How Are His Predictions Looking Now?

Senator Tom Cotton has been a target of the left over the last couple of months. Primarily, it’s because of his comments early on in the coronavirus epidemic.

“I suspect that months from now or perhaps even years from now, when people look back at this time, coronavirus will be considered the bigger story than impeachment,” the senator continued. “I hope that’s wrong. I hope that we can get this epidemic under control before it reaches our shores in wide and far-reaching numbers.

Why was he being attacked for being cautious early on?

Impeachment was the plan back in January and February – when this pandemic was just starting to blow up. Senator Cotton says that, at the time, Congress was more focused on impeachment than this outbreak.

CNN, and other media outlets were still referring to the virus as the "Chinese virus" and the headlines were mostly about impeachment.

Senator Cotton was called a 'conspiracy theorist' for mentioning the virus may deserve more attention during the impeachment proceedings and that China was hiding key details and the seriousness of the disease. They accused him of trying to distract from impeachment.

Less than 2 weeks after Senator Cotton made those comments, President Trump issued a travel restriction on flights from China. He was called a racist and a xenophobe for doing so.

Senator Tom Cotton predicted (feared) that the coronavirus outbreak would be a bigger story than impeachment - he was laughed at.

The media has now changed their tune but they do owe Sen. Cotton an apology and they owe Donald J. Trump an apology. If the past is any indicator, I'm not holding my breath.



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7 thoughts on “How Are His Predictions Looking Now?”

  1. I met Tom Cotton during his first run and have followed him since.
    I thought then that he will be a credit to Washington.

    1. I admire Senator Tom Cotton for him not afraid to speak the truth. Naturally, the liberal media is doing anything to make him look wrong.

  2. Can’t the FCC do anything about the fake news people who are terrorizing the country with their treasonous language. I thought we, veterans, law enforcement and elected officials swore an oath to defend the Constitution against foreign and domestic terrorists. The fake media is a domestic terrorist.

    1. what a great question. Never thought of that. Maybe our letters should be directed to the impotent now FCC.
      I could not agree with you more. Bog the Pres down with impeachment over nothing, and then bash and criticize him for not doing more, faster. WHAT ABOUT THEM doing something?

  3. There were a lot of people who share the mantle of forward thinker, but Tom
    Cotton has to be near the top. I remember when Laura Ingram just casually
    mentioned the effectiveness of that malaria treatment and I sat by wondering
    if anyone noticed. The story grew and grew and when the President picked up
    on it, it exploded. Now the media are doing all they can to sit on it, with the
    Democrats doing all they can to help. But now we are starting to hear about
    light at the end of the tunnel and Coronavirus deaths starting to retreat. Is
    there anything these people won’t do to keep this national tragedy going and
    to remove any chance Trump might be seen as the one who led us through
    all this? Imagine if Hillary was President, we’d still have the Chinese flying
    into our country and a wide open border to our South.

    1. I keep thinking all the awful Dems landed from some evil space ship when they were children, OR SOMETHING!!!

    2. No Geoffrey, there is nothing these scumbags wouldn’t do to regain power. If this country had a hundred million deaths because of this virus, that would be perfectly fine to them as long as Trump could be defeated. You hear all the left wing media berating the use of the drug hydrochloroquine. Hell, so far it’s been the only thing that has worked. And by the way, how did they all become medical experts so suddenly? Occasionally I will turn on CNN, MSNBC, or another pinko media just to say what lies they are spreading. About 5 minutes is all I can take then right back to Fox I go.

      Chuck Nix
      MSG, US Army Retired.

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