Schiff Doesn’t Think You Deserve To Know

There was a day when the media would have been foaming at the mouth if they found out that the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was blocking the release of declassified transcripts about a White House scandal. There would be a race, amongst journalists, to find out what is being hidden and why.

Instead, it seems only a few mainstream journalists even care to report on it. Sara Carter and Mollie Hemingway are two of those journalists.

According to Sara Carter, patience is running short among those in the Trump administration, Intelligence Communities, and Congress as it pertains to transcripts already declassified regarding the Russian collusion hoax.

The transcripts were declassified all the way back in the fall of 2018 but still haven’t seen the light of day. His own House Intelligence Committee voted in bipartisan fashion to release the transcripts.

Why haven't they seen the light of day? A Sara Carter source says it's simple:

Schiff obviously wants to control what people see in a desperate bid to keep the discredited Russia collusion narrative alive.

Remember, Adam Schiff claimed he had 'direct evidence' that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Devin Nunes (R-CA) was Chairman of the House Intel Committee in 2016 and attempted to find out why the Obama administration was spying on him. "Schiff fought him every step of the way".

Nunes, who was on the Sara Carter show last month, says there are many transcripts that Schiff is hiding and preventing the public from seeing. The list of testimonies include:

  • Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson
  • James Clapper
  • Roger Stone
  • Andrew McCabe
  • Donald Trump Jr.
  • former Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta
  • Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman (former DOJ lawyer)
  • Marc Elias (Clinton Campaign General Counsel that hired Fusion GPS)

Carter notes that John Solomon released a letter in which Schiff ordered  the transcripts not be shared with anyone associated with President Trump.

“Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President,

If Schiff has nothing to hide, now that the brutal Mueller investigation found no evidence of collusion with Russia by Trump or anyone on his campaign, then why is he blocking transcripts that have already been approved for release?

How long will he be able to block them? What if Democrats win in 2018? Will that information ever become public? Will it take 30 years to come out so that everyone involved will be long gone?

The public has a right to know and if journalists were doing their job, they would be putting pressure on Schiff to release the information to the public. But they're not, with the exception of an exceptional few.

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30 thoughts on “Schiff Doesn’t Think You Deserve To Know”

  1. Because this m’iffin SChitt is guilty as fuque……he is involved in all the hoaxes he perpetrated. How can we hold this scumbag accountable for what he put our country thru for 3+ yrs. He must be put before a firing squad. A shotgun blast between those bug eyes should do it. Let me pull the trigger.

    1. Hey, 13th Apostle, if you think that is bad, just wait til the Democrats get control of the House and Senate and the Presidency…there will be NO more elections..they will turn the country inot a socialists/communist style of government and spend the country into bankruptcy…we will ultimetly become a 3rd world country with a dictator type of leadership….we are just 1 election away from all that beginning to take place….if you are a consertative or 2nd amendment supporter you will be eliminated or become a slave to the immoral liberal agenda…..this is not just my opinion….read the Bible (especially what is prophisied in the last days….Russia, China will flourish while this country will go by the wayside..

  2. Schiff-TT, would not like the conversation he and I would have , if we were to meet face to face, and the more people around to hear the conversation the better, The most WORTHLESS POS in FEDERAL government next to schumer and pelosi and nadler, was going to add boogerlips barry but he is officially out of the USA GOVERNMENT , so I had to leave him off the list, along with brennan, clapper, rosenstein,mccabe comey, ohr, stozke and page, and of course bonnie and clyde clintons and soros .

  3. What’s to prevent conservative members of that committee from releasing the transcripts? It’s not as if they could be prosecuted for releasing classified material. The transcripts have already been cleared for release. Come on Devon, show these transcripts the light of day. The American public has a right to know what’s in them. And why haven’t the conservatives who contributed to these transcripts spoken up?

    1. To impeach Schiffty, the House has to impeach him, which means the Republicans need to take back the House. It can be done in November if people are smart. Otherwise, it’ll never happen. Schiffty is one sick and paranoid person and needs a mental exam. McConnell disappoints me at lot more than he makes me happy but if the Dems take the Senate this Nov., we’ll really be in trouble. Remember that, too, in Nov.

  4. Adam Schiff claimed he had ‘direct evidence’ that President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. This man was thinking he could get away from this. Atty. Durham should start prosecuting these actors in Russian Collusion Hoax. Schiff is one of the prosecution target. He cannot deny it. THERE WERE LOTS OF VIDEO EVIDENCES KEPT BY CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, OANN, ABC, CBS ABOUT THESE REMARKS HE MADE 2 YEARS AGO. Atty. Durham should start the prosecution before election. I do not think these actors are above the law.

