Did AG Barr Just Drop a Massive Hint?

Many Americans have been waiting, for years, for justice to be served to those in the Obama DOJ, FBI, CIA, and State Department for their role in what is now referred to as SpyGate. Some of the crimes, i.e. the alleged Clinton crimes, have been exposed for longer than just a few years.

Many have also grown tired and weary of a system that seems to hammer some people for relatively smaller crimes while letting ‘elites’ and wealthier, more connected people off the hook completely. So, it’s no surprise that by now many people are just angrily but skeptically asking the question.

Will anything happen to these people or is our system of justice so perverted that it’s beyond repair?

Attorneys General William Barr may have just tipped his hat in a big way.

Kevin Brock, at The Hill, thinks Barr just dropped a massive hint in the language he used in a recent interview.

“Travesty” is not a nice word. It usually is applied to gross perversions of justice, and that apparently is the context Attorney GeneralWilliam Barrdesired when he dropped it into an interview answer the other day in the breezy courtyard of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

He was referring to Barr's comment about "what happened to him (Trump) was one of the greatest travesties in American history".

Brock goes on to say that there has never been an investigation into the FBI that was referred to as something as serious as a 'travesty'.

After the damning IG report came out there were 2 narratives. One saying there was no Russian collusion found between the Trump campaign and Russia, while the other saying there was no political bias in the investigation into the Trump campaign.

The second narrative didn't fly with many, given what the know via the text exchanges to two key FBI agents in charge, testimony from key witnesses slowly being declassified, and the actions of the Mueller team.

Barr also said that the FBI and DOJ "without any basis started this investigation... into the Trump campaign".

Attorney John Durham is looking into these actions as part of a deeper and wider investigation into what happened. If Brock is right, things are about to get very difficult for the 'dirty cops' involved in the alleged plot to take down a U.S. Presidential candidate and, eventually, sitting U.S. President.

For a deeper dive into this check out Kevin Brock's article at The Hill.

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60 thoughts on “Did AG Barr Just Drop a Massive Hint?”

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it! I’ve grown tired and cynical Waiting for Godot.

    You’ll have to pardon my cynicism, but is there any other reaction a sane person can have, seeing obvious criminals sitting home laughing at us plebes while writing books and making fortunes on their criminality??

    1. You are completely justified in your cynicism. I too am sick and tired of watching our “justice system” being raped and pillaged by the wealthy connected elites. Even if these bad actors are called to task in indictments they’ll simply hire huge banks of slime ball attorneys to further bastardize the system and weasel them off. It’ll cost them big bucks but they’ll walk with maybe fines but no jail time. As to Barr dropping hints, don’t read anything into his comments until the rubber meets the road, so to speak. He’s had ample evidence to prosecute some of these traitors but hasn’t. Cases in point, McCabe and his girl friend(her name escapes me at this time).

    2. I have also grown tired of the elites who can practically, and in the case of the Clintons, really, get away with murder, while the rest of us get arrested because we dared to go to church on Easter Sunday (to a drive in service, no less.)

    3. You speak for most of us who’ve been waiting for the slow arm of the law to catch up to the criminals! If Barr doesn’t produce some justice for them during Trump’s time in office it will never happen and I, for one, will assume Barr is in league with the cartel that’s perverted our intelligence agencies!

    4. We have a HUGE start for Justice. Both State and Justice Departments gave Hillary Clinton a “crushing blow” when they agreed she MUST testify over Benghazi. Actually Judicial Watch was granted permission to depose her and her lawyer, Cheryl Mills because of her non-gov server. From what I have been reading it goes beyond Benghazi. Also whistleblowers presented hundreds of pages of evidence alleging illicit behavior of Clinton Foundation (you can google that). And propaganda in America? How can that be? Google us domestic propaganda officially 2013 7 . Congress did it! Also read a article about “Political Correctness”. surprised to find 80% of Americans (and the poll was done by race …. ALL RACES) agreed the PC (and hate speech) are national problems. Should be voted on in this next election. Just add it to the federal ballot

      1. I can’t get over the Clintons and their foundation taking advantage of poor Haitian people and the media praising what they did?

