The Curious Case of Dr. Fauci

The case of Dr. Fauci is one of confusion. Not the Biden type of confusion but one consisting of a pattern of contradictions. We can obviously start with the doomsday modeling that he has been touting throughout this pandemic. We now know that we are going to be nowhere close to the 2.2 million deaths originally predicted and dragged across the media.

However, his recent appearances on CNN and MSNBC seem to suggest that he had given different advice to President Trump back in January.  He sits down for a discussion with Al Sharpton and says it became clear that this was a danger back in mid to late January.

Al Sharpton on his interview with Fauci:

Dr. Fauci explains why Trump’s travel bans didn’t work — and he was begging action as early as mid-January

The dates here are interesting and I’ll show you why in a minute.


Dr. Fauci also went on CNN over the weekend to discuss the Administration's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, suggesting he wanted to shut things down in January but there was opposition to that.

"But you're right, I mean, obviously, if we had right from the very beginning shut everything down, it may have been a little bit different. But there was a lot of pushback about shutting things down back then."

Well, I have a problem with that and you should, too.

Here's Dr. Fauci, saying "it's not a major threat" on January 21 in an interview with Newsmax's Greg Kelly:

“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now"

Here's Dr. Fauci on the NBC Weekend Today, on February 29, titled: "No need to change lifestyle yet."

Here's Dr. Fauci at a White House press conference on March 9th saying it's fine to go on a cruise.

“If you are a healthy young person, there is no reason if you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship.”

Now, does that sound like a guy who's been begging the President to understand how serious this disease outbreak was? Remember, President Trump issued the travel ban on China against the advice of the W.H.O. and CDC (and Fauci).

Now Dr. Fauci is talking about never shaking hands again, shutting down the entire country in cycles, and discussing the elections in November.

I don't blame Dr. Fauci for getting it wrong from the start. I do, however, blame him for not making changes along the way and still putting his faith in these broken and laughable models. Is this some sort of incompetence or is there something else going on?

President Trump retweeted a post, on Sunday,  calling to fire Dr. Fauci. It will be interesting how this plays out going forward. The President wants to open our economy back up and his advisors want to lock more of it down with each passing day.

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36 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Dr. Fauci”

  1. During Obama’s reign of treason, Fauci threw MILLIONS of someone else’s money at H1N1 and he’s doing the same thing now. He obviously ( should I say “allegedly” ? ) doesn’t does not have all his ducks in a row.

      1. Cannot trust anyone connected to any organization endorsed by or connect to the government for that length of time. You have to be crocked

  2. I believe this guy, Fauci, is as phony as the proverbial three dollar bill. His “self importance” over rides anything he says. The president is between a rock and a hard place. He should get this jerk off the stage and listen to the other, more reliable, doctors such as Dr. Saphire. More than anything else it appears that Fauci has been BOUGHT and is intentionally attempting to sabotage the president. But if the president fires him the media will have a field day on “cover up”. So at this point about the only thing is to prove Fauci wrong and when the time is right EXPOSE him for what he really is. Knowing the president’s ability I believe Fauci is under investigation right now. But it’s been proven in the past that the democrats will bribe who ever they believe will give them an advantage. They did it in 2016 with Bernie Sanders, they did it with the phony witnesses in their phony impeachment, and Pelosi has said openly that it’s “sometimes better to buy your information than make it up”. Yep, she said it. So Fauci is in the cat birds seat right now and he knows it. If the money is right he doesn’t care about the outcome.

      1. The system deleted my quote, so let’s try again.

        @Kurt Walker attributes the following quote to Pelosi: “Pelosi has said openly that it’s “sometimes better to buy your information than make it up.”

        No amount of Google searching turns up that quote. When and where did she say this?

    1. Totslly agree with you. I was suspicious of him from the start. He exudes bsd vibes in my opinion
      Another person looking for their 15 min of fame and getting psid for it by the Rats

    2. Get rid of him now. I have disagreed with him through most of this shuttling everything down.


  4. Just as I thought! Even though the world encounters annual flu epidemics with many loss of lives, this Corona virus is nothing more than a political scheme to either bring economies down, or destroy political parties. We’ll see! In God We Trust!

