Opinion: The Extremely Efficient Weapon of Mass Destruction


You have likely heard a lot about ‘flattening the curve’ lately and it seems like many are trying to get on board with the terminology. People are sharing tweets, posts, and articles showing all these dire predictions and supporting anything that will help flatten the curve.

We do need to flatten the curve. We need to flatten the curve of viral, fake news induced panic. From the beginning of this pandemic, before it was declared as such, people in the media were accusing our government of approaching this outbreak too aggressively.

Yes, President Trump was accused of being xenophobic and racist for stopping travel to China. He was instructed by the ‘experts’ that this travel ban was unnecessary. How did that age?

Here’s something you wouldn’t know from watching the mainstream media every day: According to a Gallup poll, 60% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus. His overall job approval sits at a tie for the Gallup high of 49 %.

Yet there is fear abound that he’s NOT DOING ANYTHING and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

It’s simply not true.

Dr Fauci was asked about the media’s apparent attempts to create a rift, or the appearance of a rift, between him and President Trump.

His answer?

"That is really unfortunate," Dr. Fauci responded. "I would wish that would stop because we have a much bigger problem here than trying to point out differences. They're really fundamentally at the core when you look at things, they are not differences."

It is really unfortunate. Most Americans do trust the experts and the media, to a certain extent, in times of crisis and we're seeing that today.

For example, the Imperial College of London gave a prediction that went viral and was shared and/or used by Congressman/women and Senators, by World Health Organization members and even folks at the CDC. It has been all over the media.

Literally, people have been terrified of these numbers. It warned that 2.2 million Americans could die. The media ran with it like the last leg of a 4x100 meter relay.

“Even if all patients were able to be treated, we predict there would still be in the order of 250,000 deaths in (Great Britain), and 1.1 to 1.2 million in the U.S.” This was, they wrote, “the more optimistic scenario.”

That IS terrifying.

However, they've now revised that expectation to up to 20,000 deaths in the UK and up to 84,000 in the U.S. That's a lot of deaths but that is also a huge difference. Sure, it's easier to make predictions now with more data but do you see where this is heading? For at least a month or two now people have been thinking millions are going to die from this disease, based on these terrifying charts and graphs that went viral in the media.

Economies all over the world have tanked because of these extremely dire predictions. The US economy dropped like we've never seen before, all from this panic that the world was virtually ending.

But it's not ending. The death rate seems to be nowhere near the 8-10% that media was shelling out on an hourly basis in the beginning. Currently, as of 3/26/20 The U.S. is at 68,095 cases and 1,037 deaths. That's a death rate of about 1.5% and we estimate there are many times more cases that haven't been reported.

But that's good news, in a sense. That means it's likely that the death rate is even lower than what we see now.

To make matters worse we have politicians telling people that President Trump is lying to them and they should be terrified. They shouldn't listen to him. They're encouraging this panic.

So, in the end, if we don't see hundreds of thousands of deaths we should consider this a huge win. However, there is going to be financial hell to pay all across the world, including the U.S., that will also cause death and hardship.

The damage is done and some are complicit in doing more. Governors restricting the use of drugs that have been saving lives from the disease and the media calling Trump a liar for telling people there's hope. He's been accused of giving 'false hope' as well.

Meanwhile, those in the media are cashing in on the hysteria. They have more viewers, because they're sitting at home watching 24 hr news cycles, and their click dollars are skyrocketing with every panic-inducing story they publish.

When you think about it, that's a darn efficient weapon. It didn't cost them anything to create. In fact, they're making money hand over fist from the panic. And whadaya know, it's an election year.



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8 thoughts on “Opinion: The Extremely Efficient Weapon of Mass Destruction”

  1. Totally agree its called wagging the dog. The same is true for the search engines that put up bull shit headlines that you have to look at just so you can check your email or search for any information.

