Democrats React To SOTU Address

Liberals were, predictably, upset with President Trump’s State of the Union Address.  While Trump’ message resonated with many, Democrats lawmakers decided to spend their time, both before, and after the address, attacking Trump.

The formal Democratic response was given by Stacey Abrams, who recently ran for Governor of Georgia.  Despite Abrams criticizing President Trump, on multiple issues, she angered many on the left for not wanting the President to fail. Liberal, talk show host, Joy Behar said the following about Abrams response.

So she says she doesn’t want the president to fail and when she said that I thought, I wonder how many Democrats agree with that. Because to me if the country is failing because he’s so awful, then I want him to fail too.

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Then there was Senator, Bernie Sanders (I-VT),  who decided to give his own, separate,response to Trump. Senator Sanders, who represents the state of Vermont, which this week suffered some of its coldest temperatures in years, due to the Polar Vortex that blanketed much of the country, lamented Trump for not mentioning global warming in his speech.

How can a president of the United States give a State of the Union speech and not mention—not one word—about climate change

Before the address even took place, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who recently announced she would seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2020,  delivered a speech on Facebook Live,  saying the following

If last year’s remarks are any guide, we’re in store not for a speech that’ll seek to draw us together as Americans, but one that seeks to score political points by driving us apart

Democrats did give President Trump a standing ovation, for the record setting number of women in the workplace, that has occurred during his administration.

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52 thoughts on “Democrats React To SOTU Address”

  1. The SOTU speech was excellent and addressed all the issues America is facing today. The Democratic party is the party of obstruction due to their hate of POTUS. The women in the Dem party wore white as a call to action for women’s sufferage, yet when he spoke about empowering and opening more jobs for women, they stood and applauded. If he had agreed and spoken about everything they want, they would still be hating and attacking him, along with the lying MSM. I love our POTUS and the Democratic party just exposed themselves as the party of evil. POTUS is a genius and he won this battle.

    1. Why didn’t the Women in White wear White hoods? The Democrats Started the KKK. I feel it was a sign of support for that group.

    2. Yes…and the evil showed when those dems sat on their fat buts when the POTUS announced the bill banning late term abortions. That was an unbelievable moment especially for those women. That’s approval of murder and any person or persons involved in such an act should be prosecuted for it. The dems better remember the message Jeremiah, the weeping prophet of God, delivered to the Israelites who had turned their backs on God: Love one another as I have loved you; obey My commands. Do this and your land will flourish and you will prosper. If you do not turn away from your sinfulness, I will punish you for your sins. The Israelites refused so God sent the King of Babylon and his army and they destroyed Jerusalem and almost the entire country of Judah. Read the book of Jeremiah. He was the second greatest prophet after Moses, about 600 years before Jesus walked the earth. Maybe we all better pay attention to that message.

      1. Absolutely Right! Even the Mighty United States of America can be brought down if the Lord God Almighty decides it.

      2. Amen. May God hear your voice, but also very important, may we as a nation listen to what God says to us. He will not bless us if we, collectively, deny Him.


  3. A speech that will go down in history as the greatest speech in the history of our nation,
    President Trump continue to MAGA. WE the American people WE support 100%

  4. If dems believe President Trump is so wrong why don’t they just let him have what he wants. Then in 2020 use those results to win presidency. Why, because he is right.

  5. The Democrats’ response to President Trump and the SOTU speech that he delivered clearly shows that a constitutional amendment is needed. How so? Currently, the only ways to remove a member of Congress is (a) defeat in their next election, (b) recall by the people of their district/state, (c) conviction of a criminal offense with vote on removal, (d) bringing dishonor or shame upon the Congress, with vote on removal, (e) mental or physical incapacity, or (f) death. We need another category, that of “impeachment.” Some of the other categories can be incorporated into impeachment. Importantly, the criteria for impeachment can be clearly defined. As it is, the descriptions of what can prompt removal are vague and removal will never occur if the accused is a member of the dominating party.

  6. It is good to see that some people appreciate what is being accomplished with our present administration. The party of no has nothing good to present or even try to let the Gov’t do its job and offer something positive rather than no.

  7. At 84 years old and although I didn’t listen to every SOTU speech the ones I did listen to, or read verbatim in news print, NOT one compared to President Trump’s speech Tuesday night. He absolutely nailed it. Of course the liberal snowflakes and democrats, along with the MSM tried to pick it apart. The failed miserably to comprehend our President said EXACTLY what our country (with the exceptions of NY and Calif) wants, and most importantly, NEEDS. The longer, and harder, the democrats obstruct Trump’s southern border security the more the public will see the democrats for what they really are==== Demonrats….

  8. DemoCommunist Party of America is the Party of Intollerance, hate, Bigotry, and Death ( late term Abortion, Infanticide, Euthanasia, and Murder) they have embraced Evil gangs and Cartels and are fouled with an evil stench of Decay and death!

