Pelosi: Trump Is A Weak Leader

By Quinn Dombrowski from Berkeley, USA (Nancy Pelosi Uploaded by Anastasiarasputin) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, appeared on Fox News Sunday and went after President Trump on his ‘weak leadership’ during his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. She says the President ignored “scientific evidence” in his handling of it.

“Leaders — leaders take responsibility. So I said he’s a weak leader. He doesn’t take responsibility. He places blame — blame on others,” Pelosi said. “And that might have been OK before, but we cannot continue down a path that is, again I’ll come back to science, science, science, evidence, data on how we should go forward.”

She says President Trump gets an ‘F’ on testing. Democrats have attacked the President about his administrations claim that they’d have 5 million tests delivered by the end of the week, back on March 10.

They have now moved the goalposts to call it a lie since there weren't 5 million tests performed.

In a somewhat surprising move, Chris Wallace called Pelosi out by showing a video of her encouraging people to come to Chinatown on February 24th. According to Pelosi, that wasn't an example of her taking it lightly but she was 'fighting against racism'.

Pelosi insisted that this was not an example of her taking the outbreak lightly, and claimed it was only meant “to end the discrimination, the stigma, that was going out against the Asian-American community."

While Democrats are taking heat for holding up funding for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Act, Pelosi insists that's not the case and that "everything she's doing is about the coronavirus".

For more on this story, check out the article on Fox News.

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53 thoughts on “Pelosi: Trump Is A Weak Leader”

    1. She is a weak mined and a self centered woman and she thinks only about her self. She needs to be put out of office.

    2. she is less capable than a freshman from high school. How could she stay in the Government, she has no clue what is she saying or her mind works space cadet undergraduate.

    3. agreed. every time trump does something to protect this country she goes against him.. she is just a crappy human thing

    4. Pelosi is such a fool…she dares call Trump a weak leader; and yet she let “THE SQUAD” walk all over her, and promote stupid, Socilist policies…she let the nitwit Adam Schiff make a laughing stock of her and her multiple Impeachment delusional dreams…she looked like an idiot during the Kavagnaugh hearings, while falling all over her self to protect Bill Clinton and Hillary and their collective abuse of women. She’s an outright liar, claiming to be such a devout Catholic while championing Abortion….Pelosi is a low life, miserable crooked Human and does not deserve to hold ANY elected office. Throw her the Hell out!

      1. you are so right Stephen. she is the fool that has been led around by her nose by bigger fools such as Adam Schiff. What a laughing stock the whole bunch have turned out to be. Throw out the whole bunch. Every one lets get out and vote in November.

  1. This arrogant B***H would know what a good leader looks like !!! She is deveous, no morals & is one of the biggest crooks in Washington !!! Time to vote her out of office !!! She was trouble the last time she was speaker & is worse now !!!

    1. This DIPSTICK is more interested in manipulating the votes than she is about the betterment of our society, and should have retired 35 years ago. Her LAST CONCERN is for the populace, and more for shafting the public! Everything that she has done in the current decade is to topple the REPUBLICAN PARTY ! She has absolutely NO CARING OR CONCERN for AMERICA nor the public~~~!!!!!

  2. Keep eating lots of your cold expensive ice cream Piglosi, maybe your teeth will fall out. You give true meaning to the word Scum-o-crat. That is the name that should be used to describe the Democratic Party isn’t it?

  3. And she had the NERVE to go on late night tv to show off her freezer full of ice cream with a smile, while her constituents are out of work due to shuttered businesses as a result of the coronavirus, as SHE and her party (not the President) are holding up bills that would’ve replenished the SBA’s coffers! As much as her constituents want to get some ice cream, they can’t because ice cream vendors aren’t considered essential!

  4. Seems to me that whenever Trump does take responsibility of something, Pelosi and friends condemns him for it and says he doesn’t have the right to do it. Pelosi is all double talk and the Democrats love that. It’s like the ‘me-to’ movement of automatically believing the woman when it’s against a Republican but then casting doubt when the accusations are against a Republican.

  5. We have never had such a strong President before. She is the definition of weakness! She gets everything ass backwards! Get her out of Washington ASAP! She is dragging us down!

