Democrats Caught Trump Off Guard


We are indeed living in strange times. Just a week ago you likely wouldn’t be able to find a single democrat saying anything positive about President Trump. There still aren’t many but some are putting politics aside and stepping up.

Earlier in the month, Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California doused President Trump in praise of his handling of the Coronavirus. Here’s what Gavin said in a press conference about Trump:

“We’re gonna do the right thing, and you have my support — all of our support — logistically and otherwise.” He said everything that I could have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation. And every single thing he said, they followed through on. Every single thing.

A 180 degree turn from his statements over the last 3 years, questioning Trump’s intelligence and qualifications to be President.

Then there's the praise from Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York:

"He is fully engaged on trying to help... He’s being very creative & very energetic and I thank him for his partnership."...."We’re in the same trench, and I have your back, you have my back

Cuomo also praised Trump for his creative problem solving by sending a hospital ship to NY instead of having to try to build an entire hospital in short order as was being requested.

I know...I know... this was unexpected but we're not done yet.

Ilhan Omar -D (MN), lavished praise over President Trump's handling of the China virus, particularly the suspension of mortgage foreclosures and cash to citizens.

"Politics aside, this is incredible and the right response in this crucial time"

and also from Omar:

"Ayanna Pressley always says, unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now."

Now for the real kicker, Dana Bash, yes, Dana Bash at CNN, said President Trump is the "kind of leader that people need".

While most of the media and Democrats are still focused on trying to get Trump any way they can it's good to see at least a few of them, even if only once, actually give credit where credit is long overdue.

So, yeah, I think Democrats caught Trump off guard with compliments and praise.

Let's hope we can build on this and set politics aside at least until this is over.


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21 thoughts on “Democrats Caught Trump Off Guard”

  1. Once they are all safe and everything calms down I fully expect them to go back to business as usual.

      1. Gerald, the problem with your way of thinking is it is hateful and offers no hope to anyone. Your comments just express your racial hatred likely ingrained as a result of poor parental upbringing and a total lack of cultural understanding and association with other people. The use of the word Coon expresses personal ignorance and illiterate thinking. Have you ever been in a foxhole with a person of color when someone is shooting at you? You would soon wake up and appreciate your partner who is just as frightened as you. I suggest you make a vow to find a frie3nd of color and learn together how to get along. As to your feelings about Gilliums gay trysts, yes IO can understand that, but you are not appointed as Judge. GOD will do the sorting out! What is more amazing is the support the DemoRats gave to Guilliam while trying to cover up his criminal acts while mayor of Tallahassee and total lack of offering anything of value. We should never accept a cover-up by any Party to allow a freak show to occur.

        1. Rudy, well said. As a conservative it really offends me when uncalled for racist remarks are made. Doesn’t surprise me when they come from the Left though as the Country sure went through a lot of it with the previous decisive POTUS.

        1. Of his hundreds of business ventures, four or six failed. That poor, poor billionaire. What a failure!

        2. Trump has had over 500 business pretty good odds for success. Try being part of the solution and not the dividing problem esp. Now

        3. Successful people are those who fail but keep on trying. The number of “successful” who have failed and even bankrupted themselves is huge. But thankfully folks like Bill Lear (Lear Jets, car radios, etc), Elon Musk, Thomas Edison and the like kept on trying.

        4. Jim,
          But having a net worth of 3 billion dollars is. Many people go bankrupt and then recover financially. It’s the reason bankruptcy laws are on the books. By the way, what’s YOUR net worth, Jim???

    1. It’s always a tactic they are pulling. As soon as this crisis is over, they will be right back slamming President Trump as they always have. It’s a lousy shame the the American people can’t see through all these tactics and put trust in the place it should be. That being, since 2016, in President Trump.

      If I were able I would send Peeelosi and her bunch back to California. I have said for years, California only puts Peelose and her bunch in Washington because they make to much trouble in California.

      I haven’t backed down from that statement and wont unless I see a great change in them, for which I do not
      expect will ever happen. They think they are God’s gift to mankind and will probably go to their grave without change.

  2. Yes, it’s nice some prominent Dems lavished praise on Trump (about time). Only time will tell how long it lasts. As my Granddad (WW2 vet) used to say, “there ain’t no atheists in foxholes”.

  3. Well these messages are certainly a plus in the right direction, we all need to start our engines into the path of a much better tomorrow! This outbreak will hopefully end sooner than latter and will be a thing of the past, let’s all just remember to be a kinder, gentler nation that we can all be proud of! Amen

    1. He successfully utilized the existing tax laws as leverage, even though i dont likebit it wasbsmart and he is successful. Having billions of dollars as proof

    2. And trump has come back from the financial dead. You try doing that. Tell me are you a billionaire? I doubt it! 😂😂😂

    3. If one wants to be willfully blind to all the things that do define Trump as a successful businessman then there is no point in mentioning the obvious.

  4. These have been great posts with serious thinking, no racist, derogatory or nasty language. Nice to read comments that do not anger one. Thank you all for your insight.

  5. These have been great posts with serious thinking, no racist, derogatory or nasty language. Nice to read comments that do not anger one. Thank you all for your insight.

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