Dear Media: How Many Mistakes Equal Fraud?

CBS ran a story that sent people around the United States into a deeper panic, last week. The story ended up circulating social media with pleas for someone to do something about this virus that was taking over New York.

Hospitals were being overrun and the supply of workers and supplies was running short. They even took a tour of a hospital in NY where they walked into a room and everyone was on ventilators and workers in gowns and masks. It looked scary and it probably was.

Except there was one problem. IT WAS FOOTAGE FROM ITALY. That’s right. It wasn’t a hospital in NY. Apparently they couldn’t find one that looked scary enough so they went with a Sky News video of hospital conditions in Italy that aired a few days before.


CBS aired the footage last Wednesday on CBS This Morning. It was circulating around social media for days before someone caught the deception. Like the rest of the fake news stories - the damage was already done. People were already scared and that can't be reversed. Very few people will even know that it was fake.

CBS says it was an 'editing mistake'.

Remember back in October when ABC aired footage of a 'fierce battle between Syrian Kurds and Turkish forces'?

It turned out to be footage from a gun range in Kentucky. The timing was perfect for the liberal media, though. President Trump was pulling troops out of Syria and the media was telling everyone what a mistake that would be and how it would lead to a bloodbath over there.

Here's The Atlantic on it.

Here's Politico on it.

Here's USA Today on it.

Here's NBC on it.

I could go on forever.

Oops. Just another fortuitous accident, I guess.

Do you remember when the liberal media had the American people believing we were in WWIII just a few months ago? Here's an ABC take on that.

Iran is the world's most dominant Shia Muslim power. Since seizing power in the 1979 revolution

Here's Bloomberg with a headline to scare people about being drafted over WWIII fears..

Here's USA Today on it. "U.S. - Iran Tensions: How close are we to WWIII?"

I think you get the picture.

Seeing this every week, because you will see it every week if you start looking, one has to ask the question:

At what point are there too many coincidences to not be a coordinated effort? At what point do all of these 'mistakes' equate to fraud?

Is there a legal backstop for this? Are Americans okay with this? Will anyone be held accountable for these 'mistakes'?

Americans deserve better than what the media has done to them and it's time they demand better.


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23 thoughts on “Dear Media: How Many Mistakes Equal Fraud?”


    1. One thing we can do is strongly complain to the management of airports or any other public place where CNN is blaired everywhere on big screens. I do it every time I go to the airport. Lets shut down that captive audience at least. For that matter, we should complain to the FCC and get their license suspended. I say complain everywhere you can, and tell everyone you can specific examples of their fraud. Hey, fraud is against the law. Where are the lawsuits?

  2. Agree 100% Johnny B! I never – NEVER- watch or listen to anything on TV. These mass media outlets think that if they can get a large enough following (by any means) they will be able to shape the future of this country. If they succeed the USA might as well add one more “S”!

  3. I just don’t understand all of this news media getting away with this. The Commander and Chief has a job to do and that is to protect America from Terrorist domestic and foreign. So why are they not shut down and arrested. The leaders of all the News Media are Terrorist

  4. Until these Fake News outlets are shut down due to false and misleading stories they are going to continue with their deceiving, inaccurate, and deceptive reporting and quietly apologizing so no one hears the correction. We all know their tricks, and they DO have an agenda, and that is to bring down our system of capitalism, and install Socialism where they are in charge.
    If we could just shut down one leftwing propaganda channel, the rest would get the message.

    1. Could you imagine the MSM fake news personnel as COMMISSARS in their utopian communist country ? It will never happen here in the U.S. ! Perhaps the MSM fake news personnel should just leave the U.S. and go to Cuba or Venezuela where their anti-US views would be more welcome !

  5. They are strictly propaganda.
    I quit believing anything they said while serving in Viet Nam.
    Never watched television. Don’t listen to the radio. Quit the paper in 1981 and only took it up til then because my wife had a deeply held religious belief that taking it was one of the requirements of citizenship….however, it was so bad by then she finally saw the light and “converted”

  6. Who is Public Enemy Number One? FAKE NEWS! Number Two? The Democratic Party! After that it is China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and so on. There should be a law against internal enemies such as Fake news, and Scum-o-crats! Who is their Mentor? Lucifer! Vote Republican and get rid of the RINO’s. Put God back in school, and into politics, and he will heal our land!