  6. The only thing weak about the Trump Presidency, is the Democratic House under the leadership of one of the
    weakest speakers in history. She has no idea of what she is doing, just look at her record. While Obama was
    in office Pelosi was nothing more than a pawn, unable to think for herself, and now that he is gone (thank God)
    she is being controlled by the Squad who really is no smarter than Pelosi herself. I guess everyone will understand
    this analogy, The Blind Leading the Blind, that is what we have in the Democratic portion of the house, when any of them are interviewed, it is like they are clones of each other, they all tend to spew the same rhetoric. Think about
    this America, we need a change in the House of Representatives, not in the Presidency.

    1. You said everything my husband and I are thinking. Thank you! She is a very poor leader. She should be home with her grand children, giving them some of the ice cream she has in her 20,000$ freezer. Not only does the democratic party spew the same rhetoric all of the time but if you listen to most of the media, they spew the same rhetoric. I wish democrats would wake up to the fact that these dems in leadership will do anything or say anything even if it isn’t true to regain power and most of the time what they spew is very untrue. I hope the democrats see how well President Trump and the republicans are doing and will vote for him in Nov. I once was a democrat until I stopped believing in their values.

      1. Pelosi family live in little Italy where was lot of Maffia and I read in google they used help them in the elecions. Pelosi was in vacation and her personality is poorly.

    2. I agree with you 100%!!! We need to get Pelosi and her cronies out of the House of Representatives. She always talks like she’s inebriated….not a good example for the American people at all!

  7. As usual, Pelosi has turned it around so that what she is guilty of she blames on the President. That seems to be the modus operandi of all democrats.

  8. I don’t blame Nancy Pelosi for being an idiot. Its the voters in San Francisco that bear the blame for electing her to congress. Nancy, please resign as Speaker of the House or just return to the Bay Area
    where you can feel more at home, especially in Chinatown.

  9. LMAO coming from an old demented alcoholic Yo Pelosi President Trump is the best leader around the weak leader was that biracial idiot Obozo!

  10. Typical reasoning for the Democrats, where they can’t make up their mind when they at first proclaim that President Trump is a “TYRANT”, then they later proclaim that President Trump is a “WEAK LEADER”? Which is it, for President Trump cannot be both, for that contradiction is an oxymoron, and either statement would be a misnomer when considering the other statement. When considering this type of Democrat reasoning, one can understand how Joe Biden has become their Presidential nominee.

  11. Her teeth already fell out. Anyone who votes for Communist Comrade Pelosi and the rest of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat hate Party Should go to a progressive socialist communist democrat country, Leave America alone. On paper Progressive Socialist Communism and Progressive Socialist Fascism looks great
    But ask the citizens of those progressive socialist communist countries which they would want. Would they rather have freedom and opportunity to achieve their own destiny or be completely dominated, dependent and controlled by a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. This evil party wants a one World Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Democrat Government. The Dept. of Indoctrination Education has been brainwashing and controlling the thinking of students since it was formed when Carter pretended to be President. This is why real World History is not taught. Educators are teaching and promoting Progressive Socialist Communism and Fascism as
    Good and freedom and Capitalism is evil. These indoctrinated people young and older should ask legal and illegal people why they are coming to America instead of staying in their Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Countries. If Progressive Socialism is so great they would stay there. Real History would show how we
    Fought wars against the evil Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat governments to keep America FREE.

  12. Is Nancy Pelosi suffering from the same mental illness afflicting Joe Biden? She is delusional, out of touch with the American people and is a legend in her own mind. Just listening to her speak and how she actually believes she and her party are for the people of the United States is mind boggling. It’s gotten to the point that all I have to do is hear her voice and I have to change the channel. Thinking back that was how listening to Obama back then and now when I hear his voice as well. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  13. Come on let’s not call anyone names. I agree that President Trump is doing a good job, and I am going to vote for him.Let’s vote the republicans to take back the House and keep the Senate, then things that the democrates have been holding back will get done.

  14. With her money and fancy refrigerators, you’d think she’d have traded in those dentures long ago for dental implants.

