Pelosi Attacks Trump Ban, Supports Universal Basic Income

We’re starting to see a pattern here. When the country is in need of immediate assistance or helpful legislation by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, they use that as an opportunity to push agendas that have been consistently voted down by the people.

Congress is considering another relief package for the shutdown during this pandemic. The Democrat controlled House has held it up and then added their own ‘wants’ into each relief package so far. Remember when they tried to sneak in funding for Planned Parenthood? Or when they wanted changes to the voting process in order get money out the door to struggling small business?

Now Pelosi has her eye on Universal Basic Income. An idea put forward by Bernie Sanders and The Squad.

Pelosi said on “MSNBC Live” a minimum guaranteed income is “perhaps” now “worthy” of getting looked at being added into the next funding package.

So, there may be some merit to the claim that Pelosi is no longer running the show for the Democrats in the House.

She didn't stop there, though. Pelosi also went on the offensive, railing against President Trump's decision to stop travel from China early on in the outbreak. She claims it wasn't as effective as the White House says it was.

“Actually tens of thousands of people were allowed in from China, it wasn't as it was described as this great moment,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “So if you're going to shut the door because you have an evaluation because of an epidemic, then shut the door.”

President Trump had mentioned, in a press conference, that the people that came from China were U.S. citizens. If true, that's another point of hypocrisy from the left as they were criticizing the President when American citizens were stuck overseas shortly after the travel ban.

Just to clarify, the ban was racist, xenophobic, and undercutting the international efforts at first. Then of course the Democrats said they supported it the whole time. Now it's back to being a bad idea that didn't work out.

Let's wait til next week, maybe even tomorrow, to see how they feel then.

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28 thoughts on “Pelosi Attacks Trump Ban, Supports Universal Basic Income”

  1. Pelosi would let our diplomatic personnel be caught in a dangerous situation just like Hillary. The “Squad ” now has 5 members. The demo party is becoming a socialist party. If I were in it I would leave it now or say that that is what I believe in. They want to bankrupt this country just to get rid of the President.

    1. Correction: The Democrat party has been a socialist party since at least the late 1930s. Think FDR’s “New Deal” and his internment of the Japanese. Who else rounds up people and puts them into detainment simply because the government doesn’t like them? USSR, Red China, North Korea, NAZI Germany, etc etc.

  2. Who is controlling Nasty Nancy. The is someone talking into her ear to lead her. That’s something we must find out. Her ind is going along with Biden’s and it is happening fast. We as True Americans must continue to push back harder than they are pushing toward socialism.

    1. Dot. The person who is talking into her ear is Obama, He’s telling them what to do and they do it. How nice is that. Not at all nice. He needs to get out of politics, keep his mouth shut and move to Kenya for the rest of his life.

  3. Who is controlling Nasty Nancy. There is someone talking into her ear to lead her. That’s something we must find out. Her mind is going along with Biden’s and it is happening fast. We as True Americans must continue to push back harder than they are pushing toward socialism.

  4. Democrats say what Democrats say, they say what people want to hear but do what they want to do. Pelosi has never cared about the American people nor her own California constituents, she only cares what her “handlers” pay her to care about. She is definitely power hungry and thinks she is queen – like Marie Antoinette (“let then eat cake” …”ice cream”). She cares nothing for the average American, who, unfortunately, gave her the power she has. Democrats (the loyal, true blue hard working voters) please “wake up” and look at who is really “getting the job done”. Your party is headed in the wrong direction (i.e., open borders, socialism, abortion {killing babies up to birth}, gay rights, etc.). You gave your leaders the power to do these things to America, take it away by walking away. You were not born a Democrat, you chose to be a Democrat. Now you can make the choice to walk away, I did and so can you – it just takes a single step (in the right direction).

    1. Well put, Samurai Larry. I also was once a democrat. I switched when liberal George McGovern was nominated as Presidential candidate. Looking at today’s communist/socialist democrat makes McGovern almost look like a die hard conservative. Let’s reelect Donald Trump and give him more Republican help in both congressional houses.