  5. Adam “Little Turd” Schiff should take this man’s advice.Some people do need to be injected with #disinfectant, or at least gargle with it. That way they won’t spread the virus, lies and hatred when talking,” Hu Zhaoming

  6. Schiff needs to be taken behind wood shed , and taught why you need to tell the truth not hide . He acts like the kid that has the ball and no one want him on the team but he has the ball . The Dems in todays world have taken the TEAM AMERICA and covered it in swamp . The American people in years past would rally and become one for the GOOD OF AMERICA now this petty Dems has divided the team in to we and they and are in the process of destroying AMERICA .

  7. Some in Congress are apparently not aware that, under our Constitution, the Senators and Representatives are supposed to work together for the benefit of the people who elected them. This is more obvious as time passes, and it is obvious that many of these people are working for themselves and “using” the people! One day they will stand in judgment before the God they deny and will lose everything! Every dirty deal will be exposed, and they will receive the due penalty for their actions! Too bad!

  8. Schiff is a true pig face looking donkey dick licker if I have ever seen one. He is so corrupt, smelly rotten dirty filthy democrud politician prick that ever walked the face of this earth and I mean every word. He and his girl friends Pelosi and Little fat boy Nadler have wasted enough in our country to feed the hungry of our country for years.

  9. I might care less if I read in the paper that Adam Schiff caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Along with his cronies AOC, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, and a few more in Congress. Tired of the damage these “congresspeople” have done to the USA…

  10. It has become Evident that the Democratic U.S Members of the House of Representatives is Holding or blocking the release of the declassified transcripts about a White House scandal due to the fact that the information will reveal the depth of dirt and guilt of the Previous Administration’s major Players. Could have a Stairway leading all the way to Oval Office of #44. Just Saying. That would indicate there could be Dirt on the hands of the Democratic Leaders of the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.. Mr. Adam & Mr. Jerry, I see a Plow coming to uncover and turnover the Field of Democrats. I want HONEST GOVERNMENT to return to the CONGRESS of the U.S.A.

  11. I think that there must to somebody above Pelose the Crook that can force him to realize these documents. Documents are not his, belong to US Citizens. This House of Cards better cramp or we are so screwed.

  12. How the state of California managed to send people such as Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, Harris, etc. to Congress is beyond comprehension. The entire group isn’t worth the powder to blow their brains out. But, I shouldn’t be surprised because we are talking of California and the voters in their Districts and the state will continue supporting them even as people are leaving in droves.

  13. America needs to know.
    Adam Schiff should be removed.
    He has not right to block documents that have been declassified.
    America needs to stand up and get rid of Schiff and release the documents.
    Your vote in 2020 means more than you know.
    We need to vote so that Adam Schiff is gone, and our freedoms and liberty are recovered.

    Get rid of Adam Schiff

  14. Journalist, oxymoron for ‘I’m getting paid by one or more billionaire individuals and or corporations to sit on my dimpled arse and do as little to nothing as I possibly can’. Why do our institutes of ‘higher learning’ with their schools of journalism turn out nothing but turn out mostly leftist hacks who are not quite sure where, if and when they had their last bowel movement. I do believe America’s disgust with journalists and the media is about to surpass the innate hate we have for Washington, D.C. and the self-serving political maggots that reside there.

    1. journalists are the people who weren t smart enough for real know like doctors, lawyers, engineers, chemists..the people who actually contribute to society instead of sponging off it with their pathetic, childish attempts to get attention for themselves

  15. Why on earth does anyone vote for a crooked politican like this guy. But then again that would 90 per cent of democrats and all rhinos would have to be voted out…that my friends would be draining the swamp!

  16. He is a very creepy little ugly man. Needs to be in JAIL or PRISON for TREASON. His Mother must be so Proud to have produced such a great member to Sciety, r what;s left of it. Money truly is the root of all EVIL. Like Nancy Pelosi who can afford a $25,000 freezer for her over-priced ice cream while other People in America can’t pay there car payments, mortgages, buy clothes for their children let alone over-priced groceries that destroy your health, Thank You Monsanto aka Bayer who made the poisonous gases for the concentration camps in WW II. You got it, they don’t just make aspirin. I Personally BOYCOTT all of their products. What a Sad State of Affairs. What’s even worse is the fact that Hitler was a Jew, Same with Stalin, Marx etc. Sick and tired of these people getting away with MURDER.

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