals those from out of state and dead people voted (sometimes more than once). There were more votes counted in LA than there were legally registered voters.
      Why do we sign the envelope instead of the ballot when the contents can be switched so easy?

  8. Gov. Newsom and his Commie/Democrat Party intend to keep Californians out-of-work until near the presidential election. They think this gives them a winning ticket by blaming President Trump for the collapse of the economy along with creating the virus in the White House that has killed thousands of Americans and sicken thousands more. This Party has tried everything they could to destroy President Trump and all the good he has done for the U.S. The economy and the virus are their “grand finale” plan to replace him with a man whose sane faculities have left him. It’s obvious that it will be whomever the Vice President is that will be running the country while puppet Biden is sidelined. If American citizens care about the evil direction our country is heading, then the November election is the most critical ever to occur since the founding of the U.S. May God guide all voters to save America and make it prosperous again.

  9. The corrupt Leftist Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite want to destroy America and make us all dependent upon government handouts.
    If they gain complete control of all levels of government, we will be worst off than Venezuela.

  10. What data? Let’s see your data! Publish it and your criteria for opening up and let’s see if doctors, scientists, and the citizens agree with you. Isn’t it state law that staying shut down is a decision to be made by the state legislature 30 days after of any Executive Order or Emergency Order?

  11. Since there will no longer be a CA economy, there should be no government assistance to bail out CA when they go bankrupt. They vote solid democrat, so they are experiencing exactly what they deserve. We should let Mexico have CA.

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