Harvard Professor Suggests Ban on Homeschooling

Schools across the country have been closed for over a month and many, if not all, are not going back into session this spring. This, normally, would pose a big problem for parents who are working and need to figure out child care arrangements.

However, most parents are also at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. This brings up a question of what is the best thing kids could be doing right now? Is it playing video games all day? Could it be learning? This would be a great opportunity for parents to get a real idea of how well and what their child is learning.


A professor of Law at Harvard and Director of their program at their child advocacy legal clinic claims homeschooling is too dangerous.

The professor thinks that homeschooling is a 'threat to children's rights'.

claims homeschooling is a threat to children’s rights, a method of promoting white supremacy, and a drain on democratic society — and even goes so far as to suggest a national “presumptive ban” on the practice.

Professor Elizabeth Bartholet claims that kids being homeschooled today are "an eventual, if not active, breeding ground for racism, sexism, and isolationism." One problem she discusses is that kids question science. Isn't that what science is? Where would we be if nobody ever questioned the first experiment?

Bartholet refers to homeschooling as an 'unregulated regime' and, even worse than that, these kids are likely religious and have Christian held beliefs.

Oh, the horror!

These are the people in charge of higher education in the United States. These are the minds influencing your kids at school.

What do you think? Should you have the right to teach your kids at home? Do you homeschool your kids to isolate them from being part of a productive society, or is there another reason?

For more on this story, check out The Daily Wire.


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45 thoughts on “Harvard Professor Suggests Ban on Homeschooling”

    1. “Bartholet refers to homeschooling as an ‘unregulated regime’ and, even worse than that, these kids are likely religious and have Christian held beliefs.” And, the children might learn REAL American history.

      Oh no . . . . . . this goes against everything that Socialists and Communists stand for. How will us “elite educators” be able to turn America into a Socialist/Communist nation?

      1. More Home Schooling has become absolutely necessary. What’s more, the academics who are marxist, socialist, hacks from foreign countries who do not allow their subjects the right to defend themselves against tyranny, MUST GO NOW! That’s right, they do not like our form of government and wish to change it; THEY GO NOW! This is the coure Americans must take if WE together plan to save Our Constitutional Republic and its Bill Of Rights. It is simple to those who practice common sense.

        1. I agree with you. Some kids need the home schooling because of being bullied and some have issues being in a classroom. The homeschooling is great and I know several that were so far ahead they graduated in eleventh and went to college the next year. Yes she way out field and wants to destroy our beliefs

      2. Considering she says, “drain on democratic society”, it’s obvious that she has never learned what the Constitution is! We are NOT a democratic society, we are a republic which has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Fact is that her claims are a direct violation of our inalienable rights! The government has no right or authority to dictate how a child receives their education as long as they meet the minimum requirement.

  1. Dear Professor Elizabeth Bartholet: You are OBSOLETE………………..Home Schooling did a better job. Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, you are afraid of losing your power to institute YOUR beliefs on young Citizens. Children taught their Family’s beliefs are NOT DANGEROUS, but rather taught LOYALY & MORALITY! So, Professor Elizabeth Bartholet, keep your beliefs to yourself & your family, or retire & crawl into a hole.

    1. Wow, an–you said a mouthful and I agree! We homeschooled our children (had ten of them!) and today they are a very productive group of hard and honest workers. They have families now of their own and some are homeschooling them. They are also turning out to be good citizens, hard workers who keep off the welfare roles, and who are of much value to this country. We are proud parents of each of them.

      1. you’re right as i believe that about 15 to 20% of kids are home schooled today! that’s because of our failed public school system.fortunately my siblings and i went to catholic school and all got degrees and only my older sister got thru nursing school by by parents paying for her education.they couldn’t afford the rest of us but we found a way! i would favor that over anything the public system offers today!

  2. The higher up the Degree ladder, the smarter some people think they get. This woman’s spirituality is lacking if home schooling is faith based so be it.

  3. Most of these replies correct homeschooling is growing and in it the growth of sanity and the ability for people to think for themselves rather than what they have been indoctrinated Since the 70s children have not been taught government civics, they have no understanding of how the government is supposed to work in this way the government up today simply tells them what they want to hear not want the founding fathers wanted this country to be. Little by little the government of today is sucking the life out of this countryPeople need to understand what the founding fathers had in place for this country it worked for over 200 years doesn’t need to change now. Very similar to the Bible that has worked over 2000 years.

    1. You must be in another world Terry. We were taught government civics in the 70’s. You better go pull your head out of your ass and take a breath.

