This Proves President Trump Is Not Anything Like President Obama

You might remember a time back in January 2016 when Iran captured a US Navy boat and 10 Sailors. The video of the capture was put on television everywhere, provided by the Iranian news. Of course the US media ran with it as well. It was actually a bit embarrassing for the US military.

An investigation of that incident found that some of our sailors ‘did not meet the high standards expected of them’.

According to the report, some of the Navy sailors gave up their passwords to their laptops, cellphones and sensitive data about their ships to their Iranian captors.

Other reports had said the morale of the US military was low. One could imagine being captured by an enemy and wondering if your country was going to come to your rescue. After what happened in Benghazi it would be understandable, though still not acceptable, if a soldier had doubt that leadership would come to the rescue.

On Obama's watch we saw our soldiers and Ambassador massacred, in Benghazi, with no help to stop it until it was basically over. We saw Iran capture a Navy boat and its sailors while they broadcasted it all over in an attempt to embarrass the US.

How did Obama handle that? He sent Iran pallets of cash.

Enter President Donald J. Trump.

With reports that Iran was harassing our US Navy warships, like mosquitos at a picnic, President Trump gave the order to put a stop to it. No playing around.

President Trump tweeted:

I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.

That's it. Iran knows President Trump is not a weak leader. They know they can't steal from us or attack us without consequence. And President Trump surely isn't going to send them cash for it.

The world knows President Trump is much stronger than Obama was. They know our military is stronger and Trump's 'peace through strength' approach seems to be working.

When the US military was tested by Russia in Syria 2018 - the Russians found out we were for real and the new leader was no pushover. These Russian mercenaries fired at the US position in Syria and they were obliterated in minutes - and that was that.

President Trump is nothing like President Obama.


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55 thoughts on “This Proves President Trump Is Not Anything Like President Obama”

  1. No he is not he is one dumb MTF President Obama is a leader he thinks things out and get military advise on battles trump rushes in head first look at all the solders that where hurt in that Russian affair some of them are still battling for there life and the other with Iran what is he trying to do start WWR 3 while we have this virus going on we don’t have a leader right now we have I don’t k ow what to call him SMH stay safe everyone because if you are looking for him to save you forget it

    1. Appeasement doesn’t work. That was the lesson learned in WWII. It didn’t work when the pallet of cash was delivered to Iran. People died in Benghazi, there was no response from the ever so thoughtful ex-President Obama, because he had no idea what to do. The Russian mercs fired first. Our troops responded. That is what troops do. They defend themselves. Trump backed them up, Obama didn’t.

      1. Praise the Lord for sending such a strong businessman leader who is a Christian and loves America!🙏🙏🙏

        America was founded on Christian principles and needs to return to our roots and our Constitution!

    2. Oh Otis,
      I’ll pray for you that God will relieve you of your utter ignorance and hatred .
      As for Obozo really a good President ? Really wow when his own fake media caught him in dozens of lies. He’s a Muslim terrorist pretending to be an American . He sold us our every time he opened his mouth and his actions were even worse . Thank God we have someone although not perfect in the Oval Office who believes in the almighty and this COUNTRY . Something you Otis have seemed to hate .

      1. kim, by Otis response, he has let America now that he is also an islamic terrorist, who hates America. He is so dumb that he leave people dumbfounded.When people listen to him and do not say anything does not mean they agree with him, but, they are so dumbfounded that they cannot respond to his stupidity. lol. …He needs to get a real life.. Obozo’s ineptitude almost ruined this great nation.

      2. Kim, while I praise your enthusiasm, and dedication to your Christian faith, I also think your “throwing your pearls before (a) swine…” If he truly believes what he just spewed from his face, then I see no “hope” short of death to convince him he is so wrong. Obozo repeatedly lied, along with every one of his Cabinet, and staff, to the American people. While I personally don’t believe the Obama’s, Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Schiff’s, or Clinton’s will ever see “justice” in this lifetime, I would like to say one thing…They “DAMN” sure will when they stand before God Almighty…each and everyone will give an account. God Bless President Trump, and PLEASE, Bless America, again?

    3. Otis get your head out of the muck. Obama was NO LEADER he tried to Destroy our country and he’s still trying. Do your research on Barry Santoro he is a COWARD President Trump would never give any counrty a pallet of money or watch any Americans be slaughter or Bow down to any foreign government.

