Obama Senior Advisor Says Obama Would Have Done ‘Much Better’

Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to former President Obama too a shot at President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. In a tweet, she expressed her opinion.

“Someone asked me today how would @Barack Obama have handled this crisis? Answer in one word – better. Ok, two words. Much better.”

Well, there you have it, folks. Much better. Let me tell you how I would have handled 9/11. I’d have shut down all flights that day so it couldn’t have happened. Sound ridiculous? Of course it is. You wouldn’t do that if you didn’t know what was coming. Hindsight is 20/20. ‘Much better’ is not a plan though.

Dan Crenshaw, R-TX and U.S. Navy veteran, felt it was inappropriate and responded on Twitter.

“Why do so many Obama administration staffers constantly try to make Americans feel awful? Highlighting policy differences is expected — but this level of vitriol? During this pandemic? Why?”

Good question.

Let's remember, Obama did have his own pandemic so we can actually look at how he handled it and not settle for the 'much better' answer.

The H1N1 flu hit the U.S. in April, 2009. It was called the swine flu due to its origination in pigs in Mexico. The W.H.O. declared it a pandemic on June 11, 2009.

Obama didn't' declare it a pandemic until about 4 months later, in October. The death toll was already over 1,000 in the U.S. The CDC estimates that about 60.8 million cases were to have occurred in the U.S. and about 12,500 people died from it.

One big difference is that globally, about 80% of H1N1 deaths were from people under 65 yrs old. Being that younger folks are more mobile one could argue a social distancing policy could have been much more effective. However, that is hindsight, right?

The big concern with armchair quarterbacking this sort of thing in the midst of it is that is drives division in a time where unity is necessary to defeat an 'invisible enemy'. Crenshaw agrees:

“This is what worries me about the future. We have difficult conversations about how to move to risk containment, to risk mitigation, to risk management, opening up society along with the threat of the pandemic. It’s going to be easy to have very disingenuous criticisms of each other and moralize against each other, but we can’t do that; we have to do this together.”

For more on this story check out the Daily Wire and CDC.

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40 thoughts on “Obama Senior Advisor Says Obama Would Have Done ‘Much Better’”

  1. First this is a very inappropriate statement to make in the middle of a Pandemic! Second, Obama was very slow to react to the Swine Flu Pandemic, not calling it that until 4 months after the World Health Organization called it that. Our country is very divided, thanks to the Democratic Communists and Socialists, same thing, trying to destroy our country. Anything that only points fingers at the past is very stupid and counterproductive for our country moving forward past this Crisis.

    1. Not only that but the WHO apparently wasn’t in the pocket of Mexico and didn’t totally downplay H1N1 like they did with the Wuhan Covid-19. Helps when you don’t have the WHO actively working against you by fronting false information.

  2. Valarie Jarrett is/was a liar and a crook. She got preference for her daughter’s Canadian company in obtaining a contract. She is rumored to be the one that actually gave the stand down order so there was no help for the troops at Benghazi. We know that Obama was totally useless during the H1N1 virus so-called pandemic. Even the incompetent and corrupt WHO out did him when it came to fighting the flu.

    1. Jarrett is a disgrace who claims Obama would have done better because he was the puppet whose strings she pulled as her strings were being pulled by Soros. As an Iranian she had Obama send billions of our taxpayer dollars to Iran. Yet she will stand there and criticize President Trump for being the leader that he is and doing the great job that he does every day for Americans. Let Valerie go back to Iran and ship Soros back to Hungary. They did nothing to help our citizens in Benghazi and then lied about it. They all have blood on their hands as they try to put the guilt on our president.

  3. Obama is a criminal, he will be prosecuted for complicity in spying on candidate Trump and lying regarding the process of attempting to remove him from office and using the justice department in an illegal manner.
    He should also be prosecuted for beginning, at the highest level, the persecution of Christians in the military. Also, he should be called out for shackling the military in the war on terror evidenced by Pres Trump’s guidance to go do the job and eliminate ISIS asap.
    He should also be called out for obvious support of the Muslim’s policy to rule the world slowly and quietly.
    Obama was and is a traitor to the United States of America and should be labeled as one and jailed for his crimes.

    1. While Obama is labeled a traitor, he sits in a 15 million dollar home on Marthas Vinyard and another thing if global Warming is real and the oceans are rising why would he spend 15 million for a waterfront home.?

      1. Because he’s a liar. Before he became president neither he nor his wife/husband owned a home but had to rely on the generosity of their Chicago neighbor. Now they are wealthy beyond belief as are the Cintons, Pelosis, Feinsteins, Schiffs, Schumer, Nadler, et al. Let’s investigate how they entered politics as paupers and have accumulated riches galore. At least our president was wealthy before politics; yet the fake new media fails to report this.

    2. Not to mention that he dilly dally around when the Ambassador to Benghazi needed help and Obama told the soldiers who were ready to lend their help to stand down.

    3. As commander in chief he should face court martial , if found guilty, which he was, hanged!

  4. I’ll agree to what’s been said above, when Valerie Jarrett was pulling obamao’s strings, the lies, criminality, and subterfuge were her filters from soros, gates, walton, bloomberg, et alia.

