This Is Bad – FBI Notes Confirm The Worst Accusations

For years, we heard that General Michael Flynn was a traitor. He is not. He is anything but a traitor, according to newly unsealed documents from the FBI. According to those same documents we may be able to have that conversation about some of the top folks in the FBI and Obama DOJ.

Remember that General Flynn was, briefly, President Trump’s National Security Advisor, and a well-qualified one at that. Gen. Michael Flynn is a 3-star General with over 30 years of service to his country in the U.S. Army, Special Ops, and led the Defense Intelligence Agency. He was forced out in 2014. He was also forced to resign over these allegations we’ll discuss.

General Flynn was accused of lying about his contact with a Russian ambassador. He ultimately pleaded Guilty to lying to the FBI. However, the agents who interviewed him did not think he was lying during the interview. Since then General Flynn has acquired new counsel and motioned to withdraw his plea, citing corruption at the FBI, DOJ, and within the plea deal.


Flynn was represented by Covington and Burling Law Firm. The motion to withdraw the guilty plea also cites ineffective counsel. The Law Firm has since turned over thousands of documents, as requested by court, that seem to include exculpatory evidence.

Guess who's a partner in this law firm?

Former Obama AG Eric Holder.

It's not too hard to believe, now, that the representation of General Flynn could have actually been corrupted as claimed.

Newly unsealed documents about the FBI's interview show that it was a 'setup' plan all along. They didn't follow protocol and give General Flynn any indication he was in an actual 'interview' due to commission of a crime. They actually discussed the best way to interview him without him knowing he was being interviewed.

FBI notes show their planning, going into the discussion:

What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?

Keep in mind, here, that the FBI had no case on him and the Mueller investigation proved they found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Another goal was to get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act. According to The Federalist, the law is "widely viewed as unconstitutional and hasn't been used to prosecute a single American".

an alternate goal is to “get [Flynn] to admit breaking the Logan Act,” a reference to a 1799 law restricting communications between private citizens and foreign governments.

To make matters worse, they now claim that there was a side condition to the plea deal that the judge was unaware of. The Mueller team allegedly gave Flynn the opportunity to plead guilty in exchange for them not going after his son.

Why would the Obama FBI, DOJ, and perhaps a law firm want Flynn prosecuted and removed? Some say it was because he worked for Trump and had information about the Obama administration corruption. Flynn claimed that the Obama administration was arming ISIS and it was a "willful decision" by the Obama administration.

Flynn is waiting on a ruling on his motion to have the entire case dismissed.

For more on this story go to Sean Davis's article at The Federalist.

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14 thoughts on “This Is Bad – FBI Notes Confirm The Worst Accusations”

  1. these people are a disgrace to our country,yes Obama and the bunch they should all go to jail for what they can they destroy any American like this and getaway with it because they hated Trump.this man is a hero to this country and this is what he gets.If they can do it to him what about me or you.the media and the Democrats were right their with then,going right after him it’s such a misuse of justice.

  2. FBI Director James “Saint” Comey MUST be PROSECUTED! This travesty includes the DOJ, CIA, FISA Court and goes all the way to the Obama White House! How much longer will the “investigations” achieve NOTHING! It appears the depth and breadth of the DEEP STATE is so complete, achieving NOTHING, only piles of evidence that simply smolder and stink, while the perpetrators bask in their freedom, write books and make money!

    Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Steele, Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Powers, Rice, Kerry, OBAMA, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WaPo, PBS, left wing, Democrat controlled big city newspapers, Big Tech (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) are all COMPLICIT and are guilty of CRIMINAL CONDUCT!

  3. General Flynn should have his conviction and sentence vacated. The people who railroaded him should be brought to trial before a jury made up of retired military personnel. The result could be a wake up call for those in government who exceed their authority. A long stretch in the pokey should give them time to reflect on their wrongdoing.

    1. Before they go to the pokey they should be made to reimburse General Flynn all the money he had to pay for lawyers. Then throw a 1000% bonus on top of that or the pain & suffering he, & his family, went through.


  4. But to many DRECKFRESSERS, both DEMOCRAPS and simpatyzers, this BLACK MUSLIM;s “presidency”
    was the best the US ever had since Washington’s……
    Interesting nobody saw fit to bring him on the carpet and have this good for nothing explain, as “presidente” of
    the USA, which MISDEEDS did his alleged country of birth commit against the Muslim world, as he did at the Cairo (Egypt) conference soon after his inauguration, in line with his asinine statement of the United States being INDEBTED to Muslims for its independence, making me wonder whether if there was then a single Muslim in
    the 13 colonies, wasn’t he just ONE too many….!!!!

  5. This man’s life has been ruinerd by a collection of corrupt opportunists. He needs to get his life back, and it appears that the latast news may provide grounds for suit.

    If the current court hearing his case is as corrupt as much of our judicial system is, Gen Flynn should get a pardon. His General Officer pension, if it has been revoked, should be restored.

    What a remarkable example of the depths to which people can sink in pursuit of power.

  6. The amazing thing is that we have known about all this crap for well beyond 2 years and I don’t recall any serious consideration given to processing these Assholes. Talk to any democrat in Washington and they will tell you these are American heroes serving their country. Bullshit!!, These are, and were, Thugs, doing whatever they damn well please. I think our only hope lies with Bill Barr. He is the only one with enough balls to do anything to them. God bless America and God bless General Flynn.

    Chuck Nix
    MSG, US Army Retired

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