The Truth About Chloroquine May Be Different Than We Think


You may have heard the story that a man and wife died from ingesting chloroquine, a drug that President Trump has touted. What you haven’t heard is that it was NOT the drug that President Trump has been talking about and says he’s hopeful about.

It was chloroquine phosphate, but a very different form of the chemical. In fact, the form of chloroquine that the couple ingested wasn’t even a medication. It was used in aquariums for cleaning. That hasn’t stopped the media running with the original story, though.

The story says the wife blames Donald Trump for endorsing the drug. Just so we’re clear, here. If we discuss any drug or chemical in our articles we are not saying to go buy it and ingest it. This is on par with Tide Pod stupidity.

Let’s talk about chloroquine, for a second though, because unlike what the media says there is actually some good news about it.We’ve known of some of it’s success for weeks now. Take for example this summary of live, peer reviewed study on it use to fight COVID-19.


A world-renowned French researcher revealed some promising tests with a form of chloroquine and a Z-pack. Dr. Dider Raoult MD, PhD. tweeted:

“Full peer-reviewed study has been released by Didier Raoult MD, PhD. After 6 days 100% of patients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin were virologically cured.”

It was a small study but a 100% success rate is nothing to laugh at when facing a pandemic of epic proportions as the WHO has declared. He goes on to mention that this was only "the second cure to a virus of all time"!

Wow - that's not small news but most media has buried it.

It is also being tested in Australia and has some early, promising results.

Prior to the clinical trials going ahead, the medications were given to some of the first patients in Australia infected with COVID-19, and all have completely recovered without any trace of the virus left in their system.

And an episode of Doc Talk with Dr, Ban where he mentions the early successes and reasons for hope with this drug.

Also, here's an expert consensus on the use of chloroquine for treatment of the coronavirus from the National Institute of Health.

Tell me there's not reason for hope. It doesn't mean to self prescribe even the correct drug, though. Let's be reasonable.

But let's not be like Nevada.

Nevada's Democrat Governor, Steve Sisolak, just signed an order banning the use of antimalarial drugs for treatment of the coronavirus. There will be no testing for those folks in Nevada on their death bed from this virus. Let's remember that Nevada houses many elderly people who move there for the tax breaks and warmer weather. That's exactly the demographic that is in danger here.

How outraged are the folks who live in Nevada or the folks who have elderly or at-risk family members in Nevada? After all, this man says chloroquine saved his life while basically on his death bed. Doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do.

So he tried the chloroquine treatment and within 2 days felt much better. It doesn't mean it's an end-all cure for the disease but to say there's no reason to believe it may work is an outright lie and many in the media are repeating that lie over and over as if it needs to be pounded into our heads.

Don't believe the hype. Believe the facts. That's what will get us out of this crisis.

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About Chloroquine May Be Different Than We Think”

  1. Chloroquine may or may not be available when you get sick with SARS-CoV-2 which I hope you don’t. But there is an alternative, a simple home remedy.
    On the basis of 30 years bench experience with VSV, Sendai virus, measles virus, HIV-1/AIDS and HHV-6, I offer this simple home remedy for people infected with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

    Take one teaspoonful of CsCl (cesium chloride) mixed in a glass of water (or better, in a glass of orange juice or tomato juice to hide the saltiness), wait 4-6 hours, then take a half-teaspoonful of KCl (potassium chloride) in juice, or eat a banana. The CsCl “bends” the viral polymerase and slows the viral rate of replication allowing the immune system to catch up. CsCl is currently FDA approved for clinical use (to reduce cachexia in late stage cancer patients), but has a serious side effect: it causes hypokalemia (low blood potassium, with attendant cardiac problems) when taken on a chronic basis. Therefore, patients should not take more than 3 doses of CsCl. The KCl and the banana (which is full of potassium) are taken to rebalance the electrolytes. CsCl and KCL are not prescription items, but are hard to find in pharmacies. They can be ordered online from e.g. One teaspoonful of CsCl weighs about 19 grams; a half-teaspoonful of KCl weighs about 8 grams. To further boost the immune system, take multiple doses of AirBorne, which can be found in most pharmacies.

    By nature and by definition, a new virus has to spread before its identity and its characteristics become recognizable. COVID-19 is likely to spread for three reasons. 1. It is as infectious as measles or flu. 2. Its incubation period of 20 days means that there will be a LOT of infectious but symptom-free people walking around. 3. There is virtually no “herd immunity” outside of central China and Northern Italy and now Iran. In theory, herd immunity only begins to suppress the spread of infection after about 80-86% of a population has become immune, either through vaccination or through developing immunity by surviving natural infection.

    This recipe won’t prevent catching COVID-19, it is not a cure in that it won’t kill the virus, but it will ease the disease course and it might save your life.

    Benjamin M Blumberg, PhD

    1. How does KCl affect the virus? This is what is commonly used in water softener. It would be interesting to see what if there is any difference in infection rates from hard and soft water areas of the country.

