AG Barr Addresses Bill Gates Microchip Idea

United States AG William Barr appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show, Thursday, to talk about a wide range of issues. One of those issues discussed was the idea, by Bill Gates, to insert a “digital certificate” into the body of American citizens and individuals around the world.

The microchip, by a less prettied up term, would show whether someone has immunity to the Covid-19 virus or has been vaccinated. World officials and even employers could then use the ‘digital certificate’ to decide whether to allow someone to travel abroad, or even board a plane, or gather in large groups (I.e. a concert or political rally).

Laura Ingraham posed the question:

“Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation are in favor of developing digital certificates that would certify that individuals, American citizens, have an immunity to this virus and potentially other viruses going forward to then facilitate travel and work and so forth,” Ingraham said. “What are your thoughts

AG Barr wasn’t really on board with the idea.

Here's his response:

“Yeah, I’m very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty,” Barr responded.

He goes on to say that he does think there have to be "reasonable steps" taken during emergencies, such as the one we're facing with the coronavirus, but this idea may be going too far.

“Yeah, I’d be a little concerned about that, the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.”

What does America think about this idea? Would you take one of these 'digital health certificates'?

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124 thoughts on “AG Barr Addresses Bill Gates Microchip Idea”

  1. I won’t be the first to say “Mark of the Beast”. The sheep are getting more and more conditioned to accept giving up freedom and replace it with slavery … all in the name of “perceived security”.

      1. I agree, I will not take the vaccine either as Gates likes the idea of depopulation! No thanks!

      2. Agreed! The Bible book of Revelation tells all Believers in Christ NEVER to ever take the “Mark of the Beast” as that would insure being ‘Left Behind’ and not getting Raptured up by Christ. I am afraid that my wife and I will lose everything including life on earth…. but that is a tiny price to pay for staying out of hell and remaining in Jesus’ fold. Bill Gates is not a Christian and is engaged in many dubious ideas, and I think he is ‘far Left.’ See/ Visit TOM’S JOURNAL/ blog. — Thomas G Schuckman

    1. Agreed. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin.

    2. It IS interesting how this Gates sees this relatively minor malady (It is, after all, just another manifestation of the common cold) as a great opportunity to start “marking” people. WTF is his motivation? Very odd.

      1. His motivation is: he is a world globalist, he considers himself one of the “elite” who should have the right to decide who lives (to serve the elite) and who dies. It is all part of their agenda to control the size of the population, and it is based on the satanic conspiracy to take over the Throne of The Almighty One, The Elohim of Israel; YaHuaH Tzevaoth!

    3. We are being given obedience training. Most of the world has been locked down over a mild cold virus, that does not represent a threat to anyone who is not already dying from other causes. I can not believe that so many people are staying down for this. We are being bombarded with fake news on a daily basis. Pictures of some plague from years ago pretending that this is happening now in a community near you. Every news article refers to this as a deadly disease. You get pictures of overcrowded hospitals. When citizens go there with cameras the hospitals are empty. The huge vans that are supposed to be full of coffins. When the doors open, the citizen is only seeing and filming 2 coffins, and we do not know that these 2 died of this fake virus. The mayor of New York begs for help from our president. He sends a hospital ship with 1000 beds and 500 staff. They can only find 6 patients to place there. The mayor requests a huge amount of medical supply. Now he is sending them back. Does not need them. We are obeying like well trained dogs while the liberties that our ancestors fought and died for are being snatched away in a manner we have never seen before. What will happen next winter when we have the real yearly flu killing 160,000 and putting 500,000 in the hospital? What kind of restriction will they demand then?

      1. It is unbelievable to me that so many people still believe the coronavirus is “fake news”. The death count in the USA has now reached 2,000 a day. This microchip thing sounds very much like the mark of the beast. Do the chip numbers start or end with 666?

      2. If it weren’t for the Trump hating media, nobody would have noticed. So this virus is highly contagious, but the dire consequences are overblown in another attempt in an election year to bring down Trump. They don’t care about the devastating blows to the economy and to the lower middle class. Sorry, that was wrong: they do care about the economy and the devastation of the lower middle class, for the lower middle class are Trump voters and Progressives think that they can pin the destroyed economy on Trump.
        This is all a political power play by the never-Trumpers!
        If they do this while they are our of power, imagine what they will do to our country if they are ever in power again. After all, they already proclaimed that they want to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

        About Bill Gates; Did he not say years ago something like, that he knew better how the common people should live successful lives than those people did?