    4. God put trump on the top for a reason thank you for all you have done you are one of the greatest president we ha e ever served in Washington

    5. Hey Otis, is your real name Neville Chamberlain? Did you pay any attention to the crap Obummer was pulling while he was in office? Letting people die, drawing imaginary Red Lines. Wake up and find out what is really going on before you knock a good president.

    6. Are you serious. Obama would not have even protected Our country. The military was in shambles. I worried every day what Obama was going to give up. THIS PRESIDENT LOVES our COUNTRY AND US. what a fool you are

    7. evidently you don’t know what a leader is!i remember when those scumbags had 43 of our men held prisoner becaus e of another weak leader carter.when reagan was sworn in he had promised during the election that they would hear from him..the day after he was sworn in they released them.not a shot fired just fear in those scumbags because he meant what he said!i server two tours in nam because of the other two weak leaders kennedy and johnson!whatever happened to the line in the sand! what a joke!

    8. Obama’s weakness provoked instability. Just like a weak parent, Obama encouraged mischief. Obama’s so-called “thoughtfulness” was a cover-up for being afraid to act and protect the country. How did “thoughtfulness” work out in Benghazi?

    9. their right thank GOD he isn’t like obama or we would all be muslim or dead… those other countries no they can’t use TRUMP and run over him like hey did obama and drain americans tax dollars like they did obama and biden and they no that TRUMP will take care of his country and it’s legal citisen’s above all else so you can take obama AND HIS TRANNIE BETTER HALF AND biden AND STICK THEM …..GO TRUMP 2020

    10. “B.S.” You are so full of yourself, what was that quote that Obama was so famous for ,Donald Trump will never bepresident. when your own brother and grandmother said they were voting for Donald Trump that doesn’t speak well of Number. # 44 … But you keep dreaming and fantasizing about your bosom buddies Obama and you have a good day☀️

      1. Am I the Only ONE???
        Meaning: All MSM Assuming they Knew MORE than We The People & Hollywood FAKES like De Niro & T. Hanks & G. Clooney & B. Steisand & Lesbians & Gays & Most Blacks & Most Hispanics & Tons of Whites &&&& The Serial Pervert Rapist B. Clinton & 666 Crooked Hillary &&& The Liar Gay Illegal Alien so called USA Prez B. Obama … they ALL said D. Trump would Never be Prez.
        Has Any of them Ever Admit that they were Wrong? Have Any of them ever said that D. Trump PROVED THEM ALL WRONG???

    11. Otis you know Obummer got us into 5 more conflicts dropped 30000 more bombs then Bush. over threw the democratically elected government of Honduras which has created a humanitarian crisis. Almost messed up Egypt as well on his way to bombing brown people all over the region. The Arab Spring remember that. it was actually the whole middle east on fire creating a huge wave of migration into Europe. Yasser Arifat once said we have the greatest biologically weapon in the world. The Arab woman’s Womb. Draw your own conclusions from there. And no were not looking to government to save us. AS USUAL get the F out the way and let Americans go back to work. Between the Stanford study and the NYU study this thing has been way overblown and they know it. These new anti body study’s confirm that this is all on par if not less lethal then the flu. And we have a vaccine for the flu!!!!! This is all coordinated hype by the NIC and the media. Only thing we need to be saved from is ignorant people like you.

    12. You mean when he said Benghazi was over a video protest, or the beer summit, or letting ISIS cross the open desert freely and unobstructed and they could of been wiped out, or giving the worlds greatest terrorist nation over $150 billion, or giving the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion, or gun running at the southern border that lost the guns and the cartel got the gums and killed people, that made the AG Holder quit, or over $850 billion for shovel ready jobs, or all the solar,wind, failed jobs, or the failed obamacare, or the open border,do you really need more,

    13. Please explain how a British subject who became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia is a natural-born citizen of the USA as required by our Constitution.

  2. President Trump is nothing like the poser Barry Oblunder. DJT has a spine and the world knows it. Oblunder has jelly for a backbone and anyone that thinks otherwise need look no further than his 8 year “reign” of sycophantic behavior. Constant apologies to the world for America and do nothing approach to attacks on American military personnel. If that isn’t enough to set your mind on the proper course then his $150 billion ransom payment to the mullahs which has been used by Tehran to fund world terrorism should convince you.

    Iran, you better watch your backside bcuz orange man takes no shit from little pissant countries like you!

    God bless President Trump and god bless America!!
    TRUMP/PENCE in 2020 MAGA KAG!!!!

