Is Schiff Planning a New Impeachment Probe?

The California Democrat and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has announced a new commission to investigate the President’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Many are saying it’s just a new impeachment attempt by a Democrat-led House that is desperate to remove the President.

Adam Schiff  broke the news in an email to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius and says:

“We will need to delay the work of the commission until the crisis has abated to ensure that it does not interfere with the agencies that are leading the response”

Schiff says he thinks Congress should consider a ‘9/11’ style Commission when America gets past this pandemic and the people get back to work. One issue they’ll be looking into is whether or not President Trump ignored warnings from intelligence for fear it may hurt his re-election campaign.

Congressman Doug Collins, R-GA, says Adam Schiff may regret opening the inquiry as he may not like the results

“But also I think there is going to be a look back here that I’m not sure Adam Schiff wants to talk about and that is China’s role in this and the fact that as Intelligence Committee Chairman, he was so wrapped up in impeachment when all this hit..

Would a Schiff led inquiry into President Trump's handling of the coronavirus give off the impression of a nonpartisan investigation?

Many are saying the answer is a resounding "No". After years of investigations into the Trump campaign and Presidency there is likely to be a very divided view on this style of inquiry.

One likely issue that will come up is the fact that Democrats were in the middle their impeachment effort when this virus broke out. It may give off the impression that Democrats were more focused on impeachment than taking the virus seriously at a key time during it's development.

Another question some are asking right now is whether or not it's an appropriate time to be talking about an investigation into the President in the heat of our battle with this pandemic.

We do need to look back and learn from each situation as important as this but will that be the focus of the commission or will it be another impeachment attempt?

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40 thoughts on “Is Schiff Planning a New Impeachment Probe?”

  1. Schiff misses the limelight. This fraudster simply can’t help himself.
    I hope he tries again. His next fail will only assure a greater Trump victory in November.

    1. Schiff will go down in history as one of the most arrogant self centered ,mentally disturbed person in our Congress ! People look at this piece of shit and laugh he’s a joke !

      1. I totally agree with your comment. However I want to see him impeached before he starts this crap , costing us $$$ and shifting our goals and Mr Ttumps re-election affords

  2. It’s time democraps are voted out or carried out. We Americans are tired of him and Piglosi and Shitmer. They are supposed to work for us. Not George Soros and the rest of the elites. Arrest and hang them in front of the White House.

  3. He is an insignificant idiot. He can’t seem to do the job he was elected to do. Blind Trump hater wasting time & tax dollars.

  4. I would say that Schit should eat dung and die but he’s already a big piece of dung and the most lying turd I think I have ever seen but I think he and the clintons run a tight race on that one.
    When this is all said and done with, the Schit really does need to go to JAIL along with the rest of the dung in the swamp.

  5. Who is this dirty hole representing? Can the American people put an end to this never ending harassment and smear campaigning? I know that I would tell my reps no more will be tolerated but these craps from California need to cease and desist from trying to ruin our nation.

  6. Schiff is a disgrace- wasting the nation’s money and diverting attention away from our national interest in overcoming this virus infection. He simply craves attention to himself and is simply a Trump hater and the people who repeatedly elect him to Congress are fools. God Bless President Trump and the amazing virus task force team. After 3 years of constant harangue by the Democrats, President Trump will continue to lead our country. It is time next November to sweep the Dem dirt out.
    Imagine all the good work President a Trump could have accomplished in his first 4 years without the unrelenting hatred and lack of cooperation from the Dems (and some RINOs).

  7. Has this man been tested yet? Not for the Virus but for MENTAL ILLNESS?
    Nancy and Chuck should also be in that line.
    Have they not been aware that we are in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY STATE ?
    Probably, but paying no attention to that! They have blinders on and could care less about our country and its people. Wake up America. How can y’all support people like this and what they are trying to do?

    1. It is Adam Schiff type people of this world that is the reason for abortions it is obvious that he and the like of him were missed instead of aborted I don’t think even a mother would like him he is a lying piece of rubbish lead by his father the devil and needs to be in Gitmo post haste.

  8. SO WHEN WILL SCHIFF BE INVESTIGATED? He IS Committing TREASON and should be hung for his criminal ACTS of TREASON and High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  9. I agree with Terry L Baker’s reply plus all the other comments above Terry L Baker!!!

  10. I do have the words to explain what I think of Mr. Shitift. He ranks far below Benedict Arnold, so far below that I cannot see him. What a disgrace.

  11. Pure evil for their own Agenda …..evil for hate of Trump and things that are not in their control for power has blinded their minds

  12. They need to arrest Schiff for treason and give a swift sentence with punishment. The last coup failed like the first now a third? When do these pos stop?

  13. Agree with all the comments on Schiff!!!!!!!! He is absolutely and idiot and wants to start another impeachment!! We do not need him – HE NEEDS TO BE GONE!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with these comments! Why is Schiff and Pelosi still in Congress! They should be impeached NOW!

  14. I think he should be declared an enemy of the state. A political terrorist and sent to Gitmo pending a trial for treason.

