Lawyer: Flynn Was Going To Audit Obama Spy Program Before Setup

The picture is starting to become clearer. According to General Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, Flynn was preparing to audit the U.S. Intelligence Agency before he was set up by Obama’s Intelligence Agency. She says this is one of the key reasons why he was the target.

If you recall, then President Obama dismissed Gen. Flynn from the director of DIA in 2014. Flynn had essentially blown the whistle on the Obama administration’s “willfully arming” and funding ISIS.


“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off books”

Flynn was getting prepared to expose what he found to be a crooked intelligence operation that was not only ‘off the books’ but working counter to the success of the U.S. military in Afghanistan.

Powell, and many Americans, have celebrated the long-awaited exoneration of General Michael Flynn but says this isn't the end. Instead, she hopes it's just the beginning.

"There's no telling how many billions of taxpayer dollars they're running off books for the different intel agencies ... and, of course, we see evidence of that ... with what was paid to Stefan Halper for his shenanigans. It just goes on and on"

Flynn told the New York Times that the CIA has become a very political organization and they have "lost sight of who they work for".

General Flynn had broken ranks with Obama's spy chief, John Brennan, and as he was to become the National Security Advisor to President Trump, he posed a significant threat.

He wasn't just a member of the Trump administration at that point, he was also a direct threat to the CIA director and possibly others who may have been involved in the Obama administration.

If true, this brings clarity to the reason why he would be set up and removed from the Trump administration.

For more on this story, read the Washington Examiner article.

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35 thoughts on “Lawyer: Flynn Was Going To Audit Obama Spy Program Before Setup”

  1. If found guilty, anyone involved in this most heinous act of arming isis, oh and don’t forget gun running weapons to cartels in Mexico, one of the guns that killed BP AGENT BRIAN TERRY, they should suffer the ultimate punishment which should be execution!

  2. I feel i Big pain in my hearth I didn’t born in USA but learn to love this Country respect the laws and respect all law branches but looking what bad politics do is just to hard for me America deserve people stay united no hates no politics plays and all law departments have to be non politics sorry if all are true those law departments will never recover the American trust no more

  3. The real tragedy is that absolutely nothing is going to happen to anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal no matter what is discovered.
    No one has the courage certainly to go after The Great Obama.
    There will be lots of news, talk, and speculation, but no one will be prosecuted.

    1. I am sad to say I agree with your comment.

      If this had been a beat cop or local politician they would already be serving jail time.

      I pray we are both wrong, all evidence is brought to lights, evaluated by a jury and then the chips fall where they may.

    2. I think I agree with your comment.

      If this had been a local beat cop (lieing to court to fet a warrant) or a local politician, they would be serving jail time already.

      I pray we are both wrong for the sake of our country.

      May all off the evidence come to light, a jury hear exactly what happened and then the chips fall where they falk.

  4. I absolutely believe this article. Flyn was an honest guy who was in a position to expose all the crap in the Obama administration and they wanted him out of the picture!!! This is the crux of the Flynn set-up. Good work Sidney Powell! Look at the expense to the American taxpayers for this coup. These losers were collecting a salary, the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment proceedings. We should all be LIVID! These people need to be held ACCOUNTABLE! ASAP!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, I have thought this for the last several years. Obama had the most dishonest political operatives in the history of our country, Shame on him, I NEVER voted for him, something always told he me was BAD for this country and would work to hurt this country. and I was RGHT.

  5. I want to see them all stood up in front of the firing squad one at a time. Make the HalfBreed watch as his cohorts all die for his agenda. Then pull the plug on him….

  6. Obama is a Terrorist Backing Muslim, that is out to destroy this wonderful Nation by his evil doings. I do not understand why some people are still backing him.. it is clear what he is. I do not understand why he has such power he was a nobody and is still a nobody of any importance just another terrorist. I was hoping when he was elected that it would be good for people of color to have a president, but this was not the one that would make them proud, unless they are blind, and many of them are color blind, they back him no matter what because is is of color. Now, they need to go a step farther and think are they Christians because if they are they can’t back this terrorist because he is not a Christian and is out to destroy Christians. People need to wake up and see him for what he is… NOTHING… just a sleezy anti-American terrorist, that has attacked us from within our own government.

  7. This brings the crimes to a new level, if proved true, We are talking treason it no longer is just partisan evils. They gave support and comfort to the enemy. If the liberals and msm try to white wash this none of them will be safe ever again.

  8. Those of us who read evidence of Obama’s agenda to degrade our country in all facets particularly militarily are vindicated by this disclosure of actual anti-American efforts on behalf of two pro-Muslim anti-Americans – Brennan and Obama. Not all ws hidden as Obama tacitly supported the terrorist attacks on our own soil. His cold shoulder or half assed appearances following attacks and murders of American citizens by islamic terrorists throughout his 8 devastating years was evidence enough. He was voted in for the color of his skin but many voters didn’t expect where his true allegiances were devoted – muslim countries outside the US. May he be dealt with justice here and after his life is over.

    1. One has to keep in mind that except for the 5% or so of blacks who are red-white and blue pro-American patriots (republicans) the vast majority of blacks hate the United States of America and are easily swayed to convert to muslim and communism.

  9. Nothing surprised me only more as far as Obama is concern. I only hope that he gets Martial Court for Treason.
    It is mined blowing what this guy and his cronies did a short time. Wake up America.

  10. Brennan and Clapper were both bought and paid for by Obama and the Clinton Foundation. Only Admiral Mike Rogers (DNSA) was incorruptible, he saw through the scams and had a private conversation with Pres-elect Trump at Trump Tower. This must all come to light soon or the travesty will never come to justice

  11. The Obama Presidency was illegal from the beginning so he was ushered into Office by the US Intelligence Agency that had digressed into corruption and it went on from there. General Flynn and others were caught in the Cross Hairs of this corrupt and lawless regime which began with the Clinton Presidency.

  12. I think that Gen. Flynn should get his old job back. It is way past time to get all the rats out of the Government. I think a good place to start is to force the Government to publish a quarterly statement accounting for all the money spent by all the departments and it should be to the penny. This Government has not accounted for our money in many years now and it is high time they were forced to do so now.

  13. All these clowns working with Obama need to be locked up and the key thrown away. Starting with Obama and Hillary who paid for the whole scheme up front.


  15. Why would anyone be surprised with this stuff, THIS is how communists work. Or in this case, democommunists.

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