Holy Cow! Was ANY Part of the Russian Collusion Story True?

Another day, another Russian collusion narrative destroyed.

Remember when Adam Schiff said “You can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence”? That turned out to be false.

Remember when General Flynn ‘flipped’ on Trump and was working with Mueller to expose Trump as a Russian agent? Yeah, that didn’t happen either.

Remember when the Mueller team charged a bunch of Russian businesses? The charges have all been dropped.

Remember when Crowdstrike, apparently, concluded the Russians hacked the DNC server? I remember hearing this story for over 3 years now. But they had no evidence of it.

More than that, they cannot even say for sure if it was hacked!

Among the 53 transcripts that were finally released (Schiff was holding them back since 2018 - and now we know why) was the testimony transcript of Shawn Henry, the President of Crowdstrike. In that testimony he refutes the narrative given, for the last 3 years, that they concluded Russians hacked the DNC server.

When asked if they had found solid evidence that Russian hackers had stolen data from the DNC servers, Henry stated:

“There’s not evidence that they were actually exfiltrated,”


“There’s circumstantial evidence, but no evidence that they were actually exfiltrated.”

That's not quite the same as "We concluded that Russians hacked the DNC server". What's more, if you remember, is that the FBI and supposed other intelligence agencies concluded Russia hacked the DNC server.

How'd they get that conclusion? Crowdstrike, according to the FBI. The FBI didn't take possession of the server, they took Crowdstrike's word for it. The narrative, though, was that Crowdstrike confirmed the hack. The classified testimony being held back, by Schiff, does NOT say that.

Our politicians, mainstream media, and even the DNC as an entity were accusing the other greatest nuclear power on Earth of attacking our democracy and rigging an election. Think about the consequences that could have been for such an accusation. That's a great way to start a war...with a nuclear giant.

Wouldn't you want to be sure before making such accusations?

Another nugget of info from the released testimony, from Just The News:

Henry said he was initially contacted by a former Justice Department colleague named Michael Sussmann who became an attorney for the Washington, D.C. law firm Perkins Coie.

Perkins Coie - where have we heard that name before? That's right, Perkins Coie provided the FBI with the anti-Trump dossier.

Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussmann initiated contact with him and provided documents as well as computer storage devices on Russian hacking. The sources said Baker described the contact as unusual and the “only time it happened.”

So, Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS who hired the British spy Christopher Steele who compiled the dossier. A former Obama DOJ attorney (Michael Sussman), and then conveniently Perkins Coie lawyer, was the guy at Perkins Coie to deliver.

All of this begs the question: Was ANY single part of the Russian collusion story true? They drug the country through hell (and still are) and even delivered a House impeachment of a sitting President and, so far, nothing about it was on the 'up and up'. It looks like the whole thing was fabricated. If that's not a coup attempt, what do you call it?


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36 thoughts on “Holy Cow! Was ANY Part of the Russian Collusion Story True?”

  1. This whole thing smells like a dnc scam and Shiff and the Clintons and the fbi all need to be prosecuted !!

    1. I find it much easier and complete to say, The WHOLE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION needs to be prosecuted. Obama had the campaign ad that said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the TRUTH, are those with something to hide.” And then he sealed ALL his records. Which just begs the question, What is HE hiding? Could it be that he wasn’t ELIGIBLE to be the President of the US, but KENYA??? Is THAT why he submitted a FAKE Birth Certificate? Multiple document experts, including one that HIS OWN LAWYERS use, said it’s FAKE. I couldn’t care less about Trump’s taxes. The IRS has had them for years, and they’ve been trying to get rid of Trump since before he even took the oath of office. So, if there was a problem with them, we’d surely have heard by NOW. I want Obama’s records unsealed, NOW. Unseal them before he does any MORE damage to our country than he already has. He and his whole former administration reek of TREASON. They have MOUNTAINS of evidence, especially on HILLARY, it’s way past time to do something about it.

      1. right on!!! we need to have all of the fake president’s records unsealed and the dems ousted from ofc as they never vetted the kenyan properly., he never qualified to run for president. why should Trump’s tax records be released, for one it’s not a requirement to be president. however proper vetting is required and the dems, piglosi never did her job. all income from sitting in the white house from 2008-2016 should be refunded, all millions spent on vacations should be repaid to taxpayers.