    1. Well said Floyd this country was formed on Christian values and putting God first family ,country second will heal our country and all who believe, and expose those that don’t believe to the healing power of our WONDERFUL SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  7. Someone needs to get all conservatives together for a massive public turnoff. A public agreement to boycott these news terrorists one program at a time. If it’s coordinated properly the idiots might learn how many citizens are disgusted with the media. Acosta yesterday complaining the president doesn’t offer enough gloom and doom is another example of the incompetence of the press. Every president since Roosevelt during world war two, except Obama, has lifted the spirits of disheartened Americans when times have been troubling. That’s their job. . This is a war and we need to mobilize.

    1. The Biggest coordinated effort that we the people can do is twofold. 1. Pray, pray, pray for our leaders, our country and so on. 2. VOTE them Out in November. That is the Biggest coordinated effort We the People can make and make a Huuge!!! difference.

  8. It seem years ago the news had real journalist and reporters, Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave! But today it’s a free for all on who can make up the best fake stories!
    It just goes show you that news people don’t take pride in their work anymore, the hard working news people of yesteryear are gone and we’re stuck with these fool hardy idiots writing fictional news. Maybe one day a light might go on and we can get good journalist and reporters and news people back!

  9. When fake news is purposeful and done with bad intentions, there should be some sort of recourse. Maybe the President should do a daily report to list and refute this propaganda. Trouble is, what network would run it?

  10. Lame stream media has not been “news” in decades. They are nothing more than the advertising department for the demon-rat party. Anyone that believes what they see on these networks is a fool. Get the news from John Solomon or OAN. Even Fox News has gone to the dark side with the exception of a few of their remaining stars.

  11. The amazing part is when highly-educated ‘progressive’ people actually BELIEVE this stuff…

    Is it just because they suffer so from Trump Derangement Syndrome that they become so self-unaware that they don’t recognize the ignorance and hate they are displaying while they judge everyone’s worth and categorize them, based on their wealth, genitalia, religion, whether they own a gun, their sexual orientation, and skin color…???

    The LEFT is where you find bigotry, fascism, and violence, all the while they claim the opposite…

  12. For the most part, I don ‘t watch MSM anymore because its mostly subtle propaganda for the out of control Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party. I agree with Bruce Porter’s comment about the MSM and Vietnam reporting. I was involved in some operations that were “reported” by writers sipping cocktails in Saigon that the news totally distorted when published. I never saw a reporter in the field, but the written story was a pure fabrication. While in retrospect we can question our involvement there, I believe the outcome was due to media reporting. For example, in the aftermath of the TET offensive, we destroyed the Vietcong as a viable fighting force. The VC/NVA forces sustained more than 500,000 casualties while ours were much lower, yet the media rteported that we had suffered a “great” loss because a half dozen VC had managed to get on our embassy grounds. I have never understood that, however, after that all reporting on our actions were negative and that influenced the attitude of the American public and aided the enemy.
    During the course of our history, several Presidents have shut down the media for adverse reporting. During WWII, President Roosevelt shut down the New York Times for publishing stories which were prejudicial to the war effort. What amazes me is that we spent more than 50 years fighting Communism and now the MSM appears to totally support socialism/communism. We have kids in high school and college today that have no idea of that struggle and because of what is being taught and supported by the MSM now embrace the concept of Socialism. They are not informed about socialist failures in the Soviet Union, NAZI Germany, Cuba or Venezuela. Given the Leftist Bend of our MSM, I have acquired a real fear for the future of our Nation.

  13. I don’t watch MSM. I also switch off my local news when they try to cover national news items. We have fine people covering local news, but I don’t think they realize what they are doing to their reputations,

  14. The “LIETOYA” (formerly the media) are just the PR department for all that is bad in this country. They lie about everything – China, Trump, Covid 19, etc. They want the public to panic as it sells advertising. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. The sooner the public starts turning them off the better we will all be.

  15. I stopped watching most news and stopped the paper 2 years ago due to he fake reporting and bias.
    Something should be done about professors teaching our kids leftist ideas in school. They should be neutral .If they can’t be proud of the USA and the ideal our country was founded on, they should move
    to Russia, Cuba, or Venezuela.

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