  2. On another point; When, if ever, will Pompeo issue a directive to the underlings at the Secretary of States’ office to get out of the way and comply, post haste, and furnish Judicial Watch’s subpoenas to Judicial Watch???

  3. The Democrats have lied, cheated, bought, and stolen votes for years without any reprisal. They think its their right, to break the law. The law is for the other guy, not them. If they ever go to jail, their wail will be heard around the world, the crying, sobbing, bellowing, and blubbering, as they shed their crocodile tears!

    1. Or? If they go to jail someone will have them “whacked” (just in case) they might incriminate one of the other richy riches to get a reduction in sentence?? (oh wait? that could never happen, right?)

  4. If and when ‘justice’ finally prevails and it’s not just Hil-liar-y that is wearing an orange jumpsuit that will be a champagne & caviar day, rather than beer and pretzel day!
    Indict, Try, Convict, Sentence, and Hang ’em High!

  5. The cries of the ordinary wrong- and evil doers in the FBI and DOJ should be met with ordinary prison terms of at leasr five years. For the Clintons, with their illegal Clinton Global Initiative and their pay-to-play schemes, it is a different story. They should be treated as the failed great in every country have been treated – with exile. The Clintons made a big show of aiding the Hatiians after the earthquake. Trump should buy Haiti (real estate has to be cheap there), make it an American Colony, and set the Clintons up as Colonial Governors. Bill will love it because he will have access to some of the most beautiful and exotic women in the world. Hillary will love it because it is the closest she will ever get to being queen. In exchange, neither Bill nor Hill will be allowed to set foot in the continental US ever again.

    1. Nothing short of death will be good enough for the Clintons. They committed Treason, Murder, Money Laundering, Crimes Against Humanity and much more. Sad but reality; they are pure evil.

      1. Totally agree, except death by public Hanging so the world can finally see actual Justice being done.

    2. Proud American
      What have you got against the Haitians? Why would you want to inflict such a disaster as these two on innocent people?
      However, if the island people should learn that the Clintons solicited money to rebuild Their country and that said money some how ended up in the Clinton foundation, the people might be inclined to do something about it.

  6. There will never be any one held accountable for thier corrupt criminal actions..this was not just criminal, this was a coup and any level minded person could see it for themselves…but no, the liberal democrats spent millions and the liberal media ran day after day they President Trump and the Russians colluded in the 2016 election when actually it was crooked Hillary and DNC who colluded to overthrow a duly elected president..the same happened with the impeachment hearing by the democrats where they blatantly picked and choose what witnesses would testify against President Trump…we are no longer free country and our poor little young people are drinking the Democrat koolaid without any thought as to what the future will hold for them…our 2nd amendment rights are being eroded everyday by unlawful laws passed by Democrat governors…illegals are being treated better than tax paying American citizens and ignorant people are standing with Democrats not realizing these people are just being used as pons for voting and nothing more….they are the scum of the earth from other countries who are glad they have left and come to the US…this election (2022) will determine how long this country stands or falls…

    1. Judy,
      I agree 100%. Seems that if you are a ranking democrat you are free to do as you please and shame on anyone who would dare to question that. Examples: 1. Hillary refused to give up her hard drive, instead she had it bleached, then destroyed by hammers, and then there’s Benghazi!!! 2. Joe Biden’s son gets millions of dollars from Ukraine and China while he isn’t remotely qualified for those jobs, then when the President wants to look into it he is impeached. They say it has already been looked into. Okay, who looked into it? As far as the deep state goes. Any federal employee showing any political bias should be fired immediately and those who committed crimes in the past elections and beyond should go to prison, period.

  7. I think the far-left has so corrupted our government that it will not be possible for Attorney General Barr to prosecute them (even if he wants to prosecute them). I see the ridiculous secret courts that are corrupt (with obviously corrupt judges – because they have not done anything about the abuse). Even if Barr tries to do something, I suspect that corrupt federal judges will block his efforts.

