Chilling Report Accuses China of Burning Coronavirus Victims Alive

Reports coming out are starting to make the actions taken to battle the coronavirus in Wuhan, China sound like they come straight from a Stephen King novel. If true, they raise a whole new set of questions about China’s recent selection to the UN Human Rights Council.

As the Covid-19 virus broke out in Wuhan, China, the city and province were met with the extreme force of lockdowns. Videos released by the Australian Broadcasting Corp shows Chinese authorities welding doors to apartment buildings shut.

Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner, wrote about the Chinese response to the outbreak and called the Chinese Communist Party a threat to humanity.

USA Today wrote an article mentioning this and titled: “This is what China did to beat the coronavirus. Experts say America couldn’t handle it”.

Couldn’t handle it? How about that should never happen in America because it’s the force of a brutal regime and completely contradicts any semblance of freedom?


Now reports are coming out about a disgusting practice that allegedly took place in Wuhan during the outbreak.

According to Radio Free Asia, locals in Wuhan, China have reported hearing screams coming from funeral home furnaces and some are even saying they witnessed authorities putting live people in body bags, zipping it up, and hauling them off to be cremated.

One story is of an older lady, in her 60's or so and being treated at a Wuhan hospital, describing how they put a guy into a body bag while he was still alive and moving.

“She said that the man was weak but was still breathing when medical workers ‘bound his head’ and then his hands and feet, which were ‘still moving"

New Tang Dynasty released a video of the woman telling the story. It has not, however, been independently verified, something that's tough to do in China.

This is also raising new questions about the actual death toll in China being much higher than reported. Virtually a day after China kicked out American reporters, they reported an almost complete halt to new cases and deaths. However, Wuhan residents are apparently saying that the death toll may be at least 10 times higher than what the Chinese are reporting.

For more on this story check out the articles by Breitbart and International Business Times.

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29 thoughts on “Chilling Report Accuses China of Burning Coronavirus Victims Alive”

  1. These ‘alleged’ human-rights atrocities ‘horrify’ people in America and other modern countries, yet pulling a full-term(9-month) child from the mother’s womb and in the process likely dismembering it or murdering it outright once the child is ‘born’ is fine with most liberals/progressives and other worldly ghouls! Oxymoron is the right word!

    1. That really makes the libturds no better than the Chinese government. Crimes against humanity happening RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA.. Makes me want to puke.

    2. Your absolutely correct in your thinking about some Americans as well a Uk, Ireland just voted in abortions last year and they are part of England. I am Pro-life and it is horrendous to me to even deliberately abort a new start at life still supposedly safe in its mothers womb.

      1. Plus if this is true about China, I can’t see any trade deals or purchases coming from China ever again. It would be as if we approved what Adolf Hitler did as well as China.

    3. We’re no different than the Chinese we are ripping baby bodies apart and selling them. God is giving us the taste of our own medicine by bring us the corona virus and letting us die like if we were nothing just like we have a killed his his creation.

  2. Who is their master? Lucifer. Is he not considered the father of all liars? Then it follows that they should lie just like the Democrat Party. Vote for God and freedom….vote Republican!

  3. ah yes and we (USA) should keep funding the WHO and UN according to the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK. All back China and those that see thru the lies are RACIST and of course XENOPHOBIC and lest we not forget Libtards golden child AOC WHITE SUPREMACIST.


    1. Absolutely!! This will be extremely hard to do but it is totally necessary. We could do a lot just by shutting down Walmart Ebay and Amazon. Force them all to pull every item from China and it’s crony companies out of inventory. The massive fleet of Walmart ships should be forced into mothball.

      1. sell them to the Navy and convert them to hospitals or tenders to resupply other vessels at sea, or sub hunters, or spaceflight tracking stations

    1. It’s “basket of deplorables” to you, mate.
      We are winning and you are losing, sorely.
      TDS is curable, dumbass😘

    2. No the BS is coming from the Dembocrats. Thinking it is OK the kill a new born child because the mother doesn’t want it whether it is full term or not, the child has a right to live. Then tear them apart for what purpose I do not know how people in the medical profession can do this and live with themselves. Those babies are innocent They are not God, He should be the only one who determines who lives or dies. Yet they are horrified at the killing of people that are still alive by burning them in crematories because they are sick with the Covid-19. We must change our ways of thinking that it is OK for all this evil.

      1. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons passed a Resolution at the Annual Meeting in 2002 affirming the sanctity of life from conception until natural death. Frankly, I do not consider abortionists to be physicians. They are murderers. The Hippocratic oath-and this was BC, remember-forbade abortion. There are only a few abortionists with MD degrees, thank God, but the ones there are should be drummed out.

        Thank you for your comment above. I totally agree.

        Patients may join the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons as Associate (non-voting-members.

    3. No one’s opinion ever changed a truth! Just because you don’t like the reportage doesn’t make it a lie or BS. We’ve known for many months that the Crumbunists are “parting-out” Christians and Muslims for profit without even the use of (expensive?) anesthesia. We have very little concept of what humans(?) can and will do to each other for political expediency and profit.

  5. The Chinese say the pandemic started by one of their citizens in Wuhan eating a bat, which has probably been going on for centuries. This must be true if the Chinese say it is – Right? Please don’t mention the fact that the only lab that handles virus’s in the entire country is located in Wuhan. Just a mere coincidence.
    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  6. And we know that the democrats and the Chinese are very close to each other. The democrats love the Chinese and why not ? Bloomberg made billions off of them, and the Bidens made millions off of dealing with the Chinese…….is anyone so naive anymore as to believe the democrats would represent America’s interests at all ? Who are we kidding ? These democrats would be great patriots to the Communist Chinese, NOT the interests of the American people !!!!

  7. Anybody want to put money on a bet that if sanctions on China were demanded by UN members that it would pass? The UN has always been socialist/liberal slanted. How many Secretary Generals of the UN have been exposed for massive corruption? The US should stop all funding of the UN.

    1. I agree. Our Constitution does not allow taxpayers being forced to support the “United Nations.”

      Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution:

      “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States…”

      The taxes are to PAY the DEBTS–not to run up huge UNPAID debts—-and they are NOT to be used for purposes outside of the above, including the support of a body like the “United Nations.”

  8. I doubt that we will ever hear the whole truth about the corona virus however, it appears that the
    pandemic did start in China. Any thing that did or could have happened in China will certainly be
    repressed by that communist dictatorship. What is really sad and inexcusable in my mind is that we,
    as Americans, have materially contributed to the “advancement” of China’s economic success solely
    for the purpose of cheap goods at the expense of our own work force. Clearly our elected “officials”
    have sold out to the lowest bidder with little or no regard for what eventual consequences may be -or
    have been! The pharma. shortage is a case in point – dahh !!
    How we SHOULD differ from the Chinas’ of the world is in using our power of the ballot box to clean
    out the self serving “elected officials” who obviously are NOT serving our fundamental interests.
    Term limits and less partisan vitriol would be a very welcome start in draining the swamp.

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