  2. “Wouldn’t you want to be sure before making such accusations?” I have seen no evidence that Democrats, and in particular Schiffty, Pelosi, Schumer, have any desire to know the truth. They prefer propaganda and lies.

    1. There was a time ( in my youth ) when I perceived the Democrats to be a well-educated, nobly motivated political party.
      How sad they have sunk so low! What happened? Who has drug the once revered political party to such depths? Is it due to the actions of an individual, or due to the actions of a subversive group?

  3. Why can’t SCHIFF BE CHARGED WITH LIEING TO CONGRESS? Does anyone of the members not have the BALLS to do it? Schiff is before the people not telling the truth with holding evidence and not a good steward of the AMERICAN PEOPLES MONEY with all this waste of time and money when in fact it is lies that he expounds,

    1. It’s time for the CRIMINALS in our GOVERNMENT ti be ARRESTED and CHARGED with SEDITION and TREASON.

    1. And blow hard Lindsey Graham was in on it also that is why he won’t bring anybody in to testify he needs to voted out and sent home he is nothing but a lying politician like the rest of the dnc

    2. If Trump was a DEMOCRAT, they’d all be applauding and SUPPORTING him, but, because he ran as a Republican, and on the platform of DRAINING THE SWAMP, they are all AGAINST him. They thought Hillary was a shoo in, and that their dirty secrets were safe for another 4-8 years. Then TRUMP won, and they had to scramble to find ANYTHING to get rid of him, even if it meant framing him, falsifying records etc. They still haven’t learned though, that everything they do, BACKFIRES ON THEM. To “TRUMP”something means to WIN the hand, and TRUMP literally has it as his name. And even MORE, Trump has brought GOD back into this Country’s equation, so, GOOD LUCK Democrats!!!

  4. Assuming all of this is true, then the question remains: Who was the architect? Who were the architects? There was an O-ring failure during the launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Do we have another O-ring failure?

    1. Facts are facts, … no questions about IF this is true.?
      About time the truth about this collusion comes out, they are all traitors and belong in the slammer.

  5. We actually knew way back in 2016 that Russia didn’t hack the DNC server. Expert testimony showed that the download speeds were so great that the hacking was done right here at home. In addition, Wikileaks repeatedly testified that they didn’t get the E-Mails from Russia. In spite of this, the FBI and media narrative, along with Democrat and Republican legislators kept pounding the drum for “Russian interference”. There were a few facebook ads, supposedly from Russians, both for and against Trump and Clinton, which was the only documented examples of Russian interference. Big deal.

  6. So SCARY that the people that are supposed to protect us are the ones that are the biggest villains. We need to drain
    the SWAMP…..and remove their power.

  7. Ever since JFK WAS MURDERED IN DALLAS TEXAS on November 22,1963; I watched the once good party called the democrats devolve into the NEW COMMUNIST PARTY. They have lied to “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE “, ever since Johnson acceded to the office of President!
    The lies of the demonRATS of that era got AMERICA into what at one point our longest war where America lost 59,000 + sons and daughters in non winnable war! The demonRAT party is now openly proclaiming communist socialist policies as their goals.


  8. I call it a coup attempt! Now, when will we start seeing some heads rolling from members of obammy’s administration, to include obammy himself?

  9. To answer the headline question — NO, NONE OF IT HAD ANY TRUTH TO IT — PERIOD !!!!!!! And that means — everything that happened for 31/2 years in the House of Nonrepresentstives was “fake,phony,a farce,a 3ring circus,lies,deception,corruption on the part of ALL the house demonRATS and participating rino trash. When it comes right down to it — the house demonRATS wasted 31/2 years of their term in office(dereliction of duty) not doing what they were elected to perform which should mean they should be forced to pay back any pay they received in those 31/2 years. It also means that the 3ring phony farce mueller investigation was nothing more than a clown act for 21/2 years. mueller and his gang of scum demonRAT donors should be forced to reimburse the taxpayers over $35 million that they literally stoled from us. They knew within 2 weeks of the investigation there was zero evidence and zero collusion and it should have been halted at that time but they intentionally carried on for 21/2 years knowing nothing was coming from it. They need to be indicted for stealing from the Federal Govt..

