It’s Worse Than We Thought

By now, we all know politics has played a role in virtually every single thing Congress does. Duh, right? It’s politics! Yes, but we often fell for calling it public service and many on the left still do. Some still thinkable of THEIR politicians are only up there to help out of the goodness of their hearts.

So, at Inside Scoop Politics, we’ve tried to be committed to calling out possible corruption on both sides.

At this time in our history we need honesty, clarity, integrity, and goodness out of our politicians. Unfortunately that is something that has been in extremely short supply for quite some time. Right now it seems is no different.

Nancy Pelosi blew up the COVID-19 relief bill vote on Monday morning that looked poised to pass. She wanted her own version. Perhaps that’s why she “took a week off”. It’s starting to look like she actually took a week to plan her own bailout.

Let’s take a look at what Pelosi proposed. Remember, this is all to help our current situation, right?


The proposed bill includes:

  • A re-emergence of the Obamaphone program that was pasted with corruption (virtually no accountability for where the money went or was used)
  • Seeks to wipe out debt of the United States Postal Service
  • Student loan bailout to the tune of $10k for each person - essentially a bailout for the colleges that are overcharging their students instead of fixing that problem.
  • Carbon emission mandates for airlines
  • $300 million to refugees living OVERSEAS
  • $35 million to the JFK Center for Performing Arts - what?
  • Requires absentee ballots to be mailed to EVERYONE
  • Ballot harvesting - the practice of someone other than the voter deliver their ballot (see California)
  • Corporate Board diversity requirements
  • Racial and Gender pay provisions
  • Same day voter registration - imagine how this would be checked AFTER an election has already taken place. Virtually no chance of reversal if found to be fraudulent

I'm not going to make a case for any of these and I'm not going to tell you they don't belong. I do, however, want you to ask yourselves:

How does this help us through this coronavirus pandemic? How does this help our citizens who aren't working right now? How many of these are emergencies?

As the infamous Rahm Emanuel said, "Never let a crisis go to waste".

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23 thoughts on “It’s Worse Than We Thought”

  1. This is why we need a line-item veto for the president. We should not allow tax-payer monies to be spent on frivolous items and items that could not be passed on their own merit. We need to stop this kind of process where one political party holds legislation that is good for the country to be held up until they get their goodies!!!

  2. Pelosi doesn’t have the common sense that God gave to an ant. She thought it was all about her….how wrong she was. Finally after realizing that they failed in yet another attempt to dismiss the president, the Congress passed a bill to support the American people. Perhaps her gray matter is diminishing quickly, but her black heart is getting darker all of the time. One wonders what her approval rating is like in California. I can’t imagine who would vote for a mindless egomaniac to represent the constituents in her district.

    1. David,
      Piglosi is dumb like a fox. She knows exactly what she is doing and that’s the scary part. You also wondered how anyone could vote for her. Have you forgotten that her district is San Francisco. She’s exactly what they want and will never be defeated in an election. Our best hope is to elect enough conservative republicans in the house to take her speakership and make her totally irrelevant. I pray for that day.

  3. Pelosi is a menace to our country. She has not accomplished anything and on the contrary with her partisan politics she is destroying it piece by piece. Giving the power to the squad is a monumental mistake because those women are the enemy of our country and they are the ones that are calling all the shots. Pelosi is the speaker in name only. She should resign and her last display of insensitivity about the importance of the stimulus package shows the kind of person she is. She is selfish, incompetent and wears her religion on her sleeve. She does not belong in our government.

  4. I do believe the fact that President Trump won the election and has worked with and for the people instead of the corrupt government in Washington with the PC running the show, that most of those who hate him so much, have lost the ability to actually know what their purpose of being there is.
    Nancy is not President and Chuckie is not VP
    Their minds have been fried and only function one way-
    Get with the program Nancy and Chuck, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AND WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE TO MAKEIT HAPPEN you are pushing your party farther and farther away. Get a life and support the country instead of your own personal desires.