    1. Have said this since almost the first day of this dog and pony show. The flu in 2017 killed 61,000 U.S. citizens, in 2018 the flu killed 54,000 U.S. Citizens. So again, tell me why this country is shut down? Because the Demonicrat-Communists want to destroy the U.S. Several epidemiologists have said that it was a big mistake to close down businesses and keep people at home, other than those with major medical conditions, the rest of the population should be out working, shopping, etc. to get an immunity from the COVID-19, but most of us won’t have that because of Fausi and Birx recommendations. Another SCAM by the leftists whores to kill off Americans and turn us into Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, etc. I hope that in November, it comes back to bite them in the (you know what).

      God, Please protect us from our enemies foreign and especially domestic.

        1. Bill Gates is in on this scam also. Gates and Fauci want to forcible lock everyone in until they have a vaccine. Anyone that refuses the shot will be forced to stay on lock down until they finally agree to take the shot.Gates and Fauci will make millions on the vaccine.
          They might already have had theirs, but want to kill as many people as possible before it is made public. It is odd that certain leaders and swamp dwellers are in contact with people that have the virus but they don’t get it.
          Gates and Fauci are part of the deep state swamp.

  5. Fauci shepherded us through the AIDS epidemic and the 2008 Flu epidemic and he will get us through this epidemic, too. Trump may be right in wanting to re-open the economy, but today’s medical personnel are not in a self-sacrificing mood, and right now they are the squeakiest wheel. The various Governors control the shutdowns, State-by-State, and so far none is willing to lead the way to re-opening. We have become a nation of sheeple and wimps, forgetting FDR’s immortal words “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. Perhaps the way to re-opening is for those who would lead to intentionally get COVID-19 – and survive. Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, did so unintentionally, but now he can lead without question. Trump has always been afraid of germs, and now his squeamishness is hurting him. We are fortunate to have discovered early on that the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin is effective against COVID-19, and to have at least two promising vaccines in the pipeline (an RNA vaccine and a “Patch” vaccine using SARS-Cov-2 peptide microneedles). My own remedy – a teaspoonful of CsCl followed 8 hr later by eating a banana – is likely to be ignored, but will always be available to the fearless and experimental-minded. We will survive, but the damage is already done.

    1. LMAO…he lied about the aids virus, and was relatively mute on the Obama virus, as was the MSN. 1`000 died the first week before they could pry the golf clubs out of the coons hands.

    2. For me, the (almost) daily Task Force appearances are an anchor of continuity and stability, no matter my disagreements with suspected motives behind Fauci and Birx’s indifference towards the interventions you mentioned.

      You go with the partners who brung ya to the dance. DJT is correct not too switch captains in the middle of the ocean – whether on the Carrier Roosevelt or on the COVID Task Force.

      A conference today (4/14) will take place in the Rose Garden. It will be the introduction of the new roll out task force made up of business leaders and medical experts. It’s my hope both it and the COVID task force can work simultaneously without treading upon each other’s domains

    3. Gates and Fauci are against hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin or anything else that might help. They want to kill as many people as possible and bring down the world economy so they can take control of everyone’s life. They are greedy and power hungry.

  6. I have trusted President Trump’s judgement for over three years but am beginning to wonder about his judgement in keeping Fauci on the team. Fauci disagrees with DJT in public and can’t seem to make up his mind on various issues flip flopping over and over. An advisor should advise and not attempt to set policy or direction. Fauci’s judgement needs to be called into question. Recall his initial view on the Aids/HIV epidemic in the 80’e when he insisted that there was no cause for alarm. In January, February and March he has advised basically the same view and we now have 15,000 Americans dead and another 1/2 million under a doctor’s care. I am certain that there are many well qualified medical professionals who would gladly step up and do the job of advising the president without being mesmerized by cameras and microphones.

    1. A lot of people, I guess, don’t realize this dude is a Bill Gates co-hort, is a democrat whose wife is a big Hildebeast fan, and would love to give DJT the boot.

      1. Not only Fauci but Birx as well. They both sit on the board of the Gates Foundation. Fauci also stands to make millions, along with Gates when a vaccine is rolled out, so it stands to reason that he wants the country in lockdown mode until then.

  7. What better way to implement the communist agenda than the ongoing events we are party to. The deep state has gone a long way to implementation forced compliance and abuse of civil liberties that are Undemocratic. The Chinese have been a regime that should have never been aided and supported to maintain control of the society we know off. I refuse to believe that it was an accident that this virus was released to run rampant on us all. The truth of what really cause this pandemic will hopefully be exposed.

    1. For all the money it is saiiid that we borrowed from China-if I were President Trump I would tell China debt has been paid in full. I would place a huge tariff on chinese products. We can do withhout or buy American made. I would also limit the number ooof chinese studennnts and workers in USA.