  4. She is afraid that the home schooled child proves that public education has failed miserably . Since the early 60’s it has gone from second in the world down to 38th in 2019 and is on a rapid decline . The home school child does about 85% better in testing. He is more centered on proper study and is often superior to those who have come through the indoctrination of the liberals and progressives in the public schools. They have more back bone to think their own mind and understanding of situations. These are the things that liberals and progressives do not want to deal with as it shows them how really stupid they are .

  5. “Professor” Bartholet’s assertions are so ridiculous they are undeserving of repetition. She
    brings to mind a recent claim that the song “Jingle Bells” is racist. This sort of embryonic
    thinking gives proof that all the monkeys are not in the zoo.

  6. And in other less than nothing news; Mr. Ed, the talking horse, is still dead.
    A Hah-Verd professor…RAOTFLMFAO!

  7. My children were not homeschooled but a family member homeschooled their children. Looking back I should have homeschooled mine. The family members children are well-rounded, Christian centered, logical thinking productive adults. My children turned out just fine too. No credit to the liberal thinking public school system. College was even worse.

  8. Home schooling is a major threat to the indoctrinaires. Home schooling promotes family unity, cohesiveness, and independent thinking; far from the brainwashing, anti-family, anti-god and religion mush that comes out of these supposed institutions of higher learning. I am so angered by this, I want to k*LL these f..king people!

    1. It’s coming brother. These are communist seditionists, as such they are a criminal fifth column working to destroy this Constitutional Republic. Why the feds haven’t imprisoned these enemies is beyond comprehension. Be ready comes the day. Be strong, be of good courage. Remember all, these are not Americans with a different idea. These are enemies of our great land as were Stalin and Hitler, their philosophical forbears.

    2. 100% with you. We HS our son from 3rd grade on. At 19 he entered the workforce, landed a job at an aerospace firm, knows more than the 5 “engineers” with sheepskin degrees & is sharp as a tack.

  9. What is she really afraid of? That kids might learn American history and civics? That is what they are desperately lacking now,

  10. “Homeschooling” is only “dangerous ” to the DEMOCOMMUNISTS that are terrified that all their years of brainwashing and indoctrination will be UNDONE as the Students are finally shown the REAL History of our country, not the dreamed up BS pumped into their skulls by “progressive” communist “teachers” and “professors”

  11. This is so typical of someone in that type position that their way and thought is the only way. Fall in line or you are wrong. What ever happened to the thought that we should question everything? What happened to the idea of thinking for yourself? It follows that a person who relies on the way things are for their job cannot perceive something else may work or at times be better.

  12. This man’s ignorance explains why he’s a teacher and not a lawyer. He’d lose every case.

  13. Put quite simply forcing our children to go to “organized schools” will allow complete strangers to poison the minds of our children. Some public education integrated with homeschooling maybe, however not TOTALISM in education. That, again, is where you will find more ways than one to poison the minds of the future leaders of our country.

  14. Why because they will get a better education than in public schools….the true history of our country, manners, and
    even the words of the Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheaper and not the socialism being taught in our schools and Universities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With a true break in the cost of higher learning…………………………….
    also they would not be taught socialism is a great thing!

  15. Some parents don’t have an education how can they home school. GETO blacks -do you think any of them had any schooling in past month. NO. But many have been picked up for crimes 14-16 year olds.

  16. RE: “child advocacy legal clinic”

    If this clinic were concerned about children, it would advocate for better public schools. The continuing decline in K-12 is among the biggest problems facing the country. Millions of children don’t become fluent readers. They can’t do simple arithmetic problems. They can’t point to the best-known countries on a map of the world. Charlotte Iserbyt summed up the situations in one famous phrase: “the deliberate dumbing down of America.” The people behind this dumbing-down are contemptuous of children and their rights.

    Everyone needs to learn more about the dysfunctional theories and methods used in our classrooms, specifically, sight-words, constructivism, reform math, common core, and many others. When you know why these things don’t work, you can fight against them. We can’t save this country unless we first save the schools.

  17. Let me get this straight. While Leftists promote dictatorial “stay-at-home” confinement, they also reject “stay-at-home-schooling,” preferring our children be huddled in over-stuffed classrooms to be fed government-approved social justice theory.
    As always, “ya can’t have it both ways!”, as in “taking care of the cheeldrin” and “promoting women’s health” by expanding abortion, “loving American values” while opening borders to dilute American ideals with globalism, and “supporting the workers of America” by a selective draconian shut-down of businesses, beaches, and the garden-related aisles of grocery stores.

  18. No one more CORRUPT at teaching the kids today than all these COLLEGE MARXIST TEACHERS pushing there ” DISRUPT ” crap of Social INJUSTICE causing hell in our communities today! Home school is by far more honest and real than there CRAP OF SOCIALISM!