  5. We The People are faced with a tremendous problem which must be viewed as a challenge. Our Federal Gov’t has been hijacked for quite sometime now. We have an International Billionaire calling the shots internally for the DNC. There are a couple of covert societies which We are dealing with, 1 being the domestic ‘Deep State’ who are career Federal Service Employees in quite a few alphabet-agencies, all of which have NO Constitutional Mandate. The Covert-dark element agency which is international, and monetary goes by a couple of different names; ‘The New World Order’, ‘The Crown’, ‘The House Of Rothschild’, ‘The Pilgrims Society’, all of these individual financial houses, and organizations are the drivers of the western economies and the directors of whole governments. The sooner We The People are capable of understandiing who We are up against, the sooner We can all begin to wage War upon ‘Those People’.

    1. You forgot the Atlantic Counsel which is backed by the owner of Burisma (name? forgot) and George Soros. Check it out. Half the Democrat impeachment witnesses belong. Also a lot of people who work for Soros’ “enterprises” have U.S. security clearances. Soros also has ties to the State Dept. In fact Judicial Watch, through FOIAs and lawsuits. found that millions of American taxpayer dollars are being sent to Soros’ “Open Society” in several countries through the State Dept. United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which started under Hillary’s SoS stint. If the DEMs win the next election we are either lost or civil war.

  6. Unfortunately, Ms Pelosi does “belong” in congress. She’s been there forever and we keep electing her, getting the government we deserve. And it’s not “worse than we thought,” unless we’ve been kidding ourselves. Every affront to humility and decency Democrat leadership has committed since Harry Reid, the blatant “in your face” destructiveness of it that goes uncorrected save for our our occasional “tsk, tsk’s,” the hive mentality that turns grown Democrats into robots instead of statesmen, reinforces their indifference to how openly ugly and self-serving their motives are. Clearly, the country – you and I – can’t afford to put a Democrat in the White House or a Democrat majority in either chamber of congress next time, or the effect will be more arrogance, opportunism, and danger. Republicans would still prefer that Democrat lawlessness would simply go away instead of troubling themselves to indict, punish and remove it, and Republicans have “bad eggs” too. But the party that dances uniformly to Pelosi’s kind twisted dissonance has become a outright scourge on America.

  7. Is there a House Member among the 435 that has the fortitude to file a “Motion to Vacate the Chair” and possibly get rid of Pelosi? Mark Medows did it with Boener, and even if it doesn’t work, different members should keep putting this motion before the House to keep Nancy busy. That is exactly what they are trying to do with the President with impeachment. It can work both ways.

  8. Nancy and chuck need to go—that said the democrats still HAVE NO PLAN to help the American people in this crisis. Instead they are adding to the problem by being stubborn and difficult. I say we must remove problems to get things moving again. We need TRUMP TO ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM BY GETTING RID OF CHUCK AND NANCY. ADAM SCHIFF NEEDS TO GO AS WELL. GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE THEY DO MORE DAMAGE.

  9. This is unheard of the speaker is out of control,and needs to be called out!! The speaker needs to be replaced by a true American!! The b***h needs to go!!

  10. Pelosi and Schumer are both trying to leverage their liberal agenda. Moreover, they seem to think that can out-leverage President Trump. It is not going to happen and these actions merely reflect the desperation of a party in complete disarray and trying anything to regain power and control over their subjects.

  11. Why would you even consider plans propigated by NWO Communists who are only out to destroy this country?Particularly from a woman who can’t even keep her teeth in her mouth.Another problem brought in by NWO Dems so that they can enrich themselves via corruption while claiming to solve a problem they brought into the country.NEVER FORGET!!!VOTE THEM ALL OUT 2020!!!.VOTE TRUMP AND REPUB TICKET 2020!!!They aren’t after TRUMP they are after US,he is just in the way.They want deplorables gone!!!

  12. These opportunistic, sniper macabre acts from Dems MUST be widsely publicized. The ENTIRE country must know, especially the younger indifferent generations. Trump’s reelection time is coming fast, and the GOP, all Conservatives, the President and ALL OF US cannot let this opportunity to unmask the Dems go to waste.

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