Democrats Are Playing Political Games During Crisis

Democrats continue to amaze even amidst a deadly crisis. Many are seriously starting to question if Democrats are smirking during the economic free fall. Delay tactics and pork barrel tactics are being used during a pandemic where every minute counts.

Nancy Pelosi has found a way to stall the relief effort, on Monday morning, that President Trump has been pushing for about a week. A $1.8 trillion relief bill that had strong bipartisan support was effectively killed early Monday morning when Nancy Pelosi phoned it in.

This is the bill that was to provide Americans with $1,200 to help get them through this crisis. The markets were expecting this bill to pass due to the strong bipartisan support so the news that it wasn’t passing was a shock and sent the market plunging again before it opened.

News that Democrats were fundraising off of it left some folks fuming! Could this be the same tactic that Democrats used during impeachment?

Or is this another Democrat ploy to take advantage of a crisis?

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell exploded on the House Leader, Sunday night, for playing games with lives on the line:

“So I want the American people to fully understand what’s going on here,” McConnell continued. “The markets are already reacting to this outrageous nonsense. We have an obligation to the American people to deal with this emergency and to deal with it tomorrow.

He added that this is something we've never seen before and a situation we've never been in so it's not a time for political tricks and sneaking in pet projects.

For once, can Congress pass a bill without adding in something to tide their mega donors over?

It seems they can't. Not before they put out a few fundraising emails to take advantage of the times. Karl Rove slammed Joe Biden when he appeared on Hannity the other night.

"The man is raising money off of the coronavirus challenge facing our country," Rove said, "Does he have no shame?....."Is there no decency that says, you know what? There are some moments when we shouldn't be taking things and use them for crass political purposes. He's using it for prospecting!"

It's not necessarily that fundraising is so bad and Biden should stop. It's more the appearance that they seem to want to defy President Trump at every turn so that they can send out fundraising emails, criticizing the President. It's starting to have the same optics as the Senate members accused of insider trading. Voters on both sides of the aisle aren't happy with it.

After attempting to sneak pork projects and abortion funding into the last coronavirus bill, it is starting to look like Democrats are doing their best to capitalize on this crisis.

Karl Rove pleaded again:

"Have these people no sense of decency? Can we not step away from this for a minute and politicize everything coming down the line, or is everything being used for fundraising?"


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