      God Bless America and God Bless our President

      Chuck Nix
      MSG, US Army Retired


    Here is a little insight for you; John O. Brennan is a domestic enemy.
    James Comey is a domestic enemy. Hillary Clinton is a domestic enemy, as is
    Nancy Pelosi. Andrew McCabe is a domestic enemy, and so is Rod Rosenstein.
    Maxine Waters is a domestic enemy and so is that nasty, lying rat Adam Schiff.
    Steny Hoyer is a domestic enemy simply because he allowed all of this
    DNC crime to go unchecked. Mitt Romney is a domestic enemy because yup,
    he’s been on the take, accepting monies via The Ulkraine Laundramat, and he might as well be a Democrat. Bruce Ohr is a domestic enemy, and that constipated fat-ass
    Jerry Nadler is a domestic enemy too. That evesdropping son of a bitch
    James Clapper is a domestic enemy as is Peter Strozck. Charles Schumer is a domestic enemy and a criminal-pedophile as well. John Podesta is a domestic enemy who just happens to be Vladimer Putin’s financial advisor. Debbie W.Schultz is a domestic
    enemy, and at one time was Podesta’s lover! Donna Rice and Vallerie Jarrett are domestic enemies, and still work for That FAUX POTUS OBAMA, and he’s a domestic enemy too! Joe Biden is a domestic enemy but he isn’t aware right now of actually who he is. His wife Jill knows, but she ain’t saying that this is really all about her unending
    desire to be 1st-Lady-domestic enemy. Pretty much, if you add in ‘The Squad’ and the rest of the dense-brain idiots on The Left Side of The House, The DNC IS OUR DOMESTIC
    ENEMY. Practice, shoot-straight. There are a lot of domestic enemies to defend Our Republic, against!

  6. Sammuri larry. the pure pedophile is non other than Adam Bug-Eyed Shifty Shift. Check out Laura Loomers website. It will make you sick.and angrier than you’ve ever been.

  7. It’s time to get this old bag out of congress. No matter what the president does, she opposes it. Her, Schumer and Shiff have to be removed so we can get this country right. They should be picking grapes at Pelosi’s vineyard with all the illegals that they want brought into our country.

  8. Nasty Piglousy is an arrogant, conceited anti American socialist who wants to flood the US with millions of illegal criminal invaders so that they vote the DemonCRAX (substitute P for the X) socialist/communist) Party, leading to the total destruction of the US by these selfish idiots. She has selfishly EFFED the US for more than 30 years. This nasty, immature, egotistical B!TCH has a mean streak of cruelty that will eventually destroy the goodness of the US if she is allowed to retain her power, and the idiots who voted for her for so many years and her party supporters need to be stripped of their rights to vote. Very important for everyone to remember that Nasty Piglousy comes from a crime family background that goes back to her father as the Mayor of Baltimore, Thomas D’Allesandro. She has lived a life of privilege and contempt for the American people.

  9. Didn’t you walk down in Chinatown in February after the virus was known to all? Aren’t you the woman that took her bare hand and wiped her snotty nose on camera during a speech last week? Aren’t you the one that held up money from needy Americans? So what makes you think that the majority of Americans don’t see through what you’re trying to accomplish. Universal basic income is just a fancy label for socialism. We’re not having any of that. Nancy you need to realize if you like it the majority of us are against it.

  10. They should be called SSS Stup!d and Sen!le Socialists! Read Lenin’s maxims and you’ll recognize them for what they are. Ruin the Republic just to Become USSA.

  11. Senile Squeeker Nancy Pelosi (DPOS-CA) supports Universal Basic Income (UBI), paid for by US taxpayers!

    Nancy put down your ice cream spoon and your expensive ice cream taken from your $24,000 freezer. Then insert your UBI proposal where the Sun never shines.

    Don’t forget to nclude your bloated Democrap fat head, and the Brainless Trust Stenty Hoyer and James Clyburn!!



  13. I believe that if you check out the 1936 Constitution of the USSR you will find ‘universal basic income’ in that document. Definitely will find “Medicare for All” and free college.

  14. We have to support a republican President, House and Senate in November. We have to win so we can save our country for our children, grand children, and great grand children. The democrats and Pelosi are just as evil and power hungry as they can be. Please Father protect your people from these animals.

  15. Communist, Socialist, Dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This person and her supporters need to be eliminated from our Capitalist Democratic Republic ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. The Zaphid Beeblebrox of changeable opinions and posturing with the advantage of hindsight the Leftist Democrats will promise anything to gain power which they will never relinquish. They know nothing , never toil or sweat, neither do they spin but that which is lies thru the new Tass and Pravda right here on TV and internet in the new USA. Our president did the best he could under the attack of Wuhan Corona virus. Now if the Democrats are given all the power they will solve all our problems with the finality rendered by Trotsky, Lenin, and Stalin.

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