House GOP Leadership Fed Up With FBI Director

Reps. Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson laid into the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, in a slicing letter on Monday. In the letter they claim that Wray has not done his job as it pertains to the abuses of the FBI in the Russian collusion scandal.

The recent revelations in the General Mike Flynn case made it clear that the FBI withheld exculpatory evidence in favor of Flynn. Exculpatory evidence is evidence in favor of the defendant that exonerates or tends to exonerate the defendant of guilt.

In the case of Gen. Flynn, the FBI sat on text messages and 302’s (summary notes of FBI interviews written by interviewing agents). In the notes a clear cut attempt to investigate a person in search of a crime is revealed. Gen. Flynn has been awaiting sentencing for lying to the FBI since 2017. Flynn and counsel claims that he was threatened and extorted into a guilty plea.

During this time, going all the way back to 2017, the FBI has had evidence that seems to suggest that Flynn was set up. The evidence is in the form of writing from the very agents that interviewed him. This revelation has House GOP members quite upset and wanting to know why they only learned about this evidence from a court filing and not from the FBI.

"Even more concerning, we continue to learn these new details from litigation and investigations—not from you," the lawmakers wrote. "It is well past time that you show the leadership necessary to bring the FBI past the abuses of the Obama-Biden era."

Has the FBI been protecting itself? Were they willing to let an innocent man, who spent decades in service to his country, go to jail for something that the interviewing agents didn't think he did? If so, then it would seem the FBI exists to serve and protect itself instead of the rule of law and the people of the United States.

In the letter, the two GOP members ask FBI Director Wray to answer questions, including:

"explain whether you or any other member of the FBI’s senior leadership prevented or delayed the disclosure of additional exculpatory information to LTG Flynn and his legal team."

The answers to those questions will be eagerly awaited by those who want to know just what really went on during the Russian collusion investigation.

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29 thoughts on “House GOP Leadership Fed Up With FBI Director”

  1. It may take Decades for the FBI to earn back the Trust that Comey and his Minions threw away !
    I for one do not Trust them any further than I can carry them ! The DOJ is not far behind the FBI for they do not prosecute the GUILTY CRIMINALS within our Government . It seems the powerful do not even get a slap on the hands when they commit their crimes and they get to go unpunished ! Had the common citizen done half of what Criminal Hillary Clinton did with Classified Material they would have been in a Federal Prison for at least 20 years .
    How is it that there are some in Congress that are allowed to LIE to us over and over again and again and avoid being prosecuted but if we lie to them we are prosecuted and sent off to prison ? There is no such thing of fair and equal justice in this Country when there are some that get a free pass no matter what Law they break !

    1. Yes They Do. When ordinary citizens rise up and start having to use force, (vigilantism) to get justice, it will be a sad day, which could have been prevented.

      1. I would love Charles Bronson to come real havoc
        On all the crooks that have broken the law and got away with it. Bill Clinton, Hillary, Comey, McCabe Strok, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Soros, and now Bill Gates

    2. We are the stupid who have to be controlled by the smart, the wealthy and the powerful! We do not count and so therefore we have a two tier justice system, one for them and one for us! We pay for our crimes made up or not and they don’t no matter what they do even if they are caught!

  2. Mr Wray needs to be replaced as FBI Director because he is part of the conspiracy to convict Gen Flynn. Him exposing notes and records exposes him as a conspirator in this wrongful conviction. Exeronation of Gen Flynn is the right thing to do. Gen.Flynn should be named to replace Mr. Wray as FBI Director to insure the events that happened to him NEVER happens to another political candidate for any office.

  3. “Not doing his job” – is putting it mildly. It seems to me that all wray has done is help cover up the abuses to try and save demoTRASH scum involved or the reputation and integrity of the fbi agency. I have not read or heard anywhere that he has helped in the investigation but just the opposite — he has stonewalled the investigation at every turn. I think it is time for President Trump to look for a loyal patriotic honest person to lead the fbi agency — if there are any such people left in DC.

    1. All this time and discussion and yet there are all still running around and collecting their pay. Let’s have some Justice!

