Railing Against the Fox Virus?


The extra-large pack of journalists who equate liberalism and professionalism in their work cannot stand that Fox News exists. They believe everything elected Republicans do should be “fact-checked” and routinely punished. For Democrats, the elite media offer damage control; for Republicans, only damage.

The onset of the novel coronavirus is simply another occasion for the usual routine. The liberal media are prosecuting Fox for supposedly shoving Americans off a coronavirus cliff with misinformation. They’re also equating misinformation with the argument that the pandemic gave them a new rationale to cripple President Donald Trump politically.

The latter is not misinformation. It’s rock-solid, bank-on-it information.
Yes, the president and the conservative media were suspicious of all the worst-case scenarios and expressed skepticism about the threat. Many of us were initially reluctant to be dragged into a massive government intervention. Then Italy happened.

Ben Smith, the brand-new media columnist for The New York Times, is openly prosecuting Fox for deaths caused by the coronavirus. Smith asked Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Public Health Institute, whether he “believes people will die because of Fox’s coverage.” Jha said yes. “Some commentators in the right-wing media spread a very specific type of misinformation that I think has been very harmful,” he said.

Then Smith noted that Fox has been compared to a virus, quoting Bill Kristol, who was on Fox until 2012. “People act like Fox is a virus — beyond our control,” said Kristol. “There are people who run it, who have responsibility for it, and they could be held accountable.”


Kristol is a gentleman compared to Eric Boehlert, a leftist regular on the badly named program "AM Joy." He shamelessly claimed: "Fox News has been getting people killed for years. I mean just look at their crusade against affordable health care, their crusade against expanding Medicaid. This is not unusual for them. ... (T)hey are a cancer on this country." No one is "fact-checking" that statement.

So where do we go from here? Trump suggested that perhaps the country could ease up on the social distancing restrictions by Easter Sunday. That caused another wave of rage aimed at Trump and his Fox "feedback loop."

But the media recognize, even at The New York Times, the reality that federal and state governments have to balance the nation's overall health with the nation's economy. They don't trust Trump. They trust Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose coronavirus briefings are hailed by The Times as "communal therapy sessions." Whenever Cuomo thinks we can relax, the media will declare relaxation is the responsible, nonpartisan solution.

Cuomo has said: "I take total responsibility for shutting off the economy in terms of essential workers. But, we also have to start to plan the pivot back to economic functionality, right? You can't stop the economy forever. So we have to start to think about, 'Does everyone stay out of work?'"

On The Times podcast, "The Daily," reporter Maggie Haberman discussed at length how Fox News is warping Trump's response to the coronavirus. She admitted, "in fairness to him, Gov. Cuomo has openly voiced the same moral dilemma that he is wrestling with." But Haberman implied that Cuomo's moral stand is superior: "It's just that Gov. Cuomo came down on the other side of it, which was that there is no cost that can be put on human life."

Liberal scribes love the noble-sounding ideological extreme "no cost can be put on human life." It's like they've never observed the way a socialist health care system mercilessly rations care and decides some lives aren't worth extending. But they'll just keep lamenting that the country's well of information is poisoned by the news channel they pretend is the only ideologically polarized one.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org.

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15 thoughts on “Railing Against the Fox Virus?”

  1. Before the killer corona-virus infected the world, another even more deadly virus, infected man kind! That virus was sin combined, with liberalism, which took over the News Media, and the Democratic Party. Now that they have been hopelessly infected,their brain cells have stopped working. They have no morals, they lie, cheat, and lay the blame on people of God. Only God, through Jesus, can cure them.

    1. Could not have said any better. Chrisitians are not sinless only forgiven because we serve a risen Savior Jesus Christ that paid it all on the cross. We need to pray for our country and leaders. For a revival first in the lives of Christ followers and in America and the world. May God open the eyes and hearts of the lost. May God give us as followers of Jesus to be people of no fear but of power love and sound mind.

  2. if only the virus could take out the liberal media lying dogs and leave real Americans a lone.. We are sooooooooooooooooooooo sick and tired of the liberal media dogs!!! seriously folks.. put them inside a room for a month without any way to reach the public and after 1 month, maybe 2, we would all be better off and that is a promise.. report the news you jerks and stop making it!!

  3. Who to blame? FOX or TRUMP?
    Certainly not CHINA with its live caged animal wet markets and face-saving cover-ups.
    Certainly not the communist TEDROS-led WHO with its delays and praise of China.
    Nope…let’s all blame FOX and TRUMP while praising CUOMO as Biden’s replacement!

    1. yes said it correctly. We must vote and trust God to answer our prayers but put feet to our prayers and vote.

  4. Communist-democrats are to blame for a large portion of the sicknesses and deaths from COVID-19 because THEY stood in the way of President Trump’s ability to close ALL of our borders when he was trying to do so. Also, it was THEY that depleted our supplies of masks and ventilators and REFUSED to replenish them. Now, President has to replenish supplies as well as try to supply the demand for them at the same time. It was THEY that called President Trump racist when he closed our borders to travel from China, and Italy. Most of the problems that we are having now were caused by the COMMUNIST-DEMOCRAT PARTY, not President Trump. Urinate on the communist-democrat party.

  5. The FCC has laws against foul language being broadcast. I think their laws should be expanded to include outright lying on so-called News Broadcasts. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has told so many lies about our President and the Republican Party, she should be banned for life. Also numerous people who call themselves journalists on CNN are also guilty of spewing lies. They should be held responsible.

  6. Let me help you with “then Italy happened”. WE are NOT Italy. WE did not crawl in bed with the Chinese, take out a HUGE infrastructure loan from them & allow THOUSANDS of Chinese to do that infrastructure work in our country. Iran did the same thing & oddly the areas that had large concentrations of Chinese workers are the areas hardest hit by the virus. Gee, go figure. In the U.S. 80,000 people died of the seasonal flu in 2017/18. Between 22,000 & 55,000 have died this year from it & 12,000 died in the H1N1 pandemic.

    As for the media, 15 leftist globalist billionaires own the corporate media worldwide. Independent journalism still exists but has been wiped from social media & it is almost impossible for them to earn money or get exposure.

    1. Yes, good insight. Thank you for bringing this to light so those that do not know will be informed. I think the left wing global billionaires and some political members (from both parties) are getting richer in this economic shut down and the stock market crash to get richer and more powerful on the backs of all all Americans.

  7. Yes, the left values life so much that they support abortion & infanticide without even providing pain relief for its victims. Socialized healthcare KILLS millions of people around the globe. ITALY has socialized healthcare & all the shortages of staff & supplies that it brings. The left also wants old people euthanized & regularly complain about how much healthcare resources they consume. Now that they can USE these old & disabled people as weapons since they are by FAR the largest group affected by & dying from the virus, they are suddenly terribly concerned for them.

    The corporate media exists for one reason only, to advance the leftist globalist billionaires agenda/globalist wet dreams.

  8. Maggie Haberman implying Cuomo said ” there is no cost that can be put in human life ”
    Maybe the liberal jek forgets the hundreds of human lives taken with the blessing of her Demorats

  9. Maggie Haberman implying Cuomo said ” there is no cost that can be put in human life ”
    Maybe the liberal jerk forgets the hundreds of human lives taken with the blessing of her fellow Demorats in the shape of abortions .

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