  9. Thought it was the greatest SOTU I ever heard. Was trying to unite the country and almost begging both parties to unite for the legal citizens of the US.
    He has done many wonderful things in spite of the Media & Dems never agreeing on a plan to fix anything. All they want to do is get Trump out of office because he is not one of them.
    America is the best country in the world
    Why else would so many illegals flock to our shores and risk life and limb. Suggest they fix the countries they are leaving instead of trying to remake ours into the country they couldn’t wait to leave. Venezuela is a perfect example of what people that want change can do.

  10. The SOTU address was excellent. The optics showed the difference between the president’s party and the party of obstruction and destruction. Who in their right mind, after watching the SOTU address, would want to associate themselves with the democratic party?

    1. Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders-communist. Shame on the people of Vermont for electing a commy! How come no body ever asked Kamel-a her favorite day of the week? hump day for socialist.

  11. God will bring this foolishness to a correct and proper conclusion in His own time. He will also hold each of us, politicians included, accountable for actions that reject His biblical teachings and deliberately harm our country. Many will surely feel the heat of their misdeeds.
    Heat as in Hell.



  13. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Liberal Democrat Party never fails to show their true colors. They promote Hate, Anti Freedom, Anti God, Pro violence, hate of our constitution and amendments is so obvious. They wore the dress of the KKK W/O the hoods because they are proud to be the enforcers of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party just like the pre civil war days. Now they want to enslave all people of every Race, Creed and Color. They want a two class system the wealthy Democrats like Comrade Pelosi, Comrade Schumer, Comrade Sanders and the poor pathetic people that vote for them. They only want freebies, entertainment, social media, drugs, alcohol, medical, sex, food, education that will mean nothing, no accountability and idiot Sports. If they taught real history people would know it sounds like the Once Roman Empire. Hate God and only allow the Religion of Atheism and Evolutionism in school and in our society. Persecute Christian values and anyone who believes in God, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. Anyone who vote for the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is a traitor to their Country and Themselves.

    1. White men would darken their faces to create caricatures of black people, including large mouths, lips and eyes, woolly hair and coal-black skin. The performances would stereotype black men and women as ignorant, hypersexual, superstitious, lazy people who were prone to thievery and cowardice. The practice took hold in New York City in the 1830s and became immensely popular among post-Civil War whites. In fact, the Jim Crow laws that enforced racial segregation in the South took their name from a character played by blackface performer Thomas Dartmouth Rice. He said his act “Jump, Jim Crow” (or “Jumping Jim Crow”) was inspired by a slave he saw.

    2. Take a look at my website CreatorisLiberty.c../store for “America Come Back” a plan to put the Bible and Creation back in our Schools and a Southern Gospel CD.

  14. America is the best country in the world and Donald Trump is the greatest leader the world has ever seen.

  15. to stupid to move to a country where their policies have failed , so they want the same for the u.s. , funny how you can run for president and say your so broke you only have 1 pair of underware and then turn around and buy a multi million dollar mansion , i don’t know why they don’t move to a socialist country the world is full of them , america is like the pea in a can of corn , the only place on earth , to be free and yous have a problem with it

  16. Stacy Abrams in my opinion, did nothing for the Us with her speech. She lost her bid for office in November but refuses to concede because oh, the people who were not allowed to vote caused her to lose her election bud. I think all states should have voter ID for all who are registering to vote and can only vote in their home district. This woman has nothing to offer the US except that she lost her election and regardless of why it was a fair election. Why can’t people just take defeat cherylwithout trying to blame everyone but themselves for running an adequate campaign strong enough to win.

    1. I have been an Election Judge for several years. my opinion: National Election Day same day for all States, 7am-7pm extended for everyone in Line at 7pm, Picture ID, Registration 10 days before Election, no assistance at Polls voter must prepared to Vote, all Ballots in English, no Provisional Ballots, no Absentee Ballots, Army Polls by Battalion Commanders, no Early Votes, no Internet Votes, no Mail-in Votes. Election Commissions must provide enough Polls to accommodate timely and orderly Voting, all Votes counted at Poll when Polls Close, all Votes Totaled, posted at Poll immediately, reported to State HG and reported in Media each Precinct and County within 24 hours.
      Check out my book “America Come Back” at CreatorisLiberty.c../store

  17. I did not watch Stacey Abrams’ rebuttal to the President’s speech because I thought that it would be about Fatso’s failure to win her election as Governor of Georgia. I guess the Demonrats’ were scraping the bottom of the barrel when they asked her to speak. She needs to get over her loss and work to improve herself. As far as Kamala (the slut) Harris is concerned, I watched the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings last year and I was shocked about how nasty and disrespectful she was to him. Bernie Sanders is senile and should retire from the Senate and allow someone younger to take over.

  18. The whole thing in a nut shell is the Democrats hate Trump and want him gone. Trump ia nor perfect but he is dam side better then what they ran the last election and most llikely what they have going now. I don’t believe that the good people of this country want their kind of thinking for the next election.

  19. The Democrats do not have an answer to any of the problems facing this country. They only appear to have only one goal to oppose and remove the current elected president. The SOTU message given was very inspiring and should go down as one of the greatest ever given by a President. The only thing the democrats call for is a return to failed polices and their return to power. Maybe they should try to develop some new polices or ideas to solve our current and future problems rather than trying to give everything away as they currently propose and have in the past.