  4. Christopher Wray is a Deep State establishment
    Piece of crap. You can see it all over his face the few
    Times he has testified in a public hearing. He also could have already done something about the FBI’s so called
    Hillary investigation. He is on the corrupt FBI side and
    should be replaced immediately with an investigation into
    What he new and when did he know it

  5. It is becoming more and more evident that there are forces within our government that are working to undermine this Republic and bring down President Donald Trump and his cabinet. It appears that they want to reform the present government in the form of socialism that will fit in with a One-World Government. This has been prophesied in Scripture, and it is becoming clear that the leaders of this movement do not believe there is a God, nor do they believe they will one day stand in judgment before Him. They are fools! Scripture defines them this way: “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God!'” (Psalm 14:1). Whether or not these people are held fully accountable for their treason by the government of this Republic is questionable; however the judgment of God is clear! They will lose everything and spend an eternity in torment in Hell!

  6. The letter needs to be stronger. It should say’ “you’re fired” as well as “You’re indicted.”

  7. Given everything that has transpired in the coup d’etat attempt of President Trump and his administration, FBI Director Christopher Wray either has ignored the inherent corruption in the upper management of the FBI and/or turned a blind eye toward it. It is time that Christopher Wray either be replaced or demoted and a new acting director be appointed until President Trump can appoint a strong FBI Director like Trey Goudy or Devin Nunes that could turn the FBI back into a moral, fair, organization that can enforce the law using legal methods without skulduggery that they seem to subscribe to now. How about U.S. Attorney John Durham? This whole corrupt government of Deep State Holdovers needs to be expunged and it needs to be done now.

  8. It’s pretty obvious that Christopher Wray is more interested in protecting the FBI than reforming it…..This is one time that President Trump would be entirely correct to FIRE this slimeball…

  9. i don’t think he has the balls to do anything.but one person i know can do it is barr!hopefully he can convict one and then see them all come to justice!


  11. This Wrey with his arrogant smirk needs go long time ago, like before he was appointed and approved. On why payroll is this guy in, for sure not this administration.

  12. Wray was a long time DC bureaucrat when appointed Director. After Mueller, Comey, and McCabe the FBI need a real law enforcement type to head it not a politician/bureaucrat or DOJ lawyer. If the FBI is ever going to start to function properly again it needs a director who is not part of the current power structure of the FBI, DOJ, or DC. It needs a FBI agent from the boonies, a Police Chief, or Sheriff who will come in and clean out all the politician/bureacurats from their jobs and reassign them as agents across the country or out right terminate them. All the Assistant Deputy Assistant Assistant Directors and above need to be moved out of the FBI building to jobs where they can experience street crime and regain law enforcement skills and shed their political skills.

  13. Apparently they did not go far enough down the chain at the FBI to choose Wray. He is obviously a part of the Deep State and is not for true justice. He is another Democrat shill planted to ruin our country and he needs to go.

  14. Police methodology is not fair or good. The good cop bad cop is exceeded when they extort a “confession” by sleep deprivation , coercion, duress and lies . But it becomes criminal when they conceal exculpatory evidence to suit their purpose. Fortunately these methods have been exposed in the case of Flynn. Se grin Comey again. I wonder how many went to prison from these methods when they were not guilty?

  15. Why didn’t Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson ask Christopher Wray to resign since it was evident that he had no desire to clean his house himself? Also, why did none of the sixth-floor second-tier FBI agents come forward as a whistleblower against those on the seventh floor, now including Wray himself. I think it may be necessary to dismiss or demote every agent on the sixth floor, as well as Wray.

  16. Unfortunately, Wray hasn’t “cleaned up” the FBI, so that they could start to rebuild trust in America with Americans. His continual foot-dragging for requested information has only drawn out the inability of the FBI to start its rebuilding process. It appears that Wray just became “one of the boys” with his deceitful actions, instead of the new Leader that the FBI so needed.

  17. When they going to clean that dept. up. To many Obama hang on’s are still there acting up.

  18. POTUS needs to have a conference with Wray, and explain the need to redeem the FBI and expose thw crime, charge the criminals, and reestablish an honorable agency. Wray should lead or be removed and replaced by an honest Director. Those guilty of obfuscation and deceit should be charged and get the chance to explain their deceitful actions in a court of law, or plead the Fifth so we’ll at last have honesty return to the leading law enforcement agency, and citizen trust begin to be re-established.

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