  3. Praise God we have a President with the backbone and true Patriot to stand up to our worst enemy . I pray God’s continued protection over this man and his administration.
    I’m also praying for this country which God created his mercies and to give our leaders wisdom , knowledge protection from those who try to destroy what God created.

  4. When Nasty Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats call President Trump a weak leader they are just using propaganda to make the President look bad because they want him out of the White House. The Democrats also know that Trump is exposing them for the corrupt party they are and they don’t like it. The only ones that Trump is a danger to are corrupt, traitorous, unlawful Democrats and other anti-American anti-Trump idiots in Congress and elsewhere.


  6. Thank God we got us a President with enough guts to bring back glory to this great Country and Nation. No playing around. You people out there that want to down this Country just bring it on. It’s about time the sleeping giant woke up and he has. now let’s give this great President 4 more yrs, give him the house and keep the senate and now turn him loose and let him go. See what wonders will aspire from this.

  7. I can’t believe that there are so many stupid people that actually liked Obama. Maybe because Trump is so much a stronger president that it’s made Obama look like such a weasel! America strong! Trump strong! We will get through this because of our strength! Trump 2020! We thank-you for showing us all the corruption that has been hid from us for so many years!

  8. If people cannot see the difference in P. Trump and Obuma then somebody doesn’t have their eyes and ears on. I still cannot forget those soldiers on the rooftop in Benghazi waiting for help from our President and lying H. Clinton and none came and they died for want of a Country that didn’t back them. I can only imagine what now P. Trump would have done. those guys would still be with us today. P Trump would have been on call and in the room giving the orders to go get our boys. I cry when I think about those men who had the want to, the nerve, the pure guts to go and give their lives, but they thought P. Obumer would back them and he let them and this country down.. That one disgusting act from Obumer and H.C. should have been enough to send both of those traitors packing. If this country goes to the polls and elects Criminal Joe Biden and company President, then we don’t have a Country and everyone get ready for Obumer to be calling the shots and we are screwed and tattooed.

    1. You are so right about Obiden, Obama will be running the country, sleepy Joe can’t remember the date of 911
      Or speak in complete sentences without stumbling
      And all he does is praise Obummer, God help us if he should get elected which would be illegally for sure especially if the Demorats push for mail in votes only, President Trump is the
      Strongest man ever in the Presidency, he finally is saying it like it is to the fake media that they hated him before he even got elected , remember the Demorats said we will just impeach him and they did on nothing but lies and corruption
      God I wish the bitch Pelosi would be gone and Schumer and Schiff and Nadler , they are hateful despicable and could care less about what is really best for Americans

  9. I love Pres. Trump for being tough. Obama was a weak Pres. and I am glad he is gone . We are blessed to have President Trump, God is on his side. I feel safe with him.

  10. For one important thing, President Trump IS AN AMERICAN BORN IN AMERICA.
    Obamass was, by his own admission, was born in Kenya AND NEVER SHOULD HAVE
    BEEN ELECTED TO OFFICE. He is and always has been a Muslim and ANTI-AMERICAN.
    I think that the DemonRATS knew this and covered it up.

    1. Earl you are so right, we are a graphics company and took his birth certificate that was out on line and pulled the layers
      Apart using our software programs, you can see the date changes and changes to where he was born, he Was not
      Born in America and should never have been in the a senate let alone President of OUR great country, it was said George Soros backed him and pushed him into OUR government
      So sad something could not be done to kick him out of America and send him packing back to Kenya😡

  11. We can be proud to be Americans with such a brave, no-nonsense leader as President Trump. He has raised the status of our country in the eyes of the world. Even in this trying time of the pandemic, he takes control of the nuisance gunboats. Nothing escapes his attention.


  13. I will vote for President Trump again, he is the best thing to ever happen to our country, America was doing so very well
    Until this gosh awful virus emerged in our country, of course
    The Demorats will blame President Trump, he is doing everything known about this virus to stop the spread, what a hard decision for him to shut down the greatest economy America has had in years but saving American lives
    Is first , you can’t have a country if the people are sick and some dying, . America will rebound just give her time
    And if opened slowing and people are careful and respectful
    Of others we will survive, prayers to our President and VP Pense and staff for a great job.