    1. Let us not forget. Many republikan reps were privy to those hearings and could have blown the whistle at any time. For the first two years the house was a repub majority and they could have had some accomplishments… but failed to. In fact whichever party held the house there was never any conservative bent, the demokrats being slightly more radically leftist than the repubs.

  10. Be careful when pulling on a ‘ loose thread ‘ . . . . The entire garment might just fall apart!

  11. Remember the Helsinki meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin. When asked President Trump said President Putin said it wasn’t him and that he (President Trump) believed him. Well this shows that President Trump was right again.

  12. I can see by your question you were surprised. Think you are in the 6% group that did not know what was going on. Pay more attention or you will find yourself in a Socialist gulag.

  13. NO , not one damn word was true. They knew it, and they spent millions of our tax dollars on a FAKE DOSSIER paid for b y Killary Clinton, handed over from Steele to Adam Shitt by the traitor John McPain, and made POTUS defend himself daily about their damn lies.They should all , including the Manchurian Candidate , anti American POS B Hussien Obama , be tried for their crimes and hanged . Have a Rose Garden hanging, with a grass roots party to follow. 3 pus years of lies to cover their own asses , because of corruption they knew Flynn and Trump would find and expose.

  14. Another example of the Democrats robbing the American people and do what ever they want, including treason! Why are the ring leaders getting away with the highest crime in our Government in recent years?The Clinton’s and Obama are a good example of how corrupt that the Democratic party has become. They think they can do what ever they please and get away with it! They think they are above the law and have no morals!.

  15. All the disclaimers and disclosures aside, is there any estimate of how much taxpayer money has been spent from the inception of this farce, to date? If not, why not? And, shouldn’t all monies spent in the past and going forward to get the truth and culpability, be the financial responsibility as well as the personal and corporate liability of those: INSTITUTIONS, the MUELLER PROBE – investigations and report, the CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES, the CONGRESSIONAL TRIAL, INDIVIDUALS in& for CONGRESS, NEWS OUTLETS, POLITICAL PARTIES, LEGAL FIRMS, NON-PROFIT CORPORATIONS, ETC., and particularly all of the INDIVIDUALS who willfully and knowingly misled the American people, particularly reimbursement from those who did so while in the pay of the Government? Think about it. Isn’t that about the only real justice and deterrent going forward that could come out of this mess? With perhaps hundreds more I haven’t listed, that money could help revive this economy and those willing to work for the greater good.

  16. It was like a Poot taste soap opera and Schiff was the scary narrator. He has, he is going to have and then he never had and nacer was going to have all that that he promised to send the president packing and after he was gone Schiff was going to have him arrested with Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Jimmy Cárter , the FBI, The CIA, The NSA, the whittles blowers , Romney, and the most abused senior citizen and US Senator John McCain all talking about the illegitimate president they did not like and rather hated.

    This is sweet for all of us who thought that Donald Trump was a very busy businessman to have done all of that by himself and managed to have half the Obama administración busy creating, looking for and not finding what the were looking for. What a bunch of crooked idiots from Obama down to the whitest le blower.

  17. It’s time for the CRIMINALS in our GOVERNMENT ti be ARRESTED and CHARGED with SEDITION and TREASON.

  18. Of course no part of the Trump-Russia collusion story was true. Trump did not collude with the Russians. The Russians did not hack the DNC computer, it was exposed by Seth Rich because he was pissed off that the DNC was screwing Bernie Sanders (an action that was rewarded by Rich’s murder, probably at the hands of someone in or hired by the DNC). Further, I am convinced that absolutely every Democrat office holder knew this was the way the entire story unfolded and they all knew they were persecuting Trump on false pretenses. All of these vile vipers should be rewarded by a stint in the big house and an extensive investigation should be undertaken to determine who was actually responsible for Rich’s murder. All of the people in Trump’s circle who were also persecuted should file law suits against the DNC and take every damned dime that organization has. If this would be done, just as I described it, there would be a really strong argument that something like this should never be attempted again.

  19. Here is the EASY way to know what the Hillary/Barrack machine is ACTUALLY DOING. They accuse you of what they are doing. That is correct. If they say YOU are doing something, it is because THEY are doing it in reality. “The best defense is Offense”. “Accuse the other side before they can catch us red handed.” Obama came out of the Chicago Machine, and was a marionette for a wealthy aristocracy that is trying to enslave the rest of us.

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