Why Trump Supporters Should Be Worried

If you’d have asked me 3 months ago what I thought about the latest “Trump is in trouble” poll, I’d have laughed in your face. We had a roaring economy, huge and exciting Trump rallies everywhere he went, and the wind at President Trump’s back.

That has changed. All of it has changed. President Trump isn’t responsible for it but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. The Chinese virus brought a screeching halt to our economy. We went from the best unemployment numbers in history (in many areas) to adding tens of millions without work to the toll. That’s not counting the number of people who will likely be unemployed when this “lockdown” of sorts ends.

We don’t really know when this will end for good. People are struggling financially and $1,200 doesn’t fix that, if you even got $1,200. $5,000 doesn’t fix that if you come out of this in another month without a job.

Don’t take this as a doomsday article or opinion because it’s not. But it is a reality check and the reality may be that, if folks don’t get back to work and able to support their families, they may not be as motivated to get out in November and vote.

A new USA Today/Suffolk University Poll has Biden leading President Trump by 6 points. Do I put all my faith in these polls? No, but we cannot ignore the fact that people are getting fed up with the shutdown and financial burdens are weighing on Americans who have been told by their government that they cannot go back to work.

Fair or not, much of that blame will land directly at the President's doorstep.

There is also a split in opinion about how safe it is to go back to work. It's sort of a catch-22 for the President, as most things are due to media coverage. He won't be a able to make everyone happy; not even among his supporters.

President Trump has promised to fix a "broken system". In my opinion he's had an excellent start but it's nowhere near done and it won't be easy - there will be pain for some. Americans have become accustomed to instant gratification and when we don't get it, we tend to lose faith or get impatient and move on.

Reality says that Biden holds a substantial advantage among women as well.

And while Trump leads among men 46-35 percent, Biden holds a massive 53-30 percent advantage among women.

When the President is holding his rallies, he absolutely kills it. That's his domain. There's nobody like him in that arena. But he can't do that right now and, if there's a resurgence of this virus in the fall, he may not be able to hold rallies on the way to the election in November.

In a debate Biden wouldn't stand a chance - even if, like Hillary, he got the questions ahead of time. But there may not be any debates. Biden could have a "get out of jail free" card with a fall resurgence of the coronavirus.

All of this adds up to a potentially troublesome campaign for President Trump. His strengths could be silenced and, if he's not holding rallies or having debates, there's no doubt the motivation level among his supporters will drop. Not the ardent supporters but the independents that were on the fence or just leaning toward Trump because of all he's done for the economy.

One thing I've learned about President Trump, over the last few years, is that he always has more than one plan. Often, what looks like a dagger to his plan ends up being the dagger he uses.

A lot can and will likely happen between now and November. So, it's not time to panic, yet, but it is time for a reality check. The reality is that this is shaping up to be a fight unlike most of his supporters expected and they will be asked to step up to the challenge.


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22 thoughts on “Why Trump Supporters Should Be Worried”

    1. Trump has done lots of lying,and lots of people just aren’t for him at all and lots never were either..Lots are even questioning whether he isn’t more sick than thought for and also he may not be fit at all for 4 more yrs of being a president…Now is the time to really think about all the Whys?

      1. Edna, you do need to think good and hard. Do you really want to live in bondage under the deep state democrats, and put your children and grand kids in that same condition, where they will not be free? There is much fake news out there when it comes to Trump. Do you know that he does not take any pay for being our president, but donates all of it to charity? There is a lot that is good about president Trump, but you wont hear about it on fake news.

      2. Lying? Where do you get this? Obviously from CNN, MSNBC or other communist media.

        Biden is a crock, liar and mentally unfit. How dare you speak ill of the best president the world ever seen?
        Your socialist party would destroy our country, end up like Cuba and Venezuela.

        Fake polls are paid by the likes of you, which I believe strongly supported by American Jews.


  1. People would need to be extremely ignorant to vote for any democrat. We are Trump supporters because we love freedom. The deep state democrats are about total control of our lives, and that is not freedom at all. I certainly hope that there are not that many dumb dumb’s out there.

    1. Rick , I have 2 fears about the next election. 1 is all the dumb dumb’s and 2 is how much more the democrats will cheat this time. Judicial Watch has been suing states to clean up their voter roles by millions but I wonder if that will be enough.