  2. Your,”SO Right” and the posting of A “PANIC BUTTON” as a image,that is like a nuclear button to be pressed and the fall out and destruction of the whole world,is the same Bull Sh-t the media,has made billions of dollars,on FEAR!
    Now we should be concerned about this new strain of Virus,and use a common sense,before you
    press the panic button!
    What I fear the most,is this virus,and the threat to our Public Health is not critical,stages yet and can
    be controlled, but to use this as a political purpose like the Media,and the Democratic Party to hold
    up funding,to sneak into something like a immigration bill are a abortion bill,in the House of Representative,s ,under and a social agenda,is crime worth,federal or state prison and in some case,s death, by legal means. ONE thing I KNOW,is that Donald Trump is “Not Perfect” and has to
    rely on expert,s in the Medical field and has to weight the good as well as the bad advice,s for our whole nation and he has temporally stop all foreign trivial from the most infected,nation and has
    made those who come here are tested,and yet our economy and the rest of the world economy
    has been effected,in trade,and shortness of staff,and you name the job,s and business,here in the
    U.S.A. that has not been harmed ? I was going to use the word effected,that is close to infection,but chose not to use,because any thing or word can be taken out of context and it,s the
    same today as it with language. This is an Election year in November 2020 and based on overall job preformed,so far,by our current president,I would give him A Grade of B + or A Grade of – A
    minus. Look at what Donald Trump turned around,that the Democrat,s has not given him create
    for,1 Securing Our Military back from a 3rd of 4th power-full nation to # 1 again.Job creation was @3,5% before this virus and panic mold,Made our foreign Policy on Iran,that a Democratic President,made the worst deal in History ( my opinion ) The positive list far out ways his negative,s
    because,no one living on This “EARTH” can please everyone,NOT Even the SON Of God and Yet no matter whom you believe are Trust,who is better Today to help us Today,NOT Biden the V.P. of Barrack Obama, NOR SANDER,S and to allow the F.B.I. Director to not be jailed are in Prison,as well as Hillary Clinton for her actions/failures and criminal act,s is the Sham of all Sham and miscarriage of justice. Honesty,integrity,truth appear,s Lost,where once it meant something,and
    who Changed,It appear,s You and I are Guilty and have allowed Party,race are other view,s to cloud or prospective,and this price,has Bankrupt America and their is not enough money to pay it
    back,YET there is Hope still in the minority and men and Woman who still will stand in the gap and
    say enough is enough,action speaks louder than word,so this is my comments on the issue,s @
    this time, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    1. If quid-pro-quo-Joe accidentally wins in November that Panic Button will be the ICON for Washington, deCeit. Can you imagine the “Nuclear Football” in Senile Joe’s hands?


    1. Sorry. NO PROOF. Test only tells a virus is present- not what kind nor how many.You need MILLION and MILLIONS, self-replicating AND causing damage.Turns out, majority of deaths had OTHER SEVERE health conditions- many were circulation related and the Medicine given has LIFE_THREATENING ADVERSE effects. Only 2, so far, in Italy(as of a few days ago- they are still investigating, a slow time-consuming process- actually had no prior health conditions. All of the cases & info regarding this ‘virus’ are being re-investigated;they are not finding the evidence that was supposed to occur.How many economies were adversely affected by UN/W.H.O. directing Health organizations such as CDC to promote this pandemic-151 nations. That’s a lot of people impacted by an alleged virus that causing less deaths than the normal seasonal flu.
      Do your homework;learn the facts.
      CDC tooted Swine Flu same way. The actually had stopped counting cases…why? Because of the people who died, it was found MOST had no sign of Swine Flu – or of ANY kind of flu. So what did they do? They covered up their lie with a BIGGER lie, telling us there were 22 MILLION cases. If they lied before, why wouldn’t they lie again? .CDC/FDA are joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical companies.
      In 2000, 7 out of 10 young people could not qualify for military…’mental disorders;requiring drugs’- 7 out of 10!What they fail to mention is many schools now have ‘counselors’ instead of school nurses, AND for each child dubbed with a mental disorder, the school receives funding…hmmm Is there a problem there?
      Info too stressful? No problem…there’s a drug available…
      No conspiracy- just facts.
      Maybe concentrate on getting the toxins out of our water, food, air,etc. Oh yeah. Why worry about being poisoned slowly when we can freak out over COV19?
      You got enough food and toilet paper, and the resources to pay all your bills for several months? Good. Now go share some of it with those less fortunate.

  4. Yes, the virus is serious and we should take precautions against it, but so is the economic doom we are headed to if we keep this total shut down going much longer. The amount of suicides from the despair will be much greater than the loss of lives from the virus. We need to try to protect the most vulnerable, those with the highest mortality rate then take our chances with this virus until it is finally over. Put the damn country back to work.

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