Is President Trump Right to Cut Funding to The World Health Organization?

The President announced, on Tuesday, that he decided to officially cut off funding for the World Health Organization. The decision comes amid stories and accusations that the W.H.O. has been a sort of ‘puppet on strings’ for China.

We’ve written about some sketchy, or questionable at best, moves by the W.H.O. in past articles, such as praising China’s handling of the Covid-19 virus and the willingness of China to sell items that were donated to China back to the countries now affected but the outbreak.

The media has been seen, by many, to be parroting Chinese talking points but they’re not the only ones. The W.H.O. did the same thing when they tweeted about no human to human transmission evidence.

The W.H.O. was blindly accepting China’s word as information on the virus. That was the information that we, as citizens of the world, also relied on.


Many across the world are now questioning the relationship between the W.H.O. and China. Taiwan seemed to handle the virus outbreak very well but has been absent of praise or recognition by the W.H.O. Taiwan released the contents of an email early in the outbreak, to the W.H.O., warning of potential person to person transmission. It seems to have been ignored.

Bill Gates repudiated President Trump's move to cut off funding to the W.H.O., saying it was a 'dangerous' move. Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Trump for the move:

“This is another case, as I have said, of the President’s ineffective response, that ‘a weak person, a poor leader, takes no responsibility. A weak person blames others.’ This decision is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged,” Pelosi said Wednesday in a statement.

The W.H.O. and the UN both tend to cozy up to the United States' key adversaries. The US is the leader in funding the W.H.O. but it isn't treated like it. Regardless of whether the accusations of the relationship with China are legitimate, the W.H.O. was wrong almost the entire way through this outbreak. If it was consulting as a private business they would have been fired already.

President Trump needs to hear a valid answer to these questions:

Why is the U.S. paying the W.H.O. at all? What is their value if they've been wrong all along?

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93 thoughts on “Is President Trump Right to Cut Funding to The World Health Organization?”

  1. Yes He’s right! Start bringing all of “ American goods made in China back to America Made here only!

      1. That is stupid and couldn’t happen because of our laws. That would make it so one company out of three, in the US could be chosen and the other companies, put out of business by the government. Would you want that for our country, the government telling you what you could wear? I certainly wouldn’t, it sounds like communism, to me. Please think before you write. Choice is the one good thing, about this country I love so much.Most people who love this country, would buy American made, we make a better than anything the Chinese could replicate. Most of the products made in China are defective, one way or another, from the very day they are produced. I love USA.

        1. yes, Bill gates and Fauci and some chinese people are board members of WHO and guess who is pushing for the vaccine?

        2. Smart. Well said. It’s time we get back to who we are. If others want to live like a socialist or communist there are plenty of “OTHER” countries to choose from. Why make the rest of us live that hell. GOD BLESS AMERICA

        3. President Trump is absolutely correct. All that money going to the WHO and they are killing us. Tell China where to go. We don’t want them manufacturing our stuff anymore. We don’t need them.

          1. Bring it all home, we are only serving the middle men as in Soros and the other dim wit billionaire donors who sell this all back to us with a wink from China. And you can bet Bill Gates is in on it too, he helped fund the infamous lab who released the virus, holed off the rest of China from its effects then quietly let it spread and it was done well before they admitted it in mid November 2019.

            The reason the dim wits and all their supporters are so nasty these days is they are frightened of us, the deplorables and all the crap that that is surfacing to destroy their NWO agenda. Vote every dim wit out of office, they are the enemy within as Cicero defined them when their same ilk brought Rome down and set the world backwards into the Dark Ages for centuries. These are the same type and should be viewed as not patriotic and the Antithesis of what this country represents.

            And if Betsy the new head of education does not get off her ass and demand changes in education since it is obvious the children are learning BS then replace her. She can’t even get rid of Mooseshell’s horrid lunches!

    1. Not only we had learned the consequences of Drugs and many American necessities made in China leave our country vulnerable to manipulations of Chinese regime there is a very important cause for concern of getting goods and even clothing made in China. Just before the coronavirus epidemic US inspectors found traces of lead and other substances on kids clothing containers that came from china. Perhaps its time to treat Everything coming from China as contagious and disease causing as COVID19 !