  19. You should stick to teaching your over educated, young pompous narcissists through your mind manipulation school classes so as to turn out more aspiring socialists like yourself and leave the ordinary free thinkers void of the sensitive acuity, pseudo association bullshit to the parents. This propagated crap has been evolving in all levels of education for years in our school system and that is why so many kids today want to be young anarchists spurred on by the media and corrupt politicians.

  20. God forbid kids be schooled away from agenda driven teachers to arrive at Harvard as free thinking students opposed to their progressive socialists indoctrination. Law School Professor and Harvard says it all. Nothing more than re-education camps akin to the old Rusia, China, and Cambodia. You follow or you you just disappear.

  21. Bartholet, you are a total dummy and PC ignoramus — also a leftist Christian-hater. Move to Venszuela, where you will encounter plenty of comrades!

  22. She is a representation socialist lying garbage that corrupts education today. I agree that we need to rid our country of America hating over educated idiots like her. They are overpaid and need to go. 👍🙏❤️🇺🇸

  23. Why is it that Harvard University, founded in 1636 as a DIVINITY SCHOOL is so Atheistically oriented and anti-family, as well as pro-indoctrination rather than EDUCATION? This is a valid question since our failed public educational system, unionized since 1969 has been failing all students in all ares at every level ever since and giving Marxist labor unions and their leadership in combination with leftist politicians with the GOAL of indoctrination of all kids to make them more susceptible to CONTROL and encouraging them NEVER to ask questions of “Authority figures,” meaning teachers, Union leaders or politicians! You can disagree with me but there is NO DEBATE ABOUT THE FAILURE OF OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM AND THE FACT THAT OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ARE FULL OF SOCIALISTS AND WORSE, I suggest this dolt can solve the perceived problem be shutting up about it and letting parents decide what is best for their children since educators are like Sgt Schultz of the old Hogan’s Heroes Comedy and Know NOOOOTHING!I will NOT have “self-proclaimed Scholars,”by suggestion or mandate, trying to force me to do as they say as that is not a right they have and the decision is that of every parent and not the state or some cabal! This Vietnam veteran will fight it hammer and tong , tooth and nail and has had a degree in Government for 53 years, earned in 1967 at the same college as Obama’s last Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Joseph Dunford who graduated from St.Michael’s College in Vermont 10 years AFTER me but was a Commencement speaker at my 50th Class reunion. And, THIS vet was 2 years as a staff member at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. after Vietnam service and KNOWS just how CORRUPT is the Oligarchy of the politically powerful and privileged, all of whom see themselves as superior to we peasants and, all one need do to see TRUTH is look and accept what your own eyes tell you! Most have not the ability to do so thanks to Pavlovian conditioning suffered for the last 50 plus years IN the corrupted Public Educational System, and why there is so MUCH disdain for individual liberties, personal choices, and American traditional values, moral conscience, religious practice and Common Sense; also derision for the Flag, Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem which is the same mistake in values the Romans made when they allowed the “Barbarians,” TO ENTER AND MAKE CHANGES TO THEIR SOCIETY: as is being effected by illegal immigrants in their flooding invasion of this country. period

  24. but we must remember the professor and 2 Chinese nationals working on something hush hush in a Harvard lab and the 3 arrests one was trying to sneak”biological samples” from the lab out of the country that’s all they need to create a virus aimed at certain groups of people whether nationality race or whatever and all 3 were working in the wuhan lab

  25. Expected from Harvard. Home schooling is dangerous for the Communist/socialist,eliets in maintaining the idiocy that is coming out of our school system. This from high school teachers that teach nothing with a salary around $170,00 for 9 to 10 months. Just this week a California high school teacher was complaining the current pandemic is preventing her from finding a summer job and she did not think she could survive until the next school year with her $165000/school year salary. So home schooling is dangerous but not for the children. For the worthless teacher/professors. Remember the old axiom, those that can do, those that cannot teach.

  26. My experience is that home schoolers work more independently, are often far ahead above public school kids, and are more creative and free thinking than public school children. IN my country of origin there was not this possibility, but I can only see the positive side of home schooling. Not surprisingly, home schoolers percentage wise come more from higher – middle class backgrounds.
    this prof may be smart, but he is also highly prejudicial, and only sees one side of the coin.

  27. I think we still have a few rights left in this country. We have a right to make decisions for ourselves and families without government interference. Harvard produces all the lefties in our country.

  28. It’s people like this professor that are the real threat to our democracy and our children. Elitism at it’s worst. This professor for sure has a lot of “education” but lacks common sense. It’s a shame.

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