      4. Sadly; even most so called “conservative” sites appear to have fallen for this as well! It’s time for people to wake up and re-store their freedoms!

      1. Agreed Joyce but I don’t seeing many standing up at all! Just going along with whatever they say. This virus was known in 2014. Disappointed especially with the church’s giving up their rights because of pressure. Only a miracle by God himself can change hearts and give a holy boldness will change any of this! Personally people are to afraid and what a better way to take control but by fear. Do you know they’ve been sending paperwork to drs to list patients that died as covid 19 even though they haven’t or don’t know? Pray !

    4. Well said, Stephen. It’s amazing to see how willingly most individuals, without thought, would surrender their liberty and allow government to track their every move. Since when has government proven so worthy of trust and good judgement? And then, of course, there is ‘the mark of the beast’ aspect to Bill Gates suggestion. I’ve yet to see Bill Gates come up with an idea that really impressed me, so once again I dismiss as Bill Gates rubbish.

    5. No way would I take it. It would be Blble prophecy being fulfilled with the coming of the Antichrist. The Mark of the Beast as prophesied in Revelation. Taking their mark would be accepting Satan. You could never be saved from your sins. Read Revelation. DO not let them put a chip in you.

    6. Clearly the Mark of the Beast and the leftists, elitists and progressives are the promoters of anything documented in God’s Word.

    7. We surely are being conditioned to roll over and beg the government for whatever we think we want. Don’t do the microchip thing!! And stay away from vaccinations, too!

    1. I think he should be the first to have a chip implanted and every time he says something stupid a sharp electric shock goes up this ass

      1. LOL. Perfect answer. Bill Gates is heavily invested with Big Pharma and profit making schemes. This viewpoint that only certain people/ governments / men with money “know what is best” for the little people and should be making the decisions that infect/affect /control us all leads to a slave state and “we the people” would be the slave sheep. Gates is the Wolf.

        1. I say Bill Gates need the strong of arm of the US Government laid upon him and cause him to go belly up … it is my belief that he is bed with China and a party bioterroism … involved with the spread of the coronavirus as a depopulation tool! let the dastard leave the country — he is anti-family (has no children), only think of how much control and money he can have and is in bed with the Chinese! DOWN WITH THE GATES FOUNDATION & bill gates!

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier for those of us who are “unclean” to just wear some visual indication of our genetic short-coming? Like a gold star on our sleeves?

  3. Bill Gates is part of the global elite, we need to reign him in, before we are led to the slaughter.

  4. I think Mr Gates is trying to do the right thing, as he sees it. He isn’t thinking how the average American could perceive this. With this, like many well intended suggestions, the evil will always come into play…. Countries who “brand “ someone approved who isn’t!

      1. Right on William; Gates knows perfectly well what he is doing, he and his elitist comrades (i.e. G Soros and the like) have an agenda and America’s Constitution stands in the way!!!
        Get rid of the Constitution and the Rights it guarantees, and you get rid of the biggest obstacle in their way!

    1. What is meant by “Countries who “brand” someone approved who isn’t”? The whole idea of micro-chipping is absurd and asinine. Why should/would we give up more freedom, security and privacy because someone thinks there is a need to monitor for possible sickness? It would become another way for “big brother” to control and command his subjects (I’m not talking about the present administration. I’m talking about a possible future one.). Say NO to this suggestion. AG Barr is too nice in his rebuttal to the idea. As I said earlier it’s stupid, asinine and, may I add, dangerous. We’re not a socialist/communist country. If people want that, move to China, Russia, North Korea or somewhere else.

      1. Russia is no longer a communist country. In fact, Putin was the first one to offer assistance when 9/11 happened. Media is owned by globalists who like to start wars so they can profit.
        We cannot ‘give up’ unalienable rights- they were given by the Creator. No one can take them from you ever. Other rights are secured by your being amongst humanity. Others are protected by the Constitution- which the ‘officials’ have taken an Oath to protect those rights. If they are not doing their job, people have the right to change that;they even have the right to change their government.
        Eternal vigilance does not mean ‘unless someone is offended’.

    2. Bill Gates -directly responsible for poisoning thousands of babies in India-(poisoned baby formula)- THAT Bill Gates? He hasn’t done ‘the right thing’ for many,many years- if ever.