  2. The Govenor of Nevada banned the use of the anti viral drug ? What kind of smacked ass is this guy ? I wonder how quickly he demands the drug should he or his loved ones ‘contract the virus . BUT perhaps that’s his motI’ve , make certain that plenty is on hand for him and his !

  3. The Gov.of Nevada is a politician not a doctor. He should be run out of office for this criminal act. Yes, criminal in that any deaths that could have been prevented by hydrochloroquin should be on him.
    Pray for Nevada.

  4. The powers that Lord over us are also discrediting colloidal silver as a scam which it certainly is not. If everyone had a nebulizer in their home and colloidal silver there would be no outbreak and the world economies would not be in ruin.

    1. Is Colloidal Silver Effective Against
      The Chinese Killer Coronavirus?
      Since the killer Chinese coronavirus is said to be relatively new, having only recently mutated from snakes, bats and mice to the point it could infect humans, there’s quite literally zero scientific info as to whether colloidal silver (or anything else, for that matter) would work against it.
      But…colloidal silver has been known to work against a number of other coronaviruses. So let’s take a look at what the existing literature says:
      According to Herbert Slavin, M.D., founder and director of the Institute of Advanced Medicine, Lauderhill, Florida:
      “…A study at the University of Arizona recently showed ionic silver to be effective against the coronavirus that researchers use as the surrogate for SARS.”
      SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The coronavirus behind SARS produces the same kind of respiratory syndrome as caused by the new Chinese coronavirus. According to a Business Wire article about the study:
      “The study tested various ionic silver and copper levels to determine if they were effective against the human coronavirus strain 229E, a strain commonly used as a surrogate for the SARS virus in laboratory research.
      The research demonstrated significant reductions of the virus within 1 hour (90 percent) and reduced virus levels to below the detection limit following 24 hours of exposure (99.99 percent).”
      Wow. In this study, the researchers saw a 90% reduction in coronavirus levels within the first hour, and a 99.99% reduction within 24 hours.
      “This research demonstrates that ionic silver has the potential to deactivate viruses in a relatively short period of time,” said Jeff Trogolo, Ph.D., chief technology officer, AgION Technologies, Inc.
      That’s actually quite amazing. So now we know for sure that the ionic form of colloidal silver – aka electrically generated colloidal silver – works against at least one extremely serious form of coronavirus.
      That’s heartening, right? But it’s certainly not all we have to go on. Let’s keep digging:
      • Viral Pathogens and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Oligodynamic Ag1 for Direct Immune Intervention
      At the above link you’ll find a retrospective study of silver-based therapeutics and their effects on viruses, published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (June 2003).
      The authors concluded that even with the SARS coronavirus, “swift reduction of viral loads” could be achieved using “oligodynamic Ag1” (i.e., electrically generated colloidal silver). Here’s what they stated:
      “State-of-the-art, electrolytically produced ‘oligodynamic’ Ag1…offers distinct advantages and versatility of use over older and cruder formulations.
      Possessing much smaller, subnanometer-sized particles, greater electrical potential and lower concentrations, it is more bio-available than other formulations.
      Efficacy against the SARS-related coronavirus, for example, may be enhanced when nebulized Ag1 is inhaled. This should achieve swift reduction of viral loads, especially in the early stages.”
      As you can see, the study authors recommend using the ionic form of colloidal silver, with a nebulizer, so it can be atomized into a mist and easily inhaled into the lungs. After all, the coronavirus is a respiratory virus.
      So if you’d like to learn more about using colloidal silver in a nebulizer in order to get silver particles into your respiratory system during times of cold or flu (or coronavirus threat), see the following article and short video:
      • Using Colloidal Silver With a Nebulizer
      The study authors conclude by stating that electrically-generated colloidal silver appears to be effective against coronavirus even in its mutated forms. They wrote:
      “The only known mechanism of resistance also appears to play no role notwithstanding the mutability of the coronavirus. Therefore no functional barrier to the virotoxic effects of oligodynamic Ag1 may be expected regardless of the rapidity or variety of mutations.”
      So it’s unlikely the coronavirus can mutate to the point that silver is not effective against it.

      1. absolutely correct. Colloidal silver will destroy the virus. I have a generatator and take the silver daily. Steve Barwick on injforms us that it will kill the virus. They have been using colloidal silver in Chinese hospitals!

  5. We must remember that Nevada was developed by organized crime. Don’t think for a minute that they have abdicated their authority in the Silver State. That governor must be vetted by power brokers in that state to even run for office. It’s not as bad as Mexico and the drug cartels, but is comparable in some ways. That Governor is in sync with the will of the real rulers in the home of gambling, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, etc.
    He’s wrong, wrong, wrong, but he is a powerful player in Vegas, Reno, and Tahoe.

  6. There is a MSM moron born every second of the day. The MSM blames Trump for the Sky is Falling and Pigs that can fly!

  7. I am a recent resident of Las Vegas, lived there 24 years. Until the last election NV was a Republican State. Although the casinos do wield as lot of influence, it was always known as a “business friendly” state. The current Governor Sisolak is a Democrat and is trying to flex his political muscle by most of his actions! This one may come back & bite him…let’s all hope so!

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