If You Watch One Video This Week It Should Be This One

President Trump has been accused by many of not ‘acting the way a President is supposed to act’. Many would also say that the people who voted for him did so for exactly that reason.

At Monday’s White House press conference President Trump proved them right. He, at the same time, proved them wrong and exposed the hypocrisy with a video of the same media heads saying exactly the opposite of what they’re saying now.

For example, the video included Maggie Haberman (NYT). talking about how President Trump took action, early on, with the travel ban and was widely criticized by Democrats and even some Republicans for doing it. But, at the end of the day, she says “it was probably effective”.

That's a stark contrast from what you hear her say today.

The video exposes Biden as well for calling Trump a xenophobe and a racist for the travel ban. However, it also shows a Joe Biden campaign video where he says he commended the President for taking the action.

It has Gavin Newsom, D-CA, praising President Trump's response. It has Andrew Cuomo, D-NY, saying the President has been responsive and doing everything they've asked for.

Just watch the video at Washington Examiner. It exposes the brutal lack of honesty in reporting.

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32 thoughts on “If You Watch One Video This Week It Should Be This One”

  1. Trump is a clear and present danger. His incompetence will continue to kill people. He should resign for the good of the country.

    From a real Republican and Viet Nam Veteran

    1. You’re anything but a real republican. The term RINO fits you to a T. I did three tours in the Nam and wish we had him in tve White House then. Would have made for amuch shorter conflict.

    2. DSH: I also am a Marine Corps Nam vet and your post shows what an idiot and gullible sheep you are. Typical leftist nonsense. I suppose your voting for senile pervert corrupt biden. Vote demicrap and keep working on destroying the country and your freedoms fool. Your hardly REAL REPUBLICAN, a real commie maybe, or as commonly known, demicrap.

    3. The real clear and present danger is not President Trump, his competence has saved lives that would have been lost had he not shut down travel from China and Europe when he did, and had he not put America and Americans first instead of kowtowing to the globalists and New World Order statists. If anyone in the US government should resign, it’s Congressional Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Blumenthal, Feinstein, Hoyer, Clyburn, Swalwell, Waters, Wasserman Schultz, Tlaib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Sanders, Jeffries, Lowey, Castro, Jayapal, Booker, Coons, Gillibrand, Harris, Hirono, Leahy, Manchin, Markey, Menendez, Romney, Sinema, Toomey, eyc. These people are the real clear and present danger to our freedom and Constitutional Republic. From a real American Conservative Republican and Patriot.

      1. Ditto Paul, mentioning the real and present dangers to America/Democraps! Socialist Democraps Commies! See what our Educational System since the 1960’s have done to our United States of America. There IS no Democrat Party, the Socialist ate IT. US should w/drawl from the UN, give no money to W.H.O.(China Centric) liars. News: Virus from Wuhan, and not found in Nature, guess what that leaves ginormous. Ghee, if they only had a brain. No Socialist Democrats would never get another vote for Congress, Senate, Presidential run. Hell, none even know how to run a business, negotiate a REAL deal. Sad, sad for America! -Mary

    4. Parroting the same words the MSM has conditioned you to say, does not say anything. In order to get some validity and trust, you must…YOU MUST support your rants with OBJECTIVE, MEASURABLE facts. Not just laments. The TRUTH is that Trump has brought economic prosperity, jobs, respect to our Laws and Law Enforcement, respect to our borders, respect to life since conception, respect for our MILITARY, respect to our FLAG, RESPECT TO OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM, to our creed, to GOD…etc, etc. Only a blatant liar can deny those facts. Your MSM has been doing it since before Trump’s miraculous election. It only proves that the actual domestic ENEMIES are them, together with the Obama’s the Clintons and all other DOMESTIC ENEMIES that shamelessly try to destroy our country.

    5. Sorry Brother!

      Trump is a clear and present leader. His competence will continue to save people. He should be reelected for the good of the country.