  2. The democrats are out for world power. They will be glad to share this power with China! Could this pandemic be a result of the left conspiring with China to get rid of the best President our country has had in a very long time? I, as an American citizen and a veteran will always stand to protect my rights. I will not live in a socialistic country where I have no rights, I will not be like a sheep led to slaughter. I wish all Americans on the left would open their eyes and minds to truly see what the democrats want to do. Calling yourself a democrat is the same thing as calling yourself a socialist.

    1. or is it because George Soros owns the lab in wuhan that produced the Virus? China hates Trump and his new trade deal! But the democrats have been trying to crash the economy, first with threats we are in a recession when all was going good, when that didn’t work they had to have something bigger! Trump was doing way too good, their Russia thing fell thru! Their impeachment fell thru! So now this! Hopefully everybody will see that when we go back online how good our economy comes back under Trump! He has a plan to bring us back even stronger then before

  3. Before blaming President on the coronavirus problems they need to ask themselves how the Democrats would have handled it differently and better. All through December, most of January, and part of February Pelosi and her attack dogs, Schiff and Nadler, were up to their eyeballs in impeachment hearing and a Senate impeachment trial trying to convict President Trump of something (they didn’t seem sure of what and I sure as hell won’t try to guess). The coronavirus wasn’t even a passing thought for the Democrats at that time. Once the Senate put a stop to the Democrats insanity they had to find something to bitch about and guess what? You are right. According to the Democrats Trump was the cause of the coronavirus outbreak because he should have stopped it from entering our country. When Trump and his administration took positive action to help the people of this country cope with the health and economic disaster we were facing by flooding the country with cash assistance what did Pelosi and her toadies do? They decided this meant shoveling $25 million dollars to the Kennedy Center and other outlandish ideas that had nothing to do with addressing the needs of the people. Then, to add insult to injury, that AOC woman cried because the government wouldn’t give money to the illegals living in this country. Oh yes, they decided what we really needed was open borders so millions of unemployed and unemployable illegals could join the millions of US citizens already unemployed. It is apparent to any thinking person the Democrats just don’t understand the law of holes. You know, when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging. I simply do not understand why anyone who has to work for a living could even consider voting for these idiots.


  5. That’s right, why pray when you can worry! God knows our needs before we ask Him! Nothing is impossible with Him. We pray that the l Lord will keep him in Office. Lord wills he will in spite of the opposition! The best to all!

  6. I love my president!
    How can any citizen support lying crock Biden? Incompetent and disastrous for our country.
    Evil Pelosi, and her gang, are enjoying paid vacation for 6 weeks. They should be replaced!

    Stand by our great President! America needs him to survive!

  7. Why are all the scum that loves and supports the
    virus that came from Wuhan labs. still here in the
    U.S.A, ship all of the dirty scum to the place they
    love so much and never ever allow the scum back
    into the U.S.A., just to name a few like Obama,
    Bill Gates, the Clintons, Dr. Fauci, Pelosi, A.O.C.
    and all of the DEMONRATS that support the scum…

  8. The fact remains that no matter what, the alternative the Democrats offer is Far worse than anything you could possibly imagine. They are the ones now creating a situation that we may nit be able to recover from by using THEIR Governors to keep holding the economy back from returning to normal in hopes of dashing President Trumps plant to safely get back to business. President Trump did it once before and that proves he can do it again. The Democrats shown you all these years how they can hold you back so they can grow government and keep more people dependent on the government. That is what socialism does, it keeps you believing that they are smarter than you and you NEED them to take care of you. Problem is government is dependent other people’s tax dollars to do that with and because it is not sustainable over time! Right now the only platform the Dems have is BEAT TRUMP and give you everything free.( and that is NOT sustainable). And they will do it with a man who is sick and can not nor ever will be able to think straight again. So you will then have a some one running this country that you didn’t elect. President Trump has shown you what he can and HAS done before so why wouldn’t you believe he can and will do it AGAIN! He is fighter and has been fighting against all odds to MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN for ALL of the People, unlike anyone else has ever done for this country and US. He deserves a chance to finish what he started . Why would you Now reward the people who have done NOTHING but lied and manipulated you ALL THESE YEARS just so they can have All the POWER AND CONTROL over you and your lives that they so DESPERATELY want again. Send those Democrats a Strong message that is LOUD AND CLEAR, that they will NEVER forget. VOTE TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020! And vote Republican In 2020 to take back House and keep Senate so the Democrats can’t get in the way of the progress of MAKING AMERICA TRAIN again. Watch President Trump win for YOU AGAIN!

  9. TRUMP TSUNAMI LANDSLIDE 2020. Joke Biden another pedophile and CRIMINAL CAREER THUG Puppet!

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