  2. The WHO and CHINA 🇨🇳 lied 🤥 to everyone! Time for some other nations to step up! Who does everyone come to when they need money 💰 and assistance! You get what you deserve!!!

  3. I think the presidentt has the peoples back and I trust him. Stand with him or get the hell out

    1. I agree. I am glad that President Trump cut off WHO and hope he sticks to it and will not give in to Fauci, Gates, Pelosi and others. WHY is the USA giving more money than any other country? IF they do start getting funded again, I hope it will not be more than China gives.

  4. I agree with the President we should not have to pay more than China or pay them at All! The President of WHO needs to step down !!

  5. I feel he has every right and an obligation to ,We the people, to investigate and cut off our tax monies.

  6. I totally agree with the President in cutting the funding to WHO. He is the first president in years who has had our interests in mind.

  7. I am n total agreement with President Donald J. Trump! He is first President in our history that will stop at nothing to put the TRUE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FIRST!! May God bless our President and the USA!

  8. Yes. This should have been done years ago. Reestablish our health mfg. and defense mfg. so we are not dependent on other countries such as China, Russia, etc.

  9. The President is correct. His is the quickest, most efficient form of diplomacy. It is obvious what China is doing – to the World, in its own interest, using its new found treasure to buy the motivation of nations and world organizations. It has used every means possible to infiltrate every organization for its own purpose. One could say that America is guilty of the same mischief, but there is a difference and the effigy of that essence stands proud in New York harbor. America subscribes to freedom, a virtue extolling the potential good of all, whereas China subscribes to power, by the few over the many – the total opposite. Nanci Pelosi has a habit of misreading this President, through a lens of hate. All Trump wants to do is teach everyone a lesson – Ghebreyesus should resign and the lesson will be taught. Once again Pelosi proves that Term limits for our politicians – like Presidents – is not only useful, but necessary.

  10. The burning question here is”Why is the US always the largest contributor to every BS program on the planet?”. We have our own problems right here at home that could use the funding that gets disbursed everywhere else to ungrateful nations and organizations. Who is a perfect example. The US contributes $400 million to the WHO. but has one fourth the population of China. Yet China chips in a paltry $40 million, one tenth of what the US does. And now we discover that the WHO has colluded with China in this COVID-19 crisis. Damn right President Trump is right and justified in holding back the funding!

  11. I read a lot every single day about the W. H. O. and China and yes mr power hungry Bill Gates along with Pelosi and I know that they are all into the one world one government and they will do anything to bring our President down. We all need to back our President because he Donald J. Trump and our Heavenly Father are the only ones standing between us the people of these United States oF America and them the money hungry power grabbers. Donald has done more for this country than anyone I know of in public office. Go Mr. President, Fire the W,H.O. and start taking down these tyrants. Kick China’s ass out of our country and bring our manufacturing company’s home. We the People are behind you 100% Mr. Trump. Anyone that isn’t behind you needs to get out of this REPUBLIC and stay OUT!! We don’t want or need a socialistic communistic country led by some dictator that tells us all what to do and when to do it. Nope we don’t need them at all. Go TRUMP.

  12. Absolutely. If we do fund it, the funding should be at 1/5th the amount that China funds it, since they have about 5 times our LEGAL population.

  13. He absolutely is right ,I am tired of everything being labeled made in China and it’s JUNK,So if the democrats don’t agree with him tell them to Go to Hell the democrats are like the Chinese communist,JUNK.I am tired of those assholes also.VOTE REPUBLICAN KEEP AMERICA ….AMERICAN !!!!

  14. Yes he is correct. Get us out of UN as well. Defund the UN
    Let China pay for it. If the WTO doesn’t help us in our recover with regard to Chinas involvement in the
    Of the Wuhan Virus we should withdraw from them as well

  15. Definitely cut the funding so we pay no more than anyone else. Farsi has been inthe WHO to long and is inefficient at doing his job. Part of the problem. The whole world order stuff is a scam, America First.