    1. Agree, Trump will need to fire all Liberal appointed Fed. Judges when he is reelected before setting these Commie Liberals up for trial! Replace these judges with TRUE Patriots!

  8. I think Derham is digging deep in order to provide open and shut cases against a number of people involved in the attempted coup of Trump and our government. I will be very disappointed if the entire seditious episode does hit the fan by the end of this year. Hopefully before the election.

    1. My bet is that only the underlings will be punished. Those who called the shots will get away free and clear. To many people commit suicide in strange ways when investigations get into certain areas.

  9. the politically correct name “?just us” dept is not spelled” justice”.The communist nwo dems own politisal correctness.

  10. How is it the only one party keeps coming up with false findings against Republicans, spend millions of Taxpayer dollars and come up looking like the guilty one. Why have I lost all trust for the Democratic Party and the new media in general.
    Freedom of the Press should be taken away as the press is not adhering to the rules, but rather going completely against them looking like the ones who should be investigated
    Democrats are the ( I’ll be politically correct ) Socialist Party, their voters who understand Socialism are true Commie’s. Why play in the enemies battlefield.
    Kruschev was right and the Democrats are proving it so.
    a vote for Biden is the vote for the next President —-his VP whom ever it is.

  11. BS…Report back when you can tell the American People that charges and indictments have BEEN MADE… and stop with the constant speculation.

  12. I agree with all these comments but you are leaving out the most corrupted person that orchestrated all this during his administration: The abominable Obamas. Now getting richer writing worthless books and speeches beside getting in their Hollywood businesses.

  13. I, like others that have posted, don’t believe anything will happen, to anyone. The two tier justice system is alive, and well in this country.

  14. Republicans are harshly punished for misdemeanors.
    DemocRats gets away with murder.

    The upper echelons of police, FBI, CIA and the legal system is politically corrupt because it is hijacket by leftwing activists posing as non-partisans. Decades of political grooming and political inbreeding by DemocRat socialists has created a swamp of injustice. Like the media, it is infested with political bias so powerful that they can even flatly and brasenly deny reality. They own the public agenda.

  15. Perhaps that’s why Trump was going on and on about how the Senate is not approving his choices for judges and other essential employees. If he still has a lot of corrupt judges and others from the Obama administration, and can’t get all his picks in, then prosecuting will do no good. They’ll be let off. He said he’s waiting for hundreds of people to be approved, which is unheard of. Now, they all want to take off again. He said he’ll use a little clause that allows HIM to appoint people without congressional approval during emergency times if they don’t stay there and approve these people. He said even with people who they know they are going to approve, they take the maximum amount of time to do it that they are allowed.

  16. I agree with every thing said in all the above comments.

    No hope to be had for congress.,they have done nothing to help the American people, especially the poor. When you have idiots like AOC, Omar, Talib, pelosi,?Schumer, Schiff, and the liked of joe B. Give me a break!

    Sad lot
    We have to hold it together to survive!

  17. I believe we may get a taste of the truth after the Clintons are dead and buried. Most of us will never know. I now believe it when I hear money can buy anything, except love. Our legal system is so corrupt I don’t believe many trust in it anymore. Very sad.

  18. I agree with many comments, will justice be served can we believe America is a just country I hope so, we Americans need to see that we are supporting and paying for what we believe that the USA is an honest and law abiding nation , these traitors need to be put away all of them starting with Obama / clintons and especially SOROS

  19. We the people have to hold All of Them Accountable by the same LAWS they PASS for us! Them( meaning the SWAMP) have been in Congress WAY,WAY too LoNG. Vote them out and serve them Supeona”s for their Chgeating, Lying and Abuse of the System. I mean, hey Martha Steewart went to Prison for inside trading? Why haven”t the Congress men and women who have done it in a much LARGER DEGREE????

