Who is the W.H.O. and Why Should We Listen to Them?

The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations that is responsible for public health. It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with offices worldwide. They began on April 7, 1948, now considered World Health Day, when their constitution came into force.

When visiting their website you can view their constitution and their ‘values’ page. Their constitution is about what you’d expect it to be with a belief in access to healthcare for all and disease control.

Their Values page says something that many would contest right about now. One of the Values reads:

Trusted to serve public health at all times

  • We put people’s health interests first
  • Our actions and recommendations are independent
  • Our decisions are fair, transparent and timely

Specifically, points 1 and 2 are being challenged by many across the world.

Communist leaders in China hid the seriousness and dangers of the outbreak, early on, while they punished any doctors or journalists who reported anything other than the CCP (China Communist Party) talking points. Those talking points were that it was no big deal, doesn't look to be a danger outside of the Wuhan area, and person to person transmission wasn't possible.

The WHO seemed to be parroting these talking points throughout the course of this breakout. They regurgitated virtually anything China was saying. For example, China said they didn't believe person to person transmission had occurred or was possible. The WHO then tweeted that "person to person transmission outside of China has been limited". China wouldn't share the genetic sequence in the early days - something that scientists needed to start identifying the disease and possible treatments or cures.

After all of this delay and secrecy by China, The WHO has been praising China for its efforts to 'protect the world'. The Director, Dr. Tedros, of the WHO said, on Feb 14:

Too much has been written & said about my praise for [China]. I have given credit where it’s due & I will continue to do that, as I would for any country that fights an outbreak aggressively at its source to protect its own people & the world, even at a great cost to itself.

Wait - was China fighting to save the world when it hid the outbreak for likely more than month? Was China fighting to save the world when they didn't allow the CDC or WHO in to help early on? At great cost to itself? It started there and spread from there because of their secrecy and inaction.

Now the WHO has been getting involved in political correctness. They apparently wanted people to stop calling it the Chinese virus. Vox quoted the head of WHO as he explains how they came up with the name COVID-19:

"had to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual, or a group of people, and which is also pronounceable and related to the disease."

Is that one of the more important pieces to put together at this time? Is that a role of the WHO, to make sure the naming and references are politically correct?

Becket Adams wrote an interesting article at Washington Examiner. In it Adams explains:

For starters, WHO has behaved throughout the entire crisis not as a health organization, but as the unofficial public relations arm of the Chinese Communist Party.

Adams also mentions that the effort by the organization comes, curiously, at the same time that China is trying to rebrand the COVD-19 narrative.

China says they told the WHO, back in December, about the person to person transmission threat but the organization just kept that to themselves while seeming to question the possibility that such a transmission existed.

Dr. Tedros cautioned the United States for suspending travel to China, in January, in order to try to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Now virtually every country around the world has done that and is closing their borders. Still no apology for the lashing of President Trump by the WHO director.

Even CNN admitted that the World Health Organizations's praise for China is causing many around the world to question what the relationship between the country and health group really is.

People around the world are dying of this disease and WHO seems to be worried about the stigma of talking about where it originated. It seems to be walking hand in hand with the China Communist Party's PR campaign.

Here's the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying:

“Most countries appreciate and support China’s efforts to fight the novel coronavirus...“But in the meantime, some countries, the US in particular, have inappropriately overreacted, which certainly runs counter to WHO advice.”

Apparently the US has inappropriately overreacted..

While the WHO has been quick to defend any blame that may fall toward China they have been quiet among China's lobbing of accusations against the United States.

Given the actions of the WHO throughout this pandemic one can certainly understand why someone, in the U.S., would question whether we should believe the World Health Organization or not. President Trump seems to be ahead of the WHO so far. Relying on other countries and outside organizations has been our downfall for quite some time now and it's all coming home to roost.



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17 thoughts on “Who is the W.H.O. and Why Should We Listen to Them?”


    1. …..they’ve been sucking money since 1948….they’ll only get more now. ANYTHING UN should be ignored and sent packing.

    2. Being part of the U.N., which is a very left leaning organization solely pushing the socialist agenda by masquerading as a humanitarian organization is the first reason we should not be listening to them.
      The very emblem or logo of the U.N. is a lie. They are a totally corrupt mechanism pushing globalism which is why the world is in this predicament now. Corrupt leadership and cronyism is all it has to offer at a very high cost to the U.S. The US should leave the UN and kick them out of New York.

      1. I agree with your statement completely Maxx! The United Nations, or any self righteous, proclaimed, collective world Agency, that is not made up of “We The People,” of the United States, for the health, welfare, and self reliance of this country, should have been dissolved, disregarded, and sent packing many years ago. “WHO,”and the “UN,” should have no voice, when it comes to the citizens of this country, and what is best for its citizens here. The decisions and suggestions of the U.N. do not reflect, nor have they ever reflected on what is sound, or a correct response, of actions, taken or needed for the situations and problems of the people of this country. The U.N. and WHO are biased, self proclaimed, socialist leaning authoritarian agencies, and working solely for their own agenda, open borders, globalism, and ONE WORLD ORDER! This country is the United States, the strongest, and once the most self reliant, sovereign country in the world. It is difficult to find anything that is fabricated, built, or completely made here in the old USA anymore. From prescription drugs to automobiles, we have relied far to much, and far to long on other countries, for our needs, and our health. Our own welfare, life style, and independent lives are not a priority or motivation of these world organizations, (It is a very real danger however) who don’t identify or relate to American people and our own ideals. Other countries and their world representatives only interest, is our capital (cold hard cash) to further their own agenda, politics, and policies. We need to wake up to the truth, and act accordingly, we need to go back to being completely independent, dependent on our own unique kind of, “Esprit de Corps,” good old American ingenuity, and quality. Start solving our own problems, for all Americans, and once again be a collective driving force, and positive example for the world to follow.

      2. Communism masquerading as socialism…and you are right. One of the worst offenders of everything!

  2. Listening to anyone or any organization should be backed up with research and understanding of what the upside and downside of following or not following it’s advice brings. The original intent of the WHO was noble but of late it has become more of a political arm than anything else. It’s directors are more interested in looking helpful rather than being helpful. Proof of this is it’s latest handling of the coronavirus and how it took China’s word for the danger of the disease.

  3. All leader of all important organism is corrupt by the communist Chinese ,so the world become ugly .

  4. All leader of all importants organisms is corrupt by the communist Chinese government, so the world today is so ugly.

  5. It seems to me that they are misnamed and certainly don’t do any medical due diligence. “The Coronavirus cannot be transmitted person-to-person.” It also seems to me that the US spends a disproportionate share of the cost to maintain the UN and gets precious little value. League of Nations revisited!!

  6. Who is the WHO? Another arm of the anti-American Muslim run UN. Why should we listen to them? There is NO GOOD REASON!

  7. According to an article in the Washington Examiner, the WHO is infiltrated and significantly influenced by the Chinese (Mar 3, 2020: China’s Political Warfare Strategy…). Little wonder it acts as a propaganda organ of the CCP

  8. What do you expect from a socialist organization (WHO) which is part of the socialist united Nations? They attack a free country (USA) and defend and protect a communist or socialist country (China). Sane people (which excludes socialists) should treat anything out of the United Nations with high suspicion, including their fraudulent announcements about global warming.

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