  5. Once you have a GPS chip in your body you can’t go any place for nay reason without being tracked.
    Another One World rule everyone idea.

  6. Bill Gates talks about future wars fought with viruses, not with weapons. That was five years ago on one of his TED TALKS. Now just what qualifies Bill Gates on the subject of predicting the future? After all he is not a bacteriologist or the director of center for disease control. But he is the one who financed the research firm and obtained a patent on the Corona virus. Bill Gates is a Globalist and he desires to control the human species as he suggests to vaccinate humans with a digital identity; the beginning of human slavery and of humanity. He is in favor of reducing the human population by vaccinating the public and controlling it. Globalists plan to have a one world government is already working. The young generation is loosing human language and they already using emojis instead. It is a language used by early Egyptian pagans, and designed to control.

    1. I think they won’t give us a choice as to wether we get it or not; the will control not only travel and work; but, food.
      How do we stand against the Deep State when it’s everywhere and pushing the limits every day. This goes hand in hand with the digital dollar that Pelosi is pushing at the same time.

        1. Right answer Frank; WE THE PEOPLE must learn to take the offensive and not walk blindly into their traps!
          START BY TURNING OFF THE MSM, their only duty is to indoctrinate; confuse; and scare THE PEOPLE!!!

  7. I consider myself fortunate to make my monthly car payment, but I’m just as smart as Bill Gates, perhaps smarter. He is welcome to microchip my dead body when I’m done with it.

  8. This my friends is “the mark of the beast” as described in the Bible. This has been the “wet dream” of the DEMOCOMMUNISTS party that will TRACK and CONTROL everyone at all times.It will INDEED be abused.
    They are using this virus to push their SATANIC agenda, I for one will NOT “comply”

  9. Bill Gates is the second largest supporter of the WHO after the US. Thankfully, our duly elected, beloved President is reconsidering funding the WHO. So that would leave Bill Gates as the largest financial supporter of the WHO.

    The WHO is in bed with the CCP, Communist Chinese party. Where does that put Bill Gates in relation to the CCP. Both the CCP and Gates appear to want to track and brand humans.

    1. The CCP already track their people. They provide a cell phone to every person. That’s how they track them. I read somewhere last week that there were hundreds of thousands of cell phones that were being deactivated due to deaths from Carona virus. They have grossly lied to the US on their numbers. I would never allow the government to chip me……Revelations…..I don’t trust Gates. He’s a snake….

      1. I agree CAB; yet how many Americans own cell phones and where were they made? You got it…China!
        The only reason they need the chip is because so many of us have refused to buy into the “cell phone conspiracy”
        And for all of you who think this is THE MARK OF THE BEAST read REV.14:12!!! Those who are not among that group already have the MARK!!!

  10. It is the sign of the beast, just like the bible explains in Revelations. If you believe God will take care of his children, why would you have to have anything, not of God in your body? To many people have gone the way of Satan, they have left God out of their lives. It is a shame , when they die and are brought before the throne of God, it will be to late to say I’m sorry.

  11. Anyone read Jon Rappaport? He has a very interesting article out about this whole COVID thing.
    Fauci and gates work hand in hand.
    Don’t think this isn’t orchestrated?
    Think again.
    Looks like the dragon is rising.
    It’s the “chain chip” so we can all be surveilled and put on a social credit system, like another country already is.
    Free speech? Free thought? Freedom to travel?
    Freedom itself.
    Will all be gone with the wind.
    Fauci has done this before. This ain’t his first rodeo.
    Look it up.
    Look up Gates history with vaccines in Africa.
    Wake up, wake up.
    This is your nine o’clock alarm call!

  12. Absolutely not.!!!!!! Remember Hitler. Publicly identify those you wish to vilify as a symbol of all their ills to the brainwashed robots. Then take away any means of them and any other who have not yet been brain deadened by the spiel and the promise from protecting themselves. Remember how many had to die before THAT Virus, was killed. Looks like the Power Crazed have been successful in eliminating much God Centered belief, common sense, and reasoning. by the infiltration of teachers in liberal colleges, elementary schools, by most of the press and on line media, and the entertainment idols who seek adulation and ego stroking from them if they parrot the dogma. STOP THEM NOW or FIGHT THEM LATER, Vote against those who support them, and be vigilant that only those legally allowed by our Constitution vote, and only ONE vote per person happen in our State and National elections. Our future as Americans depends on it.