  17. Yes, the President is correct in his decision to cut funding for the WHO. They have proved to be an unworthy ally in the quest to keep our countries free of contagions, while favoring China and its facilitating a cause that is contrary to the good of all humanity. This is the first step in combatting this nefarious conduct of the WHO.

  18. I fully respect and support the President’s decision to stop funding for the WHO until such time the organization can adequately answer accountability questions which have been posed by the President and Federal Administration.
    The WHO has far too long acted without any professional respect for the U.S. which is the organization’s largest funding entity.

  19. Once again, President Trump is demonstrating what “PUT AMERICA FIRST” means. WHO is a parasite organization that participated in the COVID-19 world attack. Mr. Trump is absolutely correct to stop funding to that rotten organization.

  20. Friends……

    NOT JUST THE WHO…… IMHO All funding to the UN should be stopped Immediately…..
    Why? After, the second world war, devastation was so bad, that, there was a need for such an organisation as, the UN….. But today, this organisation has become REDUNDANT …The UN has become a bureaucratic organisation, & an absolute waste of money….. The US has the ability to RESPONSIBLY fund, genuine causes, in worthy countries/instances. The US DOES NOT NEED to pay some bureaucrats, at the UN to do some IRRESPONSIBLE JOBS. Throw them, OUT OF NEW YORK….IMMEDIATELY…. They should be HISTORY. Can you imagine China & Iran, being on some UN committee responsible for HUMAN RIGHTS… It’s like handing over the keys, to the thief…..
    In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) only Pres. Trump, sometime in January 2021, can take, such an HISTORICAL DECISION…. GO FIGURE….!

  21. It’s times like this when you know who your friends are…… I don’t see too many.
    What’s the first thing china did in this pandemic? They threatened to hold back from us any pharmaceuticals and PPE even though they are made by AMERICAN Plants inside china. A statement made by china leadership said
    “LET THE AMERICANS SWIM IN THE SEA OF CORONAVIRUS”. The “WHO” confirmed china’s actions.
    Time to say goodbye and start our own USA Health Org.

  22. Yes, President Trump is absolutely correct to withhold funding; it is high time for the U.S. to stop funding organizations that do not treat us fairly as a major financial supporter!!

  23. Yes president is the only one who you can call a president of course he should stop it,

  24. Yes, President Trump is right! Why waste the American Taxpayer’s money when things are not being done the way they should be. It is about time that America should stop being taken advantage off!

  25. Yes we need pull all of our companies out of China and bring them back home. Too long these greedy companies have been using China’s cheap labor.

  26. It was WHO and CDC’s recommendations that Trump was following that the radical left is criticizing him for. Besides we are running out of money to help struggling businesses and legal citizens. That should be our main concern.

  27. Let us be very clear here. At the beginning of this month CHINA was given one of five seats on the UN Human Rights Council! China has destroyed human rights for millions of Muslims and Christians, force ably sterilized over 300 million Chinese women and killed a hundred million of their own people. WHO has made terrible choices as well. They even approve of the insanity of giving destructive off-label sterilyzing puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and operations removing healthy tissue from minors. No minor is mature enough to have such malpractice done to them. Thats why they are forbidden from signing contracts, getting drunk in bars, joining the military, buying cigarettes, getting tattoos, etc.
    We should defund WHO, the UN and stop doing business with China in many essential areas, such as medicine and medical equipment.

  28. Yes ! They held back criterial information. Had they just been honest and shared all the facts from the beginning possibly as early as December We the United States could have been better prepared for what was coming. Many life’s could have been saved. It is terrible that China had to experience this virus, but they should have HELPED the other countries before it came to devastate them. You don’t reward an organization for withholding vital information.

  29. President Trump is the greatest President in my life time and we the people will stand with him what ever happens. But we are going to win because GOD is on our side… Thank you Mr President!

