What Is Going On At Harvard?

Harvard professor, Charles Lieber was charged with lying about his participation in China’s ‘Thousand Talents’ program. The Thousand Talents program is a Chinese government run program that recruits and pays researchers from around the world to conduct research for China, in Chinese labs.

The charge came in addition to two Chinese nationals. They’re all charged in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Lieber is the Chair of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University.

According to the DOJ document, Dr. Lieber has received more than $15 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH – where Dr. Fauci is Director of NIAID – NIAID is one of the institutes that makes up the NIH) and Department of Defense (Dr. Deborah Birx began her career with the DOD).

Why, on Earth, were grants being given to Chinese researchers via Harvard? Was nobody doing their homework at these institutions?

In addition to the Harvard professor being charged with aiding China, we just had a different Harvard professor declaring that homeschooling is dangerous and should be banned. She's concerned that kids may be questioning Science and that homeschooling is a breeding ground for racism.

Now we are finding out that Jeffrey Epstein had much more extensive ties to Harvard than initially reported. According to the Boston Globe, Epstein had a personal office at Harvard that included a dedicated phone line and special fellowship privileges.

Harvard says it received $9.2 million from Epstein between 1998 and 2007. After Epstein's arrest for sex related charges with a minor, Harvard's president barred any more donations from Epstein. That didn't stop the money and relationships from coming in.

Individual professors also continued their relationships with Epstein after the conviction, meeting with him, traveling to his homes, and in some cases benefiting from the financier’s connections to other wealthy donors who could support academic research.

One has to question the quality of people that Harvard is employing at this point. One charged with aiding China as it pertains to diseases, another wanting to ban homeschooling so that your kids can only be taught by the likes of 'exceptional' folks at Harvard, and many others continued their relationship with Epstein and even continued to take money from him.

Harvard seems to be making a solid case in favor of homeschooling. This 'elite' institution is going to have some explaining to do to remain 'elite'.

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16 thoughts on “What Is Going On At Harvard?”

  1. Let’s investigate all the intitutions that get TAX funded money. And question them on how they are spending OUR MONEY? Then put them in JAIL.

  2. Time to make these dens of anti-America institutions accountable for the actions of their liberal ideology and professors. Stop funding any college or university with an endowment fund of more than $5 million dollars. Harvard has an endowment fund of $41 BILLION…let them use that money to pay for tuition aid, scholarships and research.

    1. Yes I agree 90%. I do wonder if $5 million is enough. I would.consider $10 million or some formula based on the number of enrolled students.

  3. what has any of this to do with the education one receives from this heretofore wonderful , respected, admired, aged (in a good way) .

    1. The fact that the Chair of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University is spying for Red China should give all Americans pause. We have seen too often how communist agenda permeates their instruction. It is no wonder that the Liberal media spews the Red Chinese communist party line when they have been taught by Red China’s agents. Having faculty preach anti-Chrisitian bigotry and science denial by claiming that there are more than male and female genders in the human race or in economics that it is possible to tax a nation into prosperity is not good for our country. Having faculty and administration employees being chummy with a convicted pedophile certainly should not give one any hope of good moral standards being set. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. What’s going on at Harvard? You are kidding. The Professor sees an opportunity to give his/her lecture ONE time and then go off on the day or week or month spending the enormous amount of money they are paid. So…if they vote to do this then DEMAND that their salary is cut in half. Then suddenly they will vote AGAINST the proposition. EVERY PROBLEM in this life boils down to money, money, money no matter how eco-devoted you professor claims to be.

  5. That which makes Harvard “exclusive” is their opportunity to pick the top students, not the faculty! The contacts and “club membership” that sustains their reputation!

  6. Thank you for finally seeing some of the things going on with Dr. Fauci, and the rest of the elite. Please continue
    to look into this and stop it.

  7. Ban Home Schooling??? How will America’s children learn to identify all 210 different genders, know which pronoun to use or when to feel offended???

    Bottom line, Karl Marx said it best…..“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions”


  9. Great. What else is new. I am nobody, but I see what is going on in academia and schools. It is mind blowing, USA is allowing this all. Fire all “academia and school teachers” Reexamine their credential, de solve teachers union.
    Start hiring people that care and teach not this BS. And pay accordingly to their qualifications not to teach how to screw mercury light bulb. It is appalling how much money this corrupted so call professor make.

  10. It is time that we the peoples Government shuts down all these worthless colleges who are spreading Marxism, Communism and Muslimism and hatred. I can tell you the people here in MAINE are sick of Common Core it needs to go now. We the people we know what is going on. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Harvard used to be a fine educational institution with good old New England values while I was there (1959-1963), but everything began changing when JFK became President. Harvard became politicized and eventually left-wing liberal while Ted Kennedy was doing his thing – including offing Mary Jo Kopechne and suffering no consequences. This was the beginning of the “Democrat can do no harm” era, taken to its extreme by Bill Clinton who out-womanized JFK and removed shame and guilt from the Democrat vocabulary under the rubric of Political Correctness. This expanded under Hillary to “a Democrat need not fear any legal consequences for actual criminal behavior”, and here we are with Joe Biden denying credible accusations of digital rape by a former staffer, and even being charged that he complimented a busty 14-year old on her endowment. Soon, Biden, Trump and both Clintons will be accused of sexual misbehavior by glancing inappropriately at an activist across a room. All brought to you lovingly by the MSM.

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