  5. Its sad that folks think Obama was a great leader.. when reality he was an ass hole.. hate America and didnt even do a damm thing for Black people his own so called race. all he did was push them down and offered more welfare to them. He didnt lift anyone up except his pocket book.. and it sad cause i vote for him the first time around..All i remember of him is apologizing to world for everything America did… an oh yeah giving Iran Billions of our tax payer money.. other than that i see nothing he did… Great speaker .. worse Leader in our history…

  6. We all saw how “much better ” Obama administration, which includes jarret, handled the crisis in Bengazi! He must have left his pen and phone home that day.


  8. Interesting that I remember how 1,000 Americans died before BHO even realized that the Swine Flu was a problem. I guess the G. Soros Regime does not understand that some of us appreciate honesty and the truth; two qualities we did not see from 1-20-2009 until 1-20-2017.

  9. This is no more then one one idiot moron praising the worst president this country had ever had. These demoscumbags and libs will say and do anything to try and hurt President Trump. Just realized after three and a half years you morons idiots are finished there is nothing left to be done but vote every demoscumbags out of office
    The Democratic Socialist Communist Muslim infiltrating party of hate is our countries worst enemy and you idiots prove it every day. It’s like the dumbest people in our county defeating themselves. Keep up the pathetic work your not doing.
    You will all be out of office very soon

  10. If memory serves, 1000 people died the first week, until the coon got off the golf course. Then 12,000 died, and a hundred thousand hospitalized. They still think the coon was a great guy. The MSN covered for him then, and they still are.

  11. Obama would n’t have done any better under the same circumstances !!! wishful thinking on her part !!!

  12. Of course Obama would have done better. He would have sent the communist Chinese government billions of taxpayer dollars to stop allowing Chinese tourism to the U.S.!

  13. My oh my. Are you aware that she is talking about herself? You should be since Obama was watching TV, playing basketball, golfing, smoking cigarettes PLUS. Jarrett ALWAYS ran the White House. She was terrible at it.

  14. Ya That’s what they all say. We can look back and see what Obama did when he was our chief. Many time he was as useless as tit;s on a bore hog. These experts around that have lot’s to say and not a thing to show are as bad. People need to just do as told.

  15. We know how well Dear Leader Obama, Shrillary, and his cast of female “National Security” team handled Benghazi and lied through their teeth the entire time as well as blamed it on an innocent man and punishing anyone who disagreed with their lack of action..

  16. Who is Valerie Jarrett and under what rock has she been hiding? There is absolutely NO basis to say that Obama would have done “much better” with this pandemic than President Trump. Obama did not handle his own pandemic well in the first place and, more importantly, he left the cupboards bare of ventilators, masks and medical resources when he left his corrupt, treasonous and yes murderous administration. If it weren’t for the bought and paid MSM the corruption of the Obama Administration would have come to light sooner than it did. The treasonous crimes committed against the Trump Administration, decent American citizens on behalf of the FBI, DOJ, FISA and the $150 billion payoff to Iran and thefts from Ukraine and China are criminal activities for which all in that Administration should be held accountable including Valerie Jarrett.

  17. The past Has passed and Obama never did anything great for the Americans. We have a President, Donald Trump who loves America and ALL its American people. He is anointed and appointed for a time such as this so if you want to be on God’s side, (repent now for all wrong doings) and get on board with the majority of God’s people, which our President is, And everyone else, just SHUT UP and watch what God is doing through our President. Let our President do his job. He is doing at terrific job but fir some reason the demons always seems to get in his way. We rebuke all evil from the America people who continue to be evil and turn to God, the true living God. He is a forgiving God so call out HIS NAME, REPENT for your sins and ask GOD into your HEART. Be Fearful of our Heavenly Father, Because HE IS STILL IN CONTROL! Amen 🙏

  18. We had 8 years of Obama. He nearly ruined the United States. It will be decades before we recover from the hate that he fomented. I am SO GLAD that we have term limits to prevent him from ever holding that office again. I wish we had term limits on the House and Senate!

  19. To late and who gives a rats butt what Valerie Jarrett thinks if she does at all. She was just Obama’s push doll on the days he liked girls. But more to the point Obama had his shot with the N1H1 virus which was not as serious as the China Wuhan Virus and he blew it. So the push doll believes that Obama has grown a new set of testicles and has sworn to stay off the golf course so would handle this virus better. Oh by the way a great deal of the US problems to ramping up for the China Wuhan Virus was the House Democrats {read N. Pelosi) and the shambles left behind or omitted to do by the Obama Administration. But that is politics and the American people be DAMNED.

  20. Yeah, Valerie…..Obummer did a great job…playing golf while people died from the H1N1 virus…he saw to it that supplies were depleted and instead of using the money set aside to REPLENISH those supplies after the H1N1 outbreak, he decided it was more important to play golf…before, during and after!! You make me sick, Valerie, and if left to me, you would have been jailed a long time ago and your trial would have been something akin to those held in Salem, MA. so long ago! You are a derelict, a liar and the worst kind of hypocrite, and I wouldn’t give you air if you were trapped in a jug!!

  21. Obama never anything for the country, She was telling him what to do. He should change his name to OBLUMBER. As a Vet that over 20 years in peace and war time never saw President that had clue of what to do except his Golfing. I would not served over 20 years if he had been president. I am 82 years old and I never saw a president that had his head up his ass diddn’t know what to do.

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