  15. The Democrats are all SCUM!!!!!!!

    If anyone is worried about the upcoming election its the Democrats. I have a novel idea, let’s get through this pandemic, then begin to get our country back on track and let the chips fall where they may.

    The Dems got their BS $ for the Kennedy Center and whatever else at the expense of the American people (Financial Aid Package hold up), apparently that wasn’t enough.

    The wheel turns. They will get what’s coming to them in the end

  16. Of course they will try Impeachment 2.0, as lying Democrap Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) kisses-up to the senile, batshit crazy, old fossil Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)!

  17. With people like Adam Schiff serving in Congress is there any wonder why that institution is held in such low esteem? In times of crisis when we all need to pull together (and the vast majority of Americans are doing so) we have Schiff running around like a chicken with its head cut off talking about commissions (read impeachment inquiry) into the President’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure old Schiffless would be more than willing to tell us exactly how he would have prevented the virus from reaching our country. Of course, he would had to wait until his last impeachment hearings and trial were ended. It is apparent he loves the limelight his position gives him and he seems willing to do just about anything to remain there. In my opinion, if you looked up his name in the dictionary it would be found under the word, “useless”.

  18. Well while Schiff feels he has this in the bag and that Trump would ignore data in light of re-election. Irregardless of the fact that Schiff, Schumer, Nadler and Pelosi were all chopping at the bit to not only impeach Trump, they were going after Pence as well. So little Pelosi would have loved to become the first woman president by hook or crook. But while people feel it would spell doom for Schiff, I wonder how much did Schiff know and fail to brief WH staff on as far as intelligence he may have come into knowing hoping it would spell doom for Trump. His committee is to report things to the WH and that has happened since Obama left his post. No everything that democrats are involved in the House and Senate are self-gratifying measures. Omissions are as common as their diarrhea on how things are so bad and yet he forgets all his transgressions. It is always entertaining to see how Democrats, especially the media whores are about how they look for the most of any situation. Lest we forget that not just Pelosi but Schumer have attempted to turn the relief for Americans into a private pity party for every pet project they can think of. The true shocker that they didn’t hesitate to strip President Trump’s companies from benefiting the employees working at those places. My question is “All the House and Senate members who own businesses should not be allowed any relief if they can strip the President from it.” Just a little reminder to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. People love to point at the other side but the very thing they whine about they are doing themselves.

  19. Impeachment 2.0 is proof that Schiff knows who will win the election. He just wants to make his impeachment stick. Sad he never learns. Best thing is vote him out. Vote red. Then all these issues will be gone and the country can move on and heal. It is the Democrats who are hate filled and not once has one Democrat stood up and said this is the time we come together as a nation, for the better of all American citizens. No, they will never do that, because frankly the Democrats don’t live in the same world the rest of us do. We should strip all House members who voted against the bill to help Americans from their salaries and benefits. All of them, whatever party they reside in. You voted against it and voted in your pet projects, you forfeit your salary and benefits.

  20. Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and others, mostly from, I’m sorry to say, California, have turned their hatred of the President into a full bore war against the people of this great country. They have failed at every turn but it is too late to turn back, so now they and their willing accomplices in the medea are trying to hold the country hostage in their never ending effort to remove President Trump from office, thereby giving the middle finger to you, the people who had the audacity to elect him in 2016. Meanwhile, we the people are suffering through a pandemic. The left has made it clear that they will not let a crisis go to waste. The outrage of the country should be aimed at those who put their agenda ahead of the welfare of the common people. We are better than them in every way imaginable. They should be held accountable and will be when this latest crisis is over. Right now and for the foreseeable future all our concentration must be aimed at supporting all those, including President Trump that are working to protect us during this time. The time for a reckoning is later, and it will come

  21. Schiff is pure evil. I stand with President and I will never, ever back down. He is the only one who can get the economy up and running. The left is bad mouthing President Trump but they never, ever look badly on any other world leader for not having done more!!! Now, why is that????? The last I heard Sweden is not even going to close businesses over this!!!! Did you know in CA alone over 700 people die a day on average from a variety of things……….. Sorry the numbers are not even adding up!!!

  22. Schiff and Pelosi can be voted out – the only was to shut the up is for the GOP to regain the house and senate.
    We lost the house (40 seats I think and barely kept the Senate ) because the GOP would not work to get voters out for mid-term.
    Remember the GOP have several loser in our group.
    We need to push back (vert hard) on our rival.

  23. Schiff is a jackass and knows it but like every Democrap brain is not is +. When you are stupid, you are stupid. And these Dems have only a bird seed as a brain. Sorry can’t fix stupid.

  24. Why is Schiff still a free human being? Should he not be in jail for lying? As long as people like this are left running around like FREE US citizen they will keep harassing the president.PUT these people in the slammer and they will keep their mouths shut forever>

  25. No Schiff is not planning anything . He is way to stupid to do that. Hint: just look at his action the last go around. His standard answer to anything was ” I know nothing” which is the only true statement Schifty made during the entire charade. Pelosi is behind this new attempt just like she was the first impeachment. You do not believe for an instant that Schiff has the know how or power to conduct major House business in the basement.

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