  13. Next thing bill Gates will want to put us all in concentration camps and tell us to get on the train no way in hell are they going to put one of them on Next thing bill Gates will want to put us all in concentration camps and tell us to get on the train no way in hell are they going to put one of them on me

  14. How much do you want to bet that Gates does not get the vaccine or the microchip. Hillary and Gates wife, too. Obama won’t either. Neither will Nazi Pelosi or Adam Shiff. Add Jerry Nadler. Then there is Omar Elmi, AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, too. Then there is Fauci,. Don’t forget Bernie and the Bidens. This list can go on and on.

  15. If I get chipped and need to get it verified can I go to my Veterinarian? How will we know if someone has been chipped? Will we have 666 tattooed across our foreheads? Be aware the beast is coming! Everyday we give up more of our freedoms.

  16. The chip could also be a voice recorder so if you say something “bad” the government can send someone over to “help”you.

  17. I hope that the President is on to Fauci and keeps a close watch on him. This is insanity. Gates needs to be locked a way in a sanitarium. Evil and insane.

  18. The chip can’t work when a new virus shows up on the scene. The chip idea is to create wealth and the means to eliminate your freedom’s.
    Stay free from viruses by staying in the U.S.A. The virus came to us by means of travelers. And, no doubt came on products shipped from China.

    China is a communist nation and they hate capitalism but sure like it when they can steal its secrets to strengthen its infrastructure.

  19. What’s concerning to me, is that Trump and Barr have not come out against this with guns blazing! They were both sort of wishy washy on it. Trump saying it could have some scientific benefit, but may be a constitutional problem, we’ll have to check into it. Then Barr saying,

    “I’d be a little concerned about that, the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.”

    “Over along period of time?” Does that mean it might be okay every time they roll out these fake pandemics? And, notice they never assure us that the vaccine will NOT be mandatory.

    1. Trump is a very smart man. I believe he knows exactly what is going on. He will act when the time is right..

      1. Let’s hope he has not been compromised…
        I mean, what ‘sane’ leader of ANY country would lock-down the economy for a month and a half+- UNLESS these leaders had a back-up plan- one where they were not going to be around for the carnage, nor the clean-up?
        The devastation from this economic shut-down is going to be far worse than any ‘disease’…

        April 10,2020, in his Briefing he ended by saying “It’s been — it’s been my great honor to have been their President.”
        Past tense…why?

  20. Nobody should be microchipped. We do not need Gates suggesting ways to infringe on American freedom. Always got his eye on a way to make a buck. Some infants are being microchipped. That needs to stop also.

  21. The chip is precursor to endless vaccines to prop up the failing pharmaceuticals. They are labeled as “biologics”
    so they can be manufactured and administered without testing in cases of “panda monium”.
    Check out The Children’s Health Defense website and Shiva for Senate website for “the bigger picture”.
    666 equates to FOX if you match the letters in the alphabet which equate to the number 6.
    Remember, chips are basically sand, and if you drag the devil through the sand you get glass. Need to put the devil behind us and re-instate Glass-Steagall for sure. To say that this situation has reached “biblical proportions” is probably the understatement of the century. Remember, the introduction of an observer changes the situation. Think what the introduction of “many observers” could do.

  22. Hey Gates, stick to your computer stuff. Stay out of my life. Watch these do-gooders folks, CONTROL OF THE PEONS is what it’s all about.

  23. Biden is “biden his time”. Always has been. I would definitely prefer jobs to gates myself.

  24. I believe this chip idea is related to the Mark of the Beast talked about in Revelations. Is it possible that implanting of the chip causes 666 to be electronically radiated on your body (perhaps forehead) only readable or detectable by some sort of scanner? Of course, anything is possible.

  25. Absolutely not! This is just a part of the “Grand Scheme”. Remember what former President Barack Hussein Obama said he wanted to do- Fundamentally transform this country. What is this transformation disguised as- Progressivism, which let’s face it, Socialist- Communist type rule. A new “One World Order”. Gates is part of this scheme, and we are at the threshold of something that will bring an end to our life, it’s freedom and the world we know. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am ready to say “No” and suffer what may. My Lord will be returning soon, and I look forward to His return. Are you prepared?

  26. Bill Gates has every right to express his point of view and to make a suggestion, but I wholly agree with the Attorney General. We already have too many rules and regulations. This “chip” is has already been forecast in “Soylent Green,” and we already have legislation that assists this line of thought – Abortion and euthanasia come to light. Canada, our neighbor, has already disposed of a human being, following Belgium and the Netherlands (good name). Bill Gates attempts to convert us through his great personal resources, which may seem tempting, but his ideas do not include those of our Creator, who has a completely different agenda.