      From a real Republican and Viet Nam Veteran (4/67-8/68)

    6. Your a complete Jackass, wake up President Trump is the MOST wise and alert President this country has ever had. We are lucky he re-acted early to the virus. Your far from a Republican and your a FOOL and a disgrace to the Military making dumbass comments

    7. {Please, instead of your lip service, state exactly & show us how Trump is a danger & how many people he has killed. I think View Nam harmed your thinking, because, you are definitely talking like a DEMORAT. The same old talk, spew accusations, but, can’t back up the accusations.

      If someone is going to spew accusations, we all expect proof of how Trump has done all of your accusations.

      Dumb ass!! You can’t say a single word or give any proof of this crap. Shut up & change your party to DEMORAT, because you are definitely one of them..

  2. Interesting how the Trump haters are so emotional and vile but never offer any proof. They ignore the facts and substitute their “fake” reality for logic.

    1. we have another idiot in James McDonald, who is emotional when the demoncrats support radical islam, they won’t denounce the kids group antifah, they want to go to restuarants and yell and harrass good republicans, get a life you idiot and start supporting Americaor move to venezuala, or even betterm move to Fallujah, Iraq, you would fit in great there

      1. yes you’re right Mark u are an intellingent clever man this guy DSH so called himself a vietnam veteran is a total disgrace to be an american he is so stupid to call himself a republican and a vietnam veteran,

  3. The key issue for each/every MSM talking head and political hack, having done a lateral arabesque ON THE RECORD over the past two months — Were you lying then, or are you lying now? You can flee the presser, or cut away to the weather report, but you cannot hide. Your words; your reversal. Face your own smarminess.

  4. You are right James McDonald. That’s exactly what the libs do. They ignore facts and use hate & vile & shouting thinking that people will follow their idiotic lead. This is why you have communism in Russia, China, Cuba & other countries. The communists used the same tactics to gain control, and that is what the Dems are trying to do to the USA. We should have a group of snipers to take out these socialist idiots and get rid of them for good.

  5. DSH. Go back to sleep. Your TDS and lack of knowledge is more of a danger to this country from people who may read your response than the president could ever be. The true lies are laid out right in front of you, and you still blindly go along with the fake media.

  6. I assume he was tempted, but advised not, to include Fauci in this video. He has flip flopped as frequently as the MSM. ps: check his 2017 stance on chloroquine.

  7. President Trump is not one to sit back and let himself be misrepresented and lied about by those who despise him and want nothing more than to get him out of the Oval Office. They will go to any extreme to destroy him and, unlike the Bush presidency, he will fight back. He did an awesome thing by showing those in the press briefing how hypocritical they and the others who lie about him daily actually are. He is the kind of President that I have waited my whole life to see in the Oval Office. I hope he wins re-election by the greatest landslide ever.

    1. I salute you Mike Leach, this is how the fake news has these socialist demoncrats brain washed. They are idiots and need to get out of this great country

  8. I am fading into the sunset at 84 years old and a veteran of KOREA , voted in every election since I was 21. I hope
    for my children,grandchildren , and GREAT grand children that my vote this time will keep the finest man we have ever had in this office of president because if not this country is heading into the abyss,hese scumbags along with
    the media are on a mission to wreck this land as we know it and it is up to us to see to it that they do not succeed in
    accomplishing that if need be ,along with all the remaining vets in this land see to it that this vermin do not succeed
    in any way, we sacrificed once and we can do it again against an enemy that we took a vow to defend against and as
    long as I live I will honor that Vow! by the way I was back on active duty at age 55 for DESERT STORM !

    1. Everything you said applies to me except I didn’t go back for Desert Storm, they wouldn’t let me. We’ve got the best man in Trump. Sure I don’t always agree with him but I truly believe he puts America FIRST!

  9. The only other person I can remember that would be so forward in his thoughts. He once said we should kill the Iotola Khomeini and get it over with. Anybody remember who made that statement?
    His brother was high up on the totem pole.😏

  10. All Republicans need to Take a portion of the “Government money” we are receiving because of this virus and make a donation to a conservative candidate so they can take back the House and increase their majority in the Senate so President Trump can show us what he can really accomplish with a willing Congress.Must win!

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