Coronavirus Is the ‘Chinese Virus’


This week, President Donald Trump came under fire for his use of the phrase “Chinese virus” to describe the coronavirus, the source of the new pandemic that has led to a global economic shutdown as well as lockdowns of citizens in every major Western country. That media have somehow found time to hone in on the one issue that matters least — the labeling of a Chinese virus as such — in the middle of an unprecedented planetwide freeze demonstrates the utter unseriousness of those objecting. That the term should be controversial at all is nearly beyond belief. The virus did indeed originate in China.

Most of all, that the Chinese government should be shielded in any way from the results of its own pathological and tyrannical misgovernment is perverse beyond measure.

Make no mistake: The Chinese government is chiefly responsible for the explosion of this pandemic. The so-called wet markets of China — the meat markets that often include wild animals ranging from snakes to pangolins — exist for a variety of reasons, ranging from price to superstitious belief in medicinal properties of exotic animals. According to Zhenzhong Si, research associate at the University of Waterloo, “Eating wild animal is considered a symbol of wealth because they are more rare and expensive.”

Whatever the rationale, the communist Chinese government has been exceedingly tolerant of such markets, even though they have now been responsible for the spread of coronavirus, SARS, bird flu, Asian flu and swine fever. The Chinese government has been similarly tolerant of treatment via traditional Chinese medicine rather than evidence-based medicine, which has increased the risk of such diseases.


The same Chinese government now being praised for its extraordinary crackdown on its own citizens -- the same government that is said to be imprisoning up to a million Uighurs for no specific crimes -- has been unwilling for decades to stop the selling of exotic animals. Authoritarianism obviously doesn't apply to the most obvious solution to a bevy of possible epidemics.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government acted early to shut down the spread of information about the coronavirus, which paved the way for freedom of travel by carriers of the disease. When ophthalmologist Li Wenliang told fellow doctors about coronavirus in an online chat room in December, he was forced to swear by the Chinese government that he had been making "untrue statements." He ended up dying of the disease.

When further information began to emerge about the coronavirus, the communist government simply lied about it, suggesting that case numbers were not rising -- a lie bought by the World Health Organization.

Even now the Chinese government continues to spread propaganda suggesting that the coronavirus originated in the United States. Lijian Zhao, deputy director-general of the Information Department of China's Foreign Ministry, tweeted a link to an article he claimed had "Evidence that the Virus Originated in the US." And is it truly believable that China had just 127 diagnosed cases of coronavirus between March 9 and March 16, even as the Chinese government expels American journalists en masse from both China and Hong Kong?

Once this is all over, it's far past time for Americans to have a serious discussion about the extent to which openness to China ought to be curbed. The Trump administration should consider a travel ban on China until China has verifiably shut down its exotic animals markets, at the very least. The current crisis will cost millions of American jobs, millions more of Americans' savings and thousands of American lives. To trust the Chinese government after a global betrayal of this magnitude would not only be foolish; it would be immoral.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles. 

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14 thoughts on “Coronavirus Is the ‘Chinese Virus’”

  1. As much as the propaganda machine of China is despicable, and all the allegations and opinions mentioned in this story appear to be factually-based, there are troubling stories – some of which have been ‘disappeared’ – which point the finger at a laboratory in North Carolina. I read that Chinese government scientists visited this lab and contributed huge sums of support money for the lab in exchange for virus samples to bring back to China.

    I hope against hope these allegations can be dismissed by factual evidence. They are very disturbing to me, as I understand the greed of human nature can easily exceed prudence.

  2. ChiCom Virus. That is the proper name we should use. We The People of the United States of America have no problem, racial or otherwise, with the many various peoples of China. However, we DO have a very large problem with their iron fisted, totalitarian communist government. The ChiComs dithered and censored and delayed the release of vital information about this virus when it still could have done some good, especially in limiting it’s spread, and now the entire planet is paying the price for the ChiCom reckless endangerment of our world.

    ChiCom Virus. This properly identifies exactly who is at fault and where blame should be laid. The ChiCom GOVERNMENT. If you agree, simply begin referring to the ChiCom Virus as the ChiCom Virus until others start doing the same. It properly identifies those at fault and prevents the anti-American left from falsely accusing everyone not 100% in lockstep with them of “racism”, which seems to be their favorite failing pastime these days.