  15. She is a heartless person, along with her sidekicks.

    She should be ashamed of herself displaying her
    $24,000.00 freezer and $13.00 pint ice cream.
    Our First Responsers, nurses. Drs etc she should be donating food too and take care of her homeless.
    Better yet, she should Trade Places with one of the
    Above and see how the other side Lives or should I
    Say EXIST…She is guided by Satan…

  16. did any one here anything from anyone in congress about the virus before it hit ,no,
    all we get from democrats is obstruction , everything trump tries to gets stalled ,
    well even if trump is a week leader he’s still a 1000 times better then oboma was , but then i guess they would prefer a president who lives on the golf course , and lets democrats do what ever they feel like ,how much of the ten trillion oboma wasted did you get pelosi, any politician who makes millions while serving in congress should be in prison

    1. Why do you think politicians pander so? 99.9% are in it for the money. Real self denying public minded citizens are on the front lines at this time or are on their knees at home praying for those on the front line. God help our nation!

  17. Pelosi calls Trump a weak President? How does she account for the fact that his Cornovirus experts
    have momentous respect from the general public and his briefings get tremendous ratings. I seriously
    doubt a Hillary Clinton would have the stamina that Trump is showing every day as he battles this disease
    and MSM. She could hardly get through a week of campaigning (if you could call it that) without taking
    time off to recoup. If Biden were in charge right now the country would be in panic as they would see
    with their own eyes that he in incoherent and not in charge of his own faculties much less the country.
    We are so blessed that we have Trump as President right now. We forget how his competence gave us
    the best economy in a generation or more, and he has gone a long way to silence the ISIS and al-Qaida
    terrorists. If there is any silver lining to this out break, it is the voices of AOC and her crew, Schummer, Pelosi and the drumbeat of “Global Warming” and the “New Green Deal” have largely been muted and the media have only their “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to fall back on.

  18. Time for Congress to go a month, or two, without a paycheck…,
    and ‘fat cat’ Pelosi to just go.

  19. When anyone voted for a Democrat to Congress they were simply voting to keep Pelosi in power. Your Democrat ‘representative’ will promise you anything to get elected but, in reality, it is just what Pelosi wants that actually get done. The ‘squad’ is just a diversionary tactic to keep the radical socialists party base codified while the deep state continues to rid itself of the ‘outsider’ who is very slowly exposing them.

  20. pelosi and fienstien both are couple of old used up alcoholics whom have done nothing other than make themselves multi multi millionaires at the expense of us the taxpayers, they fly around the country in private jets that we pay for always surround by 20 to thirty security and support personal that we pay for as well, and for the record her refrigerator freezer installed was over $ 33.000.00 and because it’s used to keep food in that is used for her security and support staff guess who paid for it . you and me. both of them as well as hillary need to be locked up if misappropriated funds like that we would be locked up.and did not use caps on their names because they don’t deserve it, we the people need to protest by flooding the white house with mail and emails and tweets and DEMAND that Trump keep his promise to drain the swamp, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH it’s our Country our money and our lives wake up America and stand up damn it.

  21. Pelosi is the weak one, she has no compassion for WE THE PEOPLE because we elected TRUMP, and her and her cronies are pissed because they know that can never be as great as he is because he is a 100% RED BLOODED FREEDOM LOVING AMERICAN LOVING PATRIOTIC PRESIDENT who the people love and no matter how hard they try they cannot stop the TRUMP TRAIN from rolling along and getting things done, while they are slugs that can never do anything right for AMERICANS AND AMERICA!!! GO TRUMP GO TO THE RESCUE!!!

  22. Simpy put, Pelosi is a disgrace. Most Democrats are hypocrites–say one thing today and the opposite tomorrow. Anything for a vote. It baffles me that people still vote for the likes of her, AOC, Schiff, Schumer…Where are these voters brains? Or have they been brainwashed? For Pelosi to say that she was fighting against racism when she encouraged people to go to Chinatown during the initial stages of the outbreak is more than laughable. And the fact that she found a way to spin it just shows that she is resourceful in her deviance. I believe that she has brainwashed herself into thinking she is actually doing the country a good service–and that is the scariest thing of all…Thanks for reading.

  23. up to a point, I agree he is week if not Pelosi, Schiff. Clinton. and many others would be at least out of government work or preferably in jail buckle down Mr President and get rid of all the crooks

  24. Her comment of Trump being a weak leader is a lot better than being no leader at all. If she had a brain on her head it would be lonesome.

  25. Please, someone stop taking loan applications
    for Americans who are now insolvent
    …go see if Pelosi has enough ice cream.

  26. Pelosi not only looks like a “burros” she also brays like one. I have wild burros wandering my property that display better sense. They look better as well.

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