  27. I for one DID NOT WAKE UP IN COMMUNIST CHINA this morning when it comes the time that some one is going to force me to give up my freedom that I fought for in another country to protect An A holes like gates and shumer and drunken poles bring some body bags when they try to take my freedom u will knead several any one that even considers any thing like that is completely lonely are communist wanting to control the world.

  28. Radiated through 5G beamed at us from all of musks satellites. so we can have the “internet of things”. And guess what, you get to be one of those things instead of an Individual. Like boiling frogs where the heat is gradually increased so the frog doesn’t notice until it’s too late. Thanks to Darwin, that’s what they think you are.
    The Constitution guarantees your god given rights as an Individual, not rights “granted” to you by the state. Think the forefathers didn’t have any vision? “Without vision the people perish”.

  29. It’s become very clear Bill Gates is out of his FORNICATING mind.
    Bill Gates, should be hung from the nearest tree until DEAD, to even think of such an invasion.
    If someone were to attempt to introduce a chip into my body, one of us would die.

  30. If the government has the power to do something, someone in the government will do it. Think FISA warrants.

  31. We already know governments including our own abuse rights of legal citizens. They spy on anyone they like it seems with impunity. So tagging everyone is the next step in my view for the New World Order. They would love that and the sooner the better to them. This is another attempt to control.

    No thank you Bill Gates. But we will all know when the haves force the have nots to do this. Right now the dim wits who Bill funds along with Soros are a beehive mentality with old mafia Nanc as the queen bee. So I can see them trying to use the weight of that bunch from their current plantation to shame, punish, ostracize anyone resisting getting that chip. They already use that tactic in areas where dim wits rule. California is a good example. Old mafia Nanc even makes the reps in congress wear the same color of outfits at any national event where they can be seen together. That alone has made me shudder when you consider these are all grown adults she is coercing with her position. Even big mouth AOC caves.

    Does any of this BS being discussed today remind anyone of the old movie where the NWO had taken over and everyone was watched, controlled, and owned by the government. It seems NWO money is moving nations in this world to that end. Then everyone will be controlled and they already own the UN though the USA pays the cost of a huge part of it. In the end the NWO goal is No travel, No freedoms just following the rest in the hive to stay alive. Amazing the sheeple do not see the potential end of this. It’s pretty clear to me.

    Bill Gates invested in the chinese lab too. I would suspect anything he advocates is not in the interest of those this bunch seeks to control and most of us are members of those they want to lead/steer. In the end we must remember Bill Gates is just another face of the rich, white, entitled NWO these days. I am sure he and old collaborator Soros are aligned, but Gates just looks like a regular guy or one of us and he talks like us. Heck some of us watched him and others like the FB guy grow up.

    It is not in the best interest as the general populace of this nation to assume his interest are benign and friendly. A tag such as he suggest is how you can track your dogs. Anyone besides me disliking this idea already? And in suggesting this with his ties to Soros this is to be suspect by everyone including the sheeple. Cicero in his last writings discussed the enemy within. And today his warning is still relevant. I would suggest we listen to the warnings from centuries ago. Today it’s chilling how history repeats if not heeded.

    And just read Ciceros’ writings on the Enemy Within. He left us a warning and the truth behind his words here over a thousand years later sends chills up my back. Bill Gates is truly a representative of the Enemy Within and you will see the correlation in other now rich young men who are the same in our society. The writings are easy to find on the internet or in a library. Do not ignore history, we must learn from humanity’s older mistakes. And shame on us if we don’t!

  32. whatever it is it will be the mark of slavery and serfdom. We will become detectable property of the government which will set itself up for dictatorship. I am not one for conspiracy theories but a friend of mind who grew up during Nazi rule of Germany said to me” Everything I see reminds me of when I was a child right before Hitler took over.” Remember Germany was once the most cultured, enlightened, etc countries in the world. Yet Hitler came to power and the beast nearly destroyed the world

    1. I so agree with you Paul. The democratic party has been moving in this direction for years.They are the next communist party. All of their actions point to a total power grab of this country and they are very open about it.
      1. Removed God from schools, government,public places
      2 removed God from schools
      3. took parents rights away from them dividing the family
      4.promoted socialism in schools and colleges
      5. forced immoral indoctrination
      6. backing terrorist organizations
      7. limiting free speech
      and we could go on and on. The chip would be the frosting on the cake for them.