  8. This Dr. Fauci is so self absorbed, it overshadows his biased flip flopping estimates……Even when he says it’s too early to make an estimate and then the next day he is estimating…..Knew he was going to be NO HELP to TRUMP…Fauci has A Napoleonic complex and tries to be cute with the press, while trying to appear Non-Biased, he is sinking Trump at every turn……


  9. Yep ! sure is looking more and more like a demonRAT plot to destroy America..Fauci and brix have been spinning and double talking all along..I said this when they first announced the “virus”. I’TS THE FLU….Just another morphed version..The public, in general, Seems to swallow whatever garbage the communist “media” throws out there. Thousands die EVERY year from some form of virus..Thousands more die every day from other causes. We don’t shut down the entire economy over those occurances. This IS beyond doubt a plot to destroy our nation. Thing is, If the commies think they will prevail without a war ,they WILL be in shock when,not if ,the shooting starts.

  10. Fauci’s main problem is that today’s world isn’t like what it was when he started with AIDS and went on into SARS. People are connected now. They keep records. They watch dates. And they catch deceptions. Fauci failed at AIDS and SARS vaccines and, at his age, his only hope for going down as a modern age Maurice Hilleman is to come up with a coronavirus vaccine. His alliance with Gates also shows whose side he’s really on … and it’s not the everyday citizen of the world.

  11. I do not think Fouci or other docs are evil but they are concerned about one part of this problem – people getting sick. We did not close down the country for N1H1, etc. They have spent their total life concerned about pandemics and illness and I would not expect them to change now. The msm is controlling the narrative with the threat that if opened “too soon” we will all die. They also told us millions would initially die, hospitals would not be able to treat the sick, we would not have enough ventilators and beds,,etc. NOW they are quietly telling us this did not happen. Remember that the predictions and models took into account social distancing and STILL were embarrassingly off. Trump is in a lose/lose situation again – open too soon (or at all) and more people get sick and the msm hammers him on it (and the sheeple blame Trump). Stay closed and businesses fail, people have mental problems along with financial problems, etc. Open up. Maybe this is darwins theory of the strong/smart survive. I will not go to a crowded situation but will go out and take precautions.

  12. Fauci is from NY. Can we expect a sincere loyalty to Trump? He’s certainly being influenced by Trump’s adversaries in his scientist/intellectual/political circles.

  13. At this point in time I have to agree with most of the comments and criticisms of Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci, a man who I perceived to be a non-partisan, motivated first and foremost by the pandemic and it’s devastating effects, is now acting as a Monday morning quarterback, issuing purposefully misleading comments about the timeline of when and what he said from the beginning of this pandemic. And to top it off he’s out of his league making any suggestions or recommendations for the voting process in November! Besides the fact that it is not even relevant now, since we are 7 months away from that juncture. He needs to keep those comments to himself!!

  14. The squirrelly little Doctor is only a problem if President Trump continues to let him speak and contradict himself or the President during their daily briefings. It is hard for me to believe that the President can’t find someone who would be a little more consistent like Doctor Birx. I agree that dumping Fauci at this point might cause more harm than good but the president might suggest he do a little more work and a few less interviews.
    If it turns out that Fauci is indeed on Gate’s payroll and that’s why he won’t back the use of HCQ, Chloroquine and Azithromycin it will not go well for him…the President will see to that.

  15. Dr Fauci is a fraud, a snake in the grass, the fox in the hen house, a back stabbing, lying, POS! He is a stalking horse for Bill Gates and his vaccinate everybody foundation that promotes his big pharma buddies and reducing the world population by 3 billion. This is taken from speeches Gates has given. The vaccinations his foundation is using in third world countries, especially Africa, contains mercury. Who is putting mercury in the vaccine? Tens of thousands of people in these countries have died. This is all part of the reduction of world population that the Gates foundation promotes. Guess who is promoting vaccines for everybody and a mandatory vaccine card for everyone? The lying Dr. Fauci should be tried for TREASON!!! along with Bill Gates. Chips in the back of the hand will be next. The test run was a new, special drivers license if you want to travel by commercial air. We the Sheeple did not object. How far will they get with vaccination cards/chips? This virus is cured 100% by the cocktail of Hydroxcychoroquine, z-pak, and zinc. Everything else is bureaucratic and political self serving BS! Time to admit we have the cure call it off and get back to work!!!

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