  15. We are grateful that President Trump is not like Mr. Obama. He was a very weak President. We simply Praise GOD President Trump is a square shooter type President. We do pray for HIM daily. We totally support His next
    election. We pray that GOD will squarely elect President Trump, and make Him Wise and Discerning. I just wish GOD would get tired of the democratic leadership in Congress, and shut them up! Sincerely, Martin and Janice Buehring

  16. Obama was a coward and a puppet. The night that Benghazi occurred, Obama couldn’t even be found and Hillary went back to sleep after the call. Their “leadership” sent a very poor message to the world. Our President has strengthened our Military and will not wave a white flag. He’s shown a huge amount of restraint when the chips were down, but he’s responded in like kind when the smoke cleared and the facts were known. I’m thrilled that he is nothing like Obama (cowardly) and our enemies know that he doesn’t just “talk”, he reacts.

  17. Obama says he is a Christian, but belongs to an anti-US Church. He is a closet muslim, and the only good thing that can be said of him in this regard is that he thought the Middle Eastern muslims would be gracious and rational like those he encountered in Indonesia. WrongO! We elected him – twice – which means that the American people are VERY slow to learn, but the contrast between Trump’s true pro-American governance (MAGA) and Obama’s fake anti-American governance is finally plain to see. Let the Hollywood liberals and the left-wing billionaires spend themselves silly; the Americans have now seen the TRUE REALITY, and cannot be bought.
    Or can they?

  18. President Trump is dedicated to putting American citizens’ best interest first. He realizes that ONLY THROUGH STRENTH WILL AMERICA HAVE PEACE. President Obama appeared to put the best interest of Muslim countries first. During his formative years he lived in a Muslim Country. He and Michelle set in a congregation of the United Church of Christ for twenty years. During that time, they listened to a “former” Muslim man, called Rev. White, make derogatory comments about America. I believe that they were disloyal to our country and its citizens. While in office former Pres. Obama and our former first lady were NOT dedicated to acting in the best interest of America. They both apologized and belittled our Marvelous Country.

  19. Obama was a FRAUD and a gay punk who hates this country and all it stands for and has no use for our military
    men and women,he should have got a good ass whipping when he was young maybe this would have changed
    his smug attitude, although I doubt it.

  20. It’s about time! Yes, I just said that, and should feel un-Christian, but with all that’s happening to our country, I will not hang my head in shame. Finally, a man–nay President–who has the courage and fortitude to follow the peoples’ best interests, and against odds no other president in my 68 years has ever had to face. That hasn’t happened in a very long time, and I’m including past Republicans and Democrats alike. Don’t care about color, either. If you can do the job you are hired (elected) to do, by the people, then you are fulfilling the oath you took that cold January day in 2017. God Bless the United States; God bless Mr. President Trump!!!

  21. Obama, America were cowards and weak. Trump, we are proud American who are not afraid to hid our heads in the sand.

  22. Ronald Reagan, in the 1980’s told the Russians he was going to put American weaponry in Space. He didn’t ask their permission, or ask for their advice. He just TOLD them. In 1990’s, George H. W. Bush told Sadaam Hussein to get out of Quait. He didn’t obey, so the USA threw him out militarily. 10 years later, at the order of George W. Bush Jr. and the UN Sadaam Hussein after being found with a pallet of stolen money, in a hole under a house in Iraq, was hung by the neck until dead. In between these 3 Presidents, we had a coward running scared in the White House, giving our military secrets to China, and destroying the American economy at home. Then we had a unique “American Experiment” named B. Obama, who cow-towed, and drooled allover the boots of any World Leader that would help him retain power. Always “drawing a red line in the sand”, and always retreating further when such lines were crossed(Remember Benghazi, and Crimea, and the ISIS fighters)…When is the American people going to open their blind eyes and see the weakness(inherent, and factual)in the Democrat Party? When are the American People going to realize that our Military men and women are not afraid to give their lives for this Country, they just don’t want their Country to betray their sacrifices the way the Democrats did in Korea, and VietNam? I spent 27 years in the Marines as an A/A fighter, with a Recon unit…and I was ready, and would have proudly given my life at a moments notice for this great Land of the Free. President Donald Trump will NOT betray us like Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama did!!!!

  23. There’s no comparison. Namely, because Obama was never our president, he usurped that office. A British subject who became a naturalized citizen of Indonesia is not a natural-born citizen of the USA. And the government knew it when they let him usurp that office.

  24. Of course not, President Trump is his own person and a very smart man…Obama could never handle things like Trump does..Obama followed Soros to tell him what to do…Obama never really did care for the America and the American people…He was the one that send the ISIS all over the world to think that he’s a powerful jerk…

    How in the world did Obama become so, so wealthy?…

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