  3. What about organ harvesting in China? What about religious persecution connected to organ harvesting? On that subject with regard to ourselves, what about organ harvesting here by Planned Parenthood? And how come , in many states, religious services are shut down while baby killing (here in MA) is considered an “essential” medical service, (I thought abortion, by definition was a “choice”!), with Planned Parenthood both ignoring the social health threat they pose by staying open and going the extra mile, begging for donations of Personal Protective Equipment?

  4. More accurately communist virus brought to the USA by NWO Dem Communists to decimate this country.They are not after Trump,he is just in the way.They are after the “deplorables”..US!

  5. Has anyone asked the question of how China got the virus under control so fast? Even though they didn’t acknowledge it for weeks to the world.

  6. We have seen that policemen were going inside homes in China and were taking away pregnant women and forced them to abort their babies. These Asian (atheist) sub-cultures have nothing in common with the West.

  7. I’m not convinced that this disease originated from eating exotic wild meat. The chinese have had these animals in their diets for centuries. Why now has this disease become such a pandemic. Let’s not forget that within 20 miles of Wuhan City is a level IV containment infectious disease testing lab – the only level IV in all of China.

  8. It may be that the virus originated in China, maybe with the bats or it could have come from any number of stupid money hungry laboratory, like NC Univ. paid for by the Chinese. it doensn’t make a difference. It has been done, under the table and for a purpose. It’s funny how during the turmoil of the last 12 years the world has taken a different course, by a group of sorry excuses for humans, soros, obama, KSA, Iran, socialism in Europe, socialism in north America and South America. tries of overthrow of the middle east by arab spring from KSA and allies, ukraine overthrow of Ukraine and corruption against Russia, long wars against Syria and development of isis aling with other terror groups for sunni overthrow of whereever they can do something, again the KSA, refugees to Europe and North America and caravans from soros and obama filled with isis terrorists, same in Europe promoted by obama and soros and continued overthrow attempts in eastern Europe by soros til he got kicked out, border invasions by there refugees and invading groups of isis arab spring sunnis in the ME, China right in the thick of it all with obama and now the virus developed in or by China and spread by their travellers to hit key areas of the world where they won’t hurt feelings for takeover for industry, but devastate the economies and populations of potential enemies, Seems like an association with soros and obama and dems in the U.S., making stories going from one group to another chaos of blame, an obama and hollywood trick. Today the Chinese have let loose their Navy to secure the south china sea as they feel they can get it without a fight as we are too busy alsewhere. China is seeking the world wide control of trade, and with obama’s globalization plan and middle east in protection by the U.S. at least the ksa and allies, it’s a good bet they’ll do it. Too bad we don’t have a set to get the hell out of the ME totally and let them have it. Let them all figure it up., Tell China to back off south China sea and deport every non citizen Chinese. Same for all muslims refugees and caravans, use our military to do it. Put Dems in jail that are part of this. Barr should have enough evidence by now, use it. Our lives are at stake and our survival, the Constitution and the Republic and for that matter the world. Any country in Europe that wants to stay socialist and continue putting up with rape and murder, the people have a choice. that reminds me, Africa, has all the water they need for crops and for consumption why don’t they go after it from the Congo from all sides. Exploit the resources yourself instead of giving it to the Chinese and making leaders rich.

  9. I have an option of my own. I think this virus was from the laboratory, I also think it did not get out by accident. We have had some good results from Chinese trade deals. I think the China government was hoping to slow down our economy, by showing Americans how much we as a nation depend on them. We have been in an economic war with the Chinese for twenty years. Because of the leaders this country has had they were given what every the wanted. We left our manufacturers move out because our leaders keep raising our cost of living. Some of our congress got rich from these Chinese deals. I think this is our first taste of China’s germ warfare. Just my opinion.

  10. Please consider this thought; The Covid-19 virus (AKA “Chinese Virus”) is a WEAPON aimed and always intended to be used against the free world “the West” if you will… isn’t strange that it all started within just a few miles of the Reds primary biological warfair facility… is a weapon and has been deliberately loosed against us…..true as the sky…….Art

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