Big Brother Is Doing More Than Just Watching

Give em an inch and they’ll take a mile.

The United States of America has always raised a stiff arm to over-reaching and ever-expanding government… or have we? We’ve been effectively shut down for over a month and are just now starting to give some push back to the government for restricting our movement, interaction, and ability to earn a living.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say, but some would argue our desperate time is actually a result of a desperate measure. That measure is the shutting down of our economy.

New York City has been a victim of this pandemic and they’re now a victim of Big Brother’s huge overreach.

NYC has social distancing guidelines, like the rest of us, which advise to stand 6 feet apart from others. Mayor De Blasio says police can issue a $500 fine for violations of the social distancing guidelines.

“Thank you everyone who’s done it the right way, but we still know there’s some people who need to get the message,” he said in the video. “And that means, sometimes, making sure the enforcement is there to educate people.”

So, how do you make sure you catch those people that still 'need to get the message'?

Well, there's almost an app for that. You can text a number and it will summon the police.

“Text the photo to 311-692 and action will ensue,” the mayor said, emphasizing the rhyming syllables

So, it's not just that Big Brother is watching and monitoring you to make sure you don't move about freely or put up a fight. They're actually asking you to help them do it.

Will Americans go along? Should they go along?

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15 thoughts on “Big Brother Is Doing More Than Just Watching”

    1. It’s appalling how easily we have allowed the police state to slide in. And what’s even scarier, to me, is how many people LOVE having the police state – their indoctrinated comfort-zone is large, nanny government telling them what to do. Brrrr!

  1. What did people expect? After all “deblasio” is NOT the mayor’s real name..(Warren Wilhelm Jr.) He is GERMAN and his Nazi roots are on display now for all to see. He changed his name, so he would be more “electable” to the gullible Italians that make up a large part of the N.Y. city population, as well as married a BLACK woman to make him popular with the black community. N.Y. city residents have been bamboozled by a CON-ARTIST.
    That my friends is how the DEMOCOMMUNISTS operate, after all America was CONNED by a 1/2 black GAY, FRAUD, hussein OBUNGHOLE, his “transvestite “partner” “big mike”, and “rented” children for 8 years.

  2. Maybe everybody should send numerous photos to that big brother camera system, to inundate it. Maybe send vacation photos, magazine photos, etc.

  3. Are the godz walking around with a 6 foot tape measure?
    Common Core and Outcome Based INDOCTRINATION has produced the intended – desired results.
    By the way, the drones being used come from the homeland
    AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communists aka The Progressive – Aggressive elected comrades!

  4. Yes the people put up with this kind of treasonous act they will get exactly the same thing that Hitler gave all the idiots that followed him and I don’t think they’re gonna like it but they don’t have the balls to do anything about it! The founding fathers provided the door to Fite Tierney because they know charity don’t understand but one thing and that is the second amendment and that’s what they fear the most and that’s what all these gun laws are about not about you and me what about those being protected from we the people and it was designed to do!For all you do you don’t care just remember how many died for this great nation you may have some of the privileges that you’re willing to give away

  5. Commie Dems like controlling the American people. It’s the only way they can get their liberal policies enacted. They are plain evil. While citizens are in line for food , arrogant Pelosi is gloating over her industrial size refrigerators loaded with $13 ice cream. These Dems are disgraceful. They can be allowed to take power in Nov. If they cheat and win, be looking for a donkey as transportation.


  7. Warren Wilhelm Jr. worked for the Quixote Center which strongly supported the Marxist- Leninist ruling government of Nicarafua, the Sandinista National Liberation Front. Warren better known as Bill deBlasio is the current Mayor of New York. None of them are who they say they are. Communist turds running our Cities. How many New Yorkers do you think know this.

  8. It’s quite obvious that the democrooks are the ones’ causing all this havoc, to try to destroy Trump’s triumphant return for another 4 years, but it is ‘PISSING’ off intelligent people, who realize what the socialist/communist/democrook party is doing, and I for one ‘WILL NEVER VOTE FOR’ anyone with a D in front of their name. come hell or high water, “D” needs to be tried and found guilty of “TREASON” against the United States of America.!!

  9. Yes, we have been too complacent and have let too many things slide by without standing up for our God given rights in the constitution. Slowly but surely the communist came into our government, taking control just liked they said they would do, take over from within!!! We didn’t oppose loud or strong enough when the schools decided to leave out history that was very important for our children to know. That is why so many of the younger generation have turned socialist!! Then there was our elected president Barack Obama, who obviously does not love America,
    and he did so much damage to our country that it was almost to the point of no return!! GOD sent us President Trump, who truly loves America and has been willing to give up a lot to “Make America GREAT Again”. He has been treated so horrid that I am amazed he would want to run again, however GOD has given him the grace to withstand all of the punishment. WE NEED TO STOP THE S.D.P. (socialist, democratic party , the deep state , which is in Washington now) AT ALL COST!!. God help us if they get in!!! That would be the end of our freedom as we know it!!

  10. Give them an inch & they will take a mile or millions of miles. The majority of politicians are criminals to say the least & yet sign oaths to take care of America.

    No conscious of any kind. It’s all about money for themselves & nothing for the rest of the people.

    They are fools, fools, fools. If you remember what Hitler did to those who worked for him, these fools will get their day. Also, remember what the Mafia did to their workers. Send them out, when they come back with what they were demanded to get, POW — shot dead on the spot.

    This entire mess is just a collusion to attempt to get Trump out of office. We smart people have seen directly through this from day one.

    COVID-19 is just the flu according to Dr. Shiva. Read all his has to say with what is happening right now.

    Power has halted their ability to think properly.

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