  30. who is owned by the nwo , and we know about their plan to decrease the worlds population
    we hand out billions every year only to wined up picking up the tab and doing the work to fix the messes they create , seems the world should be paying us instead of giving money to corrupt agencies , and countries ,


  32. Yes I agree with lowering the funding to the WHO. I would Not cut it completely because that would only hurt the people in China. My Goal would be to hurt the Elites in China Not the average Citizens !!!!!

  33. World Health Organization? What have they done positive for world health? From my point of view, the only real purpose for this left leaning clan is to bleed this country of as much money as they can to be doled out to their cohorts for whatever they want. Non gets to the people that are supposed to be helped. If they get any, it’s only for show!

    Good for Trump to stop this ripoff!

  34. Past Presidents have sold out America to China. Both WHO and China should NOT be getting our money. And we should not be using them in our supply chain!!

  35. YES, I support suspending WHO funding . . at least until the UN replaces the communist heading up the organization!
    There should be an international review of actions taken by WHO in the past five years, identify and remove those responsible for failures

  36. Yes,
    The US MUST produce ALL medical supplies and equipment and not depend on other countries.

  37. A little fib is one thing but denying or falsely making a truth that costs many lives to be lost deserves a punishment especially considering what give to them every year withdraw support until truth is told and wrongdoers are gone and good replacements are found.

  38. Why has no one suggested a change if leadership for the World Health Org.? Why does Bill Gates have anything to say to America after he sold out to China to protect the “intellectual property” of Microsoft?

  39. The WHO and its leader are nothing more than lap dogs for Xi and the Communist Chinese Party.These lemmings will say and do what they are told by their masters in Beijing with a flagrant disregard for the consequences of their actions they along with their enablers in the Democratic Party are who we have to thank for our present situation.
    And while we’re at it lets dump that pile of excrement on the East River mis named “United Nations?” on to a wonderful location between the wet market and the virology lab in Wuhan.
    Go President Trump shut these clown circuses down! MAGA 2020.

  40. Yes….. should have never got in bed with countries that HATE Freedom , Dictators, Human Rights. etc……. We are Decades past time to get out and stop funding to them

  41. Trump is absolutely Right in cutting funds to WHO. Hopefully he will cut funds to a few other organizations as well (some here in our own country). CDC and WHO hold hands it is time to investigate the CDC.

  42. Our nation is stronger with a direct correlation to President Trump in office making decisions as he made with the W.H.O. Period end of case, with his re-election a MUST……

  43. I agree with President Trump. The WHO is not only worthless to our country’s best interest but is corrupt and a mouthpiece for the CHICOMS.

  44. President Trump is doing a great job get out of the way Democrats are get run over. Just think what the 3 years and 11 months would have been so much greater if the Democrats had not hated him so much for beating crooked Hillary

  45. Why I love Trump: because he doesn’t do what all the others do. Say something, but don’t do
    anything about it. I agree whole heartedly that we should pull back from WHO. It does seem
    that organizations with 3 letters like the FBI, have been less than honest with the American

  46. I for one support President Trump and his decision to bring back businesses to the United States. I also support his decision to hold the funds from the W.H.O. It’s about time someone stood up for America. Now he needs to take away the money from the United Nations.

  47. Yes, President Trump is absolutely right in pulling out of the WHO. Let’s support our own country only and let all others stand on their own. Our President is the best President this country has ever had. We must support him and keep him in office for another four years. Wake up Americans! Read your history books and above all, our Constitution and Bill of Rights which promises and guarantees your future! The liberals want Communism for the masses but they will be above that with their illegal money! Simple math, figure it out. Their wish is to put us under the UN, a one world government order which will take away your rights. Is that truly what the masses want. Read about Hitler’s reign….need I say more!

  48. WHO should not be trusted with the new vaccine for COVID- 19, because it’s contaminated.

  49. President Trump will go down in the History Books as one of the strongest Presidents in the history of the United States of America. Period.

    Nancy Pelosi will not be remembered at all. She has no credibility, does not seem to know how to use her position in a positive way to move along the House of Representatives to help the country. She does the exact opposite of that.

    Trump 2020

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