  20. Donald Trump gave a surprisingly good SOTU address. He confounded his critics with
    his reason and his obvious, (to all who don’t have hate in their hearts), accomplishments.
    His use of the guests in the gallery demonstrated his love for our country as well as put
    the rout to any notion that he is a racist. Great job Mr President, we are proud to call you
    our President!

  21. Joy Blowhard says the country is failing???What country is she living in? Everyone is doing better and the country is better than in the last 50 years. Married people have a $25,000 tax cut up from$12,000 under Obama and single people have a $12,000 tax cut up from $6000 under Obama,More people are working than ever before thanks to Trump’s rolling back 800 of Obama’s 1200 regulations that were enslaving us. Companies are coming back from overseas to build here.So where is the country failing Joy hmmmmm?

  22. The root cause of the whole hateful anti-Trump presidency and administration is because the anointed candidate of the Democrats lost to a non-politician. That is pure heresy to the democrats and the liberal biased media. No matter how good the economy is, the democrats will do anything and everything to prevent Trump from successfully executing on his campaign promises which helped in his election. The democrats obsession with keeping the borders as open as possible while giving lip service to crime and criminal elements that peddle drugs and human trafficking. While, it is good to see more women in congress, the newly elected riffraff sadly mirrors those that elected them. Hopefully, many will be Just onetime legislators after the electorate gains a smidgeon of wisdom. As far as I am concerned Trump hit the nail on the head except for his call for expanding legal immigration. With resources like water and clean air as well as other resources limited, citizens and legal residents would be shooting themselves in the foot by reducing the available resources. Anyone ever thought that migration of populations alters the dynamics of the earth and its wobble to affect climate variability. Somewhat wild idea, but one crazy scenario is good as another. Kudos to Trump.

  23. Every comment and opinion is right on. Every Democrat and their liberal ideas and opinions are evil and prove what communist traitors they actually are. I’m 73 years old, served my country with 3 tours in Vietnam, and served my community with 28 years in law enforcement. I guess that makes me un-acceptable to all those righteous Democrat liberals. But I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished and very proud to say that I love my country. President Trump has been a blessing for this country, i only pray he will be re-elected in 2020 and continue to save our country from democratic liberals and their spewing of hate and dissent for the good things that brings us all together such as the constitutional freedoms that the majority of us enjoy on a daily basis without any devious and evil ideas that can destroy our great country which im sure is their goal.

    1. Dennis, thank you for your service, both here & in Vietnam. I only spent 1 tour over there. I went back in the military as a National Guardsman in 1988 retiring in 2004. Was in long enough to be activated for Desert Storm & Iraqi Freedom.

  24. Anti-Trump people will one day realize that they have been duped by group of shrewd self-serving, professional politician who saw Donald Trump as a threat to their personal agenda. They are the ones whose ambitions were so great, they would stop at nothing to reach their goals of power and money. It is a fact that people who have tried to expose these selfish people have mysteriously vanished, or found dead. In Trump’s case, his character is what has been assassinated using endless lies and tales. They accomplished this slander with the help of the corrupt media, who know that people tend to believe the printed word. Together, the politicians and media started a fire that caught on and is burning down America. After a number of attacks on Trump, people took the slander for granted and hated Trump. Yet, if you asked them why, they could’t answer. It’s time, now, to turn the table on this slanderous unAmerican travesty that is stealing our country. Start to digest what our president has already done for us. If you do that, it would stop promoting the hatred. Try to realize that he’s not so terrible. You don’t have to like a person’s manner, no one’s perfect. Just begin to see his loyalty to America, that he works around the clock for us, that he is successfully solving our problems. Let’s show a little respect for him. If we support him, we will be supporting ourselves and, in time, America’s true Values will be restored.

  25. I Originally Was A Democrat But Changed Over Many Years Ago. I Stand Behind President Trump All The Way And We Will Vote For Him In The 2020 Election. He Is And Has Been The Best For Our Country And If People Would Just Get There Heads Out Of There Ass They Could See Just How Much He Has Done For Our Country And Can And Will Still Do Simply Because He Loves This Country And Wants To Make It Great Again As It once Was To Many People Are Listening To The Wrong Politicians And They Are Only In It For There Own Wealth. If We Are To Bring Our Country Back To The Great Country It Used To Be Then We Have Got To Pull Together And Work With Each Other And With Our President.

  26. When President Trump ran for office, I thought how crude he was. Now, I am totally a Trump advocate and fan. I thought his speech was FANTASTIC! I am a tptal follower . I am 73 and his thoughts are my thoughts. I really believe he has the country’s interest at heart. He is a lot smarter than the dems.

  27. Only one reason demo-rats dont want protected borders. Its because they know illegals will vote for them and keep the riffrack in office. they are slime.

  28. President Spanky Never said anything about Global Warming and the speech was a flop. Spanky is an embarrassment to the USA he is clueless and was not prepared for SOTU. Who claps for himself? Please Robert Mueller save the country.

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