  33. Do not forget Gates was vaccinating in India from 2000-2017. His polo vaccine paralyzed 496000. Before he was kicked out of the country. They are using his vaccines in Africa now it has killed over 5,000 children ages 2 – 3.

  34. “The more laws the less justice”

    That’s for sure.

    Ron Paul just called for the firing of Fauci.

  35. NWO Globalist Control find Political enemies mainly Conservatives jail or excuse them this is what Obama or someone like him would do

  36. No!!! It’s the mark of the beast in the Bible. Will not submit to any type of chip. Keep our privacy out to anyone’s control.

  37. Gates has been pushing world wide de-population through his foundation. He has given talks where he says the total world population has to be reduced to 3 billion from the current 6+ billion. The vaccines his foundation gives to third world populations contain mercury and are killing a lot of people, especially children. Dr. Fauci is one of Gate’s enablers. He needs to be fired! The US should stop paying our tax dollars to support the UN and all its subsidiaries like the WHO and its socialist, one world agenda. Bill gates and his foundation are guilty of MURDER! The chip is the start of controlling the population. It started by using our drivers license. We must have a new special drivers license to get on a commercial airplane. This is just the start. Stay locked and loaded!!!

  38. In the military in 1961, I received a SHOT record of 10 vaccinations against potential diseases to assist my immune system before on going to South East Asia. A Similar record of injections by your physician be sufficient proof during the pandemic. Just a suggestion.

  39. Alexa was the beginning of privacy invasion.
    Government is listening.
    Jeff Bezos know everything about you.
    Now Bill Gates wants more power.
    Mr Gates should go back to providing drinking water to people who don’t have it
    Ultimate $ which Gates has leads to the belief that you are god and know better than the rest of us poor helpless moronic vegetables
    Lemmings over the cliff.
    I will donate my chip to a Wuhan bat


  41. No chips!!!!This is a disgusting power play that is being backed by all the liberal socialists who want to control our money and our movements. Our thoughts will be next on their long list of needs. They have managed to scare Americans with lies and exaggerated claims of massive deaths to come if we do not shut down our families and millions of business and critical livelihoods. It is all bull stuff and more of us are shouting out. Deaths have been mostly elderly with pre-existing conditions , and others with the same infirmities. .Diabetics, heart patients the obese. We need to ensure their protections. We do not need to kill our country. Approximately 98% of the infected survive. It can be as mild as a common cold so lets treat it and use what NY Hospitals call the “Trump” medicine . Any doctor could easily prescribe it!! The simple truth is it would be a wave of control and cure that would really depress all these liberal loons!! No need for everyone being hospitalized!!

  42. Bill Gates deserves to walk the plank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with hands tied down and pockets full of lead.

  43. No way – nobodies doing that to me. If they want to micro chip people, start with our government and let “we the people” see what the heck they are really up to while getting paid by us.

  44. I would like to see bill gates himself given the first dose of the vaccine and not let him choose the dosage. Maybe it would eliminate him since he is for depopulation of the earth.

  45. I would like to see bill gates given the first vaccine without him knowing the dosage. Maybe, since he is for depopulation, it would take him out first.

  46. Bill Gates can go screw himself!!! This is total bull crap. I’m just glad that most people see through him and his plans.

  47. American people wake the HELL up!
    I for one would like to see the medical records of all those that are tagged as COVID19 deaths! I would bet a dollar to to a donut that everyone of them had underlying issues that caused their deaths!
    Make the doctors and hospitals be more transparent when a death occurs.
    Our country needs to bite the bullet and get back on track before we are completely destroyed. This is what the NWI/Dems are hoping for.
    Let Bill Gates microchip himself, his wife, George Soros and Pelosi snd her merry band of lunatics, then “we the people” will see the kind of SHIT that they are up to!!
    NO to microchipping human beings! We don’t Need to be controlled by those who think they are superior to the rest of us!!
    God gave us free will to use our brains🙏🏻🙏🏻 Again Americans wake up, take a stand and defend our country!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  48. First our beloved pets, and now we the people…..SORRY I for one will not be a subject to the mark of the Beast as describe in the Book of Revelations KJV Bible, or a Pre Cursor to it ……

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