  20. All the above comments are spot on. Trump should of cleared the White House of all of Obama’s staff. He was the worst president we ever had. Soros’s little puppet and all their minions need to be accounted for the TREASONS they have committed against the US. Americans need to put a stop to the dirty crooked government. Pelosi, Mueller, Schumer, Schiff, Clintons, Obamas, Ocasio-Cortez, Talib, Omar, and Soros have definitely have committed serious crimes against America and the American people. We have been living in the days of King and Queens and this is how our Democratic Party along with the above names see themselves as Kings and Queens and they are in control.
    The Democratic and some Republicans will not give up their power and money. Money talks and until someone in Washington sends these people to jail or exile them America will never come back. If the government doesn’t do something soon how can we believe that we have a fair justice system.

  21. I agree with all of the above! All is corrupt and they answer to Rothchild, Builderburgs, Rockefeller’s who want global domination. We have to cut the heads of the serpents. The world is at stake. Bill Gates is evil too. I’m sure everyone knows Hillary is a bonafied witch. Satan is alive and well. May God help us.

  22. It would certainly be nice if somebody finally gets to the bottom of the Clinton/Obama deceptions. However, the bottom is so deep and the time may be short to accomplish the task. One thing is for sure, if DJT is replaced by a Dem, the investigation will be for naught, as the investigation will never be completed, or if completed, will not report the true facts. Furthermore, with a Dem in the WH, no punishment for wrongdoing will follow. Time is the essence of the matter, so let’s get on with it.

  23. Barr needs to step up to the plate and carry out this long past investigation. Why are people afraid of Obama,The Clinton’s, Como, and the many others that are involved as proven by evidence that has finally been released. Mr. Baer prosecute these people, they belong in prison.

  24. Prosecution? Barr has a tough job if he really wants to win. Investigators have been hollering about Hillary, Obama, et al. before Mr. Trump. I know of key violors that evidence had been gathered and was waiting for the final polishing. It was in danger of dying a natural death. However, political events changed and the prosecution proceeded and was a success. Elections are on the horizon. Conservatives in both Houses can achieve the majority success that ya all want. You have all seen the false narrative, impeachment, news, false allegations deceit.that has been taking place. The blind lady of Justice in danger, depending on what the people vote for.

  25. I’ll believe it when I see it. I think most of the Political COUP wrong doers, will die of OLD AGE before they see any jail time. What a “travesty” on our Corrupt Government.

  26. All The Talk, All The Talk, All The Talk, ALL THE TIME ! I wonder when someone or If EVER anyone is going to give these Bastards what they deserve. I’m so SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE TALK !!! Drop me a Hint Why Don’t Ya!
    Ha ha ha that’s some funny dung.

  27. Ever since the corrupt Royal Family of Kennedy’s, came on the scene, on how to screw the country, followed by the Johnson’s, the nation has been on the hooks of the Leftist Socialist and if not the Leftists, the Globalists! The Clinton’s, have been the treasured icons of the Left, whose main reason for power was to screw the world. Anyone who says, that crime does not pay, does not know the Clinton Cabal. AG William Barr, will make the History Books light up, if he lands the Kingpin’s of immorality, the Clinton’s and the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on this country, the world’s greatest fake, Hussein Barrack Obama. Obama and his “wingman”, AG Eric Holder, who is now based in the crime ridden country of Taxifornia and is still in the underworld of obama corruption, where obama dines with the Hollywood elite. We think the “19” virus is a serious threat to the country, it can’t outdo the corruption of elected Leftists, given to us by a stacked election system of voitng “harvest” voting, with a never sleeping underground of voter fraud well hidden by the progressives in power.

  28. It appears that Mr. Durham and Attorney General Barr are fed up with the travesty that occurred under Obama. They are finding evidence that cannot be ignored. Fraud and corruption in the Justice Department is an insult to all Americans. Nail them with their crimes and throw them all in prison. Their smug mugs should be on display on prison walls permanently.

  29. I read some of Your comments and want to tell You. Today’s American justice is for us The People. And statues like Clinton’s Obama Biden and other with them never will get the Justice they deserved